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Sunday 29 September 2019


Kleg (1984-1995) was an art-rock ensemble from Groningen, the Netherlands. Influenced by Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham.
Kleg recorded two albums: #15 'Eating and Sleeping' and Zing.
#15 was a 50-minute suite.
Zing had a more conventional rock-feel and was produced by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Both albums are out of print.
4 unreleased tracks from 1995 were made public in 2014 via their Bandcamp page.
 Recorded at Studio 20 (Tienen, Belgium) at August 19th & 20th and September 2nd till 4th 1991. Issued in a 4-panel Digipak with white tray, manufactured by Van de Steeg, Holland under license from AGI, USA.
Some copies with a sticker on front: "Produced by Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) / mixed by Luc Van Acker (Revolting Cocks)"
All the info is taken from Discogs.
To complete this post I am here attaching a great video with a track from this album, here the info from that Youtube Channel:
  "A video for the song Diamanda by KLEG. (Yes, this is the stereo version) Diamanda was a track from KLEG's second album ZING, which was recorded in aug./sept. 1992 in Studio 20 in Tienen (Belgium) by Luc van Acker (engineering) and Lee Ranaldo (production). The video was made in the winter of 1993 by VPRO TV for their show TV Nomaden, a weekly experimental show that was on Dutch national TV between 1992 and 1995. The video was filmed in KLEG's hometown Groningen, but I can not recall where that nomad`s land was. In fact, I only remember it was a fuckin' cold afternoon! Diamanda was named after Diamanda LaBerge Dramm who was born in the month we wrote that track. This Diamanda LaBerge Dramm: http://youtu.be/NcF7VwpKhEA More vintage music by KLEG at https://kleg.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/kleg"
Enjoy this great album.
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Friday 27 September 2019

v.a.-NECROPHOBIA-(Interrupt Product-Holland-c90-1989)

Old compilation released on a c90 cassette including many obscure yet great artists playing industrial in its many forms and shapes...noise, deranged electronics, broken ambient, weird cranking metal junks, voice loops and more difficult music to absorb.
Interrupt Product was a small Dutch tape label active in the late 80s releasing industrial and noise music.
Enjoy it.


Wednesday 25 September 2019

TIRADE-London Hardcore Demo 2011-(Self Released-UK-2011)

In late 2010 four long-term friends and London hardcore veterans came together to form TIRADE, united by a desire to continue the legacy of quality that their scene has produced, and also to enjoy playing some back to basics heavy hardcore.
Despite elements of what could loosely be described as an NYHC sound, TIRADE is far from clones looking to copy one particular style. Their furious mix of old school speed and mid-tempo crunch, the odd moment of melody and frequent journeys into much heavier territory combine to provide a glimpse into the future of London Hardcore.
Featuring members of NINE BAR and INJURY TIME.
Tom - vocals
Si - guitar
Paulie - bass
Ammo - drums
Info is taken from stereokiller

Monday 23 September 2019

Sub-cut- Institucionalizado-(Self Released-Brasil-1999)

Sub-Cut is a  Brazilian grindcore band from Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, that was formed in 1995. 
This tape  has 9 tracks of violent HC punk mixed with ferocious grindcore, their political lyrics in Brasilian/Portuguese language are reported inside the folded cover sleeve.
A great tape for people into smashing rage.
Enjoy it. 

Saturday 21 September 2019

Claudio Parentela-Early Works-(Graphics,Mail Art-Italy-1997)

These are some of the early works by the graphic -mail artists Claudio Parentela, I have received them a long time ago..in the meantime, Claudio is been very active in the underground scene collaborating with many fanzines, webzines, mail art projects and so on...here a short biography taken from official webpage:  
"Born in Catanzaro(1962-Italy) where he lives and works…Claudio Parentela is an illustrator,painter,photographer,mail artist,cartoonist,collagist, journalist free- lance...Active for many years in the international underground scene. He has collaborated&he collaborates with many, many zines, magazines of contemporary art, literary and of comics in Italy and in the world...& on the paper and on the web..."
His webpage is very well done, and you can check there news, gallery, blogs, collaborations and more, it is here.
Big thanks to Claudio for giving me permission to post these old works.
Enjoy it.

Thursday 19 September 2019

HEX MINORA-Under A Pornographic Sun-(Pylon Recordings-UK-1997)

Another excellent tape by this female noise artist who also ran BV Tapes.   Already covered in this blog. This tape came out in a VHS box and include also a short interview although it is not specified where and when it was published.Recorded 1994/1995. Remixed 1995. Limited to 100 copies.
The music here is a cacophonous magma of dark sounds touching the quite noise, the dark ambient, some crystalline esoteric electronics and more obscure sexual hypnotic messages.
Pylon Recordings was a UK based noise label active in the mid-90s, now defunct.
An astonishing tape-work.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 17 September 2019


Incredible and stunning compilation on vinyl including various bands from Northern Europe, mainly from Holland but also from Germany, Belgium, and the USA.
It came out with an A4 size booklet reporting addresses, lyrics and graphics(pics )by the bands, unfortunately, it is not included here.
On the B side label of the album, we find this message :
 " This record is a cooperation between all the bands, we made it the way we wanted, paid it ourselves and we`ll sell it to our friends."
  A statement that reminds me the DIY ethos attitude of the 80s, in fact, with a good recording and a dozen of cool bands this piece of plastic will make happy all the followers of certain obscure yet wonderful old school hardcore punk from that fabulous decade. 
Enjoy it.

Companies, etc.



Issued with zine styled booklet, 20-page A5 (insofar available: lyrics, credits, pictures, discographies, contact).

