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Tuesday 1 March 2016

ALFREDO SALERNI-Epilogo(Self Released-Italy-1995)

"Alfredo Salerni :an anarchist who wrote pamphlets and books about the anarco-skepticism back in the 90s.
He used to hang around with the punks in Perugia and Rome (Central Italy).
He plays some classic Italian folk songs revisited by him with some very sarcastic lyrics.
The CD Epilogo is a kind of the end of an era for him as musician, hence the title: "epilogue": songs that he played from the 60s to the 90s and eventually he recorded them back in 1995, year in which this CD was released as a completely DIY production.
He used to give his own productions (books and music) for free to his friends and people around him.
This cd is definitely a little gem for the lovers of obscure folk music from around the world.
And yes it is pretty rare." Some mixed real and fictional info here,all those songs are of his onw pen,In fact those are not folk songs but his own songs,He mantains a very personal style...yet recalling some of the traditional folk italian music.The fact that He was hanging around with punks and writing and  diffusing @skeptisism phamplets is indeed true."I see this cd as a tombstone.The music,for me,it doesn`t exist anymore.More than 100 songs with the same 4 musical notes.30 years singing those tunes with my friends..."This and more Alfredo writes in 1995 to announce his departure from the music world but then things change and here a video of him singing one of those songs more than 10 years after on the other side of the world.A great cd for the lovers of obscure folk music with a subtle anarchist twist.Enjoy it.~f*a~r*a~w*a~y¬ click me 

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