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Friday 4 March 2016

VIDEO ATE MY BRAIN Video Compilation-(Mitsey Distro-UK-1999)

I spoke already about Mitsey Distro,It was managed by Evan Griffith,who was also printing the amazing fanzine Gibbering Madness,which I posted few issues.
This  is instead the only video compilation that He did release and It offer us great examples of  art videos documenting the amazing works of few very underground video artists.
Here I am attaching the video from my YouTube channel,It is indexed,so you can easily check all the different creative contributions,it is a 2 hours long video with a lots of very different ideas/messages.Very good indeed.
It came out with a small fanzine with addresses and art-works of the related artists.
Big thanks to B.A.O. for the video conversion from VHS to digital format.
Enjoy it.
video ate my brain booklet 

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