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Friday 30 June 2017

Mail Art Postcard by Luciano Olivato-(Mail Art-Global Networking-199?)

Another postacard by the italian mail artist Luciano Olivato,I wrote about him already a couple of times posting other great artworks.
Vive le Mail Art.

Thursday 29 June 2017

v.a-Newman Passage Souvenir Complication-(Mute/Blast First-UK-1997)

Nice compilation with a bunch of great artists: those tunes go swiftly through sensitive brain`s dunes touching some industrial, some grey noise and a proportionate dose of strange passages.
A good sampler of abrasive sonic experiments.
Enjoy it.
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1 Bruce Gilbert Singing Pier 6:30
2 Labradford Pico 5:48
3 Hovercraft Angular Momentum 11:04
4 Bruce Gilbert Soli 5:13
5 Hovercraft / Scanner De-Orbit Burn (Remix) 7:27
6 Labradford Elec. Security 18:2

Tuesday 27 June 2017

ICONS OF FILTH-Not On Her Majesty Service-(Mortarhate Records-UK-1983)

Amazing cassette by the d-beat master's Icons Of Filth-Recorded at X Ntrix Studios, London September 1982 by People Unknown. Original edition!!!!!!!!!! 
The Mortarhate label is owned and run by punk band Conflict (2).
In 1983 it was distributed and administered by Jungle Records, an arrangement that lasted many years, with various other deals also done since 2000.(info from Discogs)
For all the punks around the world, this is ace.
Enjoy it.

A1 One Second To Midnight
A2 Fucked Up State
A3 Midnight
A4 Politricks
A5 Power For Power
B1 They've Taken Everything
B2 Your Military
B3 No Fucking Choice
B4 Dividing Line
B5 Cut The Crap

Sunday 25 June 2017

Fringe Ware Review Issue 8-(Magazine-Fringe Ware-Usa-1995)

FringeWare Review was a magazine about subculture (predominantly cyberculture) published in Austin, Texas. Many of the publication's writers and editors were associated with other publications such as Boing Boing, Mondo 2000, Whole Earth Review, and Wired. The last issue of the magazine was #14, published in 1998. The magazine had an international circulation, distributed primarily by Fine Print, an Austin-based company that focused on 'zine distribution.(from wikipedia)
In this issue lots of interesting articles and writings.
I am going to attach the page of contents and the editorial too.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 24 June 2017

ZONA INDUSTRIALE-Materiali-(1985/87)-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1997)

Zona Industriale was a industrial group (two people) formed in Cosenza (south Italy) in 1983, and released 5 tapes album before became inactive in 1987: “IZ” (C60), “Neutro” (C45) (for ADN Tapes), “Sequenze” (C20), “Away” (C45) (for Bloedvlang Produkt) and “Requiem”(C45) (for Discipline Production). Tracks appear on some compilations in Italy, France and Netherlands. In 1996 the Slaughter Productions re-releasing first on tape after on CDR (2003) the first tape “IZ” and after another two tapes: “Pornografia: frammenti/materiali” (1996) (C34), “Materiali 1985 - 1987” (C34) (1997). The first tapes of the group was noised and industrial from “Sequenze” the sound became more evanescent and ambient.(from  discogs)

Friday 23 June 2017

DISSCIORDA-Alienation Breeders(Agipunk-Italy-2005)

Amazing  furious HC Punk by this italian combo from Southern Italy!
I wrote about them when I posted their rare  split tape with Pastafrolla.In that post you can find a small bio written by the drummer Alfredo and the explanation of this funny name.
This cd had an excellent review by Maximum Rock`n Roll magazine,here it is:"Damn this is really good! I like this more every time I listen to it. Unfortunately it´s fair to say this record looks really bad. With a logo stolen from Discharge and some less-than-exciting picture you´d problably pass this up. But this band is not a Disclone. DISSCIORDA plays some really out-standing punk that is recorded with the perfect amount of clarity while remaining intensely driving and raw. I love the vocals - they are not the least bit crusty, but are instead youth-fully shouted in both the English and Italian languages with passion and convinction. In fact the vocals remind me of FINAL CONFLICT. The reason i review for MRR is for bands like this, I would have not heard this until it was ten years old otherwise. I suggest that you find it quickly. Another awesome release from Agipunk." (WK) Maximum Rock n Roll #263.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Action Art International-(Mail Art Documentation-Usa+Global Networking-1992)

International Mail Art documentation for this project created by the American mail artist and networker Ashley Parker Owens who was also managing the mail art bulletin Global Mail.
Inside its 22 b/w xerox pages, we`ll find some amazing art-works, few articles, random words and more images of fantasy, joy, and rage.
Enjoy it.

Tuesday 20 June 2017

v.a-Amber Dregs 004-(Amber Dregs-Sweden-199?)

Number 4 of this international compilation serie,I have posted already the number 1 and the Number 2,compiled and distributed by Anders Bjork in Sweden on the beginning of the 90s.
Different music styles touching the electro,the punk,the industrial and more.The xerox folded cover sleeve reports addresses and songtitles.
Bands Included:Anstalt(Norway),Red harvest(Norway),Shit Smell (Sweden)Skinflick(UK),Ask It Why(Turkey), Brandelli D`odio(Italy),Polidrom(Germany),Another Fine Mess(UK)T.U.O.B.(UK),Human Disaster(Sweden),Corrosive(Germany)Dilonis(Latvia),
Dunkelheit(Norway)Uutuus(Finland),The bruise Violet(UK),Necrosis(Turkey)The Moth(England),Full Slap(Italy).
Enjoy it.

