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Tuesday 31 December 2013

"Carnival against the Capital" flyer -London 1999(graphix-leaflet)

One of the  many flyers printed to promote The Carnival Against the Capital in London(18th June 1999).


Sunday 29 December 2013

Various Artists-BLATANT PROPAGANDA,vol 1[cd-r+zine] (Blatant Propaganda Zine - Australia-1998)

Australian electro-industrial label which after many years of activity went into hibernation and offline in 2004 and resurrected in 2009 as a scaled down format as a compliment to the original and main project, Eye (3)
(from Discogs) 

This cd is not listed on Discogs and I think it is their first compilation. It came out with their zine(included here). The zine covers issues such as pharmaceutical frauds, against Mcdonalds, East Timor, cancer research, vaccination`s frauds and more.
The compilation is very good covering electronica, industrial and darkwave packed with very underground artists: Eye, Testube Sterile, Zeitgeist, Keystone, Novakill,T roll, Centrifuge, Aya and many more.

Professional recordings and good songs. Here 2 small reviews taken from one of their flyers:
"Blatant Propaganda vol. 1 has been keeping itself busy in my cd player for many moons.I have been really surprised by the high standard both of the bands and quality of the sound on the cd.I was able to appreciate all the bands involved in the project"(Terry Goldfain, editor of Revelations magazine - Adelaide ,Australia).

"that cd sampler is GREAT" Lord Litter, Germany-dj on Europe-wide  Radio Marabou.

It was released in a strictly limited edition and it was sold for only $5 or 4 IRC.
They are still active, here their webpage.On the same page you`ll find the list of all their old productions that are not available any longer, this compilation is one of them.
A very good one for people into ebm, darkwave,i ndustrial and the like.
Enjoy it!


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Saturday 28 December 2013

MAUSER FK-White man`s overbite (diy-demo - Holland -1992).

Yet another great band from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) that was directly influenced by Victims Family  and that released  one and only album "We `re right...", a jewel in Jazzcore to make it simple.
They played around Europe in the 1993-96 years, even had tour dates in France with Victims Family and one can feel other slight touches in the likes of NoMeansNo or Rhythm Pigs and more when listening to their wicked tunes.
We're talking Hit-Tunes here, of course.
Vocals: Hank. Bass-vocals: Dick. Guitar: Joeri. Drums: Marcel (aka Marzel ex-BGK, Nitwitz and now playing in Norton)-(info taken from youtube)

I have not much to add as I have no info about this band,I can only say that it`s a great demo,good recording and  very well played.
For the lovers of Victims Family,Assassins of God,NomeansNo!!!
A small treasure from the good old days.


Friday 27 December 2013

IVICH -Sculpteur de cris -(diy demo-France-1992)

Ivich was a crust/screamo band hailing from France and active in the 90s.This is the first demo,they recorded a bunch of 7inches and one lp on Pikaia recs on 1994.
I saw them live  on may 1994 at the Schrott Bar festival in Biel (Switzerland) and  they were explosive.
A good demo for crust punks.


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Thursday 26 December 2013

SIVULLINEN International Newsletter (graphix,info,news,underground press)

Sivullinen was a newsletter edited by Jouni Waarakangas in Helsinki(Finland)!!!
Jouni was printing in it everything  that was coming out from the underground  world.
This newsletter had no borders!!!
So we could find in it news about zines,comincs,tape labels,mail art,anarchist newspapers,poetries,short stories,experimental music,adverts for future compilation tapes,flyers of bands and their productions,mail art projects and whatever was related to  all those subjects .
The graphix layout  was messy and at the same time funny  on  2 A6 size folded pages .
It was printed 4 times at year in a printrun of 1000 copies and it was free although a donation in stamps would have been always very appreciated.Jouni was into trading zines and cassette productions!!

I guess everybody involved into mail networking during  the 90s (mail art,zines exchange, independent cassette labels etc) has received 1 or more issues of this  nice newsletter.
Jouni in fact was inviting everybody to pass it  on after using it and I am sure lots of people was actually doing so.
I did scan here 4 issues that I`ve found into my messy archive of zines,books,flyers,posters and more random papers that I suppose to sort out ;*(
A must for the lovers of  the underground press.


