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Wednesday 30 March 2016

v.a.-THE CAR 004-(Old Europa Cafe-Italy-c60-1991)

Another old release by the amazing Old Europa Cafe, Italian label specializing in ambient, noise, industrial, and power electronics since the late 1980s and run by Rodolfo Protti
I posted already quite a few old tapes by this label, it is still active nowadays organizing gigs and releasing lots of very good artists, its actual webpage is here. 
This compilation features a bunch of nice projects active in those old days. It came out in a plastic envelope with coloured xerox copy listing the addresses of the artists and the song titles.
Enjoy It.
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A1 A. D. Eker Human Error
A2 Lieutenant Caramel Panorama
A3 The Velvet Swines Speed Racer
A4 Disumana Res Soundtrack For Car Cemetery
A5 M.Nomized La Voilure...Acid Remix
A6 Klimperei On Y Va?
B1 Monty Cantsin ?!* Le Pont
B2 Machine Maid Man Cars
B3 Curious Voltage Sex In Cars
B4 Brume Flesh And Chrome
B5 Pol Silentblock Motor Movie
B6 Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer Metallic Monstrosity
B7 Philip J. Let's Go
B8 Weird Asylum Proud Of My Car While Seeing Marmelade

Monday 28 March 2016

FOREHEAD-Demo Tape 1994-(Self Released-Switzerland-c30-1994)

Another nice release by the mighty Forehead, Swiss band already covered in this blog when I posted the Demo 1991 and their amazing Cd Regazzoni of the 95.
In this demo released in 1994, you`ll find some tracks that will be eventually released on their cd the year after.
It has a very good recording and a few info in the cover sleeve.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 27 March 2016

Garlic Press n4-(Fanzine-Usa-199?)

Very good fanzine covering experimental electronics and punk projects/bands.In this number you`ll find interviews to Blindside,5 Iron Frenzy,Rocketboy,Sanctum,Blah,Puller,Autovoice,a report about Oral Gestation Artefacts + reviews of fanzines and cds/tapes/7inches, flyers and 1 short comic story.
Nice computer graphix layout and lots of info about the bands and the labels covered in this issue.
A very useful tool to research the underground scene of the late 90s.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 25 March 2016

Виолетов Генерал ‎– Д'Емо-(Riva Sound Records-Bulgaria-1993)

"The band Violetov General (Виолетов Генерал) was a Bulgarian post-punk
band formed in 1989 by Emil Valev and was active until 1994. The band
went through new wave , dark wave and punk, influenced by swiss
avante-garde players like Jorg Lenzlinger and Pedro Kobler. They later
incorporated industrial and more experimental sounds into their music.
After their second concert the only member that remained in the band
was the bass player - Evgenii Genchev.
The band has many unofficial releases and bootlegs, but official albums are:
"Razkazi Za Sofia" (with Rivasound)"
info taken from LastFm.

A discogs page dedicated to them is here.
Big thanx to Al-Maytatu L-Habithu for providing the english translations of the songtitles and passing me info and webpages about this amazing band.
A great demo for the lovers of darkwave and goth rock. 
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 24 March 2016

TARKATAK-Lyssna-(Trummer Kassetten-Germany-c60-1995)

Another astonishing tape-work by this amazing project.I alredy posted the tapes;Eko and Slow.
Tarkatak is the ambient/drone project by Lutz Pruditsch German experimental electronic artist.also involved in those bands Kørt Hørn, Raumerkundung, Rudolf's Rache  and mastermind of the amazing  German label Trummer Kassetten,a very old label yet still alive and kicking those days.
An official page  about all Tarkatak releases is here, on the same page you`ll find more info about Trummer Kassetten too.
For people into dronish ambient noise,this is a great cassette.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 23 March 2016

NAFTA-Ascolta Cio` Che Vedi-(Self Released-Italy-1996)

9 tracks of fast HC punk sung(mostly) in italian language by this 4 guys combo called Nafta and hailing from Bergamo(Northern Italy),recorded in a proper studio recording and released as professional tape without labels with a b/w cover sleeve,this demo show us the lively energy of this band.
If you are into Italian HC punk you`ll like this one.
Up the punx.
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Tuesday 22 March 2016

v.a.-POLERIROCK I-Collection(Poks Tapes-Finland-c60-199?)

