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Thursday 31 December 2015

MORDER MACHINE Live At HINOEUMA The Malediction Club-(London-UK-1st Feb. 2002) [Video-Rare and Unreleased]

Morder Machine was a side project by the very well known act Atrax Morgue.The mastermind behind those projects was Marco Corbelli,also manager and owner of the famous Italian industrial/noise label Slaughter Productions.
As Marco himslef was describing it "Morder Machine is a slightly different project,let`s say the most rational part of Atrax Morgue: A sort of programmed destruction...".
He released two productions as Morder Machine both back in 1998,Deathshow and Happy Birthdeath.

This video was recorded during his gig in London at Red Rose Venue on the 1st  February 2002 organized by Hagshadow managment for their very "cutting edge club" called Hinoeuma The Malediction.
I must give a very big thanx to  Hagshadow for passing me this unreleased video from their incredible archive and another big thanx to B.A.O. for the conversion from VHS to Digital format of this rare and extraordinary video document.  
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 30 December 2015

FELIPE MONSTRUO-Y Los 40 Ladrones-(W.C. Records-Spain-1997)

Felipe Monstruo was a band from Barcelona(Spain) playing a funny form of HC punk sung in Spanish touching the Oi and the punk rock.
In this tape they offer us 13 tracks, very well recorded and with a colour cover sleeve + lyrics.
 A Discogs page dedicated to this  Madrid`s label is here, it is still active with this name:Working Class Records.
Enjoy it.

Monday 28 December 2015

v.a.-MECANISMES Vol. V-(Groupuscole Vision-France-c60-1994)

Number 5 of this great compilation series,edited and distributed by Groupuscole Vision,a label managed by the aristic collective Cartel Experimental,they were producing tapes of industrial and noise music with a special interest in the avant-garde music, theatre`s soundtracks and they were also writing the newsletter Concept.
All the cassette were chrome tapes coming with colour sleeve and inserts on coloured xerox copies.
Limited edition of 50 copies.
I already posted the number 1 and 2 of this compilation.
Here the names included in this issue.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 27 December 2015

v.a.-ASIAN PUNK LIVES-(Do It Yourself/Sprout Records-Japan-c60-1997)

Old compilation covering  bands from  South East Asia and Japan.It came out with a  booklet, unfortunately I don`t have it.
The recordings are ok and  the bands offers us a good selection of styles:grindcore,HC punk,ska and punk rock.
Sprout Records was a Japanese label run by Tsuyoshi Konno,more info here.
D.I.Y Records  is a punk/grindcore label from Tokyo, Japan, releasing worldwide artists in limited 7" editions and on other media. D.I.Y Records is owned by Ryuji Asada of Battle Of Disarm.Their actual webpage is here.
Enjoy it.

A1 Argue Damnation Words
A2 Argue Damnation Silence Is Obey
A3 Human Waste (3) Irritation
A4 Human Waste (3) Prostitute
A5 Human Waste (3) Macho Shit
A6 Human Waste (3) Corrupt Media Technology
A7 New Found Heritage Scumbag
A8 New Found Heritage Fuck Off
A9 New Found Heritage Gano´n Ba
A10 Social Outrage (2) Suicide
A11 Social Outrage (2) No Sympathy
A12 Social Outrage (2) Fool Authority
A13 Pregnant Men Booby Trap
A14 Pregnant Men Forgetful
B1 Disobedience Forced Patrionism
B2 Disobedience Priced Of Progression
B3 Abrasive Relations R.P.
B4 Abrasive Relations Hate Speaks
B5 Bench (4) Better Man
B6 Bench (4) Take On Me
B7 Bench (4) Not Gonna Listen
B8 Bench (4) The End
B9 Beyond Description Leech
B10 Beyond Description Rise
B11 The Bollocks (2) Politicians
B12 The Bollocks (2) Justice
B13 The Bollocks (2) Revolution

Friday 25 December 2015

v.a.-PORNOGRAPHY-(BV Tapes-UK-c90-1993)

This is an amzing compilation+fanzine inspired by the theme:Pornography.It does include very good artists of the industrial/drone/ambient and noise scene of the 90s.
It came out with a 24 A5 pages booklet with interviews to porn stars,articles against the censorship,stunnig graphix works,debates about different issues of this so much discussed subject.
Additional copy art works by E.A. ghost collective and more little gifts are all included in a plastic forlder.Limited edition of 150 hand numbered copies.
All the package is just beautiful, and everybody will notice that there was a very good effort to make this compilation tape as special & nice as possible.
BV Tapes was a small UK cassette-only noise label from the early 1990s,a discogs page about it is here.
Enjoy it.

