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Tuesday 30 June 2015

SOLANACEAE TAU-A Chemical In Debris-(Nihilistik Noise-Germany-c60-1989)

Solanaceae Tau were an anti-fascist band from Germany active throughout the middle 80s until the middle 90s. 
They released lots of good tapes both d.i.y. and on different tape labels. Their music is a good mix of cold/dark wave and experimental-electronics made with samples, keyboards, female vocals, drum machine, and sometimes guitar. Some of their productions come with full lyrics inserts while some others come with less info(I did scan + add  the cover sleeve + lyrics in this folder). I am not sure if they re-formed back in 2000 when they released a cdr. In 2007 they released a new cdr called "Novus Ordum Seclorum” 
This tape is a classic of their amazing discography. 
Enjoy it.
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Monday 29 June 2015

PARKINSON SQUARE/SALE DEFAITE-Split Promo(Self Released-France-c20-199?)

Very nice small promo tape by Parkinson Square and  Sale Defaite,both french and  playing a fast HC punk with a their own personal style.
Sale Defaite sung in french  and  remind me some stuff of early crossover with rock and rap yet very punk///Parkinson Square  go fast and punk singing in english.
A very short tape with good recording and no info but it was only a promo released in the beginning of the 90s.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 28 June 2015

XABEC-Klange [M]einer Zeit-(Verkocht Communication-Germany-1998)

Manuel G. Richter was born 1974 in Mühlheim, Germany as the son of the musicians Helga and Gerd Richter. He grew up near Hannover, outside the city in a beautyful landscape with animals and nature around. In the age of ten he began to study the drum set, continued learning for eight years and played in different pop and rock projects and for a long time in a classical drum ensemble. In the age of fourteen he started to explore the world of electronic sounds with a Yamaha DX 11 synthesizer, an effect processor (Hohner RDM 1000), a drum computer (RX-17), a four track recorder of his father, one microphone and later an Atari 520 ST. Over the years he bought his own equipment and it got more and more. Parallel to his drumming, he integrated his electronic music into the sound of his band ONE STEP DIVINE. It was a very intensive style of guitar based music. Influences were the bands Neurosis, God Machine and Kong. "OSD" were active from 1990 to 1998. The cd "Eyecolated" (1996) is still available. In the last years of existance, "OSD" needed no words between the three musicians. Music was the only language - that was enough. Around 1997 a new and different style took part in Manuels musical and personal life. He sold lots of equipment, to force himself to create a more personal, deeper and more "handmade" style of electronic music, different from the stuff he has done before. The beginning of XABEC. More and more the new style lost the usual songstructures and sounds of popmusic like bass, drum and melody sounds.

The first Tape "Klänge [M]einer Zeit" (´98, lim. 100), released by his own small label and mailorder [VerkochtComm] and got very positive reactions in the european underground scene. XABEC is pure sound experience. Over the years the collage developed as the most used way to compose songs. Most tracks, timbres and even rhythms are collaged un-synchronised, one over another to keep the self-dynamic of the sounds and the music. The aim is not to have the maximum control over every parameter, the aim is to get a dynamic, living musical structure. The selection of sounds has never only been some kind of concept, if a sound is good, it´s taken. One of the most used instruments for live and studio is the Doepfer analog-modular-synthesizer A-100, ´cause it´s very flexible and gives a "real" feel while turning all the knobs and buttons and working with dozens of cables. And it grows together with the musician. In 2001 Manuel finished an education in music therapy. A new way of exploring sounds and music in another, a different context. Another chapter in his sound-life. He´s working with children, handicapped people and giving Workshops in improvising and creative communication with music.
{from discogs}

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Friday 26 June 2015

SMERSH-El Blasto-(Atlas King-Usa-1992)

Beat studio guru Mike Mangino (Pink Noise, Pop-Tarts) and Chris Shepard (Pop-Tarts) formed Smersh as an experimental big-beat techno/industrial project and began releasing cassettes in 1981. Smersh recorded improvised cuts every Monday night, released countless cassettes on their own label, Atlas King, and were featured on more compilations than you can track down. They never played live, never played the same track more than once.(from discogs)
Here a very intersting interview with Mike Mangino conducted by Dmitry Vasilyev in August 2000. 
This is their official webpage where you will find lots of info,discography and artworks.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 25 June 2015

