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Tuesday 17 September 2019


Incredible and stunning compilation on vinyl including various bands from Northern Europe, mainly from Holland but also from Germany, Belgium, and the USA.
It came out with an A4 size booklet reporting addresses, lyrics and graphics(pics )by the bands, unfortunately, it is not included here.
On the B side label of the album, we find this message :
 " This record is a cooperation between all the bands, we made it the way we wanted, paid it ourselves and we`ll sell it to our friends."
  A statement that reminds me the DIY ethos attitude of the 80s, in fact, with a good recording and a dozen of cool bands this piece of plastic will make happy all the followers of certain obscure yet wonderful old school hardcore punk from that fabulous decade. 
Enjoy it.

Companies, etc.



Issued with zine styled booklet, 20-page A5 (insofar available: lyrics, credits, pictures, discographies, contact).

Little different spelling on labels:
- A3: Kikkerspuug -Hakkenbar
- A7: Rhythem Pigs
- A8: -Battlezone Donkiesjot
- B3: -I'm Only Loving Me

made in holland

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