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Friday 23 February 2024

DOKUGA - Demo 07 - (Self Released-Portugal-2007)


Dokuga is a Portuguese crust punk band from Porto formed in 2007 by Kisto Kutabari on vocals, Banzai Mig on guitar, Oscar Gloom on bass and Arikiri Giró on drums.Their bandcamp page is here. This is their demo self released as CDr in 2007, 6 tracks of pure raw HC Punk sung in Portuguese. Aproveitar!

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Saturday 17 February 2024

v.a.- Really Fast Vol. 8 - (Really Fast Records-Sweden-1993)

 Vol. 8 of this famous serie compiled by Really Fast Records,I have posted already a few of these great albums.

DIY label from Mjölby, Sweden. Founded by Patrik Jonsson, Staffan Fagerberg and Peter Pinaitis in late 1981, it seems to be still active. A very interesting interview with Patrik Jonsson is here.

 Great sampler for old and new generations of fast and raw punk music lovers. Enjoy it.

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A1DispenseMoney Controlled World
A2DispenseKilling Of Innocent
A3Randy (4)Faster, Faster My Ass Is Burning
A4Bizzarre Scums*Fredakväll
A5Bizzarre Scums*No Brain No Pain
A6Bizzarre Scums*Henry Lee Lucas
A7Moment 22Stå Upp!
A8HälsningsarménVem Är Du?
A9HälsningsarménSverige Så Fel?
A10Cascade (9)Puzzle
A11Radioaktiva Räkor*Skymningsland
B1Charles HårfagerVandringsled
B3DissoberAmerica Did This
B4DissoberBomb Again
B5Trigger Happy (4)Nothing's Forever
B6Trigger Happy (4)Smiling Faces
B7RefusedI Wish
B8Mental HärdsmältaAndras Vilja
B9Mental HärdsmältaSommar
B10Lifeless ImageNext In Line


Wednesday 14 February 2024

RAKSHA MANCHAM - Ghazels - (Musica Maxima Magnetica-Italy-1994)

 This Belgian group's music is strongly derived from the music of indigenous peoples worldwide, and is played on native instruments from Tibet, Egypt, Brazil, Morocco, Mali, Nepal and the Cameroon, along with many other acoustic percussion, wind and string instruments.(from Discogs)

The titles "Ghazels" (also "Ghazal" or "Ghzali") refers to beautiful girls" ("beauties") as well as lyrical poems, love poems or love chants and comes from the great Persian lyrical poet Shemseddin Hafiz who described his "ghazels" in such a way : "At the hour of parting, by going away from you, my eyes came emplty of light by dint of weeping".(from their official webpageclick me


Monday 5 February 2024

T.B.A.C. - How Many More Brutal Fucking Police MURDERS? - (Self Released-UK-1998)

 Amazing self released cassette by this english anarcho-punk band spitting their anger against the police violence and other injustices, expect furious HC Punk with political lyrics.Up the Punks.

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Thursday 1 February 2024

v.a.-Final Noise Attack - (MCR Company-Japan-1994)

 Great 7inch compilation released by the legendary Japanese MCR company !! 4 bands from Japan playing furious HC punk and Crust,the folded cover sleeeve reports info and lyrics and I left these tracks as waves. Crust as fuck!

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A1    Defiance – Violation Of Human Rights
A2    Defiance – Never Be Decieved
A3    Reason Why – Contradiction
B1    Condemned – Remember
B2    Condemned – Depends On Bloody Human
B3    Despair – The Free World
B4    Despair – No Face