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Thursday 31 March 2022

PSYCHICK WARRIORS OV GAIA – Obsidian (Organically Decomposed)-(KK Records-Belgium-1992)

  Formation from Holland (Tilburg), specialised in blends of deep techno, subtle trance and ambient soundscapes, mostly redefining the adjective 'tribal'.
At the end of 1992, Robbert Heynen left the group to concentrate on his solo project Exquisite Corpse. PWOG went through different line-ups and after a long silence re-emerged in the 2000's with a remix compilation and a few appeareances. They dissolved after an final performance at Incubate 2016.
Tim Freeman, Robbert Heynen and Reinier Brekelmans started a new project immediately afterwards; SUMUS.(from Discogs)
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Tuesday 29 March 2022

Ατοπία – Ατοπία - (Do It Yourself-Greece-2012)

 ATOPIA is the evolution of a legendary 90s Greek anarcho-punk band ANATELLON TROMOS, before Alexandros joined in. I wrote about Alexandros when I interviewed him about another of his ex-band Straitjacket Fit.

At the moment Alex has 2 interesting tribal/industrial projects : Grim Machine and Black Faun, both projects already covered in this blog.

Atopia plays a personal form of HC punk mixed with some prog-thrash metal, interesting is the use of the violin played by Despina,it comes out as a special sound but somehow it fits there,making this cd well worth exploring.

I have to admit that it took me a while to get the whole picture of their music,somehow it is intense.Probably understading the lyrics will make a huge difference.

A big thanks to Alexandros for this great gift sent to me via d E last summer and a big thanks to Ion of E.T.C. for writing in romanic characters the Greek titles and traslating them into english + translating the introduction for this cd by the band: 

I'm scared of the nice words
that can't stand the weight of the moments

I'm sorry for the lovers of the Truth
that deny to see its ugliness
I'm boring of the big feasts-
the addicted clients of the Arena
I want my screams 
to not be accessible to everyone 
I admire the wounded birds
that dare to feeded by their flesh
There are no able-bodied(/wellshaped) winners
There are no "magic" solutions
To get the music ,please visit Atopia Blog where you will find this album in streaming and as a free download.
Enjoy it.
Εισαγωγή - Eisagogi - Intro
Καλοκαίρι - Kalokairi - Summer
Σιχαίνομαι - Sichenomai - I'm sick of
Πυροβολήστε τον - Pirovoliste ton - Shoot him
Παιχνιδούπολη - Paichnidoupoli - Toyland
Δεν είμαι είδος - Den eimai eidos - I'm not a species
Στην αυλή των παρείσακτων - Stin avli ton parisakton - In the court of the intrusives
Μία στιγμή - Mia stigmi - One moment 
Έγκλειστος κόσμος - Egklistos kosmos - Detained World
Αντίλογος - Antilogos - Contradicting
Υπέροχη θέα - Iperochi  Thea - Marvelous View 



Sunday 27 March 2022

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM - Seven Sounds Unseen - (Raubbau-Germany-2015)


we lift the curtain on contagious orgasm and proudly present seven sounds unseen: studio recordings and live material from '97/'98 plus a unique live jam session recorded in 1997.

contagious orgasm create their surrealistic sound worlds with a mix of organic rhythms, wooden percussions blended with amphoric bells and urban samples. a mix of ancient instruments mingling with modern, industrial bits and pieces - both woven into flows of drones, layers of dark deep ambience and distortion.

the live sets are just as enchanting as their studio work: bringing together telepherique, salt, p•a•l and thirdorgan, contagious orgasm engaged into a collaboration that stands out in dynamics and color added by every artist. the second set was recorded in the belly of ms stubnitz, the steel reflecting every frequency and underlining the bizarre arrangements that we are so well familiar with and which never cease to impress.

with seven sounds unseen, contagious orgasm continue their almost 30 years of production and connect the past with the present: an absolute must have for completing your collection or the seven sounds you just waited for.

more releases of contagious orgasm:

raubbau raub-037


released October 28, 2015  -click me

Friday 25 March 2022

Segnali Di Fumo - (Fanzine-Italy-1994)

 Segnali Di Fumo is a zine dedicated to comics and graphic art. In this issue an article about the Japanese comic art, a few comic strips by various italian artists and some copy art samples. The most of it is in Italian language. Enjoy it.

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Wednesday 23 March 2022

ARMENIA - Dislessico - (Seven Sermones Ad Mortuos-Italy-2005)


Recorded at Excillium 22.II.2004
Hand numbered to 100 copies, Re-issue of the "Limitado en 10 copie" cdr on Bizzare Audio Arts, 2004.    
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Saturday 19 March 2022

Henrik Peterzons Orkester - Åt Helvete Med Hela Skiten, Åt Helvete Med Allt - (Not Enough Records-Sweden-2004)

 8 tracks of violent HC Punk in pure Swedish style. With some lyrics in English and some others in Swedish, Henrik Peterzons Orkester  shout their rage against the evil of  human kind. Raw and Straight into your face,this 7 inch will make happy all the crusties around the globe.