Another compilation by Jupe Luoma,who was into mail art,zines making and running the label Joukkormurha Tapes and  the sublabel JM Tapes.
Here an introduction about Joukkormurha Tapes taken from Discogs:"From the west coast of Finland - the city of Vaasa, to be more precise - rose a small but relentless and heavily networking cassette-only label originally known as Joukkomurha [Engl. Mass Murder or Massacre] Products or Tapes. The title of the label was later watered down to a more neutral-sounding (maybe even a wee bit more) JM-Tapes. The label was originally started just for fun, as a continuation to the creative stream of small press activity. The label was active producing the plethora of cassette-only albums (or alblums, as John Bartles would put it!) and compilations of folk / punk / electronic / aggressive / art music(k) and odd bits of sound all the way from Ohio to Okinawa. The label was in action between 1989 and 1998. In total, there were more than 70 releases during that time of angst, madness and creativity. The label was run by J Luoma, who was acknowledged on the "thanks" list of Reverend Bizarre's debut LP as the "witch of the west"!"
This compilation offers us a bunch of bands playing lo-fi experimental rock,punk and similar genres. 
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 20 March 2016

MAEROR TRI-Subliminal Forces-(Tonspur Tapes-Germany-c60-1990)

Another great tape by the mighty Maeror Tri:an ambient, noise and drone music band from Germany founded in the 1980s which consisted of Stefan "Baraka H" Knappe, Martin "GLIT[s]CH" Gitschel and Helge Siehl.They used only live instruments to produce music with enormous amount of effects applied. They disbanded in the late 1990s after releasing a number of limited-edition records.
They made history in this genre,here a wikipedia page about them where you can read their biography and long discography.
I already posted Venenum , Archaic States andYearning From The Secret Of nature.
Tonspur Tapes was a  German cassette label, run by Stefan Schwab, for experimental, industrial, and noise recordings.
Enjoy the dronish dreams...
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Friday 18 March 2016

L.T.S.-Long Term Survivor-(Self Released-France-199?)

"LTS, or Long Term Survivors, was a French band that played Celtic punk.
Ticho (lyrics, vocals, arrangements and guitar) and Pascal (lyrics, vocals and guitar) ,founded a punk band, Zarbiband. Later, they were joined by Zoé (flute, vocals and lyrics) and Martin (mandolin) and LTS was born, a band that blended traditional music and punk.
The label Pékor Produc released two cassettes "Celtic Core" and "Pu Wong" and a CD that was produced by Nabate "Intime Océan".
In 2003 they toured Slovenia, Switzerland and Slovenia once again. In the Fall of 2003 Martin left the band and they toured Belgium.
Almost all their recordings are available under licence Creative Commons by.nc.sa 2.5. The only recording that is not available is "Pu Wong".

All those info taken from the blog Celtic Folk Punk where you`ll find the links to download all their albums.
This tape has 7 tracks well recorded and there are very few info included,good recording but no songtitles. I guess it was a kind of self released demo.
To complete this post I am going to attach here a nice video of a live gig
recorded back in 2003.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 17 March 2016

Global Mail-Issue 12-(Mail Art-Fanzine-Usa-1995)

Another issue of the  mighty mail art bullettin Global Mail,I already posted the number 10 and the number 13.
Also in this issue you`ll find lots of  mail art,reviews of fanzines,graphiks and  more underground press details and  articles,passing from tape-compilations reviews and announcements,rubber stamps trades,penpals,poetry entries,politics,art projects,anarchist support,archives and books.
A very comprehensive guide of the underground press movements and it is  a good resource fanzine to research the mail art and similar matters of the 90s.

Wednesday 16 March 2016


This cd is  difficult to introduce.
It is a compilation created by different squatters coming from France,Italy and Switzerland.All united by the idea/message of The Bella Vita,that means organizing gigs/dinners/parties and activities(of any kind) without asking any money.
Everything free trying to avoid the "God~Money".A message difficult to explain and to realize yet very possible.
It seems very difficult to find any informations on the net about all the artists involved in this cool cd.
It came out with a very nice colour booklet with info and messages by the artists.You`ll find here all the relevant scans.
I am going to attach a kind of introduction about it.A big thanx to Babs for the english translation.
This CD is part of a series of international projects – Bella Vita in Turin, Voultigeur in Paris and Boulan in Geneva – whose aim is to eliminate money from our relations as much as possible. We’ll start with the closest relations but we don’t want it to remain a practice limited to a group of friends; on the contrary we want it to overflow, expand and involve more people. We can do it. We already did public outings like food sharing in the streets of Turin’s city centre and in Geneva, drinks and itinerant concerts in Paris, where people were invited to participate without taking their purses out.  Everyone offers what they’d like to find with no refund or volunteering duties. Participation has to be ever more subjective, spontaneous and creative. Everyone has to decide how to get what is needed, legally or illegally, it doesn’t matter. Of course this is no revolution, and goods continue to circulate and Swiss banks don’t care about chocolate. This is passion that hits at the core, it’s the elimination of customers who consume, pay and at the very best go away without pissing it off; it’s the elimination of Club Med’s organizers and Fantozzi-like accountants; it’s a possibility to participate fully as protagonists. Above all it’s a more liveable way to be together. It’s not Christian charity because there’s no God’s apostle who gives while all sorts of louses take the impossible. It’s not leftist welfare for the proletarian class without income claiming the right to partying. There are no rights or duties. If there’s no money this can be sorted out in another way, just look around and take things where there are plenty of them. Not only on Saturday night’s parties, each and every day is better.
This CD is a gift. It’s not for purchase in shops nor is it for sale in underground milieus. It’s a proposal that wants to create a thousand others between people in affinity who want to be free, who don’t wait for the revolution to satisfy their itches.
Che Guevara never existed. Man has already gone to Mars.          