A1 Hypnoskull You Love To Make Me Come, Don't You? - Part One
A2 factor X With Family Of Noise V. Gen (Demo Version)
A3 Ercole Anemico* Electric Tie
A4 Seg (2) Sie Wollte Es Nicht!
A5 Skinflick Productions Filth (Outta My Face)
A6 Etat Des Stocks Poor-know-graphics
A7 M.NOMIZED Quand Le Sexe Passe
A8 The Rorschach Garden Disable Pornography And Make Some Orgys With Your Friends....
A9 Tofu Surprise 658-968
A10 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock With DJ. fX I Fucked The Dog Then I Was Sick
B1 Herb Mullin Coitus Interruptus Part 4
B2 Skinflick Productions Slit Yer Throat (Like A Pig)
B3 Costes Mummy, I Want To Lick Your Pussy
B4 Abraxas (4) Total Control
B5 Hypnoskull With Godwin D.J. Potts Pornographic Pigs
B6 Lapse (7) Degrader
B7 Ercole Anemico* Suicide Sex Mania
B8 Another Headache Contact
B9 Teatro Satanico Charles Manson* L'Orribile Coito
B10 Expose Your Eyes Here She Comes

Thursday 24 December 2015

D.L.K.-The Hell Key Zine N2-(Italy-January 1996)

Number 2 of this amazing fanzine created  by Marc Urselli in the mid 90s,this excellent fanzine is still on as webzine,check it here.
I posted the number 7 which came out with a compilation cd,you will find it here. 
This was one of the best fanzine covering industrial,ebm,new wave and goth in Italy at the time.It was in double languange(English and Italian).
I am going to add here the introduction for this number.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 23 December 2015

L.S. DIEZEL-Suicidal Dub-(Charged-UK-1996)

A trio from South London active in the 90s.They were playing a very experimental form of dark dubstep.For many amateurs this cd is a classic of the music genre.In the late eighties and beginning of the nineties, together with the likes of Spiral Tribe and Bedlam they represented the frontline of an autonomous , underground movement that laid down many of the ideas for todays D.I.Y. culture.
The three musicians were involved in organizing raves and free festivals with friends such as Mutoid Waste Company,2000 Dirty Squatters,Penny Metal,DJ Offshore.
A soundcloud page about L.S. Diezel is here.
A very special album.
High quality stoner dub>:)
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Tuesday 22 December 2015

TARKATAK-Eko-(Biotope Art Organization-UK-c60-1997)

Here is another release of this amazing tape label Biotope Art Organization, I have spoken about this label quite few a times in this blog, “Eko” seems to be one of the last releases by this tape-label. Tarkatak is the project of the German artist Lurs Pruditsch; who also was running the interesting tape label called Trummer Kasseten during the mid 90s.  
Tarkatak seems to be still active nowdays and has been collaborating with different artists during these years of activity: C.Reider, No, Anemone Tube, Deep, Klangwart. Eko was re-released on cd-r by the Italian label Blade Records in 2002 as a limited edition of 120 copies in a painted wood cover. I believe both the tape and the cd-r are quite difficult to find these days. The 4 tracks on this tape consist of a minimal sequencing trancelike music mixing quiet-noize and drone effects. Another small but precious gift for people into ambient for vegetative inner trips.
I  have posted already a tape by this project,you `ll find it here.
Enjoy it.

