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Sunday 31 January 2016

Alphane Moon Volume 1-(Fanzine-UK-90s)

First number of this welsh fanzine covering the underground world of psychadelic and acid rock with pagan philisophy.
Interviews,reviews of tapes and zines and more incredible unknown stuff regarding this subject.
I am going to attach here the table of contents.
I am not sure when it was realesed I guess early 90s.
If I do not fail Alphane Moon was also a project of ambient/drone/pagan music coming from Wales and this zine was probably done by the same people of this project.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 29 January 2016

INFRAKTION-Infraktion-(Dragon Records-France-199?)

5 songs of pop punk rock which reminds some stuff of Mano Negra...same years,same sounds,maybe...
Sung in french  those tunes are very catchy and well recorded.
A discogs page about them is here yet this tape is not listed there and I am not sure when it was released.
Enjoy it.
~f*a~r*~a*w*a*y ~
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Wednesday 27 January 2016

v.a.-NOTRE DAME n7-(EE Tapes-Belgium-c60-1994)

Another great compilation by the Belgian EE Tapes. 
Here a very interesting interview with the mastermind of this cool label Eriek Van Havere.
Eriek is still active and  you can check his cool webpage here. 
This sampler features amazing acts  of the electronic/industrial experimental scene in the 90s.
Released in a limited edition of 100 copies with a nice colour cover.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 26 January 2016

SCUM OF SOCIETY-Police Control-(Self Released-Italy-1994)

First production by this crust punk band from Latina active in the 90s.
This is before Nicola joined them on the vocals.A discogs page about them is here yet this cassete is not listed there.
10 tracks well recorded of pure d-beat crust punk with political messages.
It comes with an A4 folded photocopied b/w cover sleeve with lyrics and info.
Crust as Fuck.
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Sunday 24 January 2016

v.a.-TV CH 007-(Old Europa Cafe-c60-Italy-1991)

Another issue of the TV compilations by the Italian label Old Europa Cafe, I  have posted already the number 9 of this series.
In this sampler lots  of good artists playing an ecletic range of styles.
Old Europa Cafe is still very active,you can check their webpage here.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 22 January 2016

FOREHEAD-Regazzoni-(Self Released-Switzerland-1995)

Very nice cd by this amazing Swiss band,I posted one of their demo here.
In this full lenght album they play a very personal form of punk mixed with some jazz,funky and rap + art rock.Somehow they remid me some stuff of the early releases by Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Infectious Groves going thru an heavy dose of NomeansNo both music wise and lyrically yet they keep their own style.
In the very well done booklet you can read their good lyrics:personal troubled relationships,AIDS as business for the pharmaceutical enterprises,animal rights,suicide,machism and more interesting subjects.
A very good cd for people into crossover styles of creative music.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 20 January 2016

CITY OF WORMS-Quester-(Irre Tapes,Germany+Big Body Parts,Usa-c90-1989)

City Of Worms is a trio composed by :George Ericson, Jeph Jerman, Steve Beckner,
in this tape they have as additional performers : Jim O` Rourke, Dan Burke and Darren & Scott. 
In this long tape they offers us on the A side  9 tracks of  noise experiments made with analog and electronic instruments .On the  B side we`ll find a long  performance recorded live at the Downtownstudio on October 1987.
Everything was eventually mixed and mastered during September 1989.
Irre Tapes was a German label run by Matthias Lang which evolved out of the IRRE Fanzine he published regularly during the early 1980's covering New Wave, Post Punk and the German Underground.  In true DIY spirit he supported the international network of small labels and fanzines through editing the free IRRE Newsletter to spread infos and contacts and writing occasionally reviews for various publications. Most of his Compilations should be seen as an attempt to promote lesser known artists and labels. Without doubt he was one of the driving forces of the German Tape Scene.
He finally called the label days quits in 1994/1995 but soon re-appeared as collaborating and networking artist Mr. Moto (2).
Big Body Parts was a label run by Jeph Jerman during the eighties from Colorado Springs. BBP continually released small edition experimental tapes by artists from Denver area, and tape networkers. For a while Lance Barton worked for this label. BBP pushed the limit in lo-fi tape manipulation techniques and site recordings, but also had a jazz/rock improvisational edge.(all info taken from discogs)
Enjoy it.

