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Tuesday 31 March 2015

POL SILENTBLOCK-Pour Le Sourire D`Alexia-(Red Neon Tapes-c60-Belgium-199?)

Nice cassette by this Belgian artist playing a strange electronic music.
Here is his official webpage.
This cassette was released on the  amazing Red Neon Tapes,a label already covered in this blog quite few times.
Enjoy It.
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Monday 30 March 2015

RETROCONTROLE-Alcaloides + Deuterium-(Cartel Experimental/Groupuscule Vision-c60-1992-France)

2 tape productions by the amazing French label Cartel Experimental,all their releases were limited to 50 copies with colour cover sleeve and chrome cassette.
Retrocontrole  must have been  a  band/project active within this label,they were into abstract -experimental electronickx and those  cassette are  live recordings of two gigs both in 1992-here you will find some Cartel Experimental newsletters where Retrocontrole are listed few times.
Enjoy it.

Sunday 29 March 2015

PRIMITIVE TRIBES-New World Death Frenzy + More Fun In Corporate America..(Self Released-Usa-1992-c90-2 demos)

This tape contains the first and second demo by this American anarco-punk band from Flagstaff (Az).
It was a Swiss release with kind permission of the band including the tapes "New World Death Frenzy" and
"More Fun In Corporate America",it came out with an A4 size sheet with all the lyrics.The label distributing it was the legendary Resistance Productions,label covered in this blog quite few times.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 28 March 2015

v.a.-Your Invitation To SUICIDE-A Tribute To The Songs Of Martin Rev & Alan Vega-(Munster Records-Spain-1998)

A compilation of cover songs tribute to Suicide is kind of a difficult task yet this is amazing...It was released in 1994 by Munster Records as double lp and then re-printed by the same label as cd in 1998.
I  think this is an amazing compilation and I kind of like the review by Lindsay Hutton included in the booklet.
Enjoy it.


1 White Flag With Two Virgins (2) Speed Queen
2 Thin White Rope Rocket USA
3 Gories, The Ghost Rider
4 A-10, The Cheere
5 Darkside* Frankie Teardrop
6 Mudhoney Baby Oh Baby
7 Honeymoon Killers* Fireball
8 Luna (5) Dream Baby Dream
9 Sonic Boom (2) R&R Is Killing My Life
10 Flaming Lips* Ice Drummer
11 Nomads, The (2) Magdalena
12 La Secta Raver
13 Ben Vaughn Jukebox Babe
14 Angel Corpus Christi Surrender
15 Zenith (9) Bring In The Year 2.000
16 Codeine Two Faced Man

Friday 27 March 2015

PIXAMANDURRIES-L`Any Dels Gossos-(Masterdisc Productions-Spain-1993)

13 songs of raw  OI punk rock mixed sung in Catalan language and written in the same language on the folded cover sleeve.The lyrics tell us stories about everyday life, rage against the system in form of anti-clerical and anti-capitalist messages.
Very good recording and color cover sleeve.
If you are into Spanish style punk rock then you`ll like this one.
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Thursday 26 March 2015

KRANIVM-The Brigther Edge Of Death-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-c46-1994)

Astonishing release by the legendary Slaughter Productions created and managed by the noise artist Marco Corbelli, who died on 6th May 2007. He left behind an extensive amount of work both as a label and as a musician.
His various projects were:Atrax Morgue, Marco Nothing, Marco Rotula, Mörder Machine and Kranivm.
He also played in those bands Bondi Gabbana, Necrofilia, Necrophonie, Pervas Nefandum, Progetto Morte.
The official webpage dedicated to Atrax Morgue and all his projects is here.
The Italian harsh noise label Urashima re-released lots of  Marco Corbelli works as vinyl productions,
their webpage.
Lots of those productions are limited editions and some 
appear to be sold out now.
A great tape for all the lovers of astounding dark occult electronickx.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

CHAIN D.L.K. issue 7 + CHAIN D.L.K. cd compilation n2-(fanzine+cd-Chain D.L.K.-Italy-1999)

Number 7 of the famous fanzine Chain D.L.K. created  by Marc Urselli in the mid 90s,this excellent fanzine is still on as webzine,check it here.
This number came out with a very good compilation on cd including amazing bands/projects from the goth-industrial and ebm scene.

