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Thursday 29 April 2021

MANIC MIND CIRCUS-Municipal Monetary Clause...-(Self Released-UK-1992)

 Nice self released cassette by this UK artist playing a great form of leftfield electro indie dub/rock. This tape offers to us  4 tracks and some stuff reminds me a bit the band Back To The Planet.

Enjoy it.

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Tuesday 27 April 2021

Just Another Zine-(Biologica Collective-Greece-2010)

 I wrote already about this Greek collective when I posted the compilation tape Biologica.This is their first fanzine and it came out in Greek and English.You`ll find here the english part,only.

All the info about it in their introduction.Enjoy it.

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Sunday 25 April 2021

ZYGOTE-Zygote-(Bluurg Tapes-UK-1990)


Zygote formed after Amebix split in the late 1980s and consisted of former Amebix members Spider, George Smutpig & Stig with the addition of former The Smartpils member Tim Crow. The band was short-lived and only released one full-length album. 

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Studio Side
Behold The Man
We Are Tomorrow
Idea Of Purity
God Is Dead
The Fear

Live Side
God Is Dead
Idea Of Purity
We Are Tomorrow
Here Come



Friday 23 April 2021

v.a.-Exposure Vol. 23 Japanese Alternative Music-(Exposure-UK-2001)


An ecletic compilation on cd comes with a magazine in English/Japanese with infos about all the bands + more intriguing  stuff.Many music styles;trip pop,alternative rock,shoegaze,electronica,heavy rock.

Here the introduction for this issue. Enjoy it.

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1Supercar (2)Strobolights
2Bleach (4)Odoru Kubi
3Number GirlAbstract Truth
5Love PsychedelicoLady Madonna
7King BrothersKieusero!
8Missile Girl ScootKKP Connections
9PealoutNew Age Adventure


Wednesday 21 April 2021

GENOCIDE ASSOCIATION-Sonik Lobotomy Tape-(Self Released-UK-1983)

A bootleg of Genocide Association caught me by surprise. From the shit-fi perspective, this “band” was one of the most notable of the 1980s hardcore scene in England. While Genocide Association existed, the band was a joke and played live only once, unlike their brethren in musical destruction, Skumdribblurz, who seem to have played nearly every show for a while. Genocide Association were Digby Pearson, who later ran Earache Records, and Dave Smith, of the band Verbal Warning, fooling around as a studio-only project. (G.A.’s one gig was a major one at Leeds Bier Keller, on May 19, 1984, with Kalv from Heresy on bass, Tim from Skumdribblurz on guitar, and Dave and Dig on vocals, all of them together making random noise. The line-up of that gig was—get this—Black Flag, Hagar The Womb, Mau Maus, Newtown Neurotics, Rattus, Cult Maniax, Nig Heist, The Bleed, 13 Horses Legs, Chronic, Crucified By Christians, Stagnant Era, The Abused, Obesa, Genocide Association. Not that Abused, but what a gig! There’s a DVD available of the Black Flag set, mistakenly listed on the case as having been in Bradford. Also, I recall Rollins saying that the Newtown Neurotics were one of the best bands they played with in the UK.)

I first obtained a dub of their 105-song “Sonik Lobotomy” demo several years ago from a tape (err, CD-R) trader who sent it to me out of the blue. Immediately, the “music” struck me as odd. There was something familiar, and when it hit me, man, was I astonished. Genocide Association’s demo was basically a recording of what could be considered a cross between karaoke and tape-loop experimental music: they used classic hardcore tunes that had been released recently (up to October 1983) and chaotically shouted their own lyrics and nonsense over them. Terveet Kädet, Crude SS, Urban Waste, Kansan Uutiset, Impact Unit, Riistetyt, and other bands make appearances on the demo, only with crazed British dole-queue punx doing their own vocals.

Here is what Dig told my friend when I had him inquire about Genocide Association a few months ago:

Genocide Association was definitely not a real band. Your friend is one of the few who has it sussed—quite correctly—it was an amalgam of riffs from many other bands' demos, hand sampled on a tape-to-tape boombox and then shouted over with our own political lyrics, by me and Dave (Verbal Warning, local Nottingham anarcho band). It was hard work as samplers did not exist then! It was kinda a practical joke/hoax on a local friend who ran a zine, but it also served a purpose, cos it was a forerunner of exactly the kind of noise I wanted to hear—and would eventually years later release on my label.