The music evolves into areas such as ska,punk,folk,swing,jazz and more undefined music genres giving this piece of plastic a great sense of freedom.Great graphic works and cool writings too.A piece of history of the international european squatters movement.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 15 March 2016

G.P.U.-Genese-(Groupuscule Vision-France-c60-1992)

Another tape released by the cool french label Groupuscule Vision,I wrote about them few times already.An independent tape label formed by the art collective Cartel Experimental,as far as I know they were also releasing an international newsletter called Concept.
In this live tape G.P.U. give us a good dose of noise,industrial and sonic assaluts.
All their releases were limited edition of 50 copies with colour cover and chrome tapes.I think those tapes are hard to find nowadays.
Enjoy it. 

Monday 14 March 2016

DAVE MOSCO-Sem Gionti,Ecco Betlemme-(Meri & Menchin+Siepone Recs-Italy-199?)

This bands seems to be  a duo:guitar and vocals plus drums,they play a very interesting low fi punk mixed with italian folk music,some fairtales jingles yet coming to the crush with some chaotic punk rock guitar.
It has a very clear anarchist graphic and the lyrics paint few good points in a different way of the usual cliches.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 12 March 2016

ENJOY ANARCHY/LONDON WHORE ORCHESTRA-Split Tape-(Destroy All Music-UK-c90-1998)

Here another tape from the ghost collective E.A.,I have been talking about it many times now,you`ll find some useful links here and  there is more stuff to research in this blog about it.
London Whore Orchestra was the experimental electronic project by Gianluca Fuccillo,active in the 90 with this name.
The "radical cutting edge" Scottish tape label called Destroy All Music is been already covered in this blog too.You find here some other of their cool tapes that I posted already.
For people into no-musical messages and weird voyages of sounds and loops.
Enjoy it.

Thursday 10 March 2016

v.a.-FORNITURE FUN-(Dhyana Records-Germany-1996)

Coming glued inside a CD-sized, 12 page booklet this amazing cassette released by the mighty german Dhyana Records
offers us a great selection of artists playing dronish,ambient noise,abstract and rhythmic industrial tracks.
Very good recordings and a very well done package with  nice graphix and useful info makes this compilation a little precious jewel.
This label is still active and you can check the lastest news on their webpage here.
I am going to attach its playlist.
Enjoy it. 

^f*a~r*a^w~a*y ¬
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A1 2000-the-GmbH & Mr. Moto (2) Hypnose
A2 Ajuuca A Green Leafy Substance Drifting In An Ocean Of Blue Liquid
A3 Girnų Giesmės Šamas Auksakalys
A4 Ma Cherie For Painting Eurosports (Equitation)
A5 Tarkatak Paraply
A6 End Of Silence Hardware Handshake Part 1
A7 Fabrik Blinker
B1 Oh! Laika
B2 Te Ild Hintergrund
B3 Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim Sculms
B4 Raumerkundung Flug 2,5
B5 Anemone Tube Ti Fang - Desertification
B6 Killout Trash Stiring

Tuesday 8 March 2016

v.a.-NOTRE DAME Vol.9 ½ (EE Tapes-Belgium-c60-1997)