Monday 21 December 2015

CRUNCH-Crunch-(Self Released-Italy-1993)

First demo by the legendary Crunch Fastcore punk band from Torino, (Italy) active in the 90's. A discogs page about them is  here.
For all the lovers of furious fast and violent HC Punk,this is a classic demo.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 20 December 2015

Songs For The Children Of Baphomet by THE ROYAL FAMILY & THE POOR-(Gaya Communications World Network-UK-1999)

"Perhaps the most misunderstood band to record for Factory, The Royal Family and the Poor remain for many an (oc)cult enigma, releasing only four albums in two decades, and rarely performing live after 1984. In fact the oblique band moniker masks the identity of just one man, Mike Keane, whose chequered history is a complicated tale of perseverance in the face of adversity.
The first version of The Royal Family and the Poor formed in Liverpool in 1978, after Keane moved into a shared house in Toxteth with Arthur McDonald, an art graduate with an enduring interest in the avant garde and Situationism. I was about 18 at the time,' recalled Mike, 'and Arthur was a bit older than me, about 28. I was already pretty aware but he sort of introduced me to a lot of ideas which stimulated me. I got this old synthesizer and put it through a record player, which produced an horrendous noise. Then Arthur just started reciting texts over the top of it."(extract from an extensive biography written by James Nice in 2011,please go here to read it all.)

This  is the third audio release by the label Gaya Communications Network/ Gaia Records, recorded during 1989-1990: "Songs For The Children Of Baphomet: A Musickal Celebration on the Theme of Magick and A Tribute to The Life & Works Of Aleister Crowley, (1875 - 1947)":Born in Leamington, Warwickshire, England, between 11:00pm and 12 midnight on 12 October 1875, Edward Alexander Crowley became the most infamous man in Britain. He was dubbed "The Wickedest Man in the World" by the British tabloids, however, he preferred the epithet "The Beast" originally given him by his devout Christian mother. Died on 1 December 1947.
A comprehensive webpage about him is here.
Enjoy this amazing cd. A real masterpiece.

STRATOSPHERE-Lost In Unity-(Escape 3 Organisation-Belgium-c21-1992)

In the early 90’s stratosphere started experimenting with music. Using analog  tape devices combined with synth sounds, the first songs were created. After these first steps, audio recordings were added that complemented and defined the typical stratosphere feel. Spheric soundcapes with harmonic melodies became the signature sound of stratosphere. This resulted in a few releases in the next years together with some live performances. Feeding on these experiences, more acoustic instruments (including guitar) were added which created an even more harmonic sound.
After a decade of silence, and a dramatic change in life, stratosphere picked up music again. Using his experience as a sound and recording engineer, his interest in music creation returned. This time, only guitar and bass guitar were used, in combination of a wide range of pedal effects. Simplifying his working method, resulted in an number of new tracks. Due to the changes in life, a darker side is introduced, but the typical sound remains. Soundscapes and harmonics are still the base of his music. So a new era has started for stratosphere returning to the music scene with a fresh view and renewed motivation.”(from his excellent webpage)
Escape 3 organisation was founded in 1990 and operated as an independent tapelabel for industrial music for some years. Since a few years it is mainly a platform for obscure new electronica projects that deal with the combination between industrial electronic music and new forms of urban electronica like breakbeats, drum’n bass and technoïd hybrid forms. We are grouping some acts/projects and promote them, cause we know you are out there, we know you want it, and we will make them come to your place. Prepare for it. You want to know about their releases, want to hear something, want to book them, want to see them, want to learn more about them ? Just go ahead.
(from a discogs page dedicate to them) 
Enjoy it.

Saturday 19 December 2015

LA FURIA-Por Algo Mas Que Por Gusto-(El Lokal-Cassette+Fanzine-Spain-1993)

La Furia is the result of a simple, two years long association between Taller de So of the Escuela de Telecomunicacions, El Lokal and musicians-collective of Euskadi, Valencia, Villena and Cataluña.
Our enthusiasm and effort throughout this period, you have captured right under your nose: an hour of music and the time that you want to spend reading the lyrics and the tirades that we have taken the time to write.
Just remember or learn, if you did not know that this tape is not fed to the Sociedad General de Autores (SGAE) - that which appears on the labels of records and in a well visible on the tapes - , or the the Depósito Legal, also does not pay IVA for editing and only move strictly non-commercial channels.
Ah!, if ever there are benefits, you already know to whom they are intended.
El Lokal-Distribuidora -

