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Saturday 16 August 2014

v.a.-PUNK IS...WORLD LIBERATION-(Resistance Productions-c90-Switzerland-1992)

Another compilation of the series Punk is... a collection already covered in this blog,the label Resistance Productions managed by Lara,Pablo and FTS was active for 7 years releasing lots of stuff(7inches,tapes,zines,leaflets...).
As far as I know Pablo started another label called Strongly Opposed when Resistance Prods ceased to exist.This compilation includes:The Refugees,Chaotic Grinder,Protest,Deprived,Flagrants D`Eli,Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys,Discarga Violenta,M.F.A.,Jenseit De Ordung,Dexconcierto,Six Feet Over,Kommerzinfarkt,Hated,Dirty Scum,Confusion and Moment.
It came out with a booklet including lyrics and addresses of the bands.
Enjoy it.
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  1. Great blog with so many interesting stuff (and some other.... well .... not my cup of tea ;-) )
    I'll try to rip the other tapes of the serie and some other from this soooooo inspiring label RESISTANCE (forever in my heart / soul) (Joy, earth citizens, decay...)
    Anyway then Pablo run / ran a new label STRAWBERRY Punx.
    Keep up the good work !