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Thursday 31 December 2020

DISKAD ‎– Sthlm 2012 -( Allt E Skit Musik/ Kausu Productions-Sweden-2012)

 Limited edition of only 20 copies, this cassette by the Swedish Diskad will make happy the crust punk lovers around the world.

The cover sleeve reports a few info + a pic and the lyrics-Great sound quality.

Enjoy it.

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Tuesday 29 December 2020

Audio Drudge n2-(Fanzine-Usa-1992)

 Fantastic American fanzine covering the industrial scene of  the early 90s. In this issue Hybryds, Chop Shop, Grae-Com, Trance + tons of music reviews.

A great example of indipendent underground press.

Enjoy it.

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Sunday 27 December 2020

v.a.-UK Thrash Assault-( C.M.F.T. Productions-UK-1989)

 Legendary compilation lp with British bands playing old school thrash metal,it was released by C.M.F.T. Productions  in 1989. 

Thrash `till you drop.

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A1 Hydra Vein Rather Death Than False Of Faith
A2 Snyper (2) Sacred Blade
A3 Wardance* Officially Pronounced Dead
A4 Llamedos Riil Snow White And The Seven Mad Axemen
A5 Pendemia Malignant Decay
B1 Wardance* Against The Grain
B2 Pendemia The Drowning
B3 Llamedos Riil Tales From Toyland
B4 Hydra Vein Crucifier
B5Snyper (2) Deathrite At Sunset


Friday 25 December 2020

Tomoroh Hidari-The Black Star Variations-(Laridae-Austria-2011)

 In 2012, Tomoroh Hidari will release his light absorbing ambient monster "Some Stars Not Yet Black Holes" as double 12" on Record Label Records.

Due to the extreme mass of this project, laridae was able to utilize the caused divergency in space-time, to release the spin-off album "The Black Star Variations" even BEFORE its own source release.

So, we invite you to swap the Star of Betlehem with Hidari's Black Stars of dark ambient and wish you all a merry saturnalia!

"Tomoroh Hidari encapsulates its rugged outer shell composed of tethered wiring, low bass rumbling and an industrial pulse as it enriches the core with atmospheric and rhythm bending skills. Each derivation compliments the other as glitched life forms merge to the surface just as quickly as they dissipate. Originally intended for live adaptations, “The Black Star” collects itself and breaks down into five enriched pieces that are both mechanical and inspired in shape."
- Igloo Magazine 

 released December 1, 2011

Free dl from www.laridae.at/releases.php?release=laridae065

Tomororoh Hidari Discogs 

Ivory Bunker Recordings 

Wednesday 23 December 2020

THE SKUDS-Millions Of Dead-(Self Released-USA-2006)

 6 tracks (3 on each side) on this self released 7 inch by this American combo playing violent and furious HC punk with political lyrics.

The cover sleeve reports almost no info but many pictures-classic punk graphic layout, Hand-numbered to 666 copies 333 on white (this) 333 on black.I left it in wave format.

Enjoy it.

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Monday 21 December 2020

KRATZER ‎– Irrtum!-(Irre Tapes-Germany-c20-1982)


Kratzer was a short lived early 1980s synth pop / new wave project by Peter Lieske, Uwe Lieske and Klaus Pöschner.

 Irre Tapes is been covered in tusi blog many times now.run by Matthias Lang which evolved out of the IRRE Fanzine he published regularly during the early 1980s covering New Wave, Post Punk and the German Underground.
With his 3rd Tape Compilation Ein Herz In Not he started IRRE Tapes which was mainly active in the late 80s/early 90s and released material by the likes of Brume, Maeror Tri and City Of Worms and loads of lesser-known and stylistic different artists (Unpleasant Surprise, The Fuckedtones, Magic Moments At Twilight Time, Doc Wör Mirran) covering the whole range of the Independent Underground from Experimental Electronica to Guitar Pop.
In true DIY spirit, he supported the international network of small labels and fanzines through editing the free IRRE Newsletter to spread info and contacts and writing occasional reviews for various publications. Most of his Compilations should be seen as an attempt to promote lesser-known artists and labels. Without a doubt, he was one of the driving forces of the German Tape Scene.
He finally called the label days quits in 1994/1995 but soon re-appeared as collaborating and networking artist Mr. Moto (2).(from Discogs)click me

Saturday 19 December 2020

ANTIMASTER-Antimaster-(Self Released-Mexico-2006)

 Promo cd with three tracks by this Crust punk  Mexican band active during the last decade.Recorded at Oleo Rockers Studio during April-May 2006 by Fofo Von Going. 3 songs demo sampler taken from their upcoming split LP with Disnight Bastards. 

