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Saturday 31 October 2020

Protuberanzed-Doomsday Machine-(Absetzer-Russia-2008)

Protuberanzed "Doomsday Machine" is album, released in 2008 by first Russian Rhythmic Noise label "Absetzer".
Doomsday Machine is an hypothetic device that could destroy the life on Earth or even Earth itself when the machine is activated - it's the apotheosis of mutual guaranteed destruction doctrine.
Protuberanzed is the second project of Nullklever (after Fornax) that was created on the 31.08.2007. Differences from Fornax are: rhythmic and harsh sound, grim atmosphere.
-Arkady Nullklever - 
Absetzer is a digital label (netlabel) dedicated to extreme forms of rhythmic electronic music, such as rhythmic noise, hard IDM, and digital hardcore. Absetzer is the part of Alter-X Promotion Project. The label was managed by Seclorum (a part of Frequency Alcyone) until AB-006, by Denoizer and Nullklever after.           click me  

Thursday 29 October 2020

MANFAT/HARD TO SWALLOW-Redeye/Hard To Fucking Swallow-(Flat Earth/Enslaved-UK-1997)

 Split 7inch with Manfat and Hard To Swallow-Great graphic works and  fantastic music.

Manfat plays an aggressive hardcore punk with an sludgy metallic edge,while Hard To Swallow assaults us with their violent HC punk  getting very close to the powerviolence.

The 7inch comes with a lyrics sheet -all the scans provided here and I left these tracks as waves.

Enjoy it.

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A1Manfat Red Eye
A2 Manfat Everything Is...
B1 Hard To Swallow Swimming
B2 Hard To Swallow Action On
B3 Hard To Swallow Thrown  

Companies, etc.



Manfat tracks recorded and mixed at Studio 64, February 97.
Hard To Swallow tracks recorded & mixed at Backstage studio, Ripley, ages ago.

Catalog numbers and pressing plant are derived from matrix.

3000 copies - 1st press 2000, 2nd press 1000 - both pressings are identical though the artwork of the 2nd is more clearer making a picture in the background of Manfat's artwork visible.


Tuesday 27 October 2020

v.a.-SATORI: A Tribute To Bauhaus -(Panam-Japan-1998)

Amazing cd compilation with a bunch of Japanese bands paying tribute to Bauhaus!Defintely one of the best tribute to the famous goth rock band from Northampton.All the bands nailed it, delivering an impressive interpretation of these famous hits. If you are a Bauhaus fan do not miss this one.

Panam is a Japanese label owned by Nippon Crown Co., Ltd. It was created in March 1970 specifically to release folk and "new music" artists. Artists associated with the label include the folk group Kaguyahime, the female singer-songwriter Iruka, and Haruomi Hosono.  Actual webpage  crownrecord.co.jp

Enjoy it.

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1Hamlet Machine & Sponge (7) Spirit
2 #9 Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
3 Mayumi Chiwaki & Pilar Stupa Slice Of Life
4 Chu-Ya Silent Hedges
5 Loopus In The Flat Filed
6 Speed-ID Bela Lugosi Is Dead
7 Screaming Mad George Stigmata Martyr
8 Def Master* She's In Parties
9 Dummy (2) Mask
10 Cheerful-Brian Lagartija Nick
11 Key Party Dancing
12 Zin (2) Nerves
13 Fiction (6) In The Flat Field
14Genet Passion Of Lovers

Sunday 25 October 2020

v.a.-TOTAL Vol 1-(Total-UK-1991)

Audiovisual magazine, issues packaged with accompanying CD compilations.This is the vol. 1 containing many interesting articles about various subjects.Underground Press at its best.

The cd compilation has a set list of great names and tracks.If you are into old school industrial music and culture then this is a real pearl.

Enjoy it.

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1Front Line Assembly Transmutation 4:53
2 Fini Tribe* What You See (God Given Mix) 3:43
3 Bourbonese Qualk Let It Go (Original Mix) 4:52
4 Jass W.R. (F.D.A. Archive Mix) 4:36
5 Flux* I've Only Just Experienced 3:44
6 Coil The Anal Staircase (Relentless Mix) 4:01
7 Ege Bam Yasi Mr. Egg 4:59
8 The Anti Group A.A.A.A. (Accelerated Audio Alpha Activity) 4:42
9 The Occult Technology Of Power Apocalypse Culture (Did You Ever Mix) 1:13
10 Pornosect Media Termination 1:32
11 Lagowski The Psychophon (Dead Mix) 3:48
12 The Occult Technology Of Power Apocalypse Culture (Second Life Mix) 8:13
13 Hole Twister 4:45
14John Avery The Cross 5:00

Friday 23 October 2020

v.a.-Pigture Disc Summer Specials -(Pigture Disc-Germany-1990)

 Long compilation with many old bands playing mostly alternative rock,psychobilly,art-rock,old punk and pinch of blues,a touch of industrial,some abstract and ambient music. 

Definitely a very eclectic compilation.All the tracks are very well recorded and produced!The folded cover sleeve reports a few info.

Pigture Disc is a defunct German label which was located in Wuppertal, founded by Tim Buktu (2)

Enjoy it.

