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Saturday 19 February 2022

DIVISION BY ZERO - (Self Released-USA-199?)

 Another great tape by this American band from from Blaine(USA).I have already posted their third tape "May Come As A Smooth Round Stone" and another one simply called "Divison By Zero" released in 1991. With a  spartan handwritten cover reporting only the song-titles, I hope that  I have indexed it properly. The only person to know would be Shawwano,who was playing in this band and spotted the other tapes that I have posted in 2014, leaving a few messages.

This cassette has a few talked tracks and their music consists of some electro punk with some industrial hints touching the noise,the avant-garde and the ambient music,only to turn again into some sort of messy noisy-electro.

I think there are no many copies of this one around...! Enjoy it.

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