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Thursday 29 September 2016

ATTRITO-Demo-(Self Released+La Pernakkia On Tapes-Italy-1990)

This one was posted on Italian Do It Yourself blog few years ago,yet Gianmaria didn`t post the booklet included in this tape,so I am now posting the whole production.
This is the first band using this name,in fact it is not to be confused with the band with the same name formed in 2008 and still active.
Some of them went on playing in other bands:Fuck Simile in the 90s and I Magneti nowadays.
La Pernakkia was an anarcopunk zine active in the self managed channel of the squats and diy distros in the 80s.
The booklet reports interviews and info about the roman punk scene of the late 80s:very interesting.I am afraid it is only in italian language. 
Enjoy it.
ps-a very big thanx to Gianmaria of Italian Do It Yourself for this rip :)
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Monday 26 September 2016

v.a.-MECANISMES Vol. 7-(Groupuscole Vision-France-C60-1994)

Volume 7 of this amazing serie of compilations edited and distributed by the french Groupuscule Vision,a label managed by the aristic collective Cartel Experimental,they were producing tapes of industrial and noise music with a special interest in the avant-garde music, theatre`s soundtracks and they were also writing the newsletter Concept.
 I lately posted The Vol. 4 and also the vol.I & II, Vol. III ,Vol. V  and Vol. VI.
All the cassettes were chrome tapes coming with colour sleeve and inserts on coloured xerox copies.Limited edition of 50 copies.
Enjoy it.

A1Amundsen Scott Untitled
A2 Amundsen Scott Untitled
A3 Amundsen Scott Untitled
A4 G.P.U. Réel (Otomo-mix)
A5 Mr. Moto (2) Untitled
A6 Mr. Moto (2) Untitled
B1 John Bartles Over And Over And Over (Revisited)
B2 John Bartles Manlow Shmooze
B3 John Bartles Dollar And A Dream
B4 John Bartles My Titong For You
B5 John Bartles Love The Way She Walks
B6 John Bartles Letters From Beneath The Earth
B7 Condominium (2) Le Concept <<Brazil>>
 notes:Tracks A1, A2, A3: 3 <<études>> enregistrées pour le spectacle du Le Manifeste De L'Art Discret <<Quatre études improductives>> le 10/12/93

Sunday 25 September 2016

No Barcodes Necessary n7-(Fanzine-N. Ireland-1998)

Well done fanzine made by Mel Hughes in N.Irelend during the late 90s.In this issue lots of letters,flyers,interviews to Boy Sets Fire,Outlast,Area Effect,Ebola,Assert plus tons of reviews of cds,tapes and lps.
Packed with lots of info,small prints and interesting interviews.
A good one.
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Friday 23 September 2016

HEADCLEANER-Head Of The Next One-(Big Deal-Usa-1994)

Amazing band from UK active in the mid 90s and playing a very personal form of noisy heavy industrial hatecore recalling  bands such as Jesus Lizard and Killing Joke.
This album is their debut and it has a great energy delivering us their full powerful force and great songwriting.I just cannot stop dancing...
This is ace.
To finish this post I am attaching a couple of very good videos from youtube.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 21 September 2016

LA FALLAS DEL SISTEMA/BRANDELLI D`ODIO-Split Mexico/Italia-(Estajanovismo Recs-Mexico-2000)

La falls Del Sistema is an anarcopunk band from Guadalajara(Jalisco state,Mexico)!They are active since the end of the 90s,you can check their activities using their FB page.
Brandelli D`Odio was a collective of squatters coming from different towns  and based in the squats in Foggia (Southern Italy),they were active  from 1993  until 1997, acting as a kind of open collective.Their line up changed various time according to how they were planning their shows and the different possibilities of the time-travel circumstances. They used to mix into their live shows music and experimental theatre.
I wrote about them many times and you can find lots of stuff by this band in this blog.
This split tape edited by Estajanovismo Recs ,which is the label managed by La Fallas Del Sistema, has a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics and pics,you will find here the lyrics by Brandelli D`Odio translated into spanish.Both bands offer us good recordings too.
Enjoy it.

Tuesday 20 September 2016

POL SILENTBLOCK-Quand Pol Silentblock Se Parodie Lui-Meme`-(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-c60-199?)

Great cassette by this belgian musician playing a weird experimental trans cultural electro jazzy/swing jingles using mainly guitar,keyboard and drum machine.His music is very personal and at the times touching and danceble too.
I posted another tape by him:Pour Le Sourire D`Alexia.A discogs page about him is here. Active since the 90s,He released quite few productions and he seems to be still active nowadays.
Red Neon Tapes was an experimental tape label created by Patrick Parent. It produced about 50 cassettes, some of which include "New Hippies" compilation series as well as material by the likes of Mlehst, Telepherique and M. Nomized.I posted already lots of tapes by this label. 
Enjoy it.

Sunday 18 September 2016

The Found Photo Album-(Mail Art Documentation-Usa+Global Networking-1992)

This is the amazing album/documentation after the mail art project:The Found Photo Album.It was launched by Stangroom with a deadline ending on the 30th of november 1991 and it was released in january 1992.
It contains lots of found pics printed in off set in black and white.There is also the list of all participants and a long introduction by the author/mail artist who conceived this project.
Enjoy it.