Monday 18 January 2016

Transfusion n43-New Bulletin-(Fanzine-Mail Art Archive-Italy-1994)

Another number of transfusion,I already posted the number 36 and the Special Transfusion n43.
In this issue Alessandro Ceccoto,mail artist and manager of the Mail Art Archive in Adria(N.Italy) printed for us various articles concerning the world of the mail art,graphic works,flyers and mail art invitations.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 17 January 2016

DACHISE/OUTERMOST-Sweet & Bitter-(Cat Move-Japan-c30-1996)

Dachise is Paul Daniel Knowles:Musician from London, UK. The Dachise moniker was retired in 1999. Currently using the name The Digitariat
Outermost is  a Japanese noise (sounds from garage, junk, harsh to lo-fi) project run by Kei Yokota.I already posted two tape by him you`ll find them here and here.  
They share this c30 assaulting us with noise industrial of two different kind.
Cat Move is the Japanese label run by Kei Yokota aka Outermost,focused on noise, noisecore and similiar extreme genres(All the info taken from discogs)
This rip is been kindly donated by B.A.O.! A very big "thank you " for this nice gift.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 16 January 2016

GENTE CON PERRA-Gente Con Perra(Not On Label-Germany-2009)

Gente con Perra means People With Female Dog.
This is not a band but just a "one-off project"  realised with fun by some friends living together in Bremen(Germany)-one of them being Mexican therefore the name in Spanish language.
As they write on the spartan cover sleeve of this tape: "This is a direct recording celebrated in our living room on 17th Feb.2009.It is  not a demo tape, it is just the recording of a moment, don`t be disappointed."
I am not sure if they ever distributed this cassette, maybe they made few copies to give away to friends. They play nice electro mixed with a bit of punk,some metal and more crazy stuff with female/male vocals. Not bad at all, especially thinking that it seems it was kind of improvised...
Enjoy it.
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Friday 15 January 2016

HUE & CRY-Ridiculously Masculine-(Self Released-Usa-2004)

Hue & Cry is an all female trio playing furious HC punk with political lyrics often with subjects  releated to women issues/sexism/anti-  macho politics.They remind me a lot of the Riot Girrls movement born in the end of the 90s.
If you are into the music of Bikini Kills,Tribe 8 and similar bands then you`ll like this demo.
 Well recorded and with a cover sleeve reporting  the lyrics,this demo is  a good one..
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 14 January 2016

v.a.SCHMOLL Compilation-(Dhyana Records-Germany-1998)

This is an esquisite piece of magnetic tape.A great sampler by this very good German label :Dhyana.
It delivers us magnificent music by amazing projects playing ambient,esoteric electronickx,industrial and more experimental weirdness.
This label is still active and you can check the lastest news on their webpage here.
Schmoll Compilation came out  with a big folded cover-sleeve in a limited edition of only 150 handnumbered copies.
Enjoy it.
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A1 M.Nomized Flying Object 3:40
A2 Everything Against Him She Sells Sea Shells By The Sea Shore 4:05
A3 Deep (2) Aqua Jungle 3:20
A4 Orderly Chaos Smog 5:14
A5 Hermafrodit Za Posevni Stenou 5:26
A6 Wurzelbewußtsein Atta Im Wald 4:45
A7 Voltolux >Melde< 5:20
A8 Mathias Huber The Dub-Line 2:30
A9 Paramecium (2) Gel-Tauchfahrt 4:38
B1 Genoveva Dms Big Hit >Great Record By The Way< 1:44
B2 Blumm* Dengelophonie Nr. 3 2:50
B3 Spakken Knorke Let's Fetz 2:59
B4 Harald Sack Ziegler Frankfurt - Walking Down - Weh Weh Wah 3:09
B5 Disumana Res Astyanax 3:50
B6 Big City Orchestra / Das George Washington 2:13
B7 No Mit Anlauf Gegen Eine Wand 4:28
B8 Najbar-Ajo Untergang Der Titanic 3:18
B9 Das Rhythmische Ornament Liebeslied Vor Es 5:38
B10 Forces Vives Low-Fi Tranquility 3:40
B11 Polifonica Lugubre The Hidden Cage 4:20

Wednesday 13 January 2016

EBU-Influences From The Luna Canoe(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium+Ebu`s Music-Germany-c60-1992)

Another tape by Carsten Olbrich,musician and owner of the tape label Ebu`s Music,Tape label  & mailorder established in 1988 and covered in this blog few times.
Carsten is still very active nowadays and you can read all the news and info on his actual webpage.
In this tape He plays long  nice atmosferic dronish electro passages.
It seems that this tape was co-released by Ebu`s music and the Belgian Red Neon Tapes.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 12 January 2016

ANIMAL FARM-Demo `89-(Self Released-Italy-1989)

Animal Farm was a band hailing from Naples(Southern Italy) and playing a very violent form of thrashcore.This demo offers us 4 tracks very well recorded, good lyrics and few info on the b/w coversleeve.In the last track the backing vocals are provided by some members of Randall Flag.
For all the lovers of thrash metal and crossover metallic HC punk this demo is a killer. 

