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Friday 31 October 2014

MADHOUSE-Insanity Road-(Self Released-Italy-1989)

A nice cassette by this thrash metal combo hailing from Ferrara (Northern Italy),5 tracks mixing speed and thrash metal, good recording and color cover-sleeve.
It was released in 1989, here more info about their other productions.A good tape for metalheads.
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Wednesday 29 October 2014

EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN-Oslo 1980-(bootleg/cdr-Norway-1980)

An old recording on tape transferred on cd by anonymous.This was very probably a bootleg captured with a walkman tape recorder at this gig in Oslo(Norway)during their 1980 tour.
The recording is therefore a bit messy but as overall not even that bad.
I guess Einsturzende Neubauten needs no introduction nowadays.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Yops! Zine n1-(Fanzine-Italy-March 1994)

The number 1 of Yops zine,I already posted the number 5 few months ago.This was a fanzine assembled by Andrea Fornaca ,who also was managing  Pervert Zine.
It was a pictures only zine...nice idea...and you`ll find some funny ones
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Monday 27 October 2014

PASSION KILLERS-It`s Up To You-(Sky & Trees-UK-1984)

A project  from Leeds(UK) that seems to have strong bonds with Chumbawamba.
Passion Killers were Boff Whalley, Harry Hamer, Mavis Dillon.
They play a weird mix of world music,country,folk and rock with interesting lyrics based on social issues.
The label "Sky & Trees" was set up in 1983 by the pop-punk band Chumbawamba, that mainly released cassettes (#2 was actually a pamphlet). Sky & Trees remained active for about 2 years, as in 1985 Chumbawamba set up another label, by the name of Agit Prop

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Sunday 26 October 2014

AZOIKUM-Innocent ?-(Self Released-c60-Germany-1997)

Azoikum is Stefan Widmann:Power Electronics and Harsh Noise outfit which was founded back in 1997. The contents Azoikum uses are mainly sick and dark subjects, going deep into the depth of humanity's madness and depravity, for the most part from a rather misanthropic point of view. Although concentrating on traditional Power Electronics and Harsh Noise the sound of Azoikum can be very varied, with bits and pieces of Death Industrial, Dark Ambient and Experimental to be found here and there. Azoikum also involves a lot of black humour because the outfit uses many Industrial and Power Electronics clichees ad nauseam, especially in video projections during live performances.(from discogs)
This is the first tape(limited edition of 50 copies) of his long discography,here his discogs page.
For the  lovers of Power Electronics,this is a good one.

Saturday 25 October 2014

JAYWALKER-I Told Them My Dreams+Free Energy Through Unconnetted Coils Like Tesla & Reich Generators-(Aural Exciter Production-1995-Switzerland)

Another band by Dietmar Gallhammer, I  wrote about him when I posted the tapes by Religious Overdose.
This is his first band, if I don`t fail, and was founded in 1987 but went through many line-up changes before the first LP was released in 1989. 
Urs Schwaller left sometime before the second album 
"I Told Them My Dreams". 
They toured more than working in the studio - mainly in east European countries where their uncompromising sounds and anarchist messages fell on open ears.
This cassette was released by Aural Exciter Recs, which was managed by Dietmar+friends and named after one of Jaywalker´s songs, Aural Exciter Records´ roots were those of the DIY spirit and anarchist ethics of the Punk and HC scene of the late 80s. Besides designing, booking, distributing and organizing everything themselves, the flyers and all artworks were printed in the working place of founder Dietmar "Dee Dee" Gallhammer after office hours. 
His moniker was also used for other releases where he was involved.
This tape includes the 2 albums by Jaywalker, the first Free Energy Through Unconnected Coils Like Tesla & Reich Generators (1989) ‎ and the second I Told Them My Dreams..(1991) 
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Friday 24 October 2014

v.a.-DROBTINCE UPANIA-(Nuclear Sun Punk-Italy-1994)

HC Punk compilation released  by Nuclear Sun Punk,label born in the 90s,it seems  that it was active until 2008.
This compilation was  benefit for the children in the refugees camps of the Bosnia war.
It features lots of good bands.The cover sleeve was a folded page with info and graphics by the bands involved.
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Here the tracklist:

Wednesday 22 October 2014

v.a.-L` ITALIA-TAGLIA -(4 cassettes-MegaMagoMusic-Italy-1985)

Mega compilation edited and distributed by MegaMagoMusic,indipendent label managed by Fiori Alberto Carones during the 80s.Those 4 tapes offer us a good selection of Italian bands of that era,mainly new wave,there is also a bit of punk and experimental/industrial music.
The 4 tapes were wrapped inside a hard paper parcel closed with a sticker,every band had his own graphix+info on an A5 sheet.You will find in this folder all the relevant scans.
I am adding here the translation of the introduction that Alberto wrote to present this long compilation.