In another e-mail, Dig explained exactly how it is that the unlikely notion of sampled, tape-loop raw hardcore managed to become something worth listening to:

Listening back I think the only reason it even worked was I had such a shitty, cheap, run-down tape-to-tape player. Every time I recorded anything it got unintentionally sped up and had extra hiss and shit added. It kinda made the edits blurry and meshed the sampled riffs together in a wall of hiss, which made it passable to listen to. . . [It] took forever to stitch each riff together to form each song simply using a shitty tape-to-tape deck. It was time-consuming as fuck, a real labour of love.

This is a letter/interview by Dig that has been
circulating on Soulseek. Oddly, some portions of
it have been blanked out. Thanks to Zach for the

Click to Enlarge

I’ve never seen an original copy of “Sonik Lobotomy,” but the CD-R dub I got years ago did not include a tracklist. I found one later in a fanzine, which was included in an advertisement for the demo. This ad provides the artwork on one side of the bootleg 7" sleeve. Needless to say, it is virtually impossible to follow the tracklist while listening to the madness on the demo. Still, one wishes the bootlegger, who ostensibly cares about the music, had made some effort to identify the songs on the record, or at least distinguish them from those not included. It seems to me the songs on the record are mostly from the first quarter of the demo. Unlike as reported in some distro listings for this EP, the entire demo does not appear on the vinyl. But some of the songs recur with different lyrics, which is unsurprising, as the sessions that produced the demo spanned several months.

I won’t ruin the fun of playing “name that tune” by identifying every original song on this bootleg (actually, several stumped me). But I must point out a few noteworthy songs. Unfortunately, the blank labels and useless tracklisting aren’t helping us in this endeavor. One side of the record, let’s say it’s side B (the matrices are obliterated, natch), begins with a Crude SS riff. The other side is the one to follow closely because it has the best tracks, five of which just blaze. I’m providing these for download here: Prostituted By The System, Grim Brutality, War Machine, Sonic Lobotomy, They'll Do It Again.

I believe it's worth looking at the notion of reusing already released songs. It certainly shares common characteristics with rap, a form of music that was achieving widespread recognition by 1983, as well as many avant-garde artistic practices, but I have doubts that Dig intentionally made such connections. It would be a mistake to ascribe conscious radical aesthetic intention to Genocide Assocation. Rather, they were poor punx living on the dole who could not afford to buy instruments, so they used their DIY ingenuity instead. G.A.’s use of already available music, the band's choice to deconstruct the music and reassemble it into a new piece proves wrong stereotypes about the aesthetic conservativism of hardcore. In fact, it seems to me that G.A.’s practice was deployed directly against such stereotypes. By October 1983, it was rather pervasively believed that all fast hardcore was beginning to sound the same and was increasingly unoriginal. G.A. lampooned this very notion by intentionally making generic thrash that was unoriginal and sounded the same as other bands’ songs. Over 20 years later, the “karaoke” versions are not necessarily “better” songs than the originals. Most would probably prefer to listen to Crude SS directly, but the ideas behind G.A.’s music are actually much more fresh than those behind the original tunes, which have by now been repeated endlessly (with good reason). Who would have thought that such “experimental” hardcore could actually have adhered so closely to the roots of the hardcore sound? The idea of taking something old and making it new persists across music, film, architecture, literature, and other artistic practices because it catches our attention by reminding us of the past (for better or worse) and then maintains our attention by leading us to a novel conclusion that is familiar but original. I personally am always on the lookout for punk rock that dispels familiar notions about punk history, and this G.A. bootleg fits this category quite nicely. It may sound like shit, but after all these years, it’s a fresh shit indeed.

The fact that members of the current European bootleg cartel would put the band on vinyl today shows how much times—or, rather, tastes—have changed. Just a few years ago, this bootleg would have been considered by most to be a waste of vinyl. Maybe that will be its reception today, but I do believe it shows that what listeners are seeking in old punk rock is evolving. Incidentally, Dig told my friend that he considers the G.A. demo to be in the public domain, and, anyway, the original songs used to create G.A.’s “songs” were themselves stolen. So don’t feel bad about supporting a bootlegger this time around. As if…

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Tuesday 20 April 2021

v.a.-Another Brick In The Youth + v.a.-More Bricks In The Youth - (gUrdUlU-France-2009)

 Nice compilations with your favourite punk tracks  covered by a bunch of bands interpreting these songs with a funny and genial attitude. Well worth checking...Enjoy it.