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A1Fleur du Minimal* Heimat 3:00
A2 The Cruisers* I'm A Cruiser 2:30
A3 Cheap Gringos Move Right Out 3:22
A4 Tom Diabo Suspicious 3:25
A5 Noise Corporation Ice 3:50
A6 Ralf Falk All Blues Concept Band My Starter Won't Start This Morning 3:40
A7 Sunny Domestozs Gonna Type A Letter 2:15
A8 Pistoleros Pistoleros Werden Wir Genannt 2:05
A9 The Cruisers* Please Let Me Love You 2:54
A10 The Cruisers* Money Makin' Man 2:21
B1 Mensch Oyler Tiger-Lilly's Letzte Nacht Im Kinderzimmer 3:10
B2 Tom Diabo Nothing Is Real 2:58
B3 Kinghat Liebling 4:16
B4 Ralf Falk All Blues Concept Band Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You 3:11
B5 Cheap Gringos Valium Style 2:15
B6 Pistoleros Geisterreiter 3:22
B7 Josef Boys Doors Open And In 2:24
B8 Sektor Pleasence 3:32
B9Sprung Sprechgeburt 4:06

Wednesday 21 October 2020

DESTROY YOUR SYSTEM-Distruggi Il Tuo Sistema-(Self Released-Italy-200?)

Destroy Your System is a punk band from Rome(Italy) active since 2002, they play old school HC Punk sung in Italian language. 

This CD-R seems to be their very first production, it is not listed on Discogs.It came out with a a small booklet with lyrics and info.

Enjoy it.

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Monday 19 October 2020

v.a.-The Plot Thickens 2005 - (Coven H-UK-2005)

I wrote already about Hekate in  a  specific post about them  last year,unfortnately I still have to write about Random Artists even if I have been to many of their exhibitions held in London in the last 10 years.

This CDr was realeased for Hekate & RandomArtists exhibition of same name happening in Praha, CZ on 4th & 5th August 2005 (from 1 pm - 10 pm) at Twilight Zone record shop and B3 pub. 

This sampler offer to us many musicians involved in Random Artists and Hekate playing breakcore,IDM and other shapes of electro-madness.

A nice cd from the very underground European electronic music scene of the last decade.

Enjoy it.

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1 The Reverend Slow Art 4:27
2 FZV FZ-Revisited 7:24
3 Hue Jah Fink Dr Hue Vs. The Cybermum 5:22
4 Atwar Rapobot_onitsway 4:50
5 Controlled Weirdness* Zombie Bass 5:06
6 Blackmass Plastics Top Notch 5:11
7 Ronin (2) 20 Dead Sound Bwoys In The Back Of Me Van 6:12
8 The Wirebug Gush Fatty 4:27
9 FSV* AbstraktBolloxKore 4:28
10 Controlled Weirdness* Enter The Secret Castle 6:11
11 Editor (2) Track 2 5:40
12L.A. Moreboy Part 2 4:20



Saturday 17 October 2020

INITONIT N7-(Fanzine-UK-199?)

Old English punk zine.In this issue interviews with China Drums,Mere Dead Men,P.U.S., Pitch Shifter, Rectify, Cowboy Killers + some music reviews.

Enjoy it.

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Friday 16 October 2020


Long compilaton on cassette created by a squatters group in Cadiz (South Spain).It was dedicated to the subject "Squatting" and it came out with a small booklet with articles about the abandoned houses in the city,the basic need for the homeless and the squatters rights.Many bands contributed to this sampler with various styles:punk,HC Punk,Crust ,Grind... 

Here the introduction page of the booklet containing also the bands/songs list.Booklet only in spanish language. 


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Tuesday 13 October 2020

v.a.-Anomalous Silencer-(Napalmed-Czech Republic-1996)

International CD compilation with a great bunch of artists playing industrial,noise,avant-garde and some rather bizzare passages of difficult electronic jingles to digest. 

Napalmed was a Czech D.I.Y. grindcore, industrial, noise label run by Radek Kopel. Its webpage is here.

Enjoy it.

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Track list:

  1. HERMIT - Masturbatorture [Can] 1:02
  2. HACHIMAN MAE - Animomemeiro; Ayaturare ningiyou [Jap] 7:22
  3. X RAY /porno/ GEISHA - L.O.W. [Ger] 10:37
  4. EINLEITUNGSZEIT - Anstich; Maschinen schaffen maschinen [Slk] 10:45
  5. SOR-ZOR-SHA - I hear a new Enca [Jap] 9:05
  6. XV PARÓWEK - Scooby Doo; Captain planet will be back; Mrs.Dracula; Fat green sausage dream; 2 stupid dogs; Stop it!; I heard a noise...what noise???, I...I meant the city, This music is totally crazy!!!, It should be safer in the tent; I'll start high [Pol] 9:07
  7. NAPALMED - Live performance 6.4.96 (excerpt)[Cze] 10:00
  8. SUKORA - Poplar house [Jap] 9:55
  9. SONIC DISORDER - Mi vida loca [Jap] 3:05
  10. HONZA ŠMEJKAL - Nemej mi gejši (bonus) [Cze] 2:39

total time 74".
Completely designed and collaged by RadeK.K. (Original artwork squares by bands).
Digitally sound transfered & remastered by Honza Šmejkal & Radek Kopel (Original recordings by bands).
Released 11.11.1996. 



Sunday 11 October 2020

v.a.-Resistance Is Futile-Assimilate-(Invertebrata-Austria-1998)

 7inch compilation with Konstrukt from Austria,Stalingrad from UK,Greviance from Italy and No Comly from USA.The music evolves in areas such as screamo,sludge and post hardcore.

Good recordings and nice art-works,every band has a page in the small booklet included (all the relevant scans here).Invertebrata was a small punk label from Austria active in the late 90s.

Enjoy it.

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A1 Konstrukt (2) Kommunique
A2 Stalingrad (2) Nation Upon Nation
B1 Grievance Gli Amori Di Giove
B2No Comply (3) Dan Lifting Banne