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Monday 29 October 2018

v.a.-Punk Is...More Than The Government And Fashion Controlled Record Stores Offer-[Vol 7]-(Resistance Prods-Switzerland-c90-1993)

Another compilation of the series Punk is... a series already covered in this blog, as well as the label Resistance Productions managed by Lara, Pablo and FTS were active for 7 years releasing lots of stuff(7inches, tapes, zines, leaflets...).
As far as I know, Pablo started another label called Strongly Opposed when Resistance Prods ceased to exist.
It was compiled in June 1993 by Pablo! Songs ordered by Lara(of Örmaal Records) comes with 24 half sized page booklet with bands contributing a page each with lyrics, artwork etc., unfortunately not included here.
A good anarcho-punk compilation!Lots of good bands, political messages and good recordings.
Enjoy it.
A1 The Glory Stompers No More
A2 S.O. 77 Provocation
A3 Quetschenpaua Ufo
A4 Ultimate Disorder Désordre
A5 Drunken Deaf Ducks Gott Ist Tot
A6 Extinction Of Mankind Woman Defiled
A7 Mere Dead Men Savage Garden
A8 Kinoniki Aposinthesi* The Revolution Begins
A9 Flagrants D'Eli Les Brutes
A10 Always Ultra (2) Muss Das Sein?
A11 Blurred Vision No Place To Be
A12 Threshold Shift Power Games
A13 Inkisição Inkisição
A14 Washington Disease How Many Reasons
A15 Attentat Sonore Sous-Hommes
A16 Resist And Exist Mind Matter
A17 Saccharine Smile Nazis Raus
A18 Vegan Militia Inflict Suffering?
A19 Agente Laranja T.V. Robotização
B1 The Glory Stompers Visual Discrimination
B2 S.O. 77 Reason For Fear
B3 Quetschenpaua Grossdeutschland,How Are You?
B4 Ultimate Disorder Vie Morbide/Micky Mouse
B5 Drunken Deaf Ducks Reggae
B6 Extinction Of Mankind Chained Slave
B7 Mere Dead Men Left To Rott
B8 Kinoniki Aposinthesi* Screams Of Death
B9 Flagrants D'Eli Violence
B10 Always Ultra (2) Leere Worte
B11 Blurred Vision You Want Me To
B12 Threshold Shift Dread Time
B13 Inkisição Jovens
B14 Washington Disease No Need To Care/Coward
B15 Attentat Sonore So You Want Us Dead
B16 Resist And Exist Ad Liberty
B17 Agente Laranja Descarnimento Da America
B18 Saccharine Smile Im Westen Nichts Neues

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