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Tuesday 31 March 2020

RITMO TRIBALE-Live @ CremonaRock 20.06.1989-(Not On Label-Italy-1989)

Ritmo Tribale was a band from Milano formed in 1984, the first to play a kind of alternative rock and active in the anarchist scene, their first production was, in fact, a  split tape with F.A.R. for the number 5 of Amen legendary Italian fanzine focusing on industrial/non-commercial music and politics.
They disbanded in 2000 and then re-formed in 2017.
A Wikipedia page about them is here where you can read their long history and discography. 
A big Thanx to Beppo for donating this incredible and rare live document to this blog. 
Enjoy it.
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02-Cosi Dolce
05-Bocca Chiusa
06-La Citta`
08-Vorrei & Non Vorrei
11-Schiavo Di Niente

Sunday 29 March 2020

Humor Cáustico-Ensaio(2001)-Gravação Directa-(Self Released-Portugal-2001)

Humor Cáustico was an HC Punk band from Oporto(Portugal) active last decade, I m  not sure if the music and images here were ever released as a  proper production, in fact, Rodolfo(the guitarist) passed these files to me as mp3s on a CD-R probably 13 years ago, since then I have lost touch with him.
18 tracks in this practise recording, pretty good quality and performance. Political lyrics are sung in Portuguese, powerful guitar riff, fast drums and energetic vocals: all the right ingredients for a great HC punk production.
I have posted a live production by this great band, you`ll find it here.
I am adding a few pics that were included with these files.
A big thanks to Rodolfo for this nice digital gift. Enjoy it.:f(a*r~a_w)a*y: click me

Friday 27 March 2020

Catalogue Mail Art Exhibition by Syberia Nova Kultura Center-(Mail Art-Russia+Global Networking-1999)

Mail Art project with no specific subject launched by the Syberia Nova Kultura Center.

They did organize an exhibition on the 27th to the 30th of May 1999 and this is the full catalogue about their Mail Art show, it came with a separate booklet listing the addresses and info about the artists who took part in it.

Many great art-works from various parts of the world.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 25 March 2020

BROBAT ENEMA-Lady In Red-(Exart-Holland-198?-)

Excellent tape-work by this unknown project somehow related to Enema Digest, A group of three hardcore industrial musicians from London, named after Paul Daniels, who was a famous magician & TV personality in the UK. The band set up a gig and announced it as Paul Daniels World Tour. Paul Daniels is the same musicians as Brobat Enema and Enema Digest.
The music evolves in areas such as "primitive" minimal synth, repetitive electronic jingles and Rhythmbox music.
 EXART (label, studio and archive) was founded by Hessel Veldman and Nick Nicole (2) in October 1982. In 1978 Hessel had started composing experimental music and before 1978 he was playing the guitar in several local blues- and rock bands. The label wanted to spread new experimental and improvised music. The studio was the place to improvise, compose, record and make radio-programmes, mixes and remixes. At the same time, Veldman started to preserve sounds in the Exart archive. The label ended its activities in 1995, although there are rumours that Veldman has plans to do digitalized reissues of some of the releases.
Variations on the label name (Exart Cassettes, Exart K7) are used on some of the releases
(from dijima blog)click me


A1 Animals
A2 Refuse In My Prepuce
A3 What Do You Think I Came Downstairs For?
A4 Social Activity
B1 Readymade Suit
B2 Organization Of Computer Duration
B3 Gently Sex Penis
B4 Tequila
B5 Spin The Bottle
B6 Not Exactly What You Expected
B7 Essentially Wanting A Group
B8 Bored To Boogie
B9 Sello Tape
B10 Blues Cooperation Composition
B11 There's A Hair In My G-String
B12 My Old Man's A Dustman


Side A: Live at St Chad's, Durham, U.K.
On this release, the label is called Exart Cassettes.