Little different spelling on labels:
- A3: Kikkerspuug -Hakkenbar
- A7: Rhythem Pigs
- A8: -Battlezone Donkiesjot
- B3: -I'm Only Loving Me

made in holland

Sunday 15 September 2019

BLACK FAUN-Live 09022018-(E.C.T.,Concrete Noise-Greece-2018)

Black Faun is yet another project by Alex of Grim Machine, already fully covered in this blog.
In this tape, Black Faun(which appears to be a duo) offers us the live recording of their gig at Sticky Fingers in Patras, Greece (09/02/2018) and was released in 50 numbered copies as single side cassette.
The long track consists of found sounds slowly evolving from quiet noise to an assault of deranged brutal distortions and chaos.
E.T.C. is Cassette label orientate in noise, power electronics and industrial. Active from 2017.
Concrete Noise created by Alex M. (5) to host his sound and music works, as well as his collaborations and split releases with other artists.
A Fb page about Black Faun is here.
To complete this post I am attaching the video taken from the Concrete Noise Youtube channel about this tape. 
Big thanx to Alex for donating to this blog this great cassette.
Enjoy it.

Friday 13 September 2019

Ripping Thrash n11/Hell And Damnation n1-Split Zine-(Fanzine-UK-1996)

I have already spoken about Ripping Thrash zine, in fact, I have already posted the Number 14
the Number 12 and  number 13 split with Why Zine.
I also have already written about Hell And Damnation zine as I have posted the number 10
and Number 2.

In this Split issue, Steve of  Ripping Thrash and  Colin of Hell And Damnation join forces to create a massive zine with tons of good stuff to read: Interviews, articles, reviews, reports, flyers, pictures...
To complete this short introduction I am going to attach the editorials for this great publication.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 11 September 2019

REASON TO BELIEVE-Demo-(Self Released-USA-1987)

Reason To Believe was an American hardcore band from Los Angeles, California.
Active from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.This single-sided cassette was recorded at South Bay Sound May 15th + 16th 1987.
They play a powerful form of old school HC Punk fast and melodic yet quite aggressive.
Enjoy it.

Monday 9 September 2019

SHURIKEN/TIMOTHY C. HOLEHOUSE-Split 2009-(Self Released-UK-2009)

Shuriken is a Dutch band playing a kind of indie rock with some noisy influences and obsessive structures,.They seem to be still active and their FB page is here.
 Timothy C Holehouse is a British musician from Dorset, in this tape he offers to us 2 pieces of drone noise industrial.
 TCH (AKA Timothy C Holehouse)
is the alter ego of Tim Holehouse the folk/ blues musician; this is his more leftfield material ranging from noise collages to ambient guitar soundtracks. In mid-2007 Tim Holehouse decided that his two styles of writing were falling into two very separate camps of music and decided to split himself up…Thus Timothy C Holehouse was born!  (although the first album was recorded new years eve to New years day 2006/2007) The name was later shortened to TCH.
This Project will CEASE TO EXIST on 31st December 2014. Records will still be available, but no further live performances or recordings will be made by TCH (timothy c Holehouse).
Info is taken from his official webpage while his Bandcamp page is here.
Enjoy it.


Preprinted cassette in a plastic case with a J-card insert.


Saturday 7 September 2019

THE MOUTH N15-The Last Official Issue-(Fanzine,Poetry,Mail Art-Italy-1994)

The Mouth was a container for visual poetry, graphics works and poetries in various languages. It was created by Alberto Rizzi and Alessandro Ceccoto from the Mail Art Archive in Adria (Northern Italy).
 I have already posted the number Number 1 , the Number 2,3 and 14 
and  Number 13.
This is the last issue, inside its 64 pages contains contributions by various mail artists and poets from around the globe.
Pieces in English, others in Italian, one in Portuguese and one in french language.Lots of graphic works and visual poetries. 

Here the introduction in Italian with the English translation by Alberto Rizzi for this final issue.
Enjoy it.


Thursday 5 September 2019

HOSTIA-All Is One-(Dark Vinyl Distribution-Germany-1997)

Hostia was one of the numerous projects by the German artist Paul Hostia. He also had other projects: Delysid, DLS, Helix 12, Moksha, Ordo Catharis Templi, Zoomorph.
With this album, Hostia delivers to us 4 tracks of powerful dark ambient including choirs, cavernous vocals, bizarre synth modulations, venomous pulsating drones, trumpets with a background of devilish and evocative sounds.
This is the lp version released on Dark Vinyl Records of the tape Alles Ist Eins which was originally released on cassette on the label O.C.T. in 1992. The vinyl had a print run of 449 copies.
Dark Vinyl Records is a veteran German label specialized in industrial, dark ambient and experimental music.
It is still active and you can check their webpage here. 
Enjoy it.

A1 Alpha 11:12
A2 Delta 6:24
B1 Zeta 10:04
B2 Lambda 8:31 

Sunday 1 September 2019

v.a-Victim Of Safety Pin-Polski Punk Underground 1977-82-(Supreme Echo-Canada-2003)

This compilation + booklet is great research about the lively Polish punk scene of the very first punk era.A well-done work about the bands and the proto-punk scene from the early days (1976)passing thru the very peak of 1978...
The all English written fanzine (all the relevant scans included here) reports a few interesting articles about the early days of the punk scene in Poland + a page is dedicated to each band with its history, lyrics, and pictures. 
Supreme Echo is an archival record label owned by musician & music archivist Jason Flower. Focusing on rare Canadiana & former Socialist Republics; the Anthropology of Counter-Culture presented at a scholarly level. Its current webpage is here.
Enjoy this great sampler and booklet.



Mastered in Jon's room, Berlin.
Remastered by Erich Keller in his vinyl museum, Zurich.

Issued in standard vinyl sleeve containing 20 page black & white booklet with introduction, brief story of polish rock & roll, band bio's. .

1100 copies pressed.