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Friday 29 March 2024

Dinosaurs (Mail Art Documentation-Global Networking-1992)


 A simple b/w A4  xerox copy this Mail Art documentation for the Mail Art project "Dinosaurs" launched by Xavier Mulet from Barcelona(Spain) with deadline on the end of 1992. His next project was  "Skull-Love Death-and Lady" and I cannot remember if  I sent him something for it. Here the invitation - warning: address very obsolete.



Tuesday 19 March 2024

v.a. - Διατάραξη Οικιακής Ειρήνης [Diataraksi Oikiakis Eirinis]-(Do It Yourself Records-Greece-1996)

 Fantastic compilation from the very underground Greek punk scene of the last century.The title means Domestic Disturbance. It was a join effort as a co-operation of two greek squats, Villa Amalias (Athens) and Villa Varvara (Thesalloniki)! It came out with 16 pages booklet with graphix and writings, here I am attaching the introduction in english language.Big Thanks to my friend Ion for the help with the language barrier. Enjoy it.

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Sunday 17 March 2024

Vale & Raff Zine - (Fanzine-Italy-1996)

A small zine with short stories and poetry written by Raff and Vale during 1994/95 and assembled at Ex Cim Occupato squat in Foggia in 1996. It was sent for free to prisoners, a very few copies shared with friends . It is in Italian language,only. Buona lettura!

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Wednesday 13 March 2024

FEAR OF EXTINCTION - Demo 2013 - (Self Released-Czech Republic-2013)


 Self released demo with 5 tracks of pure d-beat by the Czech crusties Fear Of Extinction. The CDr comes with a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics and info.Crust as fuck. (bandcamp address)

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Saturday 9 March 2024

The Tapeater n2 - (Demotheque-France-1993)


Newsletter edited and distributed by The Demotheque, an archive in Paris collecting cassettes from the very underground music world in the early 90s. The cover sleeve explain it all. This is a short bulletin that can be used nowadays to research the lively underground scene of that era. Enjoy it. 

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Wednesday 6 March 2024

TEATRO SATANICO - Untitled Box Set - (Ars Benevola Mater-Italy-2005)

 Teatro Satanico has been making post-industrial electronic oriented musik since 1993.
Over the years, according to its Satanic attitude, they traveled along erratic and heretic sonik-paths, pacing along noises, melodies, rhythms and drones.
In its last neo-Kosmische psychedelick-industrial channeling musickal embodiment their line-up are D. Granziera, Kalamun, M. Martinuz and N. Antonello ( from their bandcamp page - official webpage )

Wooden Box limited to 66 handnumbered copies including:
-CDr with a collection of old rare tracks.
-signed 7" with two previously unrealised tracks.
-3 pins, T-shirt, a ceramic insert. Reelaed by the Italian Ars Benevola Mater:
Italian underground label founded by Mauro Casagrande, specialized in industrial, ambient, experimental, folk music. Born as a collaboration with Stefano Gentile (Amplexus), they parted ways in December 2004.( official webpage )
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Friday 1 March 2024

BRISTLES D.C - Free The Prisoners-(Rosa Honung Records-Sweden-1986)

 Old 7ich by this Swedish label focused on punk rock bands. Bristles D.C give us 3 great punk rock tunes with political lyrics. I left these trakcs as waves. Enjoy it.

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