Monday 23 March 2020

R6.3zist‎-Liquid Fear-(Abyssa-Netlabel-France-2007)

9 tracks on this only-digital production by this French project playing a kind of industrial dancefloor music mixing some power- noise and a good dose of hardcore techno.
  Abyssa Netlabel is a DIY and non-profit project based in France, created for the music, in reaction to the music business model, and with the intention of releasing unsigned artists to help them to get a little more exposure.Its official webpage is here.
Enjoy it.
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1 Industrial Monster Madness
2 Queen Panic
3 The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is The Fear Herself
4 The Third (Part1)
5 The Third (Part2)
6 In Terror We Trust
7 Tryphobia
8 Grief-Stricken
9 La Puissance Inexorable

Sunday 22 March 2020

DIVINE INTOXICATION -The Invisible Imam-(Self Released-Marocco(?)-1999)

Another mystery tape, I know very little about this project, there are a few useful info coming with it yet not enough to be sure.
 It seems to be a Maroccan project,9 tunes of which 3 were recorded live.
The music is a kind of experimental dub with many references to the music/sounds and spirituality of the north African countries.
All the songs were composed from 1997 to 1999 yet it is not stated where and how they were recorded, though it sounds very DIY style.

"All Textures were woven and conceived by the Inebriated Assassin, guitar on `Hall Of THe Broken Dub Caravans` by Android, Thanx to Moth for technical help---Peace to Underground Illness Resisters Everywhere".
Besides this, the folded A4 b/w cover sleeve includes quite a few interesting thoughts, I invite you to read it and make up your mind about this mysterious project.
Great tape with original and personal sounds/music & concepts.
Anybody out there with more info about this excellent cassette? If so, please leave a comment, I`d love to know more.
Enjoy it. 
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Saturday 21 March 2020

Brain Damage n1-(Fanzine-Usa-1984)

The first number of this American fanzine made in California and focused on thrash metal.

In this issue articles about Destruction, Death Angel, Voivod, Possessed, Omen, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Overkill, Dark Angel, an interview to Hirax and a few records reviews + some b/w pics.

Definitely, a piece of history documenting the vibrant thrash metal scene of the early 80s.
Thrash till you drop.
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Friday 20 March 2020

Kryptästhesie-Leaves` Laughters-(Self Released-Italy-1985)

The first production by this amazing psychedelic rock band hailing from Lecco and active for about 10 years. 
They play their idiosyncratic form of psychedelic rock mixing some new wave, rock anthems, acoustic melodies and other fluid passages of creativity. Definitely, a band that has its own personality and never wanted to sell its soul for the commercial music industry. 
I have already posted their albums Shaken By The Sun released in 1992 and Inner Whirl released in 1996. 
Enjoy it.


A1 Do I Admit?
A2 Venus' Moon
A3 Steaming
A4 Die Leichtigkeit Und Die Klingeln
B1 Colder And Colder
B2 Too High
B3 Liquid Lies
B4 Yes I Do

Wednesday 18 March 2020

NAGANT 1895-Giorno Di Maggio-(Bombers+La Corona Di Spine+Tandelle Tigri-Italy-1999)

Nagant 1995 was an HCpunk/ Power-Violence band from Rome active on the end of the 90s.
This CDR was also released as 7inch by the same Italian DIY labels.
The cd comes inside an A4 folded cover sleeve reporting info and lyrics.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Non Fiori Ma Opere Di Bene
A2 (Me)ninos De Rua
A3 Nuovi Modelli
A4 Il Dramma Della Storia
A5 Apostasia
A6 Giorno Di Maggio
B Amaro Corridoio


Tuesday 17 March 2020

HEADCRASHER-Introspection-(Dracma Records-Italy-1991)

Headcrasher project was born in 1984 for the will of drummer Roby Vitari, later in bands such as Creepin ‘Death, Mindwars and Jester Beast. In 1989, singer Claudio Gentile and Roby decided to move to Torino area to ensure greater success for their group’s future. In 1989, “Nothing Will Remain” was released, an important chapter for the Italian speed metal scene (originally released in vinyl 12″). Two years later, the band released their second and final career full-length, “Introspection,” which features a faster and more aggressive heavy metal if compared to their debut. In 1992, the final break-in occurred. Except for the singer Claudio, the other members left Headcrusher and gave life to The Art of Zapping project. Claudio then puts on a new line-up with which Headcrasher published the EP “Brain Jokes“. The group definitively closes all activities in 1993. (info is taken from the official webpage of Punishment 18 Recs, an Italian label that re-released in 2017 their fist vinyl Nothing Will Remain originally released by Metalnews in 1989)


Beyond The Border 3:43
Selling Happiness 6:31
Lord Money 3:49
Within The Mirror 4:25
Childhood Stairs 5:15
The Time Revenge 5:35
H.I.V. 3:22
Subliminal Pain 8:03 