FULL SLAP-Vittima-(Cd-Self Released-Italy-2007)

A great cd by this amazing band from Foggia (Southern Italy)!
They were active in the 90s in their hometown`s squats,I talked about them when I posted the AntiRepression Tape split with Brandelli D`Odio.
In this very good cd recorded in a professional studio,Full Slap show us their great ability as  musicians.They mix hc punk,reggae,funky and a bit of jazz with a very personal touch and the lyrics are  very good too.
It was recorded in Bologna in 1995,They splitted up in 1997 and came out in 2007 as a total diy production released by Renzo alone.
Their music reminds me some stuff of the early Red Hot Chili Peppers and Infectious Grooves,also Full Slap is one of the very first band of Renzo Ruggiero who will,later,play with  Follorum Enslamble and Arkitesi.
This is a very good cd for people into creative crossover of various music styles.Enjoy it.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

AMANO-Revista De Accion Estetica n5-(Magazine-Spain-1997)

Amano was a magazine printed and distributed by Industrias Mikerpo in Madrid(Spain) during the 90s.
There are lots of internet pages about this "anti art network" and they have their own blog,go here to read their archive 1994-1999,their blog is very well done and give  us  lots of infos about their activities and ideas yet about this zine there is only the cover sleeve.This is the number 5 of Amano,one of their publication and it has very interesting articles and contacts + includes Sign Zine,which was a visual art  zine dedicated to a different  artist on each number,on this one you`ll find art-works by Ego Abulico+reviews of fanzines,the art strike,Luther Blisset,Luis Navarro,Stewart Home,Vittore Baroni.
I am afraid all the webpages about it are in Spanish language and this zine too.
I posted the number 4 of this nice magazine,here that post.Enjoy it.

v.a.-TELLURICA-(Self Released-Italy-c60-1988)

4 way split tape presenting 4 bands from Naples,all into thrash metal altought every band showing his own personality and  strenght:Fuck Order,Desaster,Original Gravity and Ranagi assault us with their full on energy of speed/crossover and  pure tharsh metal.
This is a fantastic cassette documenting the very lively neapolitan thrash metal scene of the late 80s.
The recording is quite good especially thinking that this was all diy.No idea how many copies were printed at the time,it was distributed via mail or during the metal gigs in this area.
This is the same rip that I passed to Radiomoltov blog few years ago,I re-post it here as that link isn`t working anymore.
"Thrash `till death!".
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Friday 19 June 2015

INANNA-Project Inanna,Dead Inanna-(Cat Killer-Germany-c90-1993)

Inanna is the Solo project of Mikael Stavöstrand after the split in Archon Satani.Here some pages about him Facebook, SoundCloud, MySpace, residentadvisor.ne.
This long tape is crafted with esoteric  singing voices mixed with dark textures and electronic tense atmospheres ,you might want to call it dark ambient yet there is more  to explore in this tape, in fact old sounds of classical music twisted in weird shapes appear at the surface of a deranged white noise,feedback,solid dissoances and more cryptic passages that at the time collapse in fragments.
The label is the amazing Cat Killer run by Carsten Vollmer,
a label covered in this blog many times now,please use the search box if you are curious to know about the other posts on this label.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

DEATH IN JUNE-The White Hands Of Death-(Catfood Press-Italy-1985)

I guess Death In June needs no introduction on this blog.
This cassette is a recording of a live performance in Venice on April 5, 1985.Recorded from the mixer, the cassette was done with the permission of Death In June, but does not show up in the list of official releases.The first original pressing, with which a badge and an A6 booklet were included; many copies were stolen and later bootleged.
Catfood  Press was a label  managed by MArco Pandin who is now running Stella Nera,Autonomous anarchistic label. The various releases edited and produced are not distributed in regular record shops: they are available only via mail order, and all proceeds go to a/rivista anarchica, an anarco-pacifist monthly magazine published regularily since the early seventies. Marco Pandin is a contributing editor since 1984. 
This is Stella Nera webpage.
Enjoy it!
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Tuesday 16 June 2015

COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN-Crazy Subjugated Astronauts-(Joukkomurha Products-Finland-c90-1993-)

Cosmonauts Hail Satan plays a weird hyperdistort slow punk on a base of hypnotic minimal rhythms,cut ups,loops and field recordings creating a perfect soundtrack for your best nightmares.
As far as I know Pig Havok was playing with them,he was also involved in Lizgizzad,Pleasant Valley Children and Bugeyed.
I passed this tape to Radiomoltov blog  5 years ago,that link is dead now so I re-post it here,yet it `s not the same rip,I realized that one was not done properly so I re-edited it.
I already posted one tape by this great band,go here to check that post. 
No need to write about Joukkomurha Products,in fact I posted lots of stuff by this Finnish label.
Enjoy it.

Sunday 14 June 2015

v.a.-Therapie Compilation 1-(Therapie Organisatie-Belgium-c60-1985)

Amazing compilation of old school industrial and electronic deviated sounds by a bunch of cutting edge artists  active in the mid 80s.
Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies with a transparent inlay.
It was released by Therapie Organisatie,a small label managed by Peter Desmet.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Experiment Incest Incest III
A2 Death Pact International Humans?
A3 No Unauthorized Gruesome Dance
A4 Thomas Svorecky A Breeze
A5 Arvid Tuba Tonsure Heads
A6 Hags Buy Me
A7 A Violated Body Sad
B1 Zombies Under Stress Inastranieje Raji
B2 Vidna Obmana Beyond The Grave
B3 Kapotte Muziek Blood Of The Holy Spirit (Kapot Produkt 00A)
B4 THU20 08 G2
B5 Zweiter Korps Signed Death (Live)
B6 Kanker Kommando Fas Familia

COMITATO ESECUTIVO-Subpunx-(Squarciagola Records-Italy-1987)

Comitato Esecutivo was an anarco-punk band  from Ancona (Central Italy)!They were active in the late 80s and in this tape they talk about the very first musical strike and the need of a squatted social center  against the corrupted politicians.
This is when being punk was actually a way of living and a way of acting against prejudice,racism and violence.
This tape was recorded live at Forte Altavilla on 26/06/1987.
The recording is pretty good and it has the lyrics listed in the cover sleeve.
Up The Punx.

Saturday 13 June 2015

Mother 3 1/2 Zine-(Fanzine-Strongly Opposed-Switzerland-199?)

Another fanzine  by Pablo of  Resistance Productions a label covered in this blog lots of times now.
Strongly Opposed Records was a Swiss punk label that released vinyl only from 1998 until 2005. At the very beginning there was also a second person involved, but that was only for the 4 first releases-hence the UK address on those releases.
Before Strongly Opposed there was Sick Records (3) (1984-87) and then Resistance Productions (1988-1997) and after that there was/is(?) Strawberry Punx Records (actually on hiatus after 4 co-releases).
Apparently the label celebrates a "reunion" with new releases in 2013 and 2014.But #020 is the final final release.Trades are welcome,but only vinyl!

About this fanzine,I am going to attach here the introduction that Pablo wrote at the time,this is a very good research tool of the underground punk movement of the late 90s.
Ps - Health Hazards:Very small prints included.
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Friday 12 June 2015

AIN SOPH-Ars Regia-(Nekrophile Records-Austria-c60-1986-)

I expect the followers of this blog shall know already about Ain Soph as well as Nekrophile recs. This tape came out on this amazing label in 1986; at the time Ain Soph were certanily one of the first bands/artists experimenting with magick & electronics---esoteric messages through electronic music. 
You`ll find here 6 tracks of pure grotesque dark ambient mixing ritualistic sounds, hypno-elements of dreams and nightmares and complex layered structures that are created to deliver magikal elements and ritualistic practice. Definitely one tape that made history in this scene.
In 1992 Nekrophile Records re-printed it on cd and then it was reprinted again by the French label Athanor back in the 2003 as a deluxe cd which came with a 40 page booklet.
There is an aural pleasure in this tape as well as an obscure sense of dogmatic horror.
You`ll choose what side to explore...

