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Wednesday 31 October 2018

DEAD VOICES ON AIR-Hafted Maul-(Invisible-USA-1995)

Dead Voices on Air (DVOA) is Mark Spybey's main musical project. It was formed in 1992 when he emigrated to Canada from his native England. Using improvisation and sound layering as a source for their music, DVOA blends processed sound from primitive instruments and toys into rhythmic structures or dark clusters of ambient sound. The result is music for the eyes. This is not ambient chill-out, nor is it music for wallpaper. It is organic, eclectic improvisation, cut up and spat out. Either framed into short pieces of music or rough blocks of noise. Panambience is the term coined that perhaps frames this approach most adequately. (from Discogs)
 Spybey has worked under the name of Dead Voices On Air (DVOA) for twenty -four years. He’s released numerous albums and collaborated with a variety of people, including members of Can, Faust, Swans and others. He was a member of Zoviet-France and Download. Other projects include Reformed Faction, Beehatch, Gnome and Spybey, Propeller and is an executive with the Dataist International. (from his Bandcamp page)
 Invisible Records is an independent record label based out of Chicago that has been giving artists a voice since 1989. The label is owned and run by Martin Atkins. Invisible is the main organiser of the Underground, Inc. association of independent labels. 

Monday 29 October 2018

v.a.-Punk Is...More Than The Government And Fashion Controlled Record Stores Offer-[Vol 7]-(Resistance Prods-Switzerland-c90-1993)

Another compilation of the series Punk is... a series already covered in this blog, as well as the label Resistance Productions managed by Lara, Pablo and FTS were active for 7 years releasing lots of stuff(7inches, tapes, zines, leaflets...).
As far as I know, Pablo started another label called Strongly Opposed when Resistance Prods ceased to exist.
It was compiled in June 1993 by Pablo! Songs ordered by Lara(of Örmaal Records) comes with 24 half sized page booklet with bands contributing a page each with lyrics, artwork etc., unfortunately not included here.
A good anarcho-punk compilation!Lots of good bands, political messages and good recordings.
Enjoy it.
A1 The Glory Stompers No More
A2 S.O. 77 Provocation
A3 Quetschenpaua Ufo
A4 Ultimate Disorder Désordre
A5 Drunken Deaf Ducks Gott Ist Tot
A6 Extinction Of Mankind Woman Defiled
A7 Mere Dead Men Savage Garden
A8 Kinoniki Aposinthesi* The Revolution Begins
A9 Flagrants D'Eli Les Brutes
A10 Always Ultra (2) Muss Das Sein?
A11 Blurred Vision No Place To Be
A12 Threshold Shift Power Games
A13 Inkisição Inkisição
A14 Washington Disease How Many Reasons
A15 Attentat Sonore Sous-Hommes
A16 Resist And Exist Mind Matter
A17 Saccharine Smile Nazis Raus
A18 Vegan Militia Inflict Suffering?
A19 Agente Laranja T.V. Robotização
B1 The Glory Stompers Visual Discrimination
B2 S.O. 77 Reason For Fear
B3 Quetschenpaua Grossdeutschland,How Are You?
B4 Ultimate Disorder Vie Morbide/Micky Mouse
B5 Drunken Deaf Ducks Reggae
B6 Extinction Of Mankind Chained Slave
B7 Mere Dead Men Left To Rott
B8 Kinoniki Aposinthesi* Screams Of Death
B9 Flagrants D'Eli Violence
B10 Always Ultra (2) Leere Worte
B11 Blurred Vision You Want Me To
B12 Threshold Shift Dread Time
B13 Inkisição Jovens
B14 Washington Disease No Need To Care/Coward
B15 Attentat Sonore So You Want Us Dead
B16 Resist And Exist Ad Liberty
B17 Agente Laranja Descarnimento Da America
B18 Saccharine Smile Im Westen Nichts Neues

Saturday 27 October 2018

FALO n1-(Fanzine-Spain-2004)

Free fanzine edited in Barcelona in 2004 and focusing on/against the patriarchy from a masculine point of view, in fact, its subtitle is Masculine Liberation Against The Patriarchy.
Subjects studied here: Relationships amongst the genders, social backgrounds and sexual relationships, emotional emancipation, myths about the masculine orgasm and a few more related issues.
I have found this little free zine very interesting and well done.
Unfortunately, it is in Spanish language only!
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Thursday 25 October 2018


An old sampler of industrial,experimental electronics,avant-garde and early rhythmic noise released by the (now) famous Ant-Zen label.
It came out in a limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies packaged inside a vinyl case, with a 40 page booklet & an insert-(not all the scans included here).
Ant-Zen Full name: Ant-Zen audio & visual arts.Selfpromoted as Industrial Music, Chilling Ambient, Technoid Rhythms & Power Electronics. Ant-Zen is deduced from "Anti Zensur" (= anti censorship).
Ant-Zen is the most important label in the newer German Industrial scene. It started in the early 90s as a tape label that later also released vinyl and cds. Mastermind S.Alt (Stefan Alt) also did most of the layouts and packaging of the releases. While the earlier releases are more into noise, the new output has a more technoid style that is still very experimental.
Ant-Zen is also the German distributor of a lot of other labels and runs a small mailorder.
Their actual webpage is here. 
Enjoy it.
A1 The Thieves Of Impressions Jerusalem AD 1099 2:32
A2 Maeror Tri Ultramundan 6:24
A3 Nimoy Hysteresis 2:15
A4 Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese Perversion 7:30
A5 Fellatio Et Cunnilingus Abuse Me 5:39
A6 Mortuo Similis Sexuali 6:42
A7 The Heisenberg Experiment Melanocetes 4:54
A8 Leiche Rustikal Nymphenburg 7:00
B1 P·A·L Terrible Hangdown 4:55
B2 Salt Yellow Liquid 3:42
B3 Drape Excrement Carousel 3:59
B4 Pale Action Vision 3:13
B5 Telepherique Reaktion (Live In Munich June 1993) 7:42
B6 Contagious Orgasm Sadistic New Red School 7:02
B7 Söldnergeist Fremde Schritte 4:47
B8 Stin Scatzor Chemical Warface 2:27
B9 The Thieves Of Impressions The Ripple Song 2:19
B10 KW (2) Pflichtwicht 1:47

