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Sunday 31 August 2014


Anteurope is a compilation tape released by L.O.M. in Austria in 1995.It features lots of very good bands of that time,
Here the names:Schwerster,Hiatus,fuckin` Faces,Korrupt,Die Schwarzen Schafe,Kurort,Legitime Defonce,Hylkio,Terminus,Social Genocide,Dezerter,Inferno,P.R.A.C.C.H.,Steine Fur Der Frieden,Querulanten,Xumepa.
This tape came out with a booklet including info and addresses of the bands,also there was a separate fanzine with articles and thoughts about the European Union.(the one included here it`s in German language only).
About this label, I am going to attach here their statement.
A very good  compilation for  punx and crusties united...
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Friday 29 August 2014

EARTH CITIZENS-To A Nation Of Party Lovers(c60-Resistance Prods-Switzerland-1991)

This is the cassette by Earth Citizens called "To A nation Of Party Lovers",it came out with a booklet included here and it was released on Resistance Prods in 1991.
In 2001 it was re-printed as  vinyl by Strongly Opposed Records.Here  few info I have found on their discos page.
"To A Nation Of Party Lovers originally released in 1991 as a cassette-album and including a booklet in many different languages.LP version has a booklet that has a mix of languages.
Recorded and mixed 16th and 17th of March 1991 at Atmosphere Studio,Schlossrued,Switzerland.
Furz The System-Guitar,vocals and lyrics
The Prophet-Drums,vocals and lyrics

 -EngineerNorbi (3)"
Enjoy it :)
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A1 Insane World/Apathy
A2 Mind Control
A3 Love Is Everywhere
A4 Es War Einmal...
A5 Afraid
A6 Squat
A7 Propaganda
B1 Helm Ab/Thoughts
B2 Money
B3 We Are The Discontented
B4 7 Uhr Morgens
B5 Escape
B6 Bloodthirsty Dance
B7 The Meaning Of Life(Part 2)


Thursday 28 August 2014

How To Get The best From Your Cassettes!!!(Printing-Leaflet-Cassettes Culture-80s)

 This is a print that I found in the middle of my zines/flyers collection.I have no idea who printed it and how old it is, I guess it is from the 80s.
A perfect example of the cassettes culture of the old days...and yes the spelling mistake makes it very cute...somehow!!!
Can you spot the error???

Wednesday 27 August 2014

ADAPTORIES-Katas-(cd-1000+1 TiLt Recordings-Greece-2006)

Adaptories is an improvised band composed by 5 people.According to the notes on the backcover this cd was recorded in their practise room when it was just ready to be used.
Instruments used:drums,trumpets,microphones,pedal effects,guitars,laptops,synths,toys,metal tubes and amplifiers.
This is pure experimental music touching the avant-garde,the old school industrial and some weird yet genius art rock...well think about all this  music styles blended with a bit of noize...the final result is astonishing.
Another great relased by 1000+1 TiLt Recordings.
There are 3 song titles listed in Greek language,my friend La Maga provided english translations;Big Thanx.:)
This is for people into creative and  "unspeakable" music.
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Monday 25 August 2014

SPIN-Pout Purri(c60-Bestatiungsinstitut-Germany-1991)

Spin is an old electronic project that appears to be a full collaboration between Devis G and Stefano Barban.
Their music is a strange form of space occult electronickx mixing esoteric messages and  whizzed voices.
Bestattungsinstitut is  the defunct label  managed by the artist Siegmar Fricke active in the beginning of the 90s and releasing lots of good artists of that era.
A great  tape for futuristic visions of trembling landscapes...
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Sunday 24 August 2014

Boredom Images,Personal Zine-n10(fanzine-UK-1996)

I already spoke about Ade L Vice when I posted Boredom Images fanzines,this is another creation by the same mail artist and zine maker.If Boredom Images was just  nice graphix and great collages with mail art mixed within this is instead her personal zine,you will still find amazing graphic works but the main issues here are her personal writings.
As introduction to this very good fanzine I am going to attach here the first page of this number.Yes, Ade L Vice makes a very good  "review" of it and it is probably better of what I can write.
Enjoy it,this is for me a little pearl.
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Saturday 23 August 2014

CYANOSIS-The Ethereal Stairwell Suite-(Mu-Usa-1998)

CYANOSIS - the ethereal stairwell suite cd (Ind) what we have here is a collection of dark ambient textures created with guitar and bass... though they are unrecognizables such, sounding more like synthesizers. this is extremely mellow with a late night feel to it..... like lurking shadows in the dark while the rest of the world lies unconscious and unaware... or an excursion into the more ancient and primal layers of the human mind. very dark and meditative, and i would have to agree with a previous reviewer of this cd as far as a word of caution: if you have emotional problems or you plan on listening to this while on drugs this will definitely bring your mood down fast. kind of like wandering alone through a vast cavern with no light, the dark night, the abyss, in the dark north before the sun is reborn. (po box 1012/astoria or 97103 : E-Mail rehayes@transport.com) Deon D (taken from The Kattle Black,Sept. 1999)

I do not much about this label,the cover sleeve of my copy is handpainted on hard paper and I guess all the cover sleeves are different but I am not sure about it.
This is a great cd for people into dark ambient and ritual sounds.
Enjoy it!