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Big City Orchestra- 2 tapes-Baobab(Biotope Art Organization-UK-199x)+Anguilliform(EE tapes -Belgium-1996)


Here two tapes by Big City Orchestra!!!It`s kind of difficult to explain their music as it changes all the time.I prefer to add here an introduction taken from Discogs webpage. "One of the most idiosyncratic and original groups of the past two decades, BCO is not your standard Orchestra. Situated in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the band has released an enormous catalogue of recorded material over the past two decades. Formed in the late 1970's the ensemble continues to maintain a free-flowing roster of artists from around the world that collaborate on specific projects. Categorizing the Orchestra into any given genre can be a task, as releases continue to surprise even the most devout listener. There is never any way to precisely classify the next BCO release. An album of authentic sea-shanties? A wall of noise? A shimmering downpour of lullabies whispered to the wind? A humorous or thought-provoking album of Sound Collages? Vocal excursions set to make Rod McKuen blush? We press play, leaning forward with slight apprehension. We await the first wave of blissful deception. We are perpetually rewarded."



Wednesday 25 December 2013

Against the Celebration - graphix-postcard (1992)

Postcard  printed by  the mail artist Alessandro Ceccotto for the anti-anniversary celebrations of the American continent`s discovery.   (1492-1992)


ORTOPEDIC QUARTET - Live in C.O.C.A.Tien`a` Ment- (Anapeste Prods -c60-live-Naples-Italy-1996)

Ortopedic Quartet-band born in Caserta(Southern Italy)in the mid 90s and playing a weird yet quite difficult kind of crossover mixing punk,funk,jazz and more.Very good musicians,very good fantasy-creativity.This tape recorded live at Tien`A`Ment(anarchist social squatted centre)in Naples on the 8th of june1996!!!!
Here another great live tape by a band of friends of mine,great musicians and great music too.It was released on Anapeste tape label in 1996 and distributed via mail and diy punk distributions.
I know that they reformed in 2013 just to record those songs in a proper studio recording and  maybe release a cd.
Well for now you can enjoy this tape-it is very good!
Highly recommended for  the lovers of jazzcore,weird punk and  more  strange crossover music.  


Saturday 21 December 2013

ESTRO ASSENTE-Carne di Fangazione,performance -video (original recording 1993-final editing 2013) new and unreleased-eng.subs.

"As the sun disappear into it's longest and darkest night; before it shall re-emerge to bring forth light and warmth once more to these dark & cold times"  I am going to post here something very special for me and completely unreleased.

Estro Assente is just another name for the ghost collective E.A.,a group active in the 90s and coming from different cities in Southern Italy ,Their aim was to spread the concept of anti-art using different media such as:copy art,fanzines,ready made,sculptures,papier mache` masks,mail art,spitfire,naked bodies,theatre actions,experimental music,sound collages,mail networking and more.

I already spoke about E.A. on Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog when I did pass to Crepusculum the E.A. Tapeography, here if you want to read more and download the tapes.
Now about this video;those recordings where made back in May/June 1993,since then these VHS tapes have been forgotten in my parent`s place accumulating dust for 20 years.

Only 1 year ago I managed to digitalize all those  video cassettes and  few months ago I eventually got into the video editing knowledge in order to create something out of them and show it to my friends via the net.I must give a big "thank you" to my friend Terra Umana for the big help and support while working on those videos,without him I would probably be still trying to figure out "how and when"!

I added to this video few info so this introduction is enough,it has english subtitles.

Enjoy this video-performance - unique and yet totally unreleased.


TRANQUIL- focus of destruction-(Elephant Fossil-USA-1995-c90)

Quite an interesting  tape-work here with different genres covering somehow weird electronics,frantic lyrics,noise industrial,loops and more short circuits and guitar passages.
The recording is good and  the cover-sleeve makes it rather esoteric!
Paul Chavez is the artist delivering us those strange songs, he also appears to be the sound engineer and the  master-mind of the whole recording of the same tape,he also plays in a band called Mourning Cloak.
A good tape for the lovers of experimental music without borders.