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Track listing:
A1 V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
A2 Credo (G. Kremmerz)
A3 Lapis Niger
A4 Honorii Ponteficis Evocatio
B1 Gradalis
B2 Apathanathismos

Wednesday 10 June 2015


3 way split cd with Napalmed from Czech Republic,I already wrote about this project here.
Recalcitrant is Maarten Kleywegt.
A good collaboration on cd by those noise-industrial  heroes.
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Tuesday 9 June 2015

KRZYCZ -Trauma -(Nikt Nic Nie Wie-Poland-1998)

"The band from Polish seaside with monumental, intense wall of sound with screaming vocals, but still leaving space for some transy bits, some calm trumpet parts, some "hit" riffs. They are usually compared to Neurosis and Ambush, but they do their own thing in this area of noise core." from  Last.fm.
 "Nikt Nic Nie Wie (meaning Nobody Knows Nothing in Polish) is the first Polish independent record label.[1][2] The label started in 1989 with the motto "podkładamy nogi tym, którzy nie chcą o nas słyszeć". ("We are sticking our legs out for those who do not want to hear about us to trip over.") Activities include distribution, organizing concerts, promotion of culture and independent music. Some of their releases include: Włochaty,[3] Oi Polloi,[4] Odszukać listopad,[5] Už Jsme Doma,[6] Apatia,[7] Chumbawumba, Crass. The first record issued by the label was Na Własne Podobieństwo by punk rock band Inkwizycja, making it the very first independent record release in Poland."From Wikipedia.
This is their actual webpage!
This album ,with a very good recording and a colour cover listing all the lyrics in Polish with English translations, is a great album for all the lovers of doom metal punk with powerful screamed vocals and dark atmospheres.
Enjoy It
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Monday 8 June 2015

EIACULAZIONE AMUSICALE-Your Voice Remixing Project-(Self Released-Italy-c46-1990)

Another tape-work by The Ghost Collective E.A.-a project already covered in this blog few times,here and here and here+here and I am probably missing other few links.
I passed this tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog back in 2010,so I  gonna re-post here the same info + I am adding a song taken from this tape from my Youtube channel.
Enjoy it.
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 "note: It was never stated that Contaminated Productions released this tape, but in fact this label exchanged it with other active tape labels at the time.
This was actually the documentation for a mail art project launched by E.A. in 1989, and finished in 1990. The idea was to collect different vocals (whatever a mail artist wanted to express with his voice: singing, shouting, talking , wheezing…) and then to create with those vocals a tape with additional sounds. Different mail artists took part in this project, and once the tape was finished they received it as a mail art documentation. 

In fact this tape has never been for sale, but only used to make exchanges. The art on the cover was made with wall paper covering the front plastic case  with a little "window" on the front. On the back there was a glued photocopy with additional info. There was also a cover sleeve including the contacts of the mail artists involved and the song-titles.(all pics included in this folder).
This is pure sound-collage with lots of vocals. 
For this project E.A. means (non-musical ejaculation) " Track listing:
01. Your Voice by Mail (part I)
02. Break
03. Your Voice by Mail (part II)
04. Voices in Envelopes
05. Voices in Love From...
06. Angry Voices, Happy Voices
07. Noise Without Voices


Sunday 7 June 2015

NO REST-Todos Os Disfarces-(cd-Ato Necessario-Brasil-2006)

Hailing from Porto Alegre (Northern Brasil) this band assault us with a "killer cd" of 13 tracks!
A very good recording + nice graphix and lyrics  listed in double languages(Portuguese and English) make this cd a very good production.
No Rest plays fast and clean mixing a very raging old school HC Punk with some d-beat influences,a bit of crust punk and lots of  stormy energy. 
The girl singing  has a powerful voice screaming very interesting political and personal lyrics backed up by a turbulent drum section and very fast guitar riffs.
Everything get better and better as this cd keeps spinning around and I can only suggest all the HC Punk lovers worldwide to get to know this amazing band.
Good enough I just found a great video:one of their gig in St Peterbourgh in 2004, they are just explosive on stage.
This is just great.
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Saturday 6 June 2015

Spazio Libero-(Fanzine-Italy-199?)