Here I gonna attach the editorial taken from the second page of this issue and info about the cd taken from discogs.
Enjoy It.
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1 Kismet Weaving 4:20
2 Noxious Emotions Nitrogen (Tweek Version) 4:58
3 Ras.Al.Ghul Twin Structure (DLK Mix) 4:35
4 Phÿcus Vhemt 3:47
5 Eye (3) Logo Identity (Kill Koka Kola, Annihilate MuckDonalds) 4:23
6 Holland Bulb Head Untouchable 4:32
7 Anima In Fiamme Ferite (DLK Version) 4:33
8 Larry Gaab I See Geckos 4:31
9 TH26 & Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata Erosive Permutation 11 4:14
10 Argine Come Un Servo Da Mantice (DLK Version) 4:45
11 Apocrypho Kneel (DJ Vex Edit) 3:03
12 Bytet Doubting Angeles (Fanatic Mix) 4:31
13 Gary Flanagan Despite All Our Worries 2:47
14 Billy? Vi-O-Len 2:24
15 Confession Of Faith Barrow 4:19
16 Spiritual Front Her Favourite Confidential Destroyer 3:02
17 Second Skin (2) Club Sexxx (Extacy Mix) 4:29
18 M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab, The Cambia (Change) 6:11


Included with Chain D.L.K. magazine, issue #7. Most tracks are previously unreleased or alternate versions.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

KONSTRUKTIVISTS-Kracked At The Konservatory-(EE Tapes-Belgium-c90-1995)

Konstruktivits is a British industrial band. Formed in 1982, they were mostly active in the 1980s, with recording activity continuing until today.
The band was formed by Glenn Michael Wallis from his previous band Heute, a krautrock-influenced trio. 1990s members were Wallis, Lawrence Burton, Joseph Ahmed, R. Alcapone Shiells and Mark Crumby.
In 2000, Wallis changed the band's name to Konstruktivist, with the spelling Konstruktivists also being used.(from Wikipedia).
This is their official webpage. 
This tape was released in a limited edition of 100 copies by the legendary 
EE Tapes,Belgian label founded in 1987 by Eriek Van Havere, specializing in experimental, ambient and noise music. 
Alive and Kicking still today this is their actual website.
Enjoy this amazing  and quite rare tape.
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A1 Eurospace
A2 Epic Krack Mix
A3 K Ah Trance
A4 Art Dancer
A5 Stomper
B1 K.D.B. Mix
B2 13
B3 K-Funk
B4 Tale From The City
B5 The Rape Mix


Monday 23 March 2015

X-CHRIS-Alpine Star/CREOSOTE-Ulung-[Split tape](Racing Room Tapes-UK-1996)

Very interesting split tape by two English projects:X-Cris from Kent and Creasote from Surrey.
Both playing a weird form of lo-fi noise yet X-Cris touches the drones sounds with extreme bass and pulsating fragments while Creosote clatter around with guitars,feedbacks,microphones,radio,found sounds and voices.
A good tape released on the English Racing Room Tapes,label that seems to be active from mid 90s until 2000.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 22 March 2015

THE NEOLITHICS-Eclipse-(Demo+Live-Self Released-Italy-c90-1994)

The Neolithics was a  band hailing from Foggia(Southern Italy) and playing a raw and "primitive" garage rock 60s style,they were in love with this music genre and  they had  great skills in song-writings.
They formed in 1989 and played until 1993,after that they took different paths: Mario formed the mighty Petrifieds,Massimo and Jack went to join the medieval band Follorum Ensamble and Pennello got involved  with the HC punk band Oltraggio e Resistenza.
This cd called Eclipse was a c90,the last cassette they released and it contains all their recordings:the first demo "From the cave"recorded in the first squat of their own town with a cheap sound system and a 4 tracks recorder,"Live 92" is a live recording of their gig  in Montesilvano supporting  the Fuzztones and few extra tracks recorded in the practise room of Diskarika Occupata(the squat in which they were involved).
 A big thanx to PuppyBArf for the digital conversion of this great tape.
The Neolithics  are considered one of the best band of this music style coming from the Italian Boot during the wonderful  90s.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 21 March 2015

v.a.-1000+1 TiLt n7-Deserted Soundscapes-(1000+1 TiLt-Greece-cd-r-2001)

Another great compilation by 1000+TiLt Recordings,very active label run by my friend Iason in Athens(Greece).
I wrote about him quite few time  on this blog,so you`ll find more stuff produced or played by him if you look for it...
This cd is the number 7 of his compilation series and features very good artists,it came out with a small zine with"thoughts" about this scene,few reviews and a good introduction of the bands included.
All the scans provided.
I am attaching here the artists+songtitles playlist and  the introduction that Iason wrote to present this amazing  compilation. 
Enjoy it.
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Friday 20 March 2015

WHIRLING PIG DERVISH-Out Of Tune,Out Of Time...-(Yummy Orgasm Recs-UK-1991)

