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Sunday 7 June 2015

NO REST-Todos Os Disfarces-(cd-Ato Necessario-Brasil-2006)

Hailing from Porto Alegre (Northern Brasil) this band assault us with a "killer cd" of 13 tracks!
A very good recording + nice graphix and lyrics  listed in double languages(Portuguese and English) make this cd a very good production.
No Rest plays fast and clean mixing a very raging old school HC Punk with some d-beat influences,a bit of crust punk and lots of  stormy energy. 
The girl singing  has a powerful voice screaming very interesting political and personal lyrics backed up by a turbulent drum section and very fast guitar riffs.
Everything get better and better as this cd keeps spinning around and I can only suggest all the HC Punk lovers worldwide to get to know this amazing band.
Good enough I just found a great video:one of their gig in St Peterbourgh in 2004, they are just explosive on stage.
This is just great.
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