Enjoy it.
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Sunday 10 January 2016

I.F. COMIX-(Fanzine-Graphic Novel-Working Press-UK-1990)

This is an amazing graphic novel by the very well known artist Graham Harwood, an internet page about his stunning  work is here.
Harwood and Stefan Szczelkun set up the 'Working Press' (books by and about working class artists) in 1987. During his involvement with the Working Press Harwood produced the UK's first computer generated graphic Novel in 1990 'If Comix Mental' (a Gulf war satire).
Incredibly enough Working Press was based in St.Agnes Place,a road/community all squatted(about 22 houses) since the late 70s and evicted with a massive involvment of the army and riot-police in 2005.
Big thanx to Graham for giving me permission to post this excellent graphic novel here.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 9 January 2016

ASHES TO ASHES-Museum Of Dust-(Incense-France -1994)

This is what I believe to be another project by Cyril Herry,also involved in Exotoendo, Lecanora, Ninth Desert.
I guess this is the same artist behind Anywhere Out Of World compilation and the fanzine Le Journal Des Ruines.
This tape contains some symphonic dronish/atmospheric music.
There are 5 different tracks listed in the cover sleeve, but the music itself is just one long piece; so I decided  not  to cut it, but I left it as one "21 minutes flow" of piano/organ symphonic goth-like stuff with noises of pouring water and some vocals. The cover sleeve is in part made of wall paper and has a very nice small picture on the front.
It was recorded in Lausanne(Switzerland) on May 1994.
Enjoy it.
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Track listing:

A1 Imperturbable Stiches Of Time
A2 The Diverted Device
A3 The Great Theatre Of Decrepitude
A4 The Long Experience
A5 Damage Melody / The Last Elegy

Friday 8 January 2016

HIDEG RONCS-A Hang/The Voice-(Neuzeitliche Tonkonstruktionen-Germany-1992)

"Hideg Roncs is a Hungarian experimental, noise, drone, ambient group since the middle of the '80s. Now the lineup is:
Mihály Rácz: Bass, Percussion, Electronics, Voices
Ferenc Broder: Bass, Synts, Electronics, Voices. also play in solo project."

(From Discogs)
This cassette was self released in 1991 and then re-released by the german label Neuzeiliche Tonkonstruktionene in 1992.
Here a review originally published on Soft Watch and then re-printed on discogs.
" The last cassette I reviewed by these I was well impressed by, and this one is even better to my ears - especially the 'A' side.
The A' side opens with the first of four movements (apparently). I get criticised, among other things, for comparing music to THROBBING GRISTLE, but no-one who knows TG could possibly think of any other group. It reminds me a little of the non-beat void between more composed parts of the "TGCD" - an echoing mass of effects and instruments (mainly guitar) which move slowly through an amorphous gunge of sound. both minimal & dense, subtle & noisily scary. The images they create - of howling isolation, of souls in pain and torment, of greyness and hopelessness, of a wasteful, wasteland world gone beyond the point of repair. Far, far beyond. Listening to this, you could easily give up hope & succumb to it's cold metal/cold flesh message. The second piece opens with what can only be a massed chanting Ethnic song, distorted, more naturally than by FX into a smooth, wavering bass loop. The next piece grows up on a warm night wind through darkness, a wind from aeons ago, as if sweeping in from dark, unexplored deserts, scouring around the Sphinx, around the giant tombs of the ancients and back out into the ageless, tractless waste. A beating rhythm, perhaps human, perhaps the old heart of the land given life again, acts as harbinger for the spirits, which sing on mournful human voices, calling the recently dead to their allotted destination. It's a black-yet-calming piece of music, a muted trance-like feel, almost like being lulled into sleep by a machine, yet much more biological - somehow more human. 

Side two opens with a much larger, noisier piece, growing on barely perceiveable bass into a huge, white, churning sound. This is not harsh, in the way that the Pure Noise groups are harsh, but is nevertheless a dense & noisy snowstorm of sound. You feel, through the cycling sound. that there is a constructed piece of music beneath the soaring, flanged white-mass. After this comes another track, this one using a piercing high-pitched sound to compliment the machine-like, distant-steam- train rhythm. The vocalist shouts & screams alone in the far distance, adding more dimensions to the chaos / noise sound. It forms into dense, distorted masses of sound, ebbs away again, dancing a loud dance over the muted 'beat'."
Their soundcloud page is here.This rip is been kindly donated by B.A.O. 
thank you very much,mate. 
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 7 January 2016

CELLULOID MATA-Mix Oscillations-(Noise Museum-France-1998)

"Celluloid Mata is a French project of Matthieu Maire who, after his first independent release, signed to the French label Noise Museum. Mata produces (or used to produce) heavy ambient, dynamited by rhythmic crashing pieces of noise. The compositions seem to have a natural electronic body, which gets this impression of "quiet force." Wider, the range of sonorities gears down the impact of these dangerous techno-tronic oscillations, and dark breakbeats appear to go hand in hand with a perfect cohesion of sound. After six years and several releases on different labels, Maire decided to cancel all activities that were executed under the Celluloid Mata moniker. With Philipp Münch (Synapscape, Ars Moriendi) he now produces as Cell Auto Mata. 
Noise Museum is defunct French experimental/industrial/ambient label run by Yann Farcy (L'Invitation Au Suicide).
The first three releases were issued under the White Noise (2) name.
It later became Alice In Wonder.
"(from discogs)

This compilation offer us a great selection of Celluloid Mata tracks remixed by amazing artists,if you are into rhythmic noise,industrial dancefloor and cybertechno you`ll love this one.
Enjoy it.

