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Saturday 31 January 2015

COMPAGNIA DELL`ASINO CHE PORTA LA CROCE-Onni Diletto E Ogni Bel Piacere-(Enrosadira Recs-Italy-1999)

This is one of the best cd of medieval and renaissance music from my collection,Compagnia Dell`Asino Che Porta La Croce comes from Modena(Northen Italy) and they are active since the mid 90s.
They play a wonderful mix of sacred and profane ancient tunes,different musicians played with them,in this cd there is the amazing collaboration with Renzo Ruggiero,also involved in Follorum Enslamble and Arkitesi,both projects already covered in this blog.
This is for the lovers of medieval music played with ancient instruments by professional musicians.
A very nice cd hard to find now days...
Enjoy It.
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Nylon Coverin-(Mail Art Fanzine-Global Networking-1993)

This is a fanzine created by Devis G., different mail artists sent him 50 copies of  1 art-work to be included in this fanzine, some works are copy art, some others "ready- made" and  few mail artists worked with recycling objects too.
It is definitely a  fanzine which loses a lot of its meanings and messages once transformed as a digital copy.
Enjoy it trying to use your fantasy imaging it on paper.
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TROU DE LOUP-Cerebral Corset-(O.G.R.B.P.-Usa-C62-1994)

Thomas Sutter of Regicide Bureau and Next Radio invited Zygurat Consortium and Beta Carrotene from Hornswoggle over to his home studio for an evening of noise-making merriment in 1994, and Trou-De-Loup was the result.
  Oral Gestation Artefacts was an experimental music label that existed in Saint Louis, Missouri from 1994 to 2001. It was founded to encourage local musicians from different music genres to experiment with one another in a free improvisational setting and to release recordings by such artists. It also encouraged sonic experimentation between musicians and non-musicians, as well as musicians who were proficient on traditional instruments to experiment with non-instruments. Artists studying at local universities also participated, and O.G.A. (as it was known) was also active in the mail-art and visual art genres.
(from discogs)


Friday 30 January 2015

NOMEANSNO-Live In Warsaw-(QQRYQ Prods-Poland-1990-)

I passed the nice cassette to Radiomolotov blog few years ago yet this is too good to be left forgotten,so I re-post it here.
I guess NOMEANSNO needs no introduction,they are famous nowadays,they were a pure "killer band" back in the 80`and  90`.
The label is a very good independent record label started by Piotr "Pietia" Wierzbicki. Years active: 1990 - 1999. Previously ran as fanzine and tapes label QQRYQ Tapes.
This cassette deliver us all their fantastic and lively energy as an exciting live act,the recording is just excellent and they are just superb.
What else should I add???
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Wednesday 28 January 2015

VOMITO-Demo-(Self Released-Italy-1988)+Live Video(taken from Italia Metallica show in Benevento-1989)-[Unreleased on the Net]

This is the very first HC Punk band from Benevento(Southern Italy),they were active in the late 80s for few years and they played live only in their area.
Very young and active in the anarchist scene they were the only band singing protest songs and playing very fast music in that small town.
This is their only release,as far as I know it`s unreleased on the net.
To finish this post I am attaching here the only video where they appear playing live.
Puppybarf transferred this demo on cd back in 2006,Agostino passed me the raw video file of that gig with all the bands involved and Guglielmo made the final editing of the Vomito part of this long video.
A very big thanx to you 3.
This post is dedicated to the memory of Ilario(the bass player).
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 27 January 2015

JAYWALKER-Possessed By A Fury That Burn From Inside-(Aural Exciter-Switzerland-1994-double tape + book)