The Recording.
El Taller de So, was born 12 years ago at the initiative of a group of students of the Escola de Telecomunicacions in Barcelona, moved by the interest in music and sound. Based on years we have achieved a minimum of material that allows us recording demos and the sound system of parties and concerts.
We not move for the money, but the desire to learn and experiment with different sounds and effects. And the satisfaction of listening sound in a small equip, or listen in some Local, phrases or rifts emerging from the guitars, which has passed through our hands. In this sense, this model of La Furia "por algo más que por gusto", has been one of the best experiences we've had, both by the large number of good ideas that musicians and colleagues provided, for the fabulous
environment that developed recording. Taller de So 

All the tracks of this K7 were part of the repertoire of THE CLASH, over the years of his fury (1976-84).
What Do The Clash in the 93?
The Clash were a group that, while it lasted, and knew he wanted to keep the best aspect of the punk spirit: the fighting.
Although soon to stay away (without abandoning) of the musical schemes more recognizable as "Punk-Rock", going for walks along the paths of Ska, R & R, Reggae, Soul or Funk, his lyrics have remained, ever, large doses of rage, social criticism and rejection of the system, which encouraged the early British punk bands and that shook like an earthquake the static, boring, business, reactionary and puritanical social and music scene in England in the late of 70.

Today things have not improved, quite the opposite. NO FUTURE, seems more real than 15 years ago. Social control is becoming more sophisticated, more overwhelming, and most terribly effective. Social inequalities are growing. The Earth dies. The prisons are full. The repression of dissent is the more brutal as comes under the kind of tacit consent, such impunity granted by the parliamentary majority (this past year we have seen how easy it would fall dead, shot by a cop, without complications for the State a statement of the Minister of turn.) So, we believe that the messages the Clash and other punk, launched in the late 70 are now more than force.
For this and because we love your music, is why we took almost 2 years mulling over the idea of ​​recording a tape versions of the Clash in Spanish. Now that the opportunity has been presented we could not resist the temptation.
This you have in your hands is the result of a "passion" musical, along with the claim to promote, support activities and alternative projects (self-managed, non-commercial, anti-repressive, ...), in which we participate directly or support existing or to be created.
That this pretension become something effective depends (as it unfortunately nothing is done without money as well the work and good intentions), the sale of this tape, so you would do a disservice to record it. If your pocket and your brain will allow it, buy it. If not, then do what you want. In any case you enjoy it.

All the info from the  booklet included with the tape and found already translated on a discogs page dedicated to this project.
For all the lovers of The Clash this is amazing,especially for the use of the spanish language.Enjoy it.
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Alternative n4 -(Fanzine-Resistance Productions-Switzerland-1990)

Another great fanzine by this amazing label:Resistance Productions was a Swiss small totally DIY and anarchist label based in Zurich first and then relocated to Biel. It was managed by Fritze F.T.S., Pablo Van Paz ,Sämy Soyahead, Oli and Lara.They were active from 1988 to 1998.
In their  life they self-released lots of fanzines (for example "No Sanctuary", "Massive Love" and more). leaflets and tapes, mostly compilations + booklets and of course some vinyls as well.I already posted some tapes and fanzines by this cool label.

In this fanzine you`ll find alternative press addresses,Conflict the gathering of 5000,Dusserdorf scene report,Swiss punk scene report,Berlin scene report,Terminus, history,Mega City Four,reviews of tapes and zines + graphix and flyers.
A great tool to research the alternative punk scene of the early 90s.
Printed in off set in its 80 pages you`ll find lots of good informations.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 18 December 2015

LE LIGNE MAGINOT-Le Ligne Maginot-(Self Released-Austria-2010)

la ligne maginot was formed at the end of summer 2009. we see ourselves as an anarchist collective of musicians that live in and support left-radical,
autonomous structures. the production of our music is made in as much a d.i.y way as possible and without the use of any labels.
all that considered we are not stiff, dogmatic or theory-driven zombies.
and just to make sure: we are anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-homophobic, anti-patriarchal, anti-racist and anti-sexist.
if you don't agree with all of these terms don't bother asking us to play and go fuck yourself!
for all the others: feel free to get in touch with us and see you at the next show.(From Last Fm)