"L`Italia-Taglia is a compilation based on the will to play music for our own pleasure and the people`s pleasure.We hope that the co-operation started with this work will keep going in the form of organizing gigs  and making this action bigger to get more people involved.
In saying "thank you" to all the bands for their collaboration I can only add a sad note.
In 6 months spent to assemble this compilation I have noticed,with big sadness,that the most of the italian bands miss the quality called professionalism.
Long live to whom deserve it."

Enjoy those tapes...a very good work that depicts quite well the Italian scene of the mid 80s.

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A1 Endless Nostalgia Drawing Cover 4:23
A2 Endless Nostalgia Waiting For My Secret Pride 2:44
A3 Illogico Corpo A Corpo 4:59
A4 D.H.G.* Il Grande Freddo 5:03
B1 D.H.G.* Vendetta 2:11
B2 Studio Baker Zapoteck's Will 4:06
B3 Studio Baker Wetback Mambo 5:46
B4 Plasticost L'Essenza Dei '60 3:53
B5 Plasticost Orghi-porghi 3:55
C1 Venhaville* Bangkok 4:07
C2 Venhaville* Phobos 5:36
C3 Panoramics Small Boy's Lament 4:22
C4 Panoramics Tombola 3:58
D1 Mono (16) A Blue Dress For September 4:36
D2 Mono (16) Elevators And Pyramids 3:50
D3 Aqua (8) Necronomicon 3:31
D4 Aqua (8) Ernesto 3:11
D5 Splinters Of Hate, The* Happy Crazy Happy 1:57
E1 F.A.R.* Piccole Lucidità 5:16
E2 F.A.R.* Cathedral (V Movemets) Paura-Estasi-Volo-Urlo-Paura. Solitudine In Un Ampio Spazio Vuoto 5:02
E3 Tacite Intese Dance With Me 3:07
E4 Tacite Intese The Shine Of The Fire 3:30
F1 Militia (4) Quadrilla 4:40
F2 Nabat Laida Bologna 3:09
F3 Nabat Potere Nelle Strade 2:07
F4 G. Bardini* Sincretismo - Flute In G. Soundscapes - Project n° 1 7:22
G1 Exex Namenlos 5:17
G2 Exex Let Me Kill 3:30
G3 Janitor Of Lunacy In The Glove Of The Night 2:58
G4 Giorgio Borghini Housewives Keep Awake 5:51
H1 Hat Hat Prima Che Si Chiuda Il Sipario 3:22
H2 Hat Hat Bequem 6:39
H3 Bi Nostalgia & The Orwellian Confraternity* What Use Do It Fall? 3:46
H4 Bi Nostalgia & The Orwellian Confraternity* Tears Of A Rainy Daay 4:43

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Shag Stamp Zine n6-(Fanzine-D.I.Y.-UK-1996)

I already spoke about Jane,the mind behind  Hickey zine,which I already posted.
Jane was busy into the cabaret  and strippers world !!!She had a distribution of zines only and this is the number 6 of her personal fanzine called Shag Stamp where she shares ideas and experiences about different stuff.
I found her approach in the writing  and  communication as a real value for a communal  progress of our society.
This fanzine is in fact very good and as introduction I am going to attach here what she wrote to present this issue.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 20 October 2014

RECTIFY-Virtual Reality-(Self Released-Uk-1995)

6 tracks on this cassette by the Welsh band Rectify-very interesting hardcore punk with a personal touch...
Good recording  but the cover sleeve is a bit too basic.
I was at one of their gig  back in 1997 and they were very powerful,a nice band to discover live.

Sunday 19 October 2014

v.a.-EINSAMKEIT ALS MENSCH-(Technological Feeling-Italy-1985)

A marvel sampler edited and distrubuted by Mauro Guazzotti,the mind behind few astonishing industrial projects MGZ, Open Graves Style,F:A.R. and this nice label Technological Feeling.
This compilation features very good artists,some of them are now very famous in the noise and industrial scene.
The cassette was in  a snap-case with silver j-card accompanied by an A5 plastic envelope with inserts for all bands advertisements from the label.All the scans included.
To all the lovers of old school industrial this should make you very happy.
Enjoy it.