Another excellent release by Jaywalker, a band already covered in this blog when I posted the tapes "I told them my dreand and Free Energy thorugh...",this was the first band formed by Dietmar Gallhammer,I  wrote about him when I posted the tapes by Religious Overdose. 
Jaywalker was founded in 1987 but were going through many line-up changes before the first LP was released in 1989. Urs Schwaller left sometime before the second Album "I Told Them My Dreams" - also on their own Aural Exciter imprint - was published. They toured more than working in the studio - mainly in east European countries where their uncomprimising sound and anarchist messages fell on open ears. 
DD Gallhammer surfaced with another trio called Religious Overdose a few years later.
 Aural Exiciter label was named after one of Jaywalker´s songs, Aural Exciter Records´ roots where those of the DIY spirit and anarchist ethics of the Punk and HC scene of the late 80s. Besides designing, booking, distributing and organizing everything themselves flyers and all artwork was printed at the daytime working place of founder Dietmar "Dee Dee" Gallhammer after office hours. It´s moniker was only used for releases he participated in. 
This is a double cassette + booklet and it covers all the side projects and bands coming from the ashes of Jaywalker-it is an amazing production and it will make happy all the fans of creative music touching the noise rock  with a punk attitude.
I am attaching here the introduction from the booklet of this double tape-I can only suggest you all to read it,in fact it explains all their reasons very well!!A great production with excellent messages and music.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 26 January 2015

v.a.-CRUEL CLAW & HUNGRY THROAT-(Biotope Art Organization-Italy-1990-c60)+v.a.-CRUEL CLAW & HUNGRY THROAT n2-(Biotope Art Organization-Italy/UK-1991-c60)

2 amazing compilations by the legendary Biotope Art Organization ,label covered quite few times in this blog by now.It was a great experimental tape label run by Lanzilli Guglielmo.Originally located in Benevento,(Southern  Italy)but relocated to London(UK) in the early 1990s. 
You will find the names of the artists in the cover sleeve,those compilations offer us a wide range of bands playing electro,punk,noise rock and more weird subgenres.
Enjoy it.
cruel claw...

cruel claw 2 

Sunday 25 January 2015

SPLINTERED/HEADBUTT - Split Cd Ep-(Noiseville Recs-Usa-1993)

Short yet amazing mini cd split with two heavy and noisy bands,both already covered in this blog;here and here the posts about Splintered,while Headbutt post is here.
Both bands play a very heavy industrial noise rock and this mini cd just proves that.
The discogs page about this mini cd with info and notes is
Great work,nice music!!!


v.a.-MEAT MEANS MURDER-(Anok Distribution-France-c60-199?)

Very good compilation of crust/grind and HC punk bands united against animal abuse and killings.It was benefit for a French collective fighting for animal rights.
It includes a good selection of punk bands active in the 90s, here the names: Jobbycrust, Flowers In The Concrete, Budellam, Flagrant D`Eli, Toxic Narcotic, Finger Print, Armed Relapse, Active Minds, Autonomia Indigena, Chronicore, Sarcasm, Enola Gay.
A little pearl for the vegetarian/vegan crust punks around the world!!!
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 24 January 2015

EIACULAZIONE AMUSICALE-De-Composizioni(zine-Self Released-Italy-1990)+EMANAZIONE AFONA-De-Composizioni Sonore-(Contaminated Prods-Italy-c46-1992)

This is the first fanzine by the ghost collective E.A.,a project already covered in this blog few times,here and here and here too.
This fanzine was released in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies,it contains amazing collages,art-works by few mail artists,poetries and "ready made" art-works.The cover was made with wall paper-I tried to provide few extra scans to give a better idea of the "ready made" works.It was mainly distributed via mail,I am afraid the poetries are only in Italian language.
 For this project E.A. means No-musical Ejaculation.
In 1992 this collective decided to work on the same idea  trying  to mix poetry and music. More than 10 people took part in this project, and it is definitely the project where E.A. managed to work as a proper collective even if the people involved didn’t` even know. The tape was recorded with a fostex 4 tracks recorder. The music evolves into areas such as weird pop, sound-collage, sonic poetries, dark ambient and pure experimental music using: microphones, pedals effects, guitar, bass, drum machine, flutes, vocals, loops, tapes, radio, and more. It is the cassette that includes more music genres; although never very well defined. The poetries  were written by various people involved in this project. It came in a plasticized cover-sleeve,150 copies were distributed mainly via mail by Contaminated Prods.This is the only tape that was in 2006 printed on cd,very few copies handed over as gift for close friends.
For this project E.A. means Aphonic Emanation.

Enjoy It.
de-composizioni sonore 

Friday 23 January 2015

LV3S-Naming From Without-(Self Released?-France?/Poland?-199?)

