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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Keep In Touch Postcard-(Mail Art-Poland+Global Networking-199?)

A nice handmade postcard by the Polish mail artist Bartek Nowak from Myszkok, I have already written about him when I posted various issues of his excellent zine Karta Mail Art Fanzine.
Vive Le  Mail Art.

Monday 30 October 2017


Great lp compilation talking about sexism and gender politics.
Quite old, here a small note taken from Nabate blog: "The idea was to collect music and written pieces on anti-sexism and feminism. It was released before we even think a computer could be of any help, before mobile phone, and before the Internet. We're talking typewriter, cut and paste layout (of real pieces of paper), post office mail, reel tapes, and cassettes."
Nabate was a DIY punk/hardcore label from Liege, Belgium. Founded in 1986 by Al Plastic and Manu (29) as an anarchist infoshop/bookstore and operated until 2000.
Very good selction of bands and tracks.If you are into HC Punk you`ll love this lp.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Atavistic Common Ground
A2 Active Minds (2) Not Your Property
A3 Dona Nobis Pacem Ballad Of Nature
A4 Pariapunk Indifférence
A5 So Much Hate Poor Little Macho
A6 Satanic Malfunctions Sexual Freedom, I Think Not!
A7 Satanic Malfunctions Words Worth Shouting
A8 Revulsion (2) World Without Hate
A9 Pleasant Valley Children What The World Needs Now
B1 Dissent (2) Another's Eyes
B2 Cringer Triangle
B3 Cringer Take Back The Night
B4 Dawn Of Liberty Blockade
B5 H.H.H.* Jim
B6 Culture Shock (3) Joyless
B7 The Ex Balcony


Sleeve comes as a large booklet with articles about feminism, woman liberation and against sexism.
Lyrics and info on the bands also included.

Wednesday 25 October 2017

AMEN This Is Religgion n6 + V.A.-Chant D` Amour-[Tape]+The Tapes/Intolerance-[Split C45]-(Fanzine + 2 Tapes-Amen Prod.-Italy-1987)

Another astonishing number of this amazing Italian fanzine, I have already posted the number 5.
In this issue: articles about Sylvia Plath, AndyWarhol, Underground Press, Psychic TV, Against kids torture, Nocturnal Emissions, Christian Religion and organization against the baptism, Magazzini Theatre Group, Gronge, Pedago Party, The Tapes and Intolerance + comics, poetries and news.
This issue came out with two tapes, a compilation covering French artists playing industrial and experimental music + a booklet covering the experimental French scene(literature, photography, art, music, and cinema) and another tape(c45) with two Italian projects: The Tapes(industrial ambient and esoteric electronic) and Intolerance(new wave-post punk).
A Discogs page about Amen(the label) is here.
This production is a piece of history of the industrial music and culture about the lively Italian scene emerging during the 80s.Only in Italian language and if you can`t read Italian then you can still enjoy the music.
Inspiring stuff.
Enjoy it.

tracklist of the French compilation
A1 Pacific 231 (2) & B. Wolf* Mind Mirror
A2 Vox Populi! Gole Mariame
A3 Phaeton Dernière Danse La Boue Où Je Finirai
A4 Le Syndicat & Phaeton Dernière Danse Cadavre Exquis
A5 Le Syndicat La Constellation De Cicatrices
A6 Pacific 231 (2) Mind Rorrim
B1 Prima Linea (2) Sans Titre
B2 Shub Niggurath Yog Sototh
B3 Clystere Sonate N°1  
 tracklist of the split tape The Tapes/Intolerance

A1 The Tapes Darstellung 1:40
A2 The Tapes Ritual 6:25
A3 The Tapes Industrial Party 4:20
A4 The Tapes Closed 3:45
A5 The Tapes Nervous Breakdown 4:38
A6 The Tapes Epilogo 0:40
B1 Intolerance Backfire 2:40
B2 Intolerance Zerstoerer 3:45
B3 Intolerance Wait And Kill 5:03
B4 Intolerance Noradrenalin 4:09
B5 Intolerance After The Rain 2:59
B6 Intolerance Terminal State 3:30

Tuesday 24 October 2017

v.a-More Coffee for the Politicians-[Phoenix Underground Music Compilation #3]-(Placebo Records-USA-1985)

Great compilation mixing various genres: deathrock, surf, new wave, post punk and some weird experimental tunes.Lots of very underground bands just as the subtitle says...
Placebo Records was born in 1979, primarily as a punk label in Phoenix, Arizona with a handful of electronic/noise releases, notably the early parts of the 'Dry Lungs' series. Main early label for Phoenix skate-punkers JFA. Assumed defunct.
Enjoy it.
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A1 J.F.A. Julie's Song
A2 Sun City Girls Caravan
A3 Mighty Sphincter Furious Curse
A4 Ons (2) Tip Toe Through My Two Lips
A5 Zany Guys Ball Room Blitz
A6 Bootbeast Carnival* Hung Up
A7 Kill Everyone Icons
B1 Maybe Mental Monks Hood
B2 Joke Flowers* Dirty Hands
B3 Keening Just A Man
B4 Harvest (2) Under Your Spell
B5 Hellfire (3) Tombstone
B6 Dirt Clods Living On The Edge
B7 Domino Theory (3) Comfortable Black Hole
B8 Racer X (2) Jojoba Blues