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- -     A   b r i c k   t o   b u i l d    -    a   b r i c k   t o   d e s t r o y     - - -



NIRMAR GOTHO & FERGIE DÜRK - Warsaw (Joy Division) video

GUAVAMOLE - The Man with the Dogs (Dead Kennedys)

DEAN SINATRA OCCIRIENTAL minimal ORCHESTRA - London Calling (The Clash)

BITCHB'OI! - Six Pack (Black Flag)

COSMO HELECTRA - Beautiful Gardens (The Cramps)

GUAVAMOLE - Ha Ha Ha (Flipper)

CYBERBOUFFON - Manifeste 2 (Bérurier Noir)

JOE STRUDELL - Shout (Tears for Fears)

ACIDRE - Le Hibou (Les Cafards)

DR BUGS - We All Fall Down (Egg Hunt)

NIRMAR GOTHO - Headache (Stretchheads) video

WAFFLE-IRON - Two Lips Two Lungs and One Tongue (NoMeansNo)

CasTroZ - Your Achievement (Napalm Death)

TROPHY - Long Division (Fugazi)



NIRMAR GOTHO & FERGIE DÜRK - Call me (Blondie) video

R&F - What's your Problem (Circle Jerks)

JOE STRUDELL & MICK JEAN - Know your Rights (The Clash) video

DR BUGS - Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads)

GUAVAMOLE - Creepy People (Victim's Family) video

NOMEANSMOCK - It's Catching Up (NoMeansNo)

LOTHAR & MATTHEW - Rags, Bones & Pies (NoMeansNo)

NIRMAR GOTHO - Tiny Ugly World (Alice Donut) video

Saturday 17 April 2021

DUMA YARMA-Bomb In A Crowded Restaurant-(Pesants Revolt Records-UK-1990)

 There is not much info on the net about this band, just a couple of songs on Youtube and their 2 LPs listed on Discogs yet no words at all. I have fragmented reports, they formed in 1988 and probably disbanded around 1992/93. They were from Reading and friends with Radical Dance Faction , they played often together in festivals and parties. This is their first vinyl issued with a folded A2 16 page photocopied booklet, made at Acorn Bookshop, Reading (UK).It reports the lyrics and quite a few strong political messages as comic strips and weird graphics.it is included in the download folder.

 Their music is a personal blend of post-hardcore, new wave, and some hints of old-school industrial, definitely something very original. I don`t know much about the label although I reckon it was associated with the band. To complete this post I am adding the whole album from my Youtube Channel.

3 very big Thanks to Vanessa for introducing me to such an amazing band, lending me her copy of this cool piece of vinyl to digitize for the blog, and providing this info.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 16 April 2021

Noise Reduction N1-(Fanzine-Give Praise Recs-USA-2008)

Number 1 of this punk zine made in the Give Praise Records heaquarters.In this issue some columns, interviews to Severe, Raw Savage, Insect Warfare and Hummingbird Of Death + tons of music reviews and flyers.

Enjoy it.

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Thursday 15 April 2021

MURDER CORPORATION-Disturbance-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-Double K7 c60-1995)

  "M.C was born in 1992, nearly as a joke. The name was chosen later as I felt that fitted perfectly the content of the music that I was making. I started listening to Heavy Metal, Punk, Hardcore, moving later to Dark Gothic EBM and finally Industrial music. The first Industrial record I got into was “Discipline” by T.G. . The people who influenced me the most were Merzbow and particularly Boyd Rice. Also William Bennet and Kevin Tomkins inspired me. For the first recordings I used mostly tapes, noises, short waves and distorted voices. Successively I adopted a sampler Akai s01 and a tone generator (V.C.O)." 

Recorded at Murderhouse, January 95.
Packaged in a vhs box with artwork pasted directly on.
Limited edition of 40 copies.

Reprinted by Urashima in 2016 as double vinyl, Tracks remastered from the original tapes and the record has been pressed on double 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes in a perfect replica of original artwork sleeve with 30x30 sheet on 200 gr pure white paper and insert, in an edition of 199 copies.

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Tuesday 13 April 2021

AGONIA-En Ruinas-(I've Come For Your Children/Escucha! Records/ Exabrupto Records/La Rebelión/Inquietud Records/Verborrea Records/Lo Que A Diario Nos Atormenta/ Biblioteca Social Reconstruir-Mexico-2005)


Super cooperation among many Mexican punk labels for this cd by Agonia.13 tracks of violent politcal HC punk with their own personal touch.The cd comes with a booklet reporting info and lyrics.(all the relevant scans included here)

Up the Punx. 