Another mystery tape,especially because I cannot recall who sent me this one back in the 90s,LV3S is a three men band playing electro/cyber punk sung in French and English languages,it reminds me very much Tromatism`s music.
There is no song titles in the cover sleeve and the few info listed are only in Polish language.
It is a very good tape for people into punk music played with drum machines and an electro touch.
Is anybody out there who has info about this project???
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 21 January 2015

v.a.-WATER and IRON SCRAPS-(H.S.S.G.,Italy-1996-c60)

Back in 2010 I passed this amazing compilation to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog,it is not there anymore.
I am going to re-post it here with my info written at the time.
"This compilation was assembled by Giulio of H.S.S.G. tape+zine label in Southern Italy. Giulio worked on it during 1995. His intention was to assemble a compilation with graphix+poetries inspired by the subjects: iron and water, and the consequences of them: Rust.

The final result is pretty amazing! I included here all the graphix. Almost all  the texts are in English. The cover of the zine was a hard plastic bag made in 3 parts and filled with water. One part contained the tape sealed in a plasticized cardboard box with a colour cover, and the back of the zine was made with a piece of metal grate attached to the fanzine back cover. Quite an amazing package! You`ll see the pictures here. As for the music: a very good mix of electronic-experimental music including those names: M Nomized, Lunus, Mlehst, Hermit, and few more. Some of the tracks are a real journey trying to (in a way or another) deliver to us some rust or iron/water. Some of the graphix are very nice too. I have no idea how many copies were printed by this label back in 1996."

Here also the introduction that Giulio wrote to present it.
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a01-M. NOMIZED-scrap metal
a02-LUNAR ORBITER-sinking into ironpond
a03-AFGHANISTAN-acqua e sol
a04-HERMIT-a night on the bald mountain
b01-LUNUS-wasser mond
b02-MLEHST-from the beginning to the end
b04-CNV-NOM-a water tale

MASONITE-Germs-(Self released-1995-USA)

Masonite plays a weird slow and heavy punk with funny lyrics,the recording is a kind of lo-fi yet not bad.
The last 3 tracks on the b side are remixed using a drum machine  and few loops making  this demo sounding like "ancient electro punk"!!
A nice tape for unconventional punks.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 20 January 2015

MUD-Burning Bush-(U Productions-Usa-1996)

Here comes another unknown artist from the crypt of the 90s. Mud was a project hailing from the Usa formed by Traig Foltz (somehow involved in Yen Pox and Veil of Secrecy) and Steve Hall (maybe the same one involved in Ephiphany recs). This cassette has 3 tracks on each side. There is usage of ambient and field recordings in some songs, rhythmic layers of overdriven bass drums and machine-like sounds on others and/or nostalgic piano music/arabic guitar with vocal loops on some other tracks. It is all a mash up, but well done and somehow it has an underlying trancelike power. "All Compositions Made on Locations Made Famous By Their Aboundance Of Parapsychological Activity" this is a statement written by the musicians on the back of the cover-sleeve, it might help you to get a better idea of their music and what is behind it.
No idea how many copies were distributed by this >U productions,I think this is a very fine tape production and quite interesting both for the the ideas and the music. I believe that fans of certain drone/ambient/experimental electronic music will like it.
Music for rituals and pagan minds/movements.

Monday 19 January 2015

PORTATA DELLA VOCE-Portata Della Voce-(Art Konkret-Germany-1993)

It seems that Portata Della Voce is one person project as there is only his/her surname listed on the cover sleeve-this artists must be Italian, and this is all I know about him/her...all the rest is a mystery to me.
The music here is a  mellow form of ambient sometimes touching some industrial rhythms and colors.
Not at all a bad tape.
Art Konkret is a music.label for experimental music. The label was founded in the year 1992 by the members of Söldnergeist and Drape Excrement. In the Label history, ART KONKRET released about 40 CD, LP or tapes. The main field is power electronics, death industrial and dark ambient. ART KONKRET has also a side-label which is called BLASTER RECORDS. The complete discography of both labels you can find on the Discogs homepage.(taken from their official website)
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Sunday 18 January 2015

HISTATIC CHARGE-Why Do I Always Hafta Do The Dishes-(Set Cassettes-c30-USA-1991)

This is a classic from the underground cassette culture of the late 80s and I will c+p here something I have found on the Vuzh Music Webpage.
" Terry Burke was my first true-blue cassette underground contact back in the olden days before there was such a thing as the internets... before there was such a thing as netlabels. Terry's musical output under the name Histatic Charge was limited in terms of releases, I think he only had two tapes, and then he did a couple of compilations with his tape label... but it didn't even matter, for me it was the "Aha!" moment, you could throw down some high weirdness on tape, slap a photocopied cover on that baby and start mailing them to people and as easy as that you could be DOING music. You didn't have to prove yourself to anyone. (I actually had already released two tapes by the point I'd made this discovery, but I had not thought of them as anything other than one "demo" and one art project.)"