  • Artwork [Political Posterization By]Art Jackson
  • Photography By [Cover Photos By]Jim Peot

Sunday 22 October 2017

EMILBUS LAINOMEREC EBYCOLISP-Sudor Espontaneo De Zopilote-(Self Released-Costa Rica-2017)

Here an unreleased tape by this amazing project from Alajuela (Costa Rica).
In this self-released cassette, E.L.E. plays sonic collages, industrial music and esoteric electronickx mixing messages of anti-art, protest and ritualism against this rotten society.
It was recorded during various sessions in 2015/2016 eventually re-elaborated and edited in 2017.
You can download more stuff from this project and read more info visiting their cool blog.
They worked on many projects and released interesting productions.
I feel honoured that they chose my blog to offer you this unreleased tape, big thanx to Esteban of Expresion Excentrica blog + label for passing me this little rare jewel.
For people into ritual industrial and pagan noises.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 21 October 2017

Desde Abajo n12/Comunidad Punx n10-(Split Fanzine-Mexico -1998)

Split Fanzine from Mexico, Desde Abajo and Comunidad Punx, both with political articles about the anarco-punk scene and fight in Mexico and around the world.Small yet very interesting. 
Both zines issued by J.A.R.: an anarco-punk collective active in Mexico City releasing zines, leaflets + tapes and involved in organizing various activities.  
Only in Spanish language.
Enjoy it if you are Spanish literate.
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Thursday 19 October 2017

v.a.-Over A Century Of Vivisection And Anti-Vivisection, How Much Longer?-(CD+Book-Anti-Vivisection Agency-UK-1992)

Very eclectic compilation covering various artists playing different music: Dub, Math Rock, Punk, Indie, HC Punk, Shoegaze...
It came out with a long booklet about the horrors of vivisection and thoughts about anti-vivisection, it includes lots of color pictures of torture and pain.Not for the fainthearted.
When the music is a way to deliver a message... 
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Tuesday 17 October 2017

TEATRO SATANICO/PERVAS NEFANDUM-Polisatanismo/Le Dolci Cose Perdute-(Slaughter Productions-c60-Italy-1994)

Split 60 minutes cassette with two uncompromising acts playing various forms of esoteric electornickx.
Teatro Satanico is now a well-established project after releasing lots of great tapes and Cds.Here a note from Discogs: Teatro Satanico is an electronic experimental project from Bassano Del Grappa (Vicenza). The only person behind this project is Devis Granziera (also known as Devis G. and DeviLs G.). Various others artists appear on the Teatro Satanico releases, such as Alberto Maria Kundalini, Tairy Ceron (also in Ait!), Sissy Biasin, Clau D.E.D.I. (ex-Ain Soph), Spectrae (Ain Soph) and many others. Teatro Satanico was never involved in police-raid. Some year ago the project has been inquired with a negative outcome. The famous "Confesso Tutto!" is only a bizarre and ironic song about an imaginative girl assassination. This track is a mockery versus the judge that has accused Teatro Satanico in the early '90.
On the early releases, Teatro Satanico appears as Teatro Satanico Charles Manson.
They are still active,their actual web-page is here.
Pervas Nefandum was a project by  Antonio Facci, Gianni Pedretti, Marco Corbelli the last artist already covered in this blog few times
Slaughter Productions was the label managed by Marco Corbelli releasing mostly his own music and few other associated noise artists. 
Enjoy it.



A1 Teatro Satanico Le Strade Del Diavolo (Devil' Streets)
A2 Teatro Satanico Il Bunker Di Francesko
A3 Teatro Satanico Lo Sperma Di Vittorio
Music By – Stefano B.ran*
A4 Teatro Satanico La Solitudine Del Savio
A5 Teatro Satanico Marta
A6 Teatro Satanico La Pazzia Di Baron
A7 Teatro Satanico Polisatanismo

Le Dolci Cose Perdute
B1 Pervas Nefandum Non È Colpa Mia
B2 Pervas Nefandum Psicosi Maniaco Depressiva
B3 Pervas Nefandum La Vita, La Morte.
B4 Pervas Nefandum Satanic Mantra
B5 Pervas Nefandum Piano Bar Death
B6 Pervas Nefandum La Bambina E L'Uomo Nero
B7 Pervas Nefandum Aspetto La Fine
B8 Pervas Nefandum Beverly Hills 66666
B9 Pervas Nefandum Tangenziale


Sunday 15 October 2017

CHAIN D.L.K. Issue 5-(Fanzine-Chain DLK-Italy-July/August 1998)

Number 5 of this stunning fanzine, I already posted the number 6 and the  number 7 released the same year in October coming with the cd compilation number 2.

I also already spoke about D.L.K. Zine managed by  Marc Urselli-Schärer before He started to cooperate with Maurizio Pustianaz.
This excellent fanzine is still active as a webzine, check it here.

Also in this number lots of interesting interviews + tons of reviews of cds, vinyls  and tapes.
Enjoy it.