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Wednesday 30 July 2014

v.a.-The CRAZY SIDE OF IRRE TAPES-(c60-Irre Tapes/Ebu`s Music-Germany-1990)

 Irre Tapes was a German label run by Matthias Lang which evolved out of the IRRE Fanzine he published regularly during the early 1980's covering New Wave, Post Punk and the German Underground.
With his 3rd Tape Compilation Ein Herz In Not he started IRRE Tapes which was mainly active in the late 80s/early 90s and released material by the likes of Brume, Maeror Tri and City Of Worms and loads of lesser known and stylistic different artists (Unpleasant Surprise, Fuckedtones, The, Magic Moments At Twilight Time, Doc Wör Mirran) covering the whole range of the Independent Underground from Experimental Electronica to Guitar Pop.
In true DIY spirit he supported the international network of small labels and fanzines through editing the free IRRE Newsletter to spread infos and contacts and writing occasionally reviews for various publications. Most of his Compilations should be seen as an attempt to promote lesser known artists and labels. Without doubt he was one of the driving forces of the German Tape Scene.
He finally called the label days quits in 1994/1995 but soon re-appeared as collaborating and networking artist Mr. Moto (2).(from discogs)

It seems that this compilation was compiled and released by Carsten Olbrich on his own label Ebu`s music,still active now-days,here his webpage.
Great compilation of crazy electronics...
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Josef Boys – Doors Open And In
Cephalic Index Nomuzic – My Baby Went Splat
Terrorplan – Industrial Anarchy
Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide – 2-3-4-6
Gregorian George – Go Hug A Tree Today
Poison Dwarfs – Cut
Die Rache – Erstschlag
Ditto – Bells
City Of Worms – Volpet
Doc Wör Mirran – Rambo's Little Penis
No Unauthorized – Rambo Is Not A Communist..Oh No
Moisten Before Use – Frustration
M. Nomized – Atomique Et Cercle (Extract)

Tuesday 29 July 2014

ANTI-DELUSION MECHANISM-Songs Of Maldoror-(cd-Holipsis Recs-Holland-2003)

Anti Delusion Mechanism is Hodja Hog: Vocals and Dead Fish Fuck: Tree, Root and Synth.This is their official webpage.
This cd comes with a nice booklet with lyrics and color pictures(included here)
For the lovers of some kind of dark ambient mixed with weird vocals reminding the experiments by Diamanda Galas.This is actually an awesome cd :)

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Monday 28 July 2014

v.a.-FOOD FOR DOGS-(Pang Produzioni-Italy-1995)

Pang was a fanzine and a distribution managed by Claudio Pomo in Firenze(Northen Italy) in the mid 90s.
This compilation is mainly crust punk and grindcore,it  was a beneift for a local doghouse therefore the name of this compilation.
I am going to attach here the introduction that Claudio wrote on the little booklet coming with this tape,very good recording and nice recycled cover-sleeve,enjoy it.
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A1 Agathocles Another Need To Be Fed
A2 Agathocles Screenfreak
A3 Agathocles Bring Down Their Throne
A4 Dismachine Djurens Skyldigheter
A5 Cripple Bastards Porco Dio
A6 Cripple Bastards T.L.O.H.
A7 Cripple Bastards Radije Volim
A8 Forgardur Helvitis* Kjot Med Gati
A9 Forgardur Helvitis* Hora
A10 Crunch (10) Subito
A11 Crunch (10) Down In The Streets
A12 Sweet Noise Of Silence Ten Sweet Noise Ballads
A13 Battle Of Disarm Anti Vivisection
A14 Battle Of Disarm Dead Vivisector
A15 Endless Hate The Long Wait
A16 Endless Hate Build Your Path
B1 Capitalist Casualties Three Live Songs
B2 Scum Of Society Blood Of War
B3 Scum Of Society Everyday Nightmare
B4 Rotten Sound Subordinated
B5 Rotten Sound Corporate Fuck
B6 Rotten Sound Renewer
B7 Ottawa Their Ploy
B8 Ottawa A Million Reasons
B9 Fuck Off Cittadini
B10 Fuck Off Razza
B11 Hinfamy Who Dares Fight
B12 Hinfamy Death On The Shelves
B13 Hinfamy Disfigured Hero
B14 Hinfamy Cannibalistic World
B15 Shears Ho Scelto Di Non Scegliere
B16 Shears Wall Of Sadness
B17 Society Of Jesus Quindici Anni
B18 Society Of Jesus Society Of Jesus/MI.D.