A1 Peng Peng Fuck'in'hell
A2 Bourbonese Qualk Born Left-Hearted Preparing For Power
A3 Vivenza Unitè Objective (Finalitè)
A4 F:A.R. The New Ecstasy
A5 Merzbow Akasa
A6 Keeler & Tara Cross Skylift
B1 T.A.C.* Triumph Des Willens
B2 Reinke* / Beck* / Dittmer* Words Of Justice
B3 Merzbow Tana
B4 T.A.C.* Tohorôt
B5 Denier Du Culte Insignis Casus Militis Mercenarii Pepetti
B6 F:A.R. Cronache Di Solitudine

Saturday 18 October 2014

LORE OF ASMODAY-If I Die,If I D...(Beton Tapes-Germany-1992-c60)

German goth rock  and darkwave band active in the 90s,this is their first production released by Beton Tapes,they  have few other releases on Asrai Music.This is their MySpace page.
Very good recording,good musical ideas(if you like the genre) and great tape label.
I passed this one to Misterioso Impossivel blog,however that link ins`t active anymore.
Enjoy it.

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Friday 17 October 2014

EFFETTO NOTTE-Effetto Notte-(Self Released-Italy-1993)

It appears to be 2 bands in Italy with this name,the first born in 1982 in Perugia and this one hailing from Savona, active in the early 90s.
They play doom metal or something similar,this seems to be their first 4 tracks demo  recorded before this one, if  I am not wrong.
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Wednesday 15 October 2014

SPLINTERED-Parapraxis-(Intellectual Convulsion-1991-UK)

Brilliant and convulsive + heavy and catatonic music made of looped voices and metal riff slowed and circling around and around...Splintered music is like that.Somehow mesmerizing...
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Tuesday 14 October 2014

v.a.-ENDZEITKONSTRUKTIONEN-(Neuzeitliche Tonkonstruktionen-Germany-1993-double c90)

Amazing compilation on 2 c90 cassettes with very good bands and projects active in the early 90s.Here the discogs page of this German label where this double  compilation is not listed.
It does include some great projects such as :Telepherique,D.S.I.P.., Solanaceae Tau,Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata,
Brume,De Fabriek just to name a few.
Brilliant textures of ambient noise mixing a bit of esoteric
electronickx with some decelerate layers of extreme sonics.
It came out in  a VHS hard sleeve with a booklet including a page for each artist.All the scans included here.
Here the songtitles page:

Monday 13 October 2014

Apartheid Project News 1-Mail Art Documentation(global networking,zine-1991)

First mail art documentation of an ongoing project  managed by Boccato Gherardo (editor of The Brain of the Monster zine) and Alessandro Ceccoto of the mail art archive in Adria.
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Sunday 12 October 2014

ARZATHON-Bouncin` Off Reality-(graphix art work)+RODENT TAPES-(tape label-UK-90s to present)

After posting Gina Fear and Gypsy tape I got in touch with Gypsy aka Ralf 'gypsy' Bevis,the mind behind Rodent Tapes a very good  old label yet very active now days producing mainly his music and  all his collaborations.So This is an unreleased graphic work for one of his many albums and here I am attaching what he wrote on one of his many web-pages.

 An original and complex audio sculpted psychedelic project founded during the 80s by Ralf 'gypsy' Bevis. Some pieces are heavily influenced by early krautrock infectious grooves but the whole musical signature consists of audio sculpted psychedelic electronic epics covered by harmonized acid rockin dynamics. Largely improvised and dangerously lysergic sounding experience.
Born in Germany in the 4th month of the year 1959. Father R.A.F Have lived in England, Germany, Holland, Africa, France and Sweden. At the moment I reside in the united kingdom for my sins. British by passport, earthling by nature. Not a musician in the true sense of the word, concider myself an audio sculptor. Williams Burroughs cutup method of writing is something I've brought to my soundscapes, always in the search of expressing myself in different ways useing sound as a paintbox...It's said that my music has at times a mystical quality taking the listener on a journey to the centers of relaxation. I'm a strong believer that music/sound can have healing qualities. This belief that we in the west need to stop blindly following politicians/corporations, that the paths of wealth, power and greed do not end in a happy place is something I try to get across in my art. My solo albums are produced and engineered by myself..the covers are also designed by me...no corporation behind Rodent Tapes....sponsored by life...Collaborations are usually co-produced and engineered by the artist (s) I'm collaborating with..."
and here  you will find all the links for his projects where you can read more info and listen lots of  his amazing music:
To complete this post I am going to attach here also a video from his youtube channel where you can listen more of his music with his various projects:Dreamtime Troubadours,Heavy Metal Vampires On Nuclear Waste,Trolls On Acid,Arzathon and more collaborations,there is so much to discover that you`ll be busy for days.
Enjoy the great music of this  brilliant and very prolific artist.

Saturday 11 October 2014

CITY INDIANS-Roots Of Freedom-(Self released-UK-1987)

This demo was already on Terminal Escape blog,that file is dead now.
This is my rip and the cover sleeve has a different colour paper.Their first demo "Spoilsports" is still available on  the same blog,get it here.
For whom do not know them,City Indians plays old anarco-punk,they remind me some stuff of Rudimentary Peni.This cassette came out with a lyric sheet,I made few scans of it.
Enjoy this legendary tape.
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Friday 10 October 2014

ORIGAMI-Blatt Rom,Zen L`Oopera-(B.A.O.-UK-c60-199?)+ORIGAMI-Retro Demo 03-Komkol 034History 9-(B.A.O-c90-UK-199?)

