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Tuesday 2 June 2015

NO OPPRESSION-If This Is Civilization...I Don`t Want To Be Part Of It-(Self Released-Portugal-1994)

2 singers-female and male-in this portuguese band,they alternate their angry voices in those 9 violent HC Punk tunes in which they sing about politics,drugs,religion and  personal life.
This is their first demo,recorded in January 1994,they recorded a 7inch one year later.
A good demo for  the  @punks.
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A1 I.R.A. (It's Raining Again)
A2 Don't Lie
A3 H.E.M.P. (Help End Marijuana Prohibition)
A4 Shithead
A5 System System
B1 Boring
B2 One Day (It Can Happen To You)
B3 Fear
B4 So Obvious

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