Sunday 15 March 2020

Lightning Bolt-Peel session-(Unreleased-UK-2004)

Lightning Bolt is a 2-piece drums-and-bass band from Providence, Rhode Island, USA, featuring Brian Chippendale on drums and vocals, and Brian Gibson on bass. Known for their loud and chaotic shows (where they've played on the floor and not on stage until mid-2014) and their unique style which mixes together elements of speed metal, noise, and free jazz.
(all the info from Discogs)

Friday 13 March 2020

Interchange n4-(Fanzine-Side Real Prods-UK-1986)

Old fanzine covering industrial bands/projects. In this issue, The Folding Staircase, The Hafler Trio, Extreme(the label), Controlled Bleeding, Bow Gamelan Ensemble, Kathan Spiss and some music reviews.
Well done and very informative, a great tool to research the old industrial music scene of the 80s.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 10 March 2020

DJINN-Katharos-(Slaugther Productions-Italy-2002)

Djinn project was founded by Vintras in 1999, as an act of detachment from one's social life and the pathetic rules which it can invite. Sounds reflecting into the vision of their creation of a world inhabited by his own assassins. The only solution to already too widespread illness. Silence and loneliness, the only sources of survival. Suicide, the emergency door for a few people. The first steps of Djinn are named "Ritual". They take shape in a 5 tracks demo tape. Between 2001-2002 Vintras is noticed by Marco Corbelli alias Atrax Morgue, who ultimately funded his first chapter entitled, "Katharos", under his label (Slaughter Productions). In 2002 Vintras self-produces a 3" mini cd called "Multiple Personality Distorted" containing 3 tracks. In 2003 he gives to birth the second chapter "Technological Death" still under Slaughter Productions. In 2004 the third chapter turned out to be prophetic with the title "Goodbye" closing the collaboration with Slaughter. For the first time, it includes a cover of a project that Vintras always appreciated. 
(all info from Discogs) click me


1 Devout 8:36
2 Antisocial Evolution 9:57
3 237 6:38
4 The Night Of Silence 4:20
5 Genocide In The Name Of God 8:01
6 Soul's Suicide 8:57
7 W.A.T.S.H. 5:18
8 Under The Sign Of Loneliness 6:56
9 ...... 1:13


Comes in the DVD case. Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. 

Saturday 7 March 2020

THE RIDE-Psicosi(demo)-(Self Released-Italy-1987)

The Ride was a Punk rock band from Milan, Italy formed in the early eighties. The band recorded only one 12” in 1986 and two demos in 1985 and 1987. 
A good tape for the lovers of certain old punk...
Enjoy it.
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A1 Psicosi
A2 Masturbazione Mentale
A3 Generazione Nucleare
A4 Figlio Di Un Robot
B1 Lucida Follia
B2 Re Del Rock'n'Roll
B3 Quello Che Tu Vuoi
B4 Hanno Paura

Friday 6 March 2020

APHORA-Crematore-(Maldoror Tapes-Portugal-c40-1996)

Aphora was a Portuguese industrial project formed by José Vilela, also involved in these projects:Corvu Prettu, José Vilela, Karfreitrg, Lacrima Christi, Negrume.
With 6 tracks in this single-sided tape, Aphora plays a good mix of quiet noise and dark ambient reminding me of some old experiments of esoteric electronicks.
It was released in a limited edition of 20 copies with a photo cover and a xerox copy insert.
Maldoror Tapes was a Portuguese label founded by José Vilela specialized in industrial, ambient and power electronics. All of their releases were extremely limited cassettes (typically 20 or 30 copies each), with a J-card made from an actual photograph, with the title and label number written in rub-on letters. A small photocopied insert was also included with each release, containing the tracklisting and other information. (all info from Discogs)
Enjoy it.


A1 Corpore Salvetur Et Mente 0:40
A2 Beneficia Inveniat Dominium 2:17
A3 Agios, Otios, Ischiros 1:18
A4 Á Crea 2:44
A5 Sabaot, Houmouzion 2:13
A6 Crematore 5:50


  • Performer [Collaboration By]David Rui
  • Written-by, Arranged By, Producer, Photography By [Photography Originals By], GraphicsJosé Vilela


Limited edition of 20 numbered copies.
Photograph cover with a photocopied insert.

Recorded and mixed by the studio at L:C: in Bragança.