Amazing cassette by this band hailing from Glasgow(Scotland).
They were part of the avant-hardcore scene of this Scottish town back in the 90s.
Probably friends with bands like:Dawson,Archbishop Kebab, Stretchheads and Keatons.
They play a crazy form of HC punk touching the  highs of Minutmen and The Pop Group with some post punk sounds.
Everything mashed up with screams,acid guitars,some unknown noise, fast drums and powerful bass guitar.
Here  a discogs page dedicated to them where you can read about their other productions.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 18 March 2015

MAEROR TRI-Venenum-(audiofile Tapes-Usa-c60-1992)

Maeror Tri was an ambient, noise and drone music band from Germany founded in the 1980s which consisted of Stefan "Baraka H" Knappe, Martin "GLIT[s]CH" Gitschel and Helge Siehl.
They used only live instruments to produce music with enormous amount of effects applied. They disbanded in the late 1990s after releasing a number of limited-edition records. They released music on labels such as Old Europa Cafe, Ant-Zen, Staalplaat, and Soleilmoon.
Stefan and Martin continued under the name of Troum, while Helge is recording as Tausendschoen. Stefan Knappe is also the founder and owner of Drone Records.(from wikipedia)
The legendary New York industrial/experimental/electronic label audifile Tapes was run by Carl Howard and active since the mid-1980s.
I  wrote about him quite few time now.Here an interview  to him on Autoreverse Indipendent Music Magazine and another one on Media Hyperrel.org.
This tape was re-printed as cd by the french UNE (R)ecords in 1999.
If I do not fail the original copies distributed by audiofile tapes had a different front colour cover each one.
This is a masterpiece of drone industrial ambient music.
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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Flashpoint-Issue One-August 1995(Fanzine-Usa)

This is the first issue of Flashpoint,I posted already the second issue that was entirely dedicated to the genders relationships and problems,this instead is totally dedicated to the religion.

As Shannon used to do,this is a in  depth re-search about all the issues coming out from
religion:sexism,patriarchy,mind control,inquisition,moralism,ethnic cleansing,closed-mind people in control of our society,taboos,religious wars and other interesting articles make this  is a 58 pages(A4 size) long fanzine for people interested in politics throu religion.
Shannon was very active in the fanzine network in fact she was also behind the legendary ""The Whizzbanger Guide To Zine Distributors!" an excellent guide to the world of the underground publications.
To complete this post I  am attaching here the introduction that Shannon wrote for this issue.
Enjoy it,this is an excellent fanzine.
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Monday 16 March 2015

M.NOMIZED & Mr MOTO-At Dusk-(c60-Bawler Tape Prods-Germany-1995)

Another little gem on cassette dated 1995. I wrote already about M.Nomized and also about Mr Moto; Here additionally are a few quick hints about them: M . Nomized aka Michael Madrange - owner of the Fraction Studios which were very active in the 90s. As a musician (M. NOMIZED, THE GOLOZOS, DHISMA), music producer, zine editor, sound composer for art exhibitions, and mail artist. 
Mr Moto is Matthias Lang- zine editor(IRRE ZINE) and tape label boss(IRRE TAPES). So what to expect from two such names???... Beautiful and creative electronic experimentations which were quite new for that time. Some stuff kind of reminds me in ways of the early experiments in rhythmic noise, other material is definetly more hypnotic, the sound texture collage of effects, distorted electronics, frazzled noises, and weird goings make this tape a little jewel for the lovers of spazzed out electronics. The tape came with a Spartan cover, a carton box in which the tape is kind of stuck.
It was released by Bawler Prods,a noise / experimental label from Germany run by Thomas Gith .
Excellent stuff for elastic ears.
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MISSING FOUNDATION-Go Into Exile-(Restless Records-USA-1992)

Missing Foundation is Industrial Noise outfit from NYC. Their logo shows a martini-cocktail glass turned upside down meaning "the party's over!". Missing Foundation made a point of fighting gentrification in New York's Lower East Side and other metropolitan areas. They left their logo painted on walls where ever they travelled. Walking around in major European cities in the late '80s/early 90's you would find this all over the place. (from their discogs page) and here a webpage where you`ll find more info and biography.
 Restless was founded in early 1986 as a sublabel of Enigma Records (3) by Joe Regis and William Hein. Intended for the alternative market, it is home to a diverse catalogue of titles by such leading independent artists as The Flaming Lips, They Might Be Giants, The Dead Milkmen, TSOL, Devo, Agent Orange, Death Angel, The Golden Palominos, Lori Carson, Spain, Giant Sand, Warren G. and much more.
A violent cd for smashed brains...a cult:>
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Sunday 15 March 2015

v.a.-CADENCED CONTAMINATIONS-(c60-Contaminated Prods+Cadenced Noise-Italy-1991)