Spazio Libero means Free Space.It is a short fanzine of incredible collage art-works and poetries.The mastermind behind it is Carlo Rosselli, an excellent multi-instrumentalist and  actor involved as guitarist in those bands:Dissciorda and Ortopedic Quartet.
Recycling and assembling old comic graphix by famous and less famous artists adding few random drawings Carlo creates here  exquisite frames for his poetries.Unfortunately only in Italian language.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 5 June 2015

MACRONYMPHA-Relentless Agony-(Art Konkret-Germany-c60-1994)

"More like a mirror we reflect society, some things you might not ordinarily look at. A dark and perversely twisted photo-journalism. Freaks and other like-minded individuals aren't the only people who can look past "-isms" and "-ologies" to find a relevant voice. NOISE is as old as millions of years of volcanic eruption and mountain erosion. The modern industry of metal and machines added more to this mix. All we do is use everything at our disposal to record the true power that had been filling the airwaves since the beginning of time." -- Joseph Roemer(from discogs)
I already posted "Naked denunciation of infrasonic exchange" and a 4 ways split tape where you can further listen this  chaotic and noisy project formed by Joseph Roemer, Liz Fox, Rodger Stella, Tim Oliveira.
Art Konkret is a German industrial & noise label run by Markus Kropfreiter of Drape Excrement and other projects.Their official webpage is here.
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Headache Remedy 4:40
Rockslide (Pt.1) 7:40
Rockslide (Pt.2) 6:59
The Hatred Of Death 8:36
Methane Gas Trigger 5:25
Coal-Mine Structure Collapse 8:42
Hurricane Warning 7:34
Tainted Women 6:10

Wednesday 3 June 2015

NIGREDO/ABRA HAD ABRA-Split Tape-(Contaminated Productions-Italy-c60-1993)

This split tape was released by three different labels : the Italian  Contaminated Prods and Teatrum Chemicum and the Portuguese Putrefactio.
I spoke already about this  ritual industrial/ambient band with medieval overtones from Portugal called Nigredo when I posted the tapes Cantione Porfanae and CArmina Defunctorum.
Abra Had Abra is an Italian project focused on occultism and paganism, the masterminds behind it are Devis Granziera  and  Stefano Barban.
Contaminated Productions made 31 copies of this tape as requested by the artists-only exchanged them with other tape-productions,it came out in a special  package made of  hand made cover of silver-coated cardboard, includes some kind of fiber/hair, piece of x-ray film and insert with tracklists and infos.Inscription on insert: "This tape is not for sale".
This is the same rip that I passed to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog few years ago.
This will make happy all the fans of esoteric electronix,dark ambient and pagan ritual muzik.


A1 Nigredo Argentum Astruum
A2 Nigredo Sol Niger
A3 Nigredo Obscurari Sidera
A4 Nigredo Sothis
A5 Nigredo Sol Niger Omnipotens
A6 Nigredo Lux Niger
B1 Abra Had Abra Pan
B2 Abra Had Abra Congressus Cum Daemone
B3 Abra Had Abra Aqualunus

Tuesday 2 June 2015

NO OPPRESSION-If This Is Civilization...I Don`t Want To Be Part Of It-(Self Released-Portugal-1994)

2 singers-female and male-in this portuguese band,they alternate their angry voices in those 9 violent HC Punk tunes in which they sing about politics,drugs,religion and  personal life.
This is their first demo,recorded in January 1994,they recorded a 7inch one year later.
A good demo for  the  @punks.
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A1 I.R.A. (It's Raining Again)
A2 Don't Lie
A3 H.E.M.P. (Help End Marijuana Prohibition)
A4 Shithead
A5 System System
B1 Boring
B2 One Day (It Can Happen To You)
B3 Fear
B4 So Obvious

Monday 1 June 2015

1000+1TiLt-Urban Folk Songs-(cdr-1000+1 TiLt Recordings-Greece-2005)

Another great compilation released on the amazing Greek label 1000+1 TiLt,I posted already quite few  productions by this label:Let`s use the "search this blog" section to check them out.
On this cd you`ll find a good dose of  electronic/ambient/dronish/noisy projects offering us a nice selection of spazzed out jams and deranged tunes.
Enjoy it.
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