Volume 9 and half of this series,I posted the Volume 7 already.Limited numbered edition of 100 copies, it comes in an A6 sized plastic bag and
it  contains amazing acts playing noise ambient,industrial,esoteric electornickx and more weird yet genial experiments.
Here a very interesting interview with the mastermind of this superb label Eriek Van Havere.
Eriek is still active and  you can check his cool webpage here.
 A very good compilation by this great  label that is been already covered in this blog various times.
Enjoy it.
A1 Konstruktivists* Hear Know, See No 6:14
A2 Brainquake Humane Contradiction, Humane? 6:32
A3 Big City Orchestra Klangfarbe 3:21
A4 Nakasone Monotone Delight 3:42
A5 De Fabriek Radji Poniam 0:35
A6 Liquid Sound True Stories (Live Berlin '93) 9:17
B1 Collapse (2) In The Blinking Of An Eye 4:37
B2 Brandelli D'Odio Aria Fredda (Cold Air) 8:12
B3 Psych Krist Kastrator Thee Passing Ov Anubis 8:45
B4 Tarkatak Untitled 5:50
B5 De Fabriek On With It! 0:30
B6 Amy Love Speak To Me (Extract) 2:03

Monday 7 March 2016

Hell And Damnation n2-(Fanzine-UK-1996)

Second number for this english punk zine,lots of reviews of  lps and cassettes + fanzines.
Articles about/against:Jobseekers Allawance,Bullfights,Landmines.
 Few interviews to punk bands such as Rectify,Forca Macabra,Rajoitus,Crow.
An interesting fanzine all pages around...
 Enjoy it.
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Sunday 6 March 2016

WERKSCHAU-Untitled-(Cat Killer-Germany-c90-1993)

Werkschau seems to be an improvised project made by different German artists:Rote Kiste,Kallisti,Das Cellar Loch,Urbeiter Unfall...
Here  a note listed on the cover sleeve:"The quality of this compilation should not be compared with conventional recordings,because amateur equipment was used and the material wasn`t meant for public access originally"
It was releaed on a c90 one side only.The label is the amazing Cat Killer run by Carsten Vollmer.
The cover sleeve has various informations about this project and releated matters.
If you are into experimental electronics,improvised weird musical voyages and similar styles you will like this tape.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 4 March 2016

VIDEO ATE MY BRAIN Video Compilation-(Mitsey Distro-UK-1999)

I spoke already about Mitsey Distro,It was managed by Evan Griffith,who was also printing the amazing fanzine Gibbering Madness,which I posted few issues.
This  is instead the only video compilation that He did release and It offer us great examples of  art videos documenting the amazing works of few very underground video artists.
Here I am attaching the video from my YouTube channel,It is indexed,so you can easily check all the different creative contributions,it is a 2 hours long video with a lots of very different ideas/messages.Very good indeed.
It came out with a small fanzine with addresses and art-works of the related artists.
Big thanks to B.A.O. for the video conversion from VHS to digital format.
Enjoy it.
video ate my brain booklet 

Wednesday 2 March 2016

W.O.O.-Hung On Fanatics-(Self Released-USA-1993)

Recorded mostly with a sony walkman and few tracks with an 8 tracks recorder this tape by W.O.O. offer us a mix of futurist weird extravaganza noises melting avant-garde,space  rock and more cool improvisations.The songs are all mixed together therefore I didn`t index it.
Bonnie Kane(saxophone,electornics,direction,nerve)+Jim Fourdiadis(bass,piano,pecussion,vocals)+Eak(vocals,words,insipration)+
Race Age(drums,piano,percussion and baking vocals) made a perfect NYC super band of experimental art rock.
Good recordings and few useful info on the cover sleeve.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 1 March 2016

ALFREDO SALERNI-Epilogo(Self Released-Italy-1995)

"Alfredo Salerni :an anarchist who wrote pamphlets and books about the anarco-skepticism back in the 90s.
He used to hang around with the punks in Perugia and Rome (Central Italy).
He plays some classic Italian folk songs revisited by him with some very sarcastic lyrics.
The CD Epilogo is a kind of the end of an era for him as musician, hence the title: "epilogue": songs that he played from the 60s to the 90s and eventually he recorded them back in 1995, year in which this CD was released as a completely DIY production.
He used to give his own productions (books and music) for free to his friends and people around him.
This cd is definitely a little gem for the lovers of obscure folk music from around the world.
And yes it is pretty rare." Some mixed real and fictional info here,all those songs are of his onw pen,In fact those are not folk songs but his own songs,He mantains a very personal style...yet recalling some of the traditional folk italian music.The fact that He was hanging around with punks and writing and  diffusing @skeptisism phamplets is indeed true."I see this cd as a tombstone.The music,for me,it doesn`t exist anymore.More than 100 songs with the same 4 musical notes.30 years singing those tunes with my friends..."This and more Alfredo writes in 1995 to announce his departure from the music world but then things change and here a video of him singing one of those songs more than 10 years after on the other side of the world.A great cd for the lovers of obscure folk music with a subtle anarchist twist.Enjoy it.~f*a~r*a~w*a~y¬ click me