The first thing you inescapably notice about this record is the beautiful artwork (by an unidentified Viennese painter). Gorgeous gatefold packaging with really nice vinyl and black inner sleeves, this is the debut full-length release by Vienna-based La Ligne Maginot. This is an immensely complex album, lyrically and musically. Peeling this back like an onion reveals a mixture of down-tuned hardcore punk with seriously dark metallic overtones and atmospheric textures piercing through waves of thick reverb. It’s reminiscent of some of the early 90’s metallic screamo stuff coming out of Germany, but has a very unique signature to it and stands certainly on its own. It invokes GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR-style crescendos and buildups then unleashes raspy experimental hardcore within seconds. Lyrical overtones paint a bleak existential foray into the decay of society, poetic without sounding contrived, and are well translated from the native Austrian-inflected German. I was blown away by this, and can’t wait to hear more from this mysterious band! (Rob Hanna)
(review from Profane Existence)
I saw this amazing band live in a squatted church in south london during their summer tour - on august 2013. They blew everybody away - 8 musicians on stage with 3 guitars, 2 drums, keyboard, bass and alternating vocals - they were just powerful, beautiful, progressive - dreamlike, metallic and doomish at the same time - a great live act and a pure anarchist way of performing and travelling.
At their distribution point a clear message saying "pay as you want" was close their cds and they didn`t mind swapping cds or t-shirts with other distros. This cd is artefully crafted with an original package - a screenprinted fabric make a folder for the cd - it comes with a patch and beautiful little booklet with lyrics in german and english translations.
Their attitude reminded me of the punk bands from the 90s, very little sense of business but a great communication and antagonism of the idea that comes into practice.
This is just a little gem from the unknown underground european punk scene. A must for the lovers of great and original music with no musical borders.

(digital transfer by Faraway - review by Profane Existence,LastFm and Faraway)

v.a.-Nightmare Begins At 6am-(Joukkomurha Prods-c60-1993-Finland)

This cassette was released by Joukkomurha productions in Finland in December 1993. It features quite a lot of unknown bands in the area of experimental music and/or weird sonic feelings. The compilation was assembled thinking about the subject of FEAR. Joukkomurha productions was a very active tape label in the 90s that was very keen to release any kind of weird music with no particular attention to the music genres and scenes. This release came out as a c60 tape and it had: a black & white photocopy cover with the addresses, list of bands involved, and a few other infos(included in this folder). Good muzik by very obscure projects and musicians-Enjoy The FEAR!
a02-LORD LITTER-freak
a03-ELETTRO ALPHA-horror`s miracle
a04-PIGPILE-freak show
a05-PIGPILE-empty vessels
a07-ETAT DES STOCKS-cymballium
a08-EPA NYYRO-horror mind1
a09-EPA NYRRO-horror mind 2
a10-THE BLUBBERHEADS-a real good boy
a11-JOE SHMOE-i suing the world
a12-ETAT DES STOCKS-falling stars
b01-ELETTRO ALPHA-another side of my sensitiviness
b02-ETAT DES STOCKS-work till you die
b03-GRUNT-fear factory-total confusion
b04-ANGELKILL-and freaks were their name
b05-HYPNOSPACE-post sleep nightmare
b06-ELETTRO ALPHA-silva barsi recites a pabla neruda's poetry
b07-ELETTRO ALPHA-cut my nail

Tuesday 8 December 2015

KARCERAL FLESH-Au Suivant-(Self Released-c60-France-1994)

I already posted 2 tapes by this amazing french project. Le Sourire... and Closed Eyes...
This is  is the solo projec of Franck Kervizic mixing   minimal weird electronics,harsh industrial, nasty lyrics with restrained percussive passages of deranged fantasy.
A discogs page about him is here.
Enjoy It.

Monday 7 December 2015

SUPERFETAZIONE-Superfetazione-(Self Released-Italy-1988)

This is the demo by Superfetazione,an amazing punk band from Rome.
It includes 8 tracks of excellent HC Punk with some metallic influences.
It was benefit to support the studies of a Palestinian boy- and it was dedicated to  the people of Palestine.
It came out with a 17 pages lyric booklet that it is not included here,unfotunately I lost it :(
A rare diamond.
Enjoy it.
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