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Saturday 24 June 2017

ZONA INDUSTRIALE-Materiali-(1985/87)-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1997)

Zona Industriale was a industrial group (two people) formed in Cosenza (south Italy) in 1983, and released 5 tapes album before became inactive in 1987: “IZ” (C60), “Neutro” (C45) (for ADN Tapes), “Sequenze” (C20), “Away” (C45) (for Bloedvlang Produkt) and “Requiem”(C45) (for Discipline Production). Tracks appear on some compilations in Italy, France and Netherlands. In 1996 the Slaughter Productions re-releasing first on tape after on CDR (2003) the first tape “IZ” and after another two tapes: “Pornografia: frammenti/materiali” (1996) (C34), “Materiali 1985 - 1987” (C34) (1997). The first tapes of the group was noised and industrial from “Sequenze” the sound became more evanescent and ambient.(from  discogs)

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