Saturday 17 September 2016

MUSICA OFFICINALIS-Aqua Mater-(Self Released-Italy-2000)

Amazing cd by this italian band playing classic songs of the turkish/balkan medieval and renaissance music catalogue!
This is a concept album about the power of the water and Mother Earth,the very well done booklet reports info and lyrics!
I am not sure if they are still active,a facebook page about them page is here.
In this cd there is also the preciuos collaboration of Massimo La Zazzera(flutes),musician who started his musical journey in the 90s with The Neolithics and after was one of the founding members of the medieval band Follorum Ensamble.
Unfortunately He passed away in 2010,this post is dedicated to his memory and his great energy. 
To finish this post I am going to attach here the introduction page of the booklet about this fantastic cd.
Enjoy it.

Friday 16 September 2016

DREADNOT-Cypothiensis-(Self Released-Usa-1991)

Amazing demo by this american band.They play a nice form of prog-avantgarde  thrash metal,good recording and few info reported on the cover-sleeve.A page about them is here.
A big thanx to the drummer who sent me this demo and gave me permission to share it here.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 15 September 2016

v.a.-Blindness,Deafness & Brain Damage-(Joukkomurha Worlwide-Finland-c90-199?)

Another compilation by this finnish label,covered in this blog quite few times now.Joukkomurha Worldwide is another name for the most famous Joukkomurha Tapes or JM Tapes.Here an introduction taken from Discogs.I guess this was written by Jupe Luoma,the mind behind this label.
"From the west coast of Finland - the city of Vaasa, to be more precise - rose a small but relentless and heavily networking cassette-only label originally known as Joukkomurha [Engl. Mass Murder or Massacre] Products or Tapes. The title of the label was later watered down to a more neutral-sounding (maybe even a wee bit more) JM-Tapes. The label was originally started just for fun, as a continuation to the creative stream of small press activity. The label was active producing the plethora of cassette-only albums (or alblums, as John Bartles would put it!) and compilations of folk / punk / electronic / aggressive / art music(k) and odd bits of sound all the way from Ohio to Okinawa. The label was in action between 1989 and 1998. In total, there were more than 70 releases during that time of angst, madness and creativity. The label was run by J Luoma, who was acknowledged on the "thanks" list of Reverend Bizarre's debut LP as the "witch of the west"!"
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 13 September 2016

ESTASI ACIDA-Please Try To Forget(Fanzine-Italy-1995)

Another production target E.A.!This ghost collective/project, active in the 90s, is been covered in this blog many times now.
This is a zine with a bit of a tragic history,I gonna attach here the page with its introduction and relative  translation.
Enjoy it.
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(Translation of the last page from Italian to English)
What you have here is the third zine assembled by the multimedia project called E.A.-in the beginning this zine should have been released on the german label Cat-Killer,and in fact Carsten of Cat Killer printed about 20 copies of it before the german police confiscated all his tape label stuff accusing him of piracy-basically they accused him of selling famous artist`s music(very false indeed-Cat Killer label was a small tape-label of electronic industrial music). This happened during summertime of 1995 while this zine it`s been assembled just 1 year before in the graphic room of Pishina Okkupata in Foggia, Just before sending all the masters to Carsten,we thought to make some photocopies of all the originals. this is why we managed to have it back, then Alessandro of Anapeste label offered his help to print it again…this is in few words the story of this zine, all the texts are written in English as we intended to distribute this zine outside Italy .

Monday 12 September 2016

v.a.-Rain Tapes International Compilation-June 1992-(Rain Tapes-UK-c95-1992)

Long international compilation edited  and distributed by Julian Smyth who was running this tape label called  Rain Tapes during the 90s in Wales.
I posted already two other compilations by this label:The Unknown 13 and The Unknown 14.
Also in this nice sampler lots of good bands playing punk,punk rock,HC punk and rock...
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 10 September 2016

SÄÄF-Spelo Felo-(Spelo Felo-Sweden-1997)

A tape by a project on which I do not know much! It was released in a  limited edition of 50 copies by this Swedish tape label called Spelo Felo in 1997 and it contains 2 long  untitled tracks(1 each side)of amazing noise ambient.The artist behind it seems to be Hubert Sääf!
Any soul out there who can shine more light of this mystery tape?
I`d love to know more...
Enjoy it.