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Friday 20 December 2013

Messages from the three screens-(graphix/text-1996)

Here a text I used in few fanzines back in 1996-97,thanks to Caterina Camastra for the translation.

AGENT 86- won`t give up- (Rastacore Recs,USA-c10-1992)

Agent 86 was a band from U.S.A. playing  classic American punk,they released an album "Just say No" on New Wave Recs in 1992 and a bunch of 7iches on the same label and Arcatones label.
In 2001 a cd with the early days discography came out as a collaboration between Maloka,New Wave Recs and Boisleve labels. I think they are not active any more.
They sent me this demo to take part to No Legal Murder a compilation that I was assembling in 1992.
You can read and download this compilation on Radiomolotov blog as I did pass it to Titus  a couple of years ago.
I have a strange feeling that I got to know them at their gig at the Diskarika Squat in Foggia back in 1991-92 but I am not completely sure....arfffggggghhhg how sad is getting old ;(
A good demo for old punks.


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BONE MACHINE-Rick ate the satellite-(diy - 1993 -Australia)

Another old band with a common name-there are actually few bands with this name but I could not find any info on the net about this one and I cannot recall who sent me this tape back in 1993.
They are Australian and they play a kind of punk that splash into the new wave and into the pop at the same time.Excellent studio recording and a funny cover sleeve.If you know  more about them then please leave a comment!!!
Get it if you are into melodic and mellow punky sounds.


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Thursday 19 December 2013

THE GOLOZOS-golozeries (c90-Fraction Studios-France-1994) + the story 3 (c60-Fraction studios-France-1994)

The Golozos is a trio formed by Michael Madrange aka M.Nomized: Multi-talented artist from Paris, France: musician, composer, painter, puppeteer.
Joining the contemporary music scene in 1975, he worked with various groups, opening up on stage for artists such as Claude Nougaro and Bernard Lavilliers.
Got involved with Indian raga and formed his own group "Dhismâ" which marked the beginning of his study of repetitive music. In 1983, he created Fraction Studio, a label dedicated to promoting and distributing musical forms without distinction, including minimalist and electro-acoustic. Since then, over 90 Cassettes/CD's under his own name or in collaboration with other artists have been produced on different independent labels around the world. Working on a concept of images and music, he continues to compose "sound environments" for art exhibitions (ex. Oslo, New York), to make new albums and to pursue his interest in the Mail-Art movement.(from Discogs)

Here two tapes Michael sent me back in 94,and here a link he sent me few days ago:the golozos
Somehow their music reminds something of The Residents.Quite difficult to describe,it`s very personal and experimental...
Those two tapes are not indexed.
Definitely a must for the lovers of the beautiful and the weird.
the story 3

TUMBER THOR-omonimo (diy demo-Switzerland-199x)

Tumber Thor was a band from Schaffhausen (Switzerland).I saw them live in their home-town back in 94 and they blew everybody away.
They play a personal crossover music that was  very popular in the 90s,mixing  some form of  experimental music,weird  jazz,hc punk with lots of stop and go and  strange passages.They remind me some stuff of NoMeansNO and Assassins of God.They were good musicians with a very good dose of creativity that stand on its own.I really have no much info about their activities or productions but this tape is a good one, well worth your attention.
Fast music for cool people.


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Wednesday 18 December 2013

THIRD ORGAN-inorganic wars (Art Konkret -Germany-1994)

Third Organ is Akihiro Shimizu from japan,very prolific noise artist,active since the beginning of the 90s.He has released lots of tapes and cds with different labels.This tape came out in a limited edition of 68 copies on the german label art konkret.
The package is very nice : made  out of a camouflage little bag and an envelope including inserts on photocopies.
His music is a noize-industrial attack with no compromise.
Released back in 1994,it is out of print now.
Do you need earplugs???maybe...