Enjoy it.

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Thursday 17 December 2020

Get A Grip-(Fanzine-New Zealand-2010)

A very personal fanzine by Sarah Tea-Rex, 44 A5 pages full of emotions, feelings and thoughts about stress, anxiety, traumas, abuse, mental institutions and related subjects.

Written mostly in New Zealand(but also in other places around the world) her words go deep into the soul researching the ultimate truth!I have found this zine very touching and inspiring.

A great example of indipendent underground press!

Enjoy it.

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Tuesday 15 December 2020

FUNEREAL MOON-Grim...Evil...(Difuntes Productions-Mexico-1997)


Funereal Moon was formed in 1994 from the ashes of Leteo, a solo project of Impure Ehiyeh. Following a demo, their first album 'Beneath The Cursed Light Of A Spectral Moon' was released in 1996, followed by two vinyl EPs in 1997 and a cassette MLP. Funereal Moon's unusual style, the fact that they were an ambient group first and a black metal band second, made them stand out from the black metal underground. Their music of the years 1994 to 1998 can be described as archaic and occult black ambient: murky, distorted synth tones, sparse samples and field recordings, and an array of grumbling, screaming, or speaking voices, with only few and not less unconventional black metal tracks in between. From 1998 to 2007 the band remained silent and only commemorative/best of compilations were released during those years. Funereal Moon returned in 2008 with 'Satan's Beauty Obscenity'. Their style of black metal, although less ambient-ish now, was strange and unusual as ever. In 2009 however, Impure Ehiyeh decided to reinvent Funereal Moon as a much faster and cruder black metal band. This radical change of style towards a primitive, chaotic and violent bestial black metal is documented on their last 4 albums. (all info from Discogs) click me

Sunday 13 December 2020

UNSONG ‎– The Frailty Of Angels, The Treason Of People -(Macrophonies Org-UK-2002)

One of the quietist starts to an album to come through my front door in quite a while. however, this first piece builds into a chaotic assemblage of disembodied voices and simple but effective electronic pulses, added to this is the sound that could be a heavily treated marimba but probably isn't. the title track on this disc is a beautiful piece of atonal electronics whose morphology has been executed exquisitely. the spatiality has to be admired, i'm listening to this on speakers but i think it would be an excellent listen through headphones. this track alone is over 20 minutes long and it never tires or seems drawn out, every minute has been utilised to the full... there's six tracks in total on this disc and none are 'fillers', each and every one of them stands out on their own merit. a very well accomplished album (particularly for a debut) and highly recommended." (from Cheeses International)click me


1 She Became A Cobweb In My Hands 4:13
2 Perfidy 6:23
3 The Frailty Of Angels / The Treason Of People 22:52
4 Zero Rapture 8:59
5 The Germ Is Divided 10:49
6 Phenakism 6:04             

Friday 11 December 2020

ALIEN PLANETSCAPES-Children Of Slaves-(Sound Of Pig-USA-c90-1986)

 American space-rock band founded in 1982. The group started off doing mainly solo and duo synthesizer improvisations with Doug Walker, Carl Howard, and others before expanding into a almost big band format and creating a mix of jazz and space rock music. The group released 106 tapes and release 107 was their only official CD release, Life on Earth. Quite a few compilations of live and other studio material appeared after Live on Earth, all on CD-R. The group ended when founder Doug Walker passed away on April 4th of 2006. Rich Orlando has continued to release archive material by the group. 

Sound of Pig U.S. Industrial/Experimental/Electronic/Noise tape label run by Al Margolis in New York. Now defunct. SOP Cassette Mail Order Catalogue featured hundreds of titles.
From the early 1980's through the 90's, Al Margolis earned the title "Cassette Godfather" with his Sound of Pig cassette label by releasing tapes and distributing them through a growing DIY music underground. 

all info from Discogs click me


Wednesday 9 December 2020

More Noise n6-(Fanzine-UK-2011)


Number 6 of this punk zine made in London,I have posted already the number 9 and the number 7.

In this issue a report about Mexico City, an interview to Krig I Kudik, some letters ,a few columns and loads of music reviews-Beware of the small prints.

Enjoy it.

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Monday 7 December 2020

ABSOLUCION-Human Bonsai-(Dogma Destroyer/Exabruto Records-Mexico-2003)

 Absolucion is a trio from Mexico playing a very raw form of crust punk mixed with grindcore. Violent and fast music with political lyrics, it came out as a co-production with 2 Mexican labels:Dogma Destroyer from St. Louis Potosi and Exabruto Records   from Monterrey.

