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Monday 21 July 2014

v.a.-CELLULA PRIMA-(Mikrocellulazione,Italy-c60-1988)

Cellula Prima(First Cell) was a compilation tape released by  Mikrocellulazione, a collective of punk anarchists active in Naples(Southern Italy) at the end of the 80s.
They were aiming to squat a social centre to run d.i.y. activities such as gigs, theatre, demos. After a few years of different activities(gigs, demos, leaflets...) they squatted a big place in Soccavo(Naples) in June 1989 and they called it Tien`A` Ment, recalling the mass murder just happened in the famous Chinese square.
This compilation came out with a 20 pages booklet, it is not included here. Sorry I could not find it in my messy archive of fanzines, flyers, letters ...
Enjoy it.
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Here the tracklist
A1 Rabid Duck Incontrol Rabid Duck
A2 Rabid Duck I Make Me Own Prix
A3 Stige Rispondi
A4 Stige Lasciato Solo
A5 V.I.P. (22) Notte Di Morte
A6 V.I.P. (22) Paura
A7 Capite Damnare Inseguendo Un Sogno
A8 Heresy Consume
A9 Heresy Face Up To It
B1 Contropotere Demoni E Dei
B2 Inedia (2) Can I Be Saved?
B3 102 Truffe Truffati
B4 Infezione Non Fidarti Del Sistema
B5 Infezione Per L'Anarchia
B6 Machnovcina Rebus
B7 Machnovcina Mille Uniformi
B8 Les Tintamares Ils
B9 Les Tintamares Societè
B10 Stige Una Vita

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