I passed this amazing compilation tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum more than five years ago,I feel to re-post it here adding the same description:
 "Cadenced Contamination compilation tape(c60) was released in 1991 as a co-production between Cadenced Noise tape label in Caserta and Contaminated Prods in Benevento. The founders of both labels were then & are still now long time friends, and they decided to work on a common project trying to assemble an international compilation tape with international artists in the field of electronic/experimental music. It features some unknown artists and some other more famous from the tape labels network at that time.It came out with a small(A5 size) booklet with graphics and info about the bands and the labels(included here). Contaminated Prods printed about 150 copies of it. Not sure how many copies Cadenced Noise printed. It was distributed mainly via mail."
Enjoy it
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Track listing:
A1 Trauma Syndrom - Neuer Marschbefehl
A2 A. D. Eker - Vivere Humano
A3 Ataraxia - Anno Domini MDLVI
A4 Ataraxia - Torque Mada
A5 Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide - TZE (Process4)
A6 Mike Hovancsek - Graphite (With Busyditch)
B1 Mega Watt Group - Experimenta
B2 Solanaceae Tau - Lyserk Cult Connection
B3 Abra Had Abra - Shemale Mond
B4 Crimson Iguanadon, The - Microwaves
B5 Ego Abùlico - Suicidesexmania

v.a.-Carry On Squatting-(Self Released-c60-UK-199?)

Squatters compilation benefit for S.Q.U.A.S.H. campaign,I guess this came out in the mid 90s.You will listen here lots of good bands playing HC Punk,Grindcore,CrustPunk and similar genres!!!
Here the names: Recusant,Split Pigs,Inkisicao,Pus,Krapp,Simbiose,Absolute Zeros,Xerox Girls,Dirt,Distortion,No Oppression,Rampage,Short`n`Curlies,M.D.M.,97A,P.M.T.Subcaos!
Enjoy the fast music pro-squatters rights.

Saturday 14 March 2015


Endzeitgeneration is the personal project of Alex Frickl,active in the mid-90s.He plays a very harsh form of industrial noise. 
New Bands Underground was a small label founded in 1992 by Olaf Seider.
Enjoy it.

AXTON-Time To Kill-(Self Released-Italy-1987)

First demo by this Italian heavy metal combo formed in 1985 in Lecco(Northen Italy).After splitting up in 1995 they re-formed various times and at the moment they are still active.
This is their official webpage where you`ll find lots of info about their  history and discography.
This demo is a milestone of the first wave of Italian heavy metal.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 13 March 2015

POSTAL SOUND SURGERY-Postal Sound Surgery-(audiofile Tapes-Usa-1992)

Postal Sound Surgery is a mail music project co-ordinated by: Mike Hovancsek of Pointless Orchestra 
and Pointless Music :veteran visual artist, writer and musician from US.(here his actual webpage with lots of info about all his artistic activities)-quite few artists took part to this amazing tape via mail:Ethan Lebovics:drummer for the Minnesota band Gneissmaker and creator of Ramco Records label
 Roger Skullback also involved in Prose In Cannes.
Alan Bishop:Co-founder of Sun City Girls, owner of Abduction, and co-owner of Sublime Frequencies.  Alan's younger brother is Rick Bishop,also present in this tape-work.Henry Kuntz artists from the 70s playing here assorted woods and bamboo xylophones.
 There are many more artists involved in this tape,you`ll find all the details in the cover-sleeve.
The label is the legendary audiofile Tapes:New York industrial/experimental/electronic label run by Carl Howard and active since the mid-1980s. Now defunct.
I already posted quite few tapes by this very good label.
Enjoy it,this is a great tape of absurd experiments with various instruments reminding me a lots of strange passages of the cassette culture scene of the 80s.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

ANTICORPI-Civilta`,Ma Dove?-(Self Released-Italy-1992)

5 years ago I passed this very good demo to Radiomolotov blog,I re-post it here since that link is dead now!!
There were  2 bands in the Italian boot with this name,the first active in early 80s from Brescia and this one active in the early 90s.
They play a fast old school HC punk with some thrashy  powerful guitar riffs,angry vocals and good lyrics!
I know  that Pino was in tour with 2000 Dirty Squatters and played with them for some time.At the end of the last decade He formed Anonima Disasters with Franco, who also was playing in Anticorpi .
They were from Milano and somehow involved in Cascina Occupata Ripamonti.
This is a great HC Punk demo.
Enjoy It.