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Tuesday 13 September 2016

ESTASI ACIDA-Please Try To Forget(Fanzine-Italy-1995)

Another production target E.A.!This ghost collective/project, active in the 90s, is been covered in this blog many times now.
This is a zine with a bit of a tragic history,I gonna attach here the page with its introduction and relative  translation.
Enjoy it.
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(Translation of the last page from Italian to English)
What you have here is the third zine assembled by the multimedia project called E.A.-in the beginning this zine should have been released on the german label Cat-Killer,and in fact Carsten of Cat Killer printed about 20 copies of it before the german police confiscated all his tape label stuff accusing him of piracy-basically they accused him of selling famous artist`s music(very false indeed-Cat Killer label was a small tape-label of electronic industrial music). This happened during summertime of 1995 while this zine it`s been assembled just 1 year before in the graphic room of Pishina Okkupata in Foggia, Just before sending all the masters to Carsten,we thought to make some photocopies of all the originals. this is why we managed to have it back, then Alessandro of Anapeste label offered his help to print it again…this is in few words the story of this zine, all the texts are written in English as we intended to distribute this zine outside Italy .

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