Sunday 27 July 2014

DIE FABRIEK-DIE SCHUTZBEFOHLENEN-Criminal Collaboration-(Cat Killer-Germany-C60-1993)

Split tape on the German label Cat Killer managed by Carsten Vollmer,released in 1993 in a limited edition of 93 hand numbered copies.
De Fabriek (The Factory) hails from the Dutch City of Zwolle and original founded by Richard van Dellen and Andries D. Eker at the end of the seventies. Now the spil are Richard van Dellen, Louise Manuru van Dellen (his wife) and Simone van Dellen (his daughter). Not considering themselves a regular band (for one thing, they are a label too) they present The Factory as some sort of workmen-union, and the musicians they work with as labourers. Music is created through workman tools and machinery. Throughout years they were recording with the likes of Solenoid (2), O.R.D.U.C., Technological Aquiver, Brume, Vivenza, Klinik, and Gen Ken Montgomery.(from discogs)
Not much info about DIE SCHUTZBEFOHLENEN,sorry.
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Saturday 26 July 2014

Banco De Ideas Z-Imprenta Suarez-(Cuba-1994-Printings,Mail Art,Graphix)

A series of few small silk screen printings by the different South American mail artists involved in the Cuban project called Imprenta Suarez.
Very nice and lovely done...
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Friday 25 July 2014

v.a.-HIDEOUS MALAYSIANS-(Dung Tapes-Malaysia-1997)

This seems to be the first release of the Malaysian label Dung tapes. It features bands active in the mid-90s in that far east country, the recording is kind of ok and it has lots of info and contacts in the cover sleeve.
Bands included: Fist Of Fury, Disorder Track, Pro-Sucks, Psychosonique and Carburetor Dung, this last band has his own webpage, go here if you want to know more about their activities and releases.
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Wednesday 23 July 2014

ENTRATA APERTA-The Mirror Sheds Tears-(Anapeste label-Italy-C60-1995)

I passed this tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog back in 2010, it is not there anymore, so I re-post it here.
Entrata Aperta is just another name for the ghost collective E.A., already covered in this blog.
I am attaching the same little info passed to Vita Ignes...
"This tape was recorded in the room of Raff in Ex Cim squat in Foggia. Danilo and Raff worked on it as a project exploring the dark side of the psyche. It came out as a good example of ritual-esoteric electronix. The main instruments were keyboards and samples. It was released in 1995 by Anapeste tape label. I don`t know how many copies Anapeste printed. By the way, E.A. printed some other copies just to trade them with some tape labels. It came with an info sheet about E.A. The cover sleeve is an art- work by Raff-printed on some zines as well. For this project, E.A. means Open Entry."
I am also including a good slide-show from my YouTube channel, a song taken from this tape.
This cassette had very good reviews and I am very happy to share it again here. Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 22 July 2014

S.M.U.T.-Liquid Lunch(Media Music-New Zealand-1993)

3 songs of pure punk rock on this short tape by the New Zelanders S.M.U.T.!!Good recording and  lyrics included.
Nice cassette release for the punx.
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Monday 21 July 2014

v.a.-CELLULA PRIMA-(Mikrocellulazione,Italy-c60-1988)

Cellula Prima(First Cell) was a compilation tape released by  Mikrocellulazione, a collective of punk anarchists active in Naples(Southern Italy) at the end of the 80s.
They were aiming to squat a social centre to run d.i.y. activities such as gigs, theatre, demos. After a few years of different activities(gigs, demos, leaflets...) they squatted a big place in Soccavo(Naples) in June 1989 and they called it Tien`A` Ment, recalling the mass murder just happened in the famous Chinese square.
This compilation came out with a 20 pages booklet, it is not included here. Sorry I could not find it in my messy archive of fanzines, flyers, letters ...
Enjoy it.
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Here the tracklist
A1 Rabid Duck Incontrol Rabid Duck
A2 Rabid Duck I Make Me Own Prix
A3 Stige Rispondi
A4 Stige Lasciato Solo
A5 V.I.P. (22) Notte Di Morte
A6 V.I.P. (22) Paura
A7 Capite Damnare Inseguendo Un Sogno
A8 Heresy Consume
A9 Heresy Face Up To It
B1 Contropotere Demoni E Dei
B2 Inedia (2) Can I Be Saved?
B3 102 Truffe Truffati
B4 Infezione Non Fidarti Del Sistema
B5 Infezione Per L'Anarchia
B6 Machnovcina Rebus
B7 Machnovcina Mille Uniformi
B8 Les Tintamares Ils
B9 Les Tintamares Societè
B10 Stige Una Vita

Sunday 20 July 2014

NIGREDO-Cantione Profanae(Putrefactio-Portugal-c46-199?)+NIGREDO-Carmina Defunctorum-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1994)

Nigredo was the project of Paulo Maldoror and Lucrecia Borsh,I spoke already about them when I posted the tape Pro Defunctis by Sol Niger.
"Processed sounds of ritual esoteric feedback distortions mixed with reverberated horns,distant chants and restrained clangs of metal bring us into a dark world of distant voices calling for the awakening of the soul for a new birth."

Those 2 tapes are a great example of esoteric electronickx!!!A must for all the lovers of ritual dark ambient and magick messages.
Cantiones Profanae was released on Putrefactio in Portugal,this was the personal label of Paulo Maldoror,I kind of re-call, it was 1992 while Carmina Defunctorum came out on the Italian legendary cassette label Slaughter Productions managed by Marco Corbelli aka Atrax Morgue in 1994.
I am including here the flyer of Cantione Profanae tape and a slide show from my youtube channel .
Enjoy it.
cantione profanae
carmina defunctorum

Saturday 19 July 2014

Pervert Zine-(October 1995,fanzine-Italy)

Pervert was another zine cured by Andrea Fornaca,in this number interviews  with Those Who Survived The Plague,Peter Punk,Internal Conflict,Here Be Monster+Swedish punk report,Articles against homophobia and sexism and an interview to No Idea zine.
A good work and some nice pics as well.