Two cassettes by Origami,a cell coming from Origami Republika,a complex project from Norway.
Origami Republika is a world-wide collective based in Norway, releasing music under almost any genre, as well as artwork and written works. Membership is by application, and every member has a number. Many of the artists under this collective banner produce under names starting with "Origami".Here their official webpage.
Those two tapes were released in the beginning of the 90s by the amazing Biotope Art Organization,tape-label born in Southern Italy and then relocated in UK.
Here the discogs page with info about Blatt Rom tape and here the one about Retro demo.
Enjoy those magnificent tape-works.


blatt rom

retro demo 03

Thursday 9 October 2014

ONCO+CULVER-Cold Build Increase-(Matching Head-UK-c60-1996)

Another collaboration via the letter box,this is in fact not a split tape but a full music collaboration between the English artist Lee Stokoe aka Culver and the Italian artist Onco,they give us those postal duets except track A9 and B on a full c60.
It was 1996 and internet was just starting slowly!!
Artists still used the snail mail network to exchange tape-productions
 and fanzines or co-operate in various ways.
I love the "ready-made" artwork on the actual cassette 
  with re-cycled used stamps 
from Italy and England,marking the real fact of their postal collaboration.
Another great cassette  released by the amazing Matching Head.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 8 October 2014

RESIST AND EXIST/DAY BY DAY-Split Tape-(Esperanza Viva,Mexico-199?)

Split tape with the American still active Resist And Exist and the defunct German Day By Day,I posted their demo few months ago,here that post.
Both bands play a furious HC punk with political anarchist lyrics and they seems to be both pro-veganism too.
The label is Esperanza Viva from Mexico City and I don`t know if  it is still active.
This tape came out with a  booklet,it is not included here,sorry.
This is a great tape for people into fast  HC punk music...

Tuesday 7 October 2014

ESALAZIONE ASFISSIANTE - Suicide,Love,Madness,Plagiarism - (Fanzine,Italy-1992)

Another production by the ghost collective E. A.,this short zine was made of some ready-made works,copy art,strange collages and few mail art contributions by Gianni L., Devis G.,Mario Aquilino and Paolo G..
Limited edition of 200 copies.It was mainly distributed via mail by E.A. and Contaminated Prods.Enjoy it.
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Monday 6 October 2014

ETAT DES STOCKS-Bruxellisation-(Video-Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-199?)[Unreleased On The Net]

I already posted  the soundtrack of this video tape-here that post,I also spoke  various times about Red Neon Tapes, Belgian label managed by Patrick Parent,who is also the mind behind Etat Des Stock and this video.
As far as I know this film is unreleased on the net,it was a long 115 mins VHS tape made of pure experiments mixing video and electronic music,very  good indeed and totally 90s.Patrick describes it as "a collection of poor images and bad sounds"!!!
Big thanx to B.A.O. for the conversion from VHS  to digital format.
Enjoy this rare video.

Sunday 5 October 2014

v.a.-COMING DOWN FAST [a gathering of garbage,lies and reflections on Charles Manson]-(Helter Skelter Records-Italy-1993)

Coming down fast is another compilation dedicated to the saga of  Charles Manson,the actual title is a famous book by Simon Wells and here you will find an interesting interview to this writer.
This compilation was originally released as a 10 inches vinyl picture disc in a limited edition of 2000 hand numbered copies and then re-printed as cd from the same label ,both released in 1993.Here the discogs page with all the related info.Helter Skelter Recs is a defunct Italian experimental label, mail order and shop based in Rome.As introduction to present this amazing compilation I am attaching here what  Guido Chiesa
wrote in the booklet of this cd.

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Hemp Hop Smoker
Manson's Children-Written-By – J. Garcia*

Mechanical Man

Bound In Stone

You're Lost Sharon T.

You Owe Me-Written-By – Meathead

Pigs And Jackasses

Sick City


Man's Son

How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already Dead Pt. 1-5

How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already Dead Part 1

How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already Dead Part 2

How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already Dead Part 3

How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already Dead Part 4

How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already Dead Part 5



Plain black booklet cover behind a painted jewelbox cover.
Subtitled: "A gathering of garbage, lies and reflections on Charles Manson".

Track 1: Produced, recorded and mixed at Orange Studios-East, New York. Recording and mixing at Stupid Genius Studio, Staten Island, N.Y. Dat editing Batcave Recording Studio, N.Y.

Track 3: Recorded at TMB Rockhouse (Mo) in April 1993.