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Thursday 19 September 2019

HEX MINORA-Under A Pornographic Sun-(Pylon Recordings-UK-1997)

Another excellent tape by this female noise artist who also ran BV Tapes.   Already covered in this blog. This tape came out in a VHS box and include also a short interview although it is not specified where and when it was published.Recorded 1994/1995. Remixed 1995. Limited to 100 copies.
The music here is a cacophonous magma of dark sounds touching the quite noise, the dark ambient, some crystalline esoteric electronics and more obscure sexual hypnotic messages.
Pylon Recordings was a UK based noise label active in the mid-90s, now defunct.
An astonishing tape-work.
Enjoy it.
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  1. Hello, first I want to thank you for running such a great blog. And I need to let you know it looks like Mediafire has banned this file because it has the word "pornographic" in the title.
    They do that sometimes.
    Thanks again.

  2. The file has been blocked ! Please can you share it somewhere else ?

  3. @ everybody wanting this tape,I have replaced the link now,thanx for letting me know about the link problem,enjoy this great cassette.