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1 Come To Me Chicks [I Cat Remix]
Remix – ElectroniCat
2 «Tea Time On Doomsday» Mix
Remix – DJ Olive
3 Bimbo No Way
Remix – Elektroplasma
4 Œlwein
Remix – Drahomira Song Orchestra
5 Celluloïd Mata Vs Oil 10
Featuring – Oil 10
6 No Bimbos Or I'll Die [Romantic Sunset Mix]
Remix – Romance (2)
7 Multiplex Yakusa
Remix – Fragile
8 Cinematic Haunts Of The Intense Claustrophobic Goosander
Remix – DJ Speedranch & Janski Noise*
9 www.zone51.com [Http Remix]
Remix – Imminent Starvation
10 Zorn 0.1
Remix – Nikolaps
11 Cast Cell To Grind
Remix – Matt Wand


Wednesday 6 January 2016

v.a.-World Made Flesh-(Noisy Wreckhords-Germany-c90-1991)

Old and long international compilation of Grindcore,Noise,HC Punk released by this German label called Noisy Wreckhords active in the early 90s.
  It features  underground  unknown bands from
Japan,Hong Kong,Israel,Turkey,Peru`,Panama,Poland,Mexico,Costa Rica and Yugoslavia.
This small label was managed by Klaus Becker in Munchen and to introduce this sampler I am going to attach what He wrote on its cover sleeve.
This is for people into noisy punk,grindcore and similar styles.
Enjoy it.
ps-this tape is not indexed

Tuesday 5 January 2016

v.a.-DEVASTATING TEMPLARIC SOUNDS-(Biotope Art Organization-Italy-c90-1991)

Incredible compilation of tribal esoteric electronickx released by this  cool label back in the  early 90s.
I wrote about this amazing label many times now and I posted already lots of very good tapes by it.
This sampler offers us some of the best acts,coming from this very undergroud scene, active during those years and it has a very nice colour cover too.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Hybryds Voices Of The Sacred Men
A2 George Smits Composition On Self Builded Sound Sculpture
A3 Barry E. Pilcher & Centrale Combo Wait Eunac
A4 Centrale Combo Intro
A5 Tam Quam Tabula Rasa Bandwjan
A6 Maeror Tri Choir Of Transcendence
B1 Disumana Res Transmutation
B2 Lemur de Ojos Tristes Hudesville 3
B3 Brume Ejoyed Block 4 E Sun
B4 El Sueño de Hyparco Untitled
B5 Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide Aridity In The Oasis / The Jungle Of Life
B6 Tam Quam Tabula Rasa Sacrifcium Symbolium
B7 Luciano Dari Lapide Minerali
B8 Progenie Malvagia Participa Non Mustique

Monday 4 January 2016


English Dogs are quite famous in the international punk scene,the band originates from Grantham, Lincolnshire.They are one of the first band playing a form of crossover of punk and metal already in 1981.
A discogs page about them is here.
Sanity Assassins  were born as a power trio with Keith Grave on fuzz bass, Adam Schwartz on guitars and Pete Riccio at drums and lead vocals in the second half of 80s, release over than 40 titles from cd to vinyls, from different label and different countries. After the split up of the assassins original 3 man line up in 1992 the group recorded a yet unreleased 4 song demo with well known "shimmy disc" producer Mark Kramer using back up musician/friends and in the same year a four piece line-up realized a "ligature/vampires" single for tpos records. In the mid 90s they played surf/punk and with an english vocalist realized in 1997 their best album "resistance is useless" for retch records.(from discogs)
The address of this label MUT was also the address of Ripping Trash fanzine,and some part of the money raised from this tape was going as benefit for The Hunt Sabouters Association.
Enjoy it. 
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Sunday 3 January 2016

PAPERMOUTH Is Not A Fanzine!(Fanzine-Slovenia-1993)

Papermouth was a fanzine created and distributed by Tomaz Trplan in Slovenia back in the 90s.I already posted another number of this great zine,you can find it here.
In this issue you`ll find articles about veganism,nutritional values of the fruits and nuts,anti fascist movement,non violence,anti-sexism propaganda.
25 A5 pages full of interesting ideas and messages.
Enjoy it.
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