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Saturday 23 August 2014

CYANOSIS-The Ethereal Stairwell Suite-(Mu-Usa-1998)

CYANOSIS - the ethereal stairwell suite cd (Ind) what we have here is a collection of dark ambient textures created with guitar and bass... though they are unrecognizables such, sounding more like synthesizers. this is extremely mellow with a late night feel to it..... like lurking shadows in the dark while the rest of the world lies unconscious and unaware... or an excursion into the more ancient and primal layers of the human mind. very dark and meditative, and i would have to agree with a previous reviewer of this cd as far as a word of caution: if you have emotional problems or you plan on listening to this while on drugs this will definitely bring your mood down fast. kind of like wandering alone through a vast cavern with no light, the dark night, the abyss, in the dark north before the sun is reborn. (po box 1012/astoria or 97103 : E-Mail rehayes@transport.com) Deon D (taken from The Kattle Black,Sept. 1999)

I do not much about this label,the cover sleeve of my copy is handpainted on hard paper and I guess all the cover sleeves are different but I am not sure about it.
This is a great cd for people into dark ambient and ritual sounds.
Enjoy it!

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  1. glad to see this getting some attention... while those 1998 addresses are no longer accurate, Roger is still making music & art (see his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/loopbasedzero/videos for evidence) in Astoria OR