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Screams From Inside 666 (fanzine-Usa-1997)

Screams From Inside was the personal fanzine of Carissa,this is the number 6  and it contains lots of interesting and very in-depth articles about: capitalism, sexism, politics, religions, fascism, the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.), a long section dedicated to prisoner`s letters and reviews of fanzines and music.
I think this is a very good fanzine made with passion and dedication, I know that  Carissa was highly interested in politics and the communication system to send messages to different groups of people, and at the same time try to help the poor and the people in need.
Lots of those articles are still very up to date even if this excellent fanzine was published in 1997.
Printed in 2000 copies was mainly distributed via mail.
I am going to attach here the introduction she wrote for this issue.
Enjoy it, this is a very nice fanzine.
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Saturday 17 January 2015

DANIELE CIULLINI-Resti-(Digital Album,Various Netlabels-2014)

After swapping  few emails with the Italian sound-sculptor and mail artist Daniele Ciullini  I am posting his last amazing album released on different net-labels,I have asked Daniele to write an introduction for his works and a biography too,so I am attaching here all those info He kindly provided. 
I leave you to read those contributions and listen his amazing music,please go here or  here to listen/download this great album.
His archive.org page is here.
Enjoy it.
"I don’t like to think using patterns or categories so I direct my search along a liny shadow line trying to overpass the musical walls and putting together different sound universes, enlarging the landscape spared to the listener. My works are trying to make nexus among the sounds of tagged dark-ambient with sounds of so-called industrial. Two different sound landscapes to which coincides two universes, two dimensions very far among them that I try to do complements.As beside to dark and iron sonorities, representatives the factory and smithy, there are warm notes coming from cello and viola hold by sound carpets. Distorted voices appears sometimes like a most evident signal of the human misery. Several times the pulse coming out from a drum machine or from a rhythmic noise gives an obsessive heartbeat to the piece. Every sound is the materialization of a specific condition, always balanced from social and inside-private dimension. Themes of pieces and their sound development lives not for to respect the style of a kind of music that must be transmitted or destroyed. With a lot of effort the works are trying to get ahead of everything in a journey between what is enclosing outside and what lives inside, attaching sounds who can recomposing the unit of the human condition explored crossing always the darkest side of the path."
Daniele Ciullini (Florence, Italy-1952)
Starting in 1978 from photography He gets involved into the mail art network taking part in several projects/exhibitions and catalogues `till 1980. At the same time He released also his own mail art fanzine "The oxidized Look" and He took part in many graphic projects by  the multimedia project Trax.
From 1980 to 1986  He moves his work to the music world with two self-produced tapes + booklet Domestic exile and Nouances. He also takes part in some audiotape compilations, radio programmes and two vinyl compilations.
After a very long hiatus, in 2011 He releases Il bacio della sirena audio cd attached to the italian art magazine Bau and in free download from several netlabels.
London label Strut records has released in 2013 his old musical piece Ancora Icone in a vinyl compilation about italian new wave and industrial music of the 80` called Mutazione.
In 2014 He has released a second new album Musica per architetture abbandonate distributed by italian label Audioglobe. In the same year another album is released with new songs: Resti, Fiori abbandonati Sound Recycling Terminal (again). All those works are in free download from several netlabels.
Stato Elettrico netlabel has released as free download Virus; a selection with 4 tracks extracted from Resti,in the same year.
Sull’Amaca blog has published different posts about him and the musical landscapes of the 80`.
Catalan label Domestica Records will publish in 2015 a vinyl compilation about European electronic music of the 80` including his old musical piece Marbles in the garden.

