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Wednesday 23 December 2015

L.S. DIEZEL-Suicidal Dub-(Charged-UK-1996)

A trio from South London active in the 90s.They were playing a very experimental form of dark dubstep.For many amateurs this cd is a classic of the music genre.In the late eighties and beginning of the nineties, together with the likes of Spiral Tribe and Bedlam they represented the frontline of an autonomous , underground movement that laid down many of the ideas for todays D.I.Y. culture.
The three musicians were involved in organizing raves and free festivals with friends such as Mutoid Waste Company,2000 Dirty Squatters,Penny Metal,DJ Offshore.
A soundcloud page about L.S. Diezel is here.
A very special album.
High quality stoner dub>:)
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  1. Nice :) Had a copy of this since release after 'lending' photoshop to the bloke who designed the cover. Ironically came here looking to download the artwork!
    Along with Digidub this lot were the mustard back in the day....

  2. Thanx for keeping this link active; I was late to the party AGAIN !