 Enjoy it.

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Thursday 17 March 2022

DAZ LLOYD-Bill Of Rights-(TPPL/DAZ-UK-1986) + Stand Up And Be Counted -(Media Tapes-UK-1987)

This is the first post about Daz Lloyd, an amazing artist from Scunthorpe, involved in Terminus and The Apostoles. Daz wrote and recorded also his own music, leaving to us 4 great tapes.


To make this post more informative I have asked his old mates to write some info about Daz. Unfortunately, he left this world very young. This post is dedicated to his memory and his excellent music. Big thanks to Mark for introducing me to such a great artist, to PJL for digitizing these old tapes and his nice words, and to his family for giving me permission to post his tapes here and on my Youtube channel.
Enjoy it.


Bill Of Rights   Stand Up And Be Counted

 Darren Lloyd (or - like every guy given that first name - Daz to his mates) first appeared on a stage in March 1985 as guitarist in The Demised,
a band he'd co-founded in his native Scunthorpe the previous year.  That band revised and expanded its line-up shortly afterwards, subsequently changing
 its name to Declaration, but made no serious headway before breaking up in April 1986.

Over the following couple of years Daz released three cassettes: 'Bill of Rights', 'Stand Up and Be Counted', and 'The Circle'; each was a genuine solo effort with
 all vocals, guitars and bass by the man himself (the title of an instrumental on the second tape - "Wot No Drums" - was based on a common reaction to his approach
 of those who'd heard its predecessor).  Daz also popped up at a number of local gigs during this period armed only with his guitar (and voice) in a Billy Bragg stylee, but all of this was only half of the picture.

While a stint as second guitarist with established Barton band Aki (soon after Declaration's split) didn't work out, Daz subsequently remained a member of Terminus
 for long enough to appear on the first of that band's generous handful of records.  He also joined the 'enigmatic' (and mainly studio-based) Scunthorpe outfit Murderous Musicians,
 while a friendship with London-based punk band The Apostles (initially kindled through the post) led to a series of visits to their Hackney HQ -
 and an 'exchange visit' by the band's Dave 'LAMF' Fanning to Scunthorpe to appear alongside Daz (and former Declaration drummer Pete) in a one-off outfit named
after the beloved Monty Python skit, The Piranha Brothers.

By the early '90s Daz had moved to London, maintaining his association with The Apostles by recording a fourth tape - 'Sic Syke', now complete with drums! -
 at their HQ (with Dave supplying cover art, and fellow Apostles Muzz and Andy providing percussive assistance); it seems that Daz and Dave also reassumed their Piranha alter egos on occasion.
  Over the next few years our contact was scant, limited to when our paths happened to cross during Daz's visits to his family in Scunthorpe, but his permanent return home in August 1997 seemed
 to hold much promise - for one thing, it seemed that a 'reunion' of the Murderous Musicians was being discussed before he'd even had the time to unpack his cases.

Instead, Daz's relocation to Scunthorpe was followed only a few weeks later by his tragic death; he was days short of his thirty-first birthday.  He is still,
 and will always be, remembered fondly by friends, regarded highly by those who'd shared a stage with him at any point, and much missed by all who knew him.  Rock on, Daz.

PJL [mate and bandmate] March 2022

Sunday 13 March 2022

Χειμερία Νάρκη [Hibernation] - Στη Σιωπή Της Αιώνιας Θλίψης [Into The Silence Of Eternal Sorrow] - (Power It Up/Skuld Releases-Germany-2003)

 Hardcore/Crust band formed in 1996 in Athens, Greece.
Lyrics of the band refer mainly to the current problems of the society: racism, xenophobia, social inequalities, overconsumerism, exploitation of human labour and lack of human relationships, as well as to the ecological destruction.

Original line-up:
Αλέκος Σισμανίδης - Guitar, Vocals (Χαοτικό Τέλος, Ξεχασμένη Προφητεία)
Αλέξης Λέκκας - Bass, Vocals (Νεκρική Σιγή)
• Spiros - Drums (Νεκρική Σιγή)
• Savvas - Guitar

At the end of 1997 the line-up changed:

Αλέκος Σισμανίδης - Guitar, Vocals
• Gianna - Drums (Nuclear Winter (4))
• Thanos - Bass (One Block Society)

On 8/3/199? they performed live at Porto Patrasso (Patra) along with 'Daltons' & 'Hell To Pay'.
In June 1998 they toured Europe for their first time.
In 1999 they toured Europe for second time.
In December of 2003 their first LP "Into the silence of eternal sorrow" was released and after that the band stopped playing for the next 3 years.
In September 2006 they started playing again with basic members Αλέκος Σισμανίδης, Gianna and Meletis (Straighthate).
Many live performances followed and in November 2008 Haris (Sarabante) joined the band as the second guitarist.
On 30-31/7/2010 they performed live at 'Play Fast Or Don't' Festival (Czech Republic). 