Monday 19 June 2017

Stige-Uniti Nell`Abbraccio-(Goddam Church Records-Italy-1989)

Stige was an Italian Hardcore Punk band from Ascoli Piceno, formed by ex-members of Dictatrista; active from 1985 to 1991. In 1992 the singer Carlo Cannella formed Affluente
Their official webpage is here, where you can read the bio, info, lyrics and more related stuff.
In this full-length record they spit out all their rage against this rotten capitalist society, the lyrics are very personal and poetic yet their messages are a punch in your face as well as their furious HC Punk music.
Goddam Church Recs was the label managed by Carlo Cannela, the singer of this band, who later went on to form the amazing punk band Affluente.
In this folder, you`ll find the pics of this production, including the lyrics.
A classic album standing against the rust of those years.
Enjoy it.

Sunday 18 June 2017

The Faction File-(Hooligan Press-UK-1985)

Brilliant short comic stories full of irony,sarcasm and brutality...It does include also "Tales From The Frontline".

A must-read  for all the comic lovers and the experts of some obscure underground press coming straight from the dark unknown crypts of the last century.

Enjoy it.

Saturday 17 June 2017

v.a.-Dr. XYCLOPS-(Kadath-Portugal-c60-1996)

Nice c60  international cassette sampler compiled by Nuno Loureiro in Coimbra -Portugal! 
A bunch of underground artists playing various forms of electronic experiments.This tape comes with a bubblegum and a booklet housed in an envelope. Limited to 30 numbered copies.
Kadath was a Portuguese tape label based in Coimbra and run by Nuno Loureiro. The first tape was released in 1995, the label produced noise, experimental and industrial artists. 
Enjoy it.


A1 De Fabriek Prefree
A2 De Fabriek Ah-Ha-Di
A3 Architects Office AO 806 + 901 (Soundtrack To "Motion Diary Atta Secondo The Reel" (Versione Italiana))
B1 Projecto Jil As The Lights Go Down
B2 Projecto Jil N. H. R.
B3 M.Nomized Woman With A Skin Mask


Monday 12 June 2017

HISSANOL-The Making Of Him-(Alternative Tentacles-Usa-1998)

Amazing second(?) album by this powerful duo: Andy Kerr and  Scott Anderson, they play a personal form of alternative muzik mixing some garage rock, fantasy indie, visionary pop and some bizarre yet genial punk.
It is all kind of smashed and burnt yet it goes with a creative flow of energy that will eventually blow our minds.Somehow they remind me NoMeansNo and Butthole Surfers although this description could be in some way reductive and would minimize their effervescent and innovative spirit.
A great album for spazzed out plastic heads.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 10 June 2017

DUHHH Zine-Issue 1-(Fanzine-UK-1992)

Number 1 of this english zine managed by Anthony in Sheffield, I  already wrote about him when I posted the split zine Shag Stamp n4/Duuuh n5.

Very well done,in this issue you can read about Dark Diamonds Zine,Leeds Report,zine and music reviews and other interesting thoughts.
A nice punkish zine.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 4 June 2017

CHRIST ON PARADE/DIE SHLACT-In Concerto A EL Paso-(El Paso Produzioni-Italy-1989)

Live bootleg tape with 2 excellent HC punk bands!Christ On Parade  from Usa and Die Shlact(on the cover sleeve of this tape this name is misspelled,in fact their real name is Die Schlacht ) from Germany.
They toured together in 1989, just one week after that the Die schlacht drummer left the band,so on this tape the Christ On Parade drummer is playing with the german band too.There is actually a vinyl release of this tour on Uberschall Records,a label from Bremen,same city of Die Schlacht.
The recording of this live tape is very good,the cover sleeve reports no info or songtitles.I got those info listening to the talks between the tracks and using the net.
I have already posted few tapes released by  El Paso , a big squat in Torino(Northern Italy)active since 1987,one of the oldest in Europe ,it is still squatted and very active.
Enjoy it.

Saturday 3 June 2017

v.a.-Smirk,Titter & Wink-Vol 1-(Crank Records-Usa-1994)

A nice cd compilation featurings a bunch of good bands playing alternative rock,grunge and power punk.
Cool tracks,good recordings,info on the folded cover sleeve.
A wonderful sampler from the hidden gems of the mid 90s.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 1 June 2017

Ciach! Zine N3 + Ciach Zine N4-(Fanzine-Self Released-Poland-1988/89)

Numbers 3 and 4 of this old polish anarcopunk fanzine active on the end of the 80s.In its black and white xerox pages you`ll find articles mixing politics and music.
Covering different bands from various countries and messages about anti-fascism,anti-vivisections,demonologia,vegetarianism,scene reports and much more.
A very good tool to research the lively polish punk scene of the wonderful 80s.Only in polish language.
Enjoy it if you are polish literate.
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