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Friday 22 August 2014

I REFUSE IT/CCM-Permanent Scar-Sfregio Permanente-[split tape]-(Self Released-Italy-c60-1983)

This tape was already on Radiomolotov blog yet this is my rip and it`s a bit different from the one on Radiomolotov( by the way that file isn`t available anymore).
My mp3s conversion is at 320 kpbs and I made different scans of the covers sleeve.I have to give a big thanx to Radiomolotv blog because I got there the correct song titles, in fact, the notes on the cover sleeve are very messy.
This tape was re-printed as lp in 1985,
Here all the info about the lp and the original tape on a Discogs page.

About the bands: I Refuse It and Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers are both very famous nowadays. They need no introduction to the punks worldwide and if you want to know more then the net is full of info about them.
Enjoy this very old tape,a classic of the past with a powerful energy that stands strong and original still today, more than 30 years after its release.


DISTORTED VIOLENCE-Violent Distortion-(Self Released-Italy-1990)

Distorted Violence is a thrash metal band hailing from Domodossola (Northern Italy).
They formed in 1985 and split up in 1994.Here a page with some pictures and their biography.
This is their first demo, good studio recording and some info on the cover sleeve.
For the thrashers worldwide.

Enjoy it.

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Wednesday 20 August 2014

TERROR Y MISERIA/RUIDO E IDEAS-El Arte De La Revuelta-split tape-(Jar Kore Recs-Mexico-199?)

Split tape with 2 anarcopunk bands from Buenos Aires (Argentina),here a blog where you`ll find something related to them and and here a page on archive.org about Max Vandala,the graphix/comic artist behind those nice comic art pages included in booklet of this tape.
It was released by the JAR Kore Recs,a little totally diy label by an anarchist punk collective of Mexico City.
Expect  furious HC punk with political lyrics...Very nice graphix too.
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Tuesday 19 August 2014

ONDE ROZZE-Sviluppo E Macerie-(Self Released-Italy-c60-1997)

Onde Rozze means Raw Waves and it seems to be a proper band playing a weird kind of noise industrial made with machines and instruments,effect on vocals and strange sonic experiments. 
They were from Bergamo(Northen Italy) and unfortunately there is very little info in the cover sleeve notes. 
An assault of echoes and screams,loops and  metal percussions make their game with  distorted guitars riffs in those  6 tracks.
The packages is very original: the tape is screwed in a sandpaper sleeve with a translucent xerox copy.A very nice idea of recycling art.I did included here lots of pictures of the package in order to give you a  good view of it.This tape was self released and I have no idea how many copies were distributed.
This is for the lovers of noise industrial and hypnotic sonic frazzled and rhythmic storms.
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Monday 18 August 2014

v.a.-HIT THE ROAD CAT-(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-c90-1992)

Another compilation tape released on the experimental tape label created by Patrick Parent. It produced about 50 cassettes, some of which include New Hippies compilation series as well as material by the likes of Mlehst, Telepherique and M. Nomized.
This compilation came in a special folder with a nice graphic layout(pics included here) and it features international artists.
A very good compilation.Enjoy it.
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Here the tracklist
A01 Klimperei Le Bal Des Chats
A02 Lady June Maybe I'm Raining
A03 Time Kode Kats Talk
A04 Rénovation Urbaine Chapeau
A05 Eiaculazione Amusicale Angry Little Cats
A06 Alex Nu-Jetson Diamond Stud
A07 L'edarps A Moth Pussy Plays Bass
A08 Etat Des Stocks Zibie
A09 Kora (3) Robochaty
A10 Hänzel & Gretzel Marylin Can't By The Cat
A11 Time Kode Spacekats (Alien Mix)
A12 Bene Gesserit Si La Nuit Tous Les Chats Sont Gris, La Nuit Toutes Les Chattes Sont-Elles Grises?
A13 Klimperei Yddish Cat
A14 Time Kode Katspace (Relaxed Mix)
A15 Etat Des Stocks Sale Chat
B01 M.Nomized Minou Minou
B02 Die Rache New Cats
B03 Shrimp Eat Your Cat
B04 Sha 261 Le Blues Du Sha
B05 King Ebu Red Neon Cats
B06 D.M.A.D.T. Squeaky Cats
B07 Epidemik Noise System El Gato
B08 Dead Goldfish Ensemble, The Cats + Dogs
B09 Lady June Gemini
B10 Telepherique The Free Outsider
B11 Hänzel & Gretzel L'Amour De Zeus Et Diane
B12 Klimperei Le Bal Des Chats 2
B13 Etat Des Stocks Hit The Road The Cat

