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Sunday 27 February 2022

TUMOROUS FLESH - Reflecting Spirits - (Self Released-Germany-c45-1991)

 45 minutes self released cassette by this German band playing a sort of  goth rock mixed with darkwave, active in the early 90s, this is their first production, they released another tape "Solemn Fears"  in 1993!

The recording is pretty good and the cover sleeve reports songtitles and a few info. Enjoy it.

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Friday 25 February 2022

DEATH SQUAD - Final Solution ep - (Dead Rockers Records-USA-2003)


There are many bands/projects with this name, this one is the punk band from USA.I have no many info about them. This 7 inch come with a folded cover sleeve reporting the lyrics, some pictures and little info. Enjoy it.

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Wednesday 23 February 2022

KRAAU - Ossuarium - (Self Released-Russia-2014)

 Kraau is an amazing project from Russia, in this album they play a mix of dark ambient and neoclassical decandent music trasporting us in etheral atmospheres of dreams and nightmares. Ossuarium is a collection of songs written during 3 years prior its release in 2014.Enjoy it.

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Monday 21 February 2022

YEAH! N3/4 - (Fanzine-Italy-1990)

 Mastodontic issue of this Italian fantastic fanzine,169 pages full of long and in depth interviews, articles, rants, fanzines and music reviews, comic strips and much more.This is an exquisite example of underground press at its best. A great tool to research the lively underground world of the early 90s touching the politics, various music scenes (industrial,experimental,rock,punk), the  mail art, the alternative press and more. Unfortunately only in italian language. Enjoy it if you are Italian literate.

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Saturday 19 February 2022

DIVISION BY ZERO - (Self Released-USA-199?)

 Another great tape by this American band from from Blaine(USA).I have already posted their third tape "May Come As A Smooth Round Stone" and another one simply called "Divison By Zero" released in 1991. With a  spartan handwritten cover reporting only the song-titles, I hope that  I have indexed it properly. The only person to know would be Shawwano,who was playing in this band and spotted the other tapes that I have posted in 2014, leaving a few messages.

This cassette has a few talked tracks and their music consists of some electro punk with some industrial hints touching the noise,the avant-garde and the ambient music,only to turn again into some sort of messy noisy-electro.

I think there are no many copies of this one around...! Enjoy it.

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Tuesday 15 February 2022

Couch Potatoes N6 - (Fanzine-Holland-1991)

 Number 6 of this Dutch zine, this issue in English language!! A nice zine focused on HC Punk music and related subjects. A good example of underground press. Here the interesting introduction. Enjoy it.

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Sunday 13 February 2022

AUTONOMY - A Faction Of Mercy - (Mass Media Records-Usa-1995)

 Legendary 7inch by the Anarcho punk band from Huntington Beach,CA,USA. 5 tunes of raging old school HC punk with politcal lyrics.The folded cover sleeve reports lyrics and info with a great graphic layout, and I left these tracks as waves. Enjoy it.

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Friday 11 February 2022

NASTY NURSES - Nasty Nurses - (Self Released-Italy-1992)

 Nasty Nurses was a 5 people band from Torino active in the early 90s. If  I do not fail this is their only production, a well recorded tape with 6 tracks of melodic indie rock, + 1 on the A side, the last tune "Crowdhole" that is a noise mini-track made with loops and machines. Enjoy it.

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Wednesday 9 February 2022

FLIPPIN IDIOTS - Loss - (Self Released-USA-2011)


A Noise album with a Power Electronics/Harsh Noise Twist.Flippin Idiots is the noise project of Chris Coker based in Sylva NC, USA. I have releases here and on Smell The Stench,Orko Records, Eerie Noise, and many others. Love any and all noise artists but my biggest influence is Thirteen Fingers. Other influences Merzbow.Navicon Torture Technlogies,Prurient,Clang Quartet,Hivemind,Wilt,Flat Effect, Like Weeds, Boar, and many others.  click me



Monday 7 February 2022

ZOUNDS - Live In Hackney And Singles - (Class War-UK-1993)

 Fantastic tape by the legendary Zounds,this is not listed on the Discogs Page dedicated to them!! Here the introduction from their Wikipedia Page

  Zounds are an English anarcho punk/post-punk band from Reading, Berkshire, England, formed in 1977. Originally they were part of the cassette culture movement, releasing material on the Fuck Off Records label, and were also involved in the squatting and free festival scene. The name of the band is derived from the old English minced oath "zounds", a contraction of "God's wounds", referring to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ, formerly used as a mildly blasphemous oath. 

 Their webpage is full of info, discography, history,pictures and much more. This tape was a prisoner benefit released by Class War. The b/w xerox folded  cover sleeve reports all the song titles and a few info. Enjoy it.

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Saturday 5 February 2022

FETU - (Fanzine-Japan-1989)

 Fantastic Japanese zine all in english language, this is the number 7 and the final issue too. Interviews to many good bands, music reviews, rants and pictures. A piece of history of the underground press from Japan.

Enjoy It.

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Tuesday 1 February 2022

v.a.-Misfit Heartbeat-(Iteration Records/Take A Day-USA-1993)

 Fantastic double 7 inch compilation with amazing bands released as joint effort by the amarican labels :Interation Records and  Take A Day

It  was released with a fold out insert(all the relevant scans included here). Enjoy it.

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A1Pinhead GunpowderI Wanna
A2Playground (6)Brighter Days
B1Wynona Riders*Kids In America
C1Delightful Little NothingsLike-Minded Soul
C2Pot ValiantLong Dark
D1Rhythm CollisionHow Do You Know?
D2BitchcraftI Never Faked It