Friday 16 January 2015

ALVARS ORKESTER-Nobody Finds Nothing-(Biotope Art Organization-1991-UK-c60)

Alvars Orkester is the swedish project  by Jan Svensson and  Joachim Nordwall,both musicians involved in various labels and projects since the end of the 80s.
With this nice cassette they offer us an exquisite dose of experimental droning sounds mixing progressions of resonances and feedbacks with junk sounds.
The label is the legendary Biotope Art Organization,which has been covered in this blog quite few times now.
Enjoy It.
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Wednesday 14 January 2015

ESQUIZO-FRENIA-Robots Humanos-(cd-Co-production-Colombia-2004)

Esquizo-Frenia plays a violent form of HC punk mixing good doses of  emo-core and some political power-violence.Very well played and with some brutal vocals alternating  the screams and the stop and go they have few new fantasy points bringing some freshness to the usual HC punk style.
It seems it was released as co-production between few labels.Resistencia Recs,Sin Temores Recs,S.A.D. Recs,Direccion Positiva Recs and Paranoica,all Sounthern American punk labels.
For people into fast music and screams a go go...

Tuesday 13 January 2015

DIAGRAM:A-Compression And The Process Of Turning Red-(Sound Probe Recordings-c30-1996-Usa)

With a rather special cover made of  very rough and hard acrylic paint this cassette by the project Diagram A makes her tricks to the eyes,the noise industrial is there to stay with mid frequencies ,feedbacks and more random noises.
Sound Probe was a small American label specialized in low -fi noise,industrial and not conventional music.
I have the feeling  that other productions by this label had special limited edition cover sleeves.
Enjoy it.
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MOB RULES-Demo 1-(Self Released-Italy-1988)

3 songs of  well played epic heavy metal by this Italian combo coming from Piombino (Northern Italy)!!
Good recording and info + lyrics listed in the cover sleeve.
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Monday 12 January 2015

SMELL & QUIM-A Sod As Good As A Wank To A Blind Arse-(Sounds For Consciuosness Rape-France-1993)

With a very special aggressive barbed wire packaging this cassette by the legendary Smell & Quim seems a real pearl for the obsessed fanatics of noise industrial fetish memorabilia.
It looks like that they are back in action after a long hiatus,check the latest news on their official webpage.
Stephane Santini  was managing Sounds For Consciuosness Rape,a French label that became famous for its very strange and limited edition releases.In this case the packaging is extreme and very special.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 11 January 2015

Messages From The World Body (Text-Graphix-1999 Italian-2014 English-Unreleased)

This was originally written for an Italian fanzine back in 1999,that zine was never released,my friend Babs provided the english translation and my friend X.One worked out a nice graphic idea for the english version.
Big thanx to you 2.
X.One has just lunched his own amazing website-I can only heartily recommend you all to have a look at his outstanding art-works,please go here to check this out.
Enjoy it.

Saturday 10 January 2015

INCEST BROTHERS-Ugly But Proud-(Self Released-Uk-1989)

It appears that there are 2 bands with this name,the first from Sweden and active in the late 70s and then this one haling from Leeds in Northern England.
I am not sure if they recorded anything else beside this demo,this nice cassette is crafted with very fast and well played HC Punk with funny lyrics,the recording is very good and the graphix layout is nice too.
A very good demo for HC punk lovers.
Enjoy it.
ps-this tape is not indexed
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Friday 9 January 2015

HOVERCRAFT-Akathisia-(cd-Blast First-Mute-UK-1997-)

This is the first full length  cd by the amazing experimental band Hovercraft.A defunct band from Seattle, founded 1993 by Ryan Campbell (alias Campbell 2000) and Beth Liebling (alias Sadie 7, Eddie Vedder's former wife), out of the ashes of the band called Space Helmet, which also included members of Magnog. They gave their last concert 16th February 2001 in Seattle.
It is rumored that Eddie Vedder was a drummer for this band going first as full-time drummer under the name Jerome230 and then joining them on tour later on.
Together with Mary Hansen, they released an album under the moniker Schema (5).(from Discogs)
And this is their actual webpage where you can read old reviews,see the pics,get the full discography and download some  live recordings too.
Great album.
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v.a.-MADE IN USA Volume 1-(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-c60-1993)