Sunday 17 August 2014

Doewa Art(fanzine,Mail Art Project,Global Networking,1991)

Doewa Art was a mail art fanzine and project created by the Belgian mail artist Filip Goubert in the early 90s.To take part in this project every mail artist had to send 25 copies of his/her own artwork, no size limit, and free subject.

This issue is packed with lots of different artworks from all over the world.
A very good one.
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Saturday 16 August 2014

v.a.-PUNK IS...WORLD LIBERATION-(Resistance Productions-c90-Switzerland-1992)

Another compilation of the series Punk is... a collection already covered in this blog,the label Resistance Productions managed by Lara,Pablo and FTS was active for 7 years releasing lots of stuff(7inches,tapes,zines,leaflets...).
As far as I know Pablo started another label called Strongly Opposed when Resistance Prods ceased to exist.This compilation includes:The Refugees,Chaotic Grinder,Protest,Deprived,Flagrants D`Eli,Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys,Discarga Violenta,M.F.A.,Jenseit De Ordung,Dexconcierto,Six Feet Over,Kommerzinfarkt,Hated,Dirty Scum,Confusion and Moment.
It came out with a booklet including lyrics and addresses of the bands.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 15 August 2014

LE MANIFEST DE L`ART DISCRET-Jabberwock-(Biotope Art Organization-Uk-c90-1993)

Another tape released by the amazing label Biotope Art Organization.Le Manifest De L`Art Discret is a French band providing music for theatres and plays and offering us here an obscure circle of concrete music using voices, violin, flute, guitar, synth and radio transmissions.Quite an unspeakable piece of an extravagant musical trip.
All to discover if you dare to...
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Thursday 14 August 2014

GAY ANIMAL WOMEN-Extreme Abuse-(Self Released-UK-c20-1988)

Gay Animal Women seems to be another project by the English artist Stream Angel: a former member of Well Crucial and rare-but-vital contributor to the A Band. Of Scottish origin but now resident somewhere in the East Midlands. (from Lastfm).
This is a great short tape of furious violent sonic assault mixing primitive digital hardcore, some grindcore, screaming vocals and brutal shouts and more
crazy experiments of electro-industrial punk. As an introduction to those crazy songs and messages, I am going to attach here what it is reported on the back of the cover sleeve. This is for people into violent music with an attitude...
Just wonderful. Enjoy it.
the ps-this tape is unintended
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Wednesday 13 August 2014

P.S. STAMPS BACK-78 (Cd-1000+1 TiLt Recordings-Greece-2002)

P.S. Stamps Back is the personal electronic project by Iason of 1000+1 tiLt recordings, I wrote already about this label in this blog.very good label of electronic experimental music without borders.
The first name of this project was No Girlfriend but Iason decided to change its name once his musical ideas became more satisfying.
There are few useful info listed on the cover-sleeve.
As far as I know this is the first cd by this project but there is more music on the net by him,please go to his 1000=1 TiLt soundcloud page.
A great cd of mellow white noise experiments mixed with pseudo dark ambient,lunatic loops,strange cut ups,processed layers of field recordings,altered rhythms and more weird frantic jingles.
I really like the name too,a real reference to the mail networking of the old days.
Very well done Iason:)
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Tuesday 12 August 2014

RELIGIOUS OVERDOSE-Half A Devil And Half A Child-(Aural Exciter,Switzerland,1994)+Flatus Flow Rate(Aural Exciter,Switzerland-1995)

Aural Exciter was a Swiss label active in the 90s, the mastermind behind this cool label was Dietmat Gallhammer, who was also playing guitar and singing in this amazing band: Religious Overdose.
I was in touch with DD and I Know that this label was 100% involved in political projects too and it had strong bonds with autonomous centers such as the 28 of Eindhoven(Holland), the Az of Aachen(Germany)  and
the collective Amanita in France.DD was active organizing gigs of independent bands(punk, noise...)and distributing music and fanzines in the alternative squat scene and via mail.
DD was clearly admitting that Religious Overdose was mainly influenced by bands such as Sonic Youth and Joy Division.
Before this band DD was playing in Jaywalker, another great band, I will post some productions by Jaywalker in future.
Those two tapes are professionally recorded in a studio and both have a nice graphic layout including lyrics and info.
For the lovers of creative music and interesting lyrics, those tapes are just a real treasure.
half a devil half a child
flatus flow rate