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Con Derecho A Qué2:05
Tu Orgullo Arrastra Por Los Suelos3:15
No Basta1:55
Sin Alas2:19
En Ruinas1:32
No Morning Cry1:58


Monday 12 April 2021

v.a.-Southamerica To The Max! -(Devil's Beat Records -Argentina-2019)

 Limited Edition 12 vinyl tribute album to the Hellacopters with 12 great South American bands covering the Swedish rockers best hits.Limited edition of only 100 copies,sold out now.No download from their Bandcamp Page, I am just posting the video from Youtube.The songs sung in spanish are super cool.

Enjoy the High Energy Rock`n`Roll.


01. Turbocoopers - (Gotta get some action) Now!
02. Corazones Muertos - Where the action is
03. Silverados - Lonely
04. Motosierra - Ghoul school
05. Cobra Sarli - Toys and flavors
06. Cyanide Summer - Sometimes I don't know
07. Los Burros - Turn the wrong key
08. Anmls - Everything's on TV
09. Custom Serie - By the grace of god
10. Huérfanos Salvajes - What are you
11. Bad Magick - Venus in force
12. Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds - No one's gonna do it for you

1. Turbocoopers (Argentina) https://turbocoopers.bandcamp.com 2. Corazones Muertos (Brazil) https://www.facebook.com/officialcora... 3. Silverados (Uruguay) https://silverados.bandcamp.com 4. Motosierra (Uruguay) https://motosierra.bandcamp.com 5. Cobra Sarli (Argentina) https://cobrasarli.bandcamp.com 6. Cyanide Summer (Brazil) https://www.facebook.com/cyanidesumme... 7. Los Burros (Argentina) https://losburros.bandcamp.com 8. Anmls (Chile) https://anmls.bandcamp.com 9. Custom Serie (Argentina) https://www.facebook.com/Custom-Serie 10. Huérfanos Salvajes (Chile) https://www.facebook.com/HuerfanosSal... 11. Bad Magick (Argentina) https://www.facebook.com/BADMAGICK666 12. Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds (Finland / Argentina) https://www.facebook.com/Eduardo-Mart...


Sunday 11 April 2021

Bene Gesserit And Usward - Secret Mind, Postal Project - (Insane Music-Belgium-c60-1989)

 Incredible cassette collaboration between the Belgian artists Bene Gesserit and the American project Usward.The cassette was sent via mail on both sides of the atlantic ocean and they added music on each side,creating a real form of collaboration using the postal service.

Insane Music was an experimental cassette label from Belgium managed by Alain Neffe

Very cool electronics experiments.Nice graphics too.

Enjoy it.

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Ripe For Climb5:30
Intelligent Life1:35
The Sea, The Sea! (Le Varech A Encore Frappé)1:35
It Is Known4:25
You Name This One0:50
Our Cave Is Not So Dark, After All!1:45
Contradiction / Resolution5:35
Quatre Heure Du Matin (Folie Douce)2:30
La Fin Justifie Les Moyens2:55
Mysterious Shadow1:40
Frog Hate Cheese2:50
Secret Mind5:00
Grimy Laughs2:50
Pin Cushions2:05
Feet Are Walking3:25
Corn Cobs1:00
Owt Sgnos (Extract)4:15
Pans Come Together1:40


Friday 9 April 2021

PUNCHLINE "Politics" N6-(Magazine USA-1988)

 Number 6 of this legendary magazine, each issue dedicated to a different subject.I have already posted the number 7.5"cop"the Number 5 "WARning" and The number 13 "Static Elect Trickery". plus N12 "Age Of Discover Up" and N14 Read Our Lips + N4 "Flags R Us"

For whoever missed the other posts about this great magazine: this was the amazing graphic work created and assembled  by John Yates and friends. I must write a BIG THANX to John, not only for giving me permission to post his excellent magazines but also to actually providing this digital copy.A webpage about his amazing graphix work is here and you can explore there his great art-works, books and related subjects. A facebook page about Punchline is here.

As usual amazing graphic-works and straight in your face messages. A great magazine from the cave of the last century,not to be missed. Enjoy it. 

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Wednesday 7 April 2021