Friday 9 September 2016

MDC In Concerto A El Paso-(El Paso Produzioni-Italy-1988)

Amazing gig of the mighty MDC :American punk rock band founded in 1979 in Austin, Texas. 
They are still alive in kicking and their official webpage is here.
I guess lots of people know very well this band so I am not gonna write much about them.You can find lots of info on other webpages anyway. 
 El Paso  is a big squat in Torino(Northern Italy)active since 1987,one of the oldest in Europe ,it is still squatted and very active.
The recording is pretty good  considering that this is a live tape.
It was recorded on the 2nd of december 1988 by Nautilus 
Anarchic/antagonist collective located in Torino. They promote a do-it-yourself attitude and release books, pamphlets, documents and records. There's no copyright on any of their productions. 
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Mail Art Project 10th Contemporary Art 1985-1995 By Galeri Selvin-(Mail Art Documentation-Turkey+Global Netwroking-1995)

Amazing Mail Art documentation printed in off set on gloss/lucid paper  by the Galeri Selvin,a very active art gallery based in Ankara(Turkey).
The subject of this project was the action and the new era of contemporary art in the 90s.This small yet very well done and nice documentation includes few interesting articles about the theme and lots of colour graphix/mail art-works by different mail artists.
I am going to attach here the introduction written by Selvin Gafuroglu,one of the art manager of this gallery.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 5 September 2016

v.a- EBU`S MUSIC SAMPLER Vol. ELEMENTAL II-(Ebu`s Music-Germany-c90-1992)

Another great sampler edited and distrubuted by Carsten Olbrich,
musician and owner of the tape label Ebu`s Music,Tape label  & mailorder established in 1988 and covered in this blog few times.(Please use the search box to find those Ebu`s releases)
Carsten is still very active nowadays and you can read all the news and info on his actual webpage.
A very good selection of different artists and tracks in this sampler offering us :electro,new wave,synth pop and  more experimental weird electronics.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Frontec Formatic The Prelude 3:19
A2 L'Edarps A Moth Der Stau 3:24
A3 Rüger's Electronic Dance Crew Company Der Teddybär 2:17
A4 Council Anderson Symphonialis Est Anima 4:31
A5 Schmertz Der Welten Wiegenlied 2:34
A6 Pupsi Bahlsenkeks Am Sonntag Will Mein Typhus Mit Mir Kegeln Geh'n 1:18
A7 Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer Requiem For Tipi DADAckelhund 3:05
A8 Etat Des Stocks Questionmark 2:22
A9 Ex-Cathedra (2) Words 5:37
B1 Treÿe Prayer (Trodo II) 5:52
B2 Johnson's Fiver Paradise 2:19
B3 L'Edarps A Moth Ich Will Nicht Mehr 2:39
B4 Pupsi Bahlsenkeks Mein Schnuckiputzi Mausilein 2:32
B5 Machine Maid Man Eating The Past 2:58
B6 King Ebu Jano's Theme (1st Synth-Vers.) 3:28
B7 Frontec Formatic Night Dune 3:36
B8 The High Tech Pagodas The Valley 3:45

Sunday 4 September 2016

v.a.-Fight Cars Not Bikes-(LOM(Austria)+Gurteltiertapes(Switzerland)-c90-199?)

Long compilation edited and distrubuted by those two very underground labels:I spoke about the austrian label LOM when I posted the tapes:Momido 7 and the compilation Anteurope.I also spoke about the Swiss Gurteliertapes when I posted the sampler:Winderstand Gegen...
This  international compilation includes:Matva Budoucnost,Npna,Pridigarji,Coercion,Government Collapsed,Voice Of Hate,Battle of Disarm,E.s.k.,Detestation,manface,Kokosha Glava,Hocu Necu,Anneliese Schmidt,Sex Wax,Zly Svet,Strecha.
Old nice punk/crust bands,good recordings too.It came out with a booklet that I cannot find it in my messy collection of books,leaflets,flyers,mail art,letters...
Enjoy it.
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Friday 2 September 2016

GERSTEIN-St. Anthony`s Fire-(Discordia-Germany-1996)

Gerstein is the personal project of  Maurizio Pustianaz Italian producer and music journalist also involved in those projects:A New Life, Dr Cancer, Infektion Prod., Noisebrigade.
Active from 1984 with the name Gerstein and from 1999 as NoiseBrigade.He is been active in the world of the underground press with his borther Marco founding the great zine called Snowdonia  and then worked for few italian magazines before creating with  Marc Urselli the very good webzine:Chain D.L.K.Here is official webpage.-I already posted the tape Hang "The D-Evil" by this amazing project, you`ll find it here.
Discordia was a German record company, with the two divisions 'Discordia The Label' and 'Discordia The Distribution', distinguishable by their different logos. Engaged in releasing industrial, EBM, darkfolk, darkwave and experimental music. Defunct and then active as Triton
Enjoy it.


1 New Blood
2 Black Flag
3 The Pentagram
4 Head
5 The Golden Three
6 Silver Cell
7 Puke
8 Sin Alley
9 Crush
10 St. Anthony's Fire
11 Old Blood New Life



Recorded and mixed at Acqualuce Studio 10/1995.

Thursday 1 September 2016

YOPS! N7-(Fanzine-Italy-Jan. 1997)

Number 7 of this pictures fanzine printed by Adrea Fornaca during the 90s,I already posted the number 1 and  the Number 5 -Andrea also was managing  Pervert Zine.
In this issue 124 A5 pages in xerox copies of pictures:punk bands,punk gigs,some cool graphix,few art-random pictures and few articles too.
Here i am posting also the introduction that Andrea wrote for this issue.
Enjoy it.
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