Monday 11 August 2014

Brain Cell n216,n218,n222,n226.n239,n398 by Ryosuke Cohen (Mail Art,Global Networking-1985`till present)

"Brain Cell is a mail art project begun by Ryosuke Cohen in June 1985. The project is a networked art project where individual artists contribute stamps, stickers, drawings or other images. These are sent through the mail to Cohen, who assembles and prints them as part of each cell. He prints 150 copies (30 x 42 cm) with a small silkscreen system called a Cyclostyle (now out of production). Each participant is mailed a Brain Cell print along with a documentation list of contributors world wide.
Cohen keeps a copy for himself. Some of the remaining Brain Cells prints from each edition are assembled into sets of 30 consecutive editions. These set are sent to artists and Mail Art shows around the world.
Cohen also uses Brain Cells prints in the Fractal Portrait Project (another long running art series by Cohen) and as additions to Mail Art Add and Pass pages.
 New Brain Cell editions are published every 8 to 10 days. As of December 31, 2012, there have been 847 issues.

Cohen described the origin of the project's name in 1985:  :) "Well, I’ll title my work “Brain Cell”, because the structure of a brain through a microscope looks like the diagram of the Mail Art network. Thousands of Neurons clung and piled up together are just like the Mail Art network, I believe."
Brain Cell is an art experiment in the vein of networked mail art, where a network expands from A, copied, forwarded and even returned to the originator. This produces a series of cybernetic cells, which can interact in a non-linear order. Brain Cell has enlisted over 6,000 contributors from 80 nations since 1985.[1]".
(from Wikipedia)
Here is instead the official webpage of the Japanese mail artist Ryosuke Cohen where you`ll find his biography and the other projects he still runs.
This is the famous invitation to take part to his Brain Cell mail art project.
There are lots of other info on the net about him,so you will easily find more webpages dedicated to his work.As far as I know this mail art project is still running,GREAT :)
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Sunday 10 August 2014

HORNSWOGGLE-Bite The Waxed Tadpole(Oral Gestation Artfacts-Usa-1996)

Oral Gestation Artefacts was an experimental music label that existed in Saint Louis, Missouri from 1994 to 2001. It was founded to encourage local musicians from different music genres to experiment with one another in a free improvisational setting and to release recordings by such artists. It also encouraged sonic experimentation between musicians and non-musicians, as well as musicians who were proficient on traditional instruments to experiment with non-instruments. Artists studying at local universities also participated, and O.G.A. (as it was known) was also active in the mail-art and visual art genres(from discogs)
I wrote already about this amazing tape label when I posted the tapes by Timingila  and Human Shield.
About this project I am going attach here what they wrote in their catalogue.
And for all of you more curious about this label I am including their catalogue in the folder of this tape-work.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 9 August 2014


Skinflick Corporation seems to be another name for the  Welsh artist Skinflick, who also used the name Skinflick Productions and seems to be still active, this video is not listed on his Discogs pages,t his is their actual official website.
It delivers us 9 tracks as video-clips of dancefloor electronic experimental music mixing video loops and cut-ups of weird nude bodies and no sense violence. I kind of recall receiveing it in 1995 but I am not sure when it was released.
A great video for the lovers of certain underground video clips from the past.Big thanx to Puppy Barf for the conversion from VHS to digital format.
Enjoy it.

Friday 8 August 2014

v.a.-FERMIAMOLI-(cd-Sottosopra Edizioni,Italy-1991)

Sottosopra Edizioni is a small DIY label from Follonica(Grosseto-Italy), active since the beginning of the 90s and this is their first production.
This compilation was against all the wars and it features various bands playing different styles of music.
Very nice, Enjoy it.
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here the track-list
1 Contro Accettivo Mina Vagante
2 Marlene Kuntz Fuoco
3 Anticorpi Lupi Si Nasce
4 Disforia Psichica L'Astronave Di Noè
5 Crazy Dolls Stelle E Labbra
6 Bolds Non Resisto
7 Mescaleros (2) Un Treno Per Bagdad
8 Mahima Nothing Trust
9 Dummy (5) Meal
10 Cave Dogs Dead Flesh
11 Others, The (9) In My Time
12 Bleach (5) Soul Naked
13 Five Explict Moments Strange Weather