Another great compilation edited and distributed by Patrick Parent,mastermind of the amazing tape-label Red Neon Tapes,a label very active during the 90s,only exchanging (not selling involved)tapes all over the world.
I spoke quite few times about it  and you`ll find in this blog many of its releases.
Enjoy this all American bands compilation,another very good one.
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A1 Missed In Diary Returning 3:50
A2 Nomuzic Song Of Atlantis 4:17
A3 Teen Milk Student - Athlete 3:13
A4 Screamin' Popeyes Bozons 4:50
A5 New Improved Jook Savages, The It's So Fucked 2:45
A6 Draeger Or Current Resident What Kinda Fool 2:03
A7 Black Leather Jesus Caged For Research 3:30
A8 Next Radio Firepower From Within (Extract) 5:17
B1 Sum-Er 4 Minhersags Lament 5:10
B2 Pineal Ventana Philosopher's Stone 5:15
B3 Beatbox "D" Reactovate-6' ' 5:36
B4 Crawl Unit New Soundtrack For An American Gigolo 4:30
B5 Donald Campau* Rattle The Cages 3:10
B6 Shake Mechanics Stobblecone Collaboration 3:26
B7 Next Radio Firepower From Within (Extract) 2:48

Wednesday 7 January 2015

DISUMANA RES -Paroxismus- (Biotope Art Organization-Italy-c60-1991)

In 2009 I passed this one to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog, with my info about it-I just gonna  re-post it here-this is too good to be forgotten.
Disumana Res is the personal project of Guglielmo Lanzilli: owner and founder of the tape label Biotope Art Organization, active in the 90s in Italy and then in UK. This is the first release of his own project called Disumana Res. At the time of its recording Guglielmo was living in Naples and collaborating with members of CONTROPOTERE(great industrial/punk collective /band from the 90s,one of the best Italian bands of that time)-in this tape Lucia, (singer) and Bostik (keyboardist) of Contropotere collaborate with him to create amazing "dark ambient-sound sculptures"-Paroxismus contains two long tracks(almost 30 mins each side)-it was released in 1991 as c60 with a very suggestive color collage printed in a photo format cover(included in this file).I will post more Disumana Res in future,for now enjoy this very exceptional pearl.quite rare indeed.
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UPTOWN BONES -:E:- (Black & Noir-France-1990)

Amazing album by this French band mixing a weird punk re-calling Sonic Youth`s noises and some grunge epic sounds and vocals similar to Mudhoney and Tad.
"Black & Noir started in 1989. It was a name of a radio show in Angers in the years 1983-85 set up by Eric Sourice, Stéphane, Casbah (singer of Casbah club), Doudou (Les Thugs manager) plus more people, then it became an association to organize concerts, and finally a record shop. Black & Noir is a song by Kas Product. The starting point of Black & Noir as a label was the French licence of the third Cateran LP. The label is now stopped."(from their official webpage).
Enjoy it!
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Tuesday 6 January 2015

1000+1 TiLt 6 (1000+1 TiLt-fanzine-Greece-1999)

With a rather nice hand-made cover this small fanzine edited and distributed by 1000+1TiLt was released to go together with the compilation tape called "The Dreams and The Machine",sampler that I already posted,please go here to get it.
This is not the booklet for that compilation but a zine talking about that compilation and new projects,reviews of cds and books and other random ideas by the people running this cool Greek label.
I spoke about this label quite few times now,so for whom that missed those posts then use the search box in this blog.
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v.a.- COLD TEARS -(Darkland Of Tears -France- c90 -1993)

Amazing  long compilation of  goth rock released by this nice French label back in 1993.It came out with a booklet with info and pics of the bands-(all the scans here).
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A1 Brotherhood Of Pagans Warshow
A2 Slow Burn (2) Storm Is Coming
A3 Corpus Christi (2) The Smiling Dead
A4 Witches, The Time To Let Go
A5 Lucie Cries Salamandres Et Mandragores
A6 Act Of Cruelty Secret Of The Night
A7 Land Of Passion Leave
A8 Empyrean View Through The Crystal
A9 Corpus Delicti Absent Friend
B1 Return To Khaf'ji Today
B2 Ar Vag Balladin Sceptique
B3 War Pilot* Haunted
B4 Wake, The (2) Locomotive Age
B5 Just Another Side Alone
B6 Missed In Diary Wonders Why
B7 Every New Dead Ghost Not In A Lifetime
B8 Restoration Eternity
B9 Flowers To Burn Blue
B10 Brotherhood Of Pagans All Over The World