Tuesday 23 October 2018

FREEDOM FACTION-Hear Some More-(Self Released-UK-2009)

Freedom Faction are a punk band from Cambridge, UK. They first formed in 1986, playing all over the UK and building up a strong following over the next 3.5 years. After some time out and working on various other projects, Freedom Faction was reformed 15 years later with Nick Grant (the original bass player), Jez Arnold (aka Strang), Tom Maddox, Adam Fudge and Beemer.Jackman.(from their bandcamp page  where this cd is not listed).
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 21 October 2018

WITCH n5-(Fanzine-Poland-2004)

A very good fanzine all in the English language although printed in Poland by a collective of women into riot girls/feminism, anarchism and music.
In this issue very interesting articles about anti-abortion laws in various countries, protests, riot girls around the world, Annie Sprinkles guideline for sex in the 90s, Karen Finley multi-cultural artist, Fuck Finger (band), an interview at the band CTB and other messages about gender-related subjects.
All in all a very good fanzine with amazing articles and a positive attitude.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 19 October 2018

ZOVIET FRANCE-Assault And Mirage-(Red Rhino Recs-UK-1987)

Zoviet France is an idiosyncratic group of anonymous post-industrialists, dronologists, and pseudo-ethnomusicologists. Their investigations have taken them into fictional cultures where nothing is easily located and reality often slips into the hypnagogic. Having secluded themselves in Newcastle, England since their inception in 1980, Zoviet France has developed a radical relationship with the cheap technologies of old-fashioned tape recorders, homemade acoustic instruments, primitive looping and sampling devices, and basic dub trickery. From these machines, the collective has crafted a distinctly unique vocabulary of postindustrial sonic hypnosis. Just as Zoviet France's sound was alchemic reconfigurations of inexpensive technologies, their vinyl packaging literally covered their sounds with aluminium, roofing shingles and porcelain. This tape is crafted with 11 tracks of sublime noiz-ambient...it came out on the Red Rhine Records. Defunct UK indie label, founded in York in 1977 by Tony Kostrzewa. It had a Belgian division, Red Rhino Europe, that was distributed by Play It Again Sam [PIAS].
Red Rhino Records closed down with the financial collapse of Red Rhino Distribution in 1988.(all the info from Discogs)
Their actual webpage is here.
Enjoy it.
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Cassette packaged in a cardboard box, with a photo attached to the front. A wrap-around translucent sleeve comes over the box, with print on the spines, and an image on the front, plus an insert.

Wednesday 17 October 2018

v.a.-Endorse It In Dorset Festival 2007-Vol 4-(Hogbitch-UK-2007)

This is a great cd compilation which came out to present the artists performing in the 2007 edition of this amazing festival held in the countryside in Dorset.
There is lots of cow-punk in it both as attitude and music.
Super cool bands, great fun: fast ska,crazy folk-ragga, country punk, deviated electronics, acid dub, cow-punk and a bit of pure rock make this cd-sampler a stunning document to explore and dance.
Hogbitch seems to be the personal label by Pronghorn: an UK band that promote themselves as The Kings of Cowpunk since 1992. 
To complete this post I am going to attach the video of the 'official' 2007 film from the Endorse it in Dorset Festival, total running time is 25 minutes, it has been split into 5 parts for Youtube, enjoy.
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Monday 15 October 2018

I Love Your Wife Or Girlfriend-(Mail Art Project-Belgium+Global Networking-1991)

International Mail Art Project launched by The Societe Anonyme Of Liege(Belgium).
Those A3 Pages are a resume of the many art-works received by many mail artists from all over the world, the title of the project is kind of funny and annoying.
Enjoy it.


Saturday 13 October 2018

THEATRE OF HATE-Leeds Futuredaze Fest 26/9/81-(Not On Label-UK-1981)

I reckon Theatre Of Hate needs no introduction, they are, in fact, quite famous. Here a little note was taken from Discogs.
"Theatre of Hate is currently active featuring original members Kirk Brandon, Stan Stammers and John Lennard, and have recently released a new album, Kinshi. They are touring in March 2017 with Stiff Little Fingers.Current touring line up is Brandon, Stammers, Lennard, Chris Bell and Adrian Portas." 
This tape was probably recorded with a cheap tape machine yet the recording is pretty good and the cover sleeve reports the song-titles too.
Big thanx to Scott for passing me this precious pearl.
Enjoy it.