Friday 18 July 2014

TWISTED SYSTEM-Mind Filled With Obsessions-(Self Released-Belgium-2003)

Twisted System was a short-lived Belgian band including ex-members of Hiatus and Unhinged.
My friend Bis sent me this little biography and some nice pics. Big thanx mate :)
For the crust punk lovers worldwide, this is a little gem, hard to find.
Enjoy it.
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"Twisted System was born in Liege(Belgium) on May/June 2001.

First line up with members of Hiatus, Unhinged and Medication Time(USA).

Manu-vocals(ex Unhinged)

Phil-guitar-backing vocals(ex Hiatus)


Willy-bass(ex Hiatus/Unhinged)

Ross-drums(ex Medication Time)

First gig in December 2001 with Tragedy.

In the summer 2002 Ross leaves the band and Matthiew (ex Hellbound from Canada)

takes his place.

Unfortunately, they published only a demo cd, totally d.i.y. -"Mind Filled with Obsessions"

in 2003 with a print-run of 300 copies.

The end of this band happened during their last tour(France, Spain, Switzerland) in December 2004."

SINISTER ATTRACTION-Private Wars-(NTS Productions-Usa-1989)

Sinister Attraction was a electro industrial project from Allentown,Usa.
One of the mind behind it was Alex Kane who was also managing the very good label General Purpose Cassettes,I passed to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog few of  their releases.
To introduce Sinister Attraction I am going to attach here the  biography and info that Alex sent me at the time.
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Thursday 17 July 2014

GAZAPOS-Musica Rebeldes-(Propaganda-Capita Swing-Spain-199?)

Gazapos is a Spanish Oi Punk band mixing punk rock and ska with political lyrics and graphics.Recording is good and  the cover sleeve  has colour pics and  a nice layout.Well played and screamed...
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Wednesday 16 July 2014

AFTERMATH A.D.-Mindless Havoc-(Self Released-USA-c20-199?)

Aftermath A.D. was an American band playing fast and furious thrash metal.
I am not sure the year of release, sometimes in the 90s I guess but...
I know it was distributed in Europe by a Greek distro called Black September Distribution.
It came out with lyrics sheet, included here.

DIAMANDA GALAS-Live at Teatro Masaccio-29th October 1988-(c60-bootleg-Italy-1988)

Bootleg on tape for this very famous artist. In fact, Diamanda Galas needs no introduction. This tape is the live recording of her show at Teatro Masaccio in Tuscany on 29 October 1988.
I guess it was recorded with a walkman cassette player yet the recording is very good.
ps.this tape is unindexed
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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Too Far n12-(Usa,90s-fanzine)

Too far was a fanzine edited and distributed by Adrienne, the singer of the band Spitboy.
In this issue lots of personal stories, some poetries and other random subjects + fanzines reviews.
I am going to attach here the first page where you can read her introduction to this number. 
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Monday 14 July 2014

DE PROFUNDIS-Mutation n6-(Cat Killer-Germany-c30-1992)

Mutation was a series of  tape-works dedicated to selected artists and released by the German label 
This is the number 6 of this series and the music is by De Profundis: a project developed by the artists Frank Kaiser and Ralph Doege, both programming machines and offering us a soundscape of noise and ambient sometimes recalling dronish and dark atmospheres with more experiments of loops and voices.
Very nice if you are used to those sounds.
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Sunday 13 July 2014

SCRAPS-Demo Tape,3 titres-(France-Self Released-1985)

Another mystery tape here, this seems to be a promo tape realized from their very first demo tape including 7 tracks while this tape offer us 3 songs only.Here their  info  page where this promo is not listed.
As part of their very early biography I am going to attach the leaflet included in this promo tape.
Furious French HC punk with political lyrics.
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Saturday 12 July 2014

TENIA CORPORATION-Don`t eat me cause I `m crazy(Italy-c60-diy-1998)+Gegen Shame-(c46-Italy-diy-1997)+0043057501(diy-Italy-c46-1998)+Think Revolt-(diy,Italy,1997,c90)[New&Unreleased]

More  Tenia Corporation tapes, I wrote already about this ghost project when I posted the tapes Ninna Nanna and Tenia Corporation

Amazing pure experimental music crossing the borders of different genres to deliver us a combination of fantasy and personal messages.
This was the project by  Andrea Ceschin(with various collaborations), producing music just for his own pleasure in the late 90s-no distribution involved.
Those tapes were never released and those in my hands are the only copies done.
In fact, those tapes were never distributed and I only managed to get them as I met Marzia not long ago.
For the lovers of certain music without borders and limits towards a creative fantasy flow that stands on his own power and
Dedicated to the memory of Andrea Ceschin.
Enjoy It.

don`t eat me ...
gegen shame
think revolt