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Friday 11 March 2022

ATAKA N3 - (Fanzine-Spain-1998)

 Number 3 of this anarchopunk fanzine from Madrid! It contains a good mix of politics, music, comics and poetries. In Spanish Language, only.


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Wednesday 9 March 2022

THE STONE TAPES-Revolutions In The Head-(Attenuation Circuit-Bandcamp-Germany-2019)


All music by:
Edward-Ka Spel
Frans De Waard
Ninah Pixie
Philip Knight

Recorded at TeKaSky Studios in Nijmegen, Netherlands, late October 2018.
Ninah first prepared her collection of sipsi reed flutes, before bonding at the studio Crumar organ (also a Pixy!), with all it's stuttering (broken!) idiosyncrasies.....
Frans conjured textural movement by mixing multiple cassette players and I-Pad.....
dAS experimented with contact mics and sound boards, feeding his computer to his looper....
Edward conducted a ballet of custom voice samples and played software synths.....
Phil surfed the aether-static world of circuit bent radio, and powered up the analog synth
armoury. The recordings were mixed by Frans, and the sound mastered for CD by Edward.Cover artwork by Phil...and much thanks to Astrid, and to Sascha.



released October 28, 2019

“Revolutions In The Head” represents the almost transcendental result of “Discipline In The Studio” as members of The Big City Orchestra, Legendary Pink Dots And Frans De Waard (Modelbau, Kapotte Muziek and much more) combined to create a stream of 60 minute soundtracks for a TV station in San Francisco .
If that sounds like a recipe for chaos, then think again. The concentration involved was almost terrifying, but the satisfaction displayed when that clock hit the magical 60 minute mark seemed like a glorious release.
All the music here was recorded in The Silverman’s Attic studio .
Das And Ninah of Big City Orchestra instigated the project and flew to The Netherlands for these sessions.
The first hours involved them, The Silverman and Frans while Edward Ka-Spel joined for the last part of the penultimate session and the final hour.
Edward had literally just got off the train from London, tiptoed upstairs, unpacked his keyboard and various devices, connected the wires as soundlessly as possible and found his patch in the cauldron. The “Hellos” were delayed as only 30 minutes had passed of that particular musical voyage.
When the music was over, there seemed to be a general consensus that this meeting of minds needed to be heard by a wider audience. A big thank you to Frans for the hours he spent editing to make this release possible. click me

 attenuation circuit - label for experimental music, we accept only submissions for free download releases


The Stone Tapes is the project of Ninah Pixie and dAS from Big City Orchestra, Edward-Ka Spel from Legendary Pink Dots, Frans De Waard and Philip Knight.
A mix of interesting and accomplished personalities can be a tricky terrain but the whole album is a gem. Starts with strong synth lead in "Trapped in the Wall" - a good start - then moving on to hauntological narrative of voices and prepared sounds with a bit of radio waves in the next track.
"Groundbyte" is pretty noisy track of sound sculpture - abstract and raw.
"Late 4 Assembly" is somewhat magical arpeggio of wonder - lightweight and sounding like a trance soundbox.
These are but a few of the tracks that open up a great album where all the participants nicely jumble up different pieces of the puzzle they create collectively.
A souvenir, a gem, something that is both rare and unique enough to be remembered more than well.



This is a unique collaboration between dAS, Edward-Ka Spel, Frans De Waard, Ninah Pixie and Philip Knight calling themselves The Stone Tapes (an unlikely combo of The Big City Orchestra, Legendary Pink Dots and De Waard). I’m unsure if this is a one-off project but Revolutions In The Head sounds stunning and nu-psychedelic. It’s trips the mind with blurred voices and siphoning synths, deep breathing, transistor radio frequencies and plenty of leftfield spirit.

Tracks like Groundbyte make rings and reverberate into new modified shapes. The watery trickling like a late night shower permeates into the darkness. While some of these folks may have worked together in the past, as a unit they bring their alternate worlds into focus by finding (un)common threads. It’s sometimes switched-on, dazed but never confused, combining drone with understated industrial knob fiddling.

Snaking Down Bourbon is a drunken jam fusion, a mish-mosh of orchestral warp and aching metaphor. But wait for the sizzle of The Clock Always Stops At Zero to find its light. Between static and harmonization is the unknown, and that’s where they find themselves, in the grind, afloat. Just in time for the liquified ambient ending which is deftly haunted.




Groundbyte 04:10





Ø Zone 05:03  

Monday 7 March 2022

Mail Art Gifts- (Global Networking-Mail Art-1991)

 3 Art-works made as xerox copies by the artist Shalva Khakhanashuili from Georgia Republic, received in 1991. 



Thursday 3 March 2022

THE HUNGRIES - Demo - (Self Released-Italy-1995)

 The Hungries was a trio from Pietramelara (Caserta) playing punk rock sung in italian language.This demo offers us 8 tracks of pure punk rock,well recorded and well played.The spartan cover reports a few words and song-titles.I guess this is their only production.No many info on the net about them.

Enjoy it.

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