The CD Comes packaged in a 7" sized fold out sleeve which includes cover on disc, numbered out of #1000,lyrics and graphics and a part of the money raised with it was going to the Biblioteca Social Recostuir,which I image to be a libertarian library.

Enjoy it.

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Saturday 5 December 2020

CREPUSCULE ‎– Closing Wounds -(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1996)



Crepuscole is the American artist En Lewellyn,also active under the name Carrion.This great tape comes sealed in clear plastic sleeve, also includes special colour photo sleeve + over sized 9 page brown booklet 8.25" X 6" with high quality textured paper, from the Slaughter Productions label, Italy. This is a limited edition of 100. Enclosed booklet is about Embalming Procedures and Funeral Rites written by the artist. Cassette comes with the official Slaughter Productions gold seal. Also included on this release, as tracks B4 to B6, is the CARRION, The Caregiver Single.released by the legendary Slaughter Productions: label managed by Marco Corbelli aka Atrax Morgue, releasing mostly his own music and few other associated noise artists. 

Enjoy it.
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A1 Crepuscule Early Findings 1:16
A2 Crepuscule Beginagain (Cribriform Reading) 5:39
A3 Crepuscule Muerie Maquinas (Contempt) 22:32
B1 Crepuscule Mythology Of The Stars 2:47
B2 Crepuscule Wishbone Sacrifice 3:53
B3 Crepuscule Spooky Tooth 13:28

The Caregiver Single
B4 Carrion (2) Can't Stop (Won't Stop) 4:31
B5 Carrion (2) I Will Live Forever 2:09
B6Carrion (2) The Caregiver (Careless Mix) 3       

Thursday 3 December 2020

v.a.-Ear Smear-(Ear Smear Tapes-Belgium-1995)

60 minutes long compilation with many underground bands playing HC Punk,Grindcore,Raw Punk and Noise punk. The recordings are not always all great but they suit well the idea behind this tape.It came out with a small booklet with info about the bands,it is included here.

Enjoy it.

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A1Praperation-H* On Your Mark...
A2 Praperation-H* Hood In Head
A3 Praperation-H* Suburban Life
A4 Unhinged Out
A5 Unhinged Reality
A6 Masher (2) Scrotum Words
A7 Masher (2) Impunity
A8 Masher (2) Total Misery
A9 Masher (2) Social Pigs
A10 Dahmer Albert Hamilton Fish
A11 Dahmer Just Another Dis-Clone Song
A12 Dahmer Dennis Andrew Nilsen
A13 Hartsoeker Admit Your Error !
A14 Hartsoeker Trapped In Hate
A15 Karma (25) Killing Time For Divided Minds
A16 Karma (25) The Children's War
A17 Agathocles Enough
A18 Agathocles Throwing Away Crap
A19 Agathocles Zero-Ego
A20 Healthy Incident Sharp-Positive Idea
A21 Healthy Incident We Fuck It...
A22 Healthy Incident The Whole Me
A23 Healthy Incident Live In A Constant Lie
A24 Healthy Incident Mother Fucker
B1 In-Quest Xylad Valox
B2 Rot Rejecting The Media
B3 Rot Subversive Not Alternative
B4 Rot Where's My Happiness ?
B5 Cornucopia (5) Hardcoresloor
B6 Cornucopia (5) Kurt Heeft Koppijn
B7 Cornucopia (5) Killer Virus
B8 Entrails Massacre Progress
B9 Entrails Massacre Mistake
B10 Entrails Massacre It's My View
B11 Demolish Poser Disorder
B12 Demolish Death Metal Sucks
B13 Demolish Sell Out
B14 Demolish Ronald McDonald's Pt2
B15 Suppository Betsy
B16 Suppository Hugging The Grizzly
B17 Cohagen (2) Just A Freak
B18 Spasshaas Medly Voor Misdadige Misdienaars
B19 Spasshaas Spasthaas
B20 Sonic Disorder Trauma


Tuesday 1 December 2020

The Rorschach Garden- Love and Respect-(Self Released-Bandcamp-Germany-1998/1999)


back in the last century. After neglecting TRG some years before i slowly started to reactivate this project because i fell in love with my wife which was almost exactly 19 years ago. She was the only one who received this album from me. Now is the time to make it public.
It maybe not the music what you expect but give it a chance. Thank you!


released December 18, 2017

Dedicated to Babsi Teichner ---
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01 Creation 06:06


03 Messenger 06:43



06 Decay 04:49

07 Nightlife 04:54



10 Creep 04:18