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ZYGOMATIK ZONE-troubadours de l`an deux milles(c46-Pekor prods,France-1997)

Zygomatik Zone is a band from France,their music reminds me some stuff of   the Tromatism .They have myspace with only 2 tracks in it but no other info,so I have no idea if they are still active,this tape is quite old.Pretty nice contaminated punk with different instruments.Anybody out there with more info about them,please leave a comment here.
Great music and good recording too.
Enjoy it.

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M.E.3-wat is vrijheid-dada is(s)t Gott(Sepulkrales katakombes-Belgium-c90-199x)

M.E.3 appears to be another project  of the very prolific artist which the real name is Cedrik Fermont.
Sepulkrales Katakombes was his own personal label back in the 90s and this tapes came out on this label.
Cedrik is a very ecletic artist and he`s been collaborating with a  large number of artists across the globe.
Here I gonna  link some info I  did find on the net for you  most curious ones,there is so much to write about him that it`s just easier to link those pages here.Cedrik is now the owner of this cds label called Syrphe.On this page you`ll find some albums as free download and more info about all his collaborations.He also plays in Axiome with Olivier Moreau aka Imminent.
This tape is crafted with experimental electronic music going from the hypno-electro to some form of mellow noize-ambient and /or pure  abstract experiments.
Edited in a limited edition of 50 copies back in the mid 90s,it`s now not available anymore.
For your  "pleasure listenings" ...


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FOLLORUM ENSEMBLE-musiche dall`altro medioevo (cd-r -diy-1997-Italy-)

Follorum Ensemble is a band from Puglia (Southern Italy),they were born in Foggia but later expanded their line up collaborating  with other musicians from that area.They are still active nowdays but the line up changed quite a few times since  they started back in the 90s,This cd is old and  it`s not available any longer.
When they started they were using the little chapel in the Ex Cim Occupato  in Foggia as practise room(Ex Cim was a big squatted hospital  with a little chapel-church in it)
They often played benefit gigs in this squat and during the summer they were often taking part to festivals and street parties .
Their music is a classic example of medieval music played with  ancient instruments.And they are definitely masters of those instruments.
Enjoy it.


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Tuesday 17 December 2013

TERMINUS -hands up for an early grave - (one side c60-diy-1991-UK)

Terminus was an English band active from mid 80s to mid 90s .They released few 7inches and 2 lps on Words of Warnings Records and TPPL Recs.
On 2003 a retro compilation came out as cd with the best of their songs.
This tape is totally diy, recorded live  in  their practise room with a 4 tracks recorder.
Their music is a clever form of classic melodic HC punk with political lyrics,this tape is instead acoustic and somehow reminds me some of classic english folk and some apocalyptic folk from the northern countries.
Yet it`s not listed on discogs and I never seen it on the net.
I reckon there are not so many copies of it around and it`s for me a little pearl of the underground from the 90s.
Enjoy it.

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HIATUS -Live In MKNZ Slovenja -(Atomic Fart-c60-Slovenja-1995)

Hiatus-one of the best crust punk bands coming out from the crypt of the 90s,oh yes it was actually them creating the genre that we know as crust punk now days,in the beginnings of the 90s they were the ultimate fast-crust punk band hailing from  Belgium and playing fast music for cool people...It was great fun to meet them in Italy back in 1994 and then in Switzerland at the Schrott Bar festival(Biel) and again in Belgium and England.This is a live tape recorded in one of their gig in Slovenia  back in 1995,very possibly during their tour of " El sueno De La Razon Produce Monstruos" lp,that came out on Nabate Recs,little and very cool label from Liege(Belgium)...their home-town.
The great thing of this tape is the  very good recording of this gig...this tape just delivers us their full force as a
great live band and furious alcohol propelled fast musicians.
Enjoy it,yes it`s a rare tape :)


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Monday 16 December 2013

MOMIDO 7-Love shall be the only law -k7 (LOM productions-Austria-199x)

A blog about 1000 flights...as a  state of mind!!!!More to follow as soon as creativity will crash within...