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Sunday 30 November 2014

DE YXIMALLOOFABRIEK-Kretek Music-(Sakura Wrechords-Japan-1989-c90)

This is  tape is a full collaboration between the  Japanese noise artists Yximalloo and the  Dutch experimetal electronic act De Fabriek.
It came out in a very special package including a Indonesian cigarette and a piece of fabric that seems to be painted  with a batik colour technique + a A4 page with info, tracklist and few stencil  drawings that seems to be hand-painted.
The music evolves in areas such as electronic experiments,cut ups from radio shows,weird loops,mixed voices talks,field recordings and more random noises assembled with a special genius touch.
A very nice cassette released on the Japanese Sakura Wrechords that seems to be the label managed by Yximalloo.
Enjoy it. 
ps-this tape is not indexed
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Saturday 29 November 2014

THE LAST (Fanzine-Self Released-Italy-199?)

The Last is a comic fanzine created,designed and written by Gianluca Ricchiardi.He was born in Taranto (Southern Italy) and after different travels in the Italian boot he settled down in Torino(Northern Italy).
His close friends used to call him just Virus,he was a very talented comic artist.
This fanzine was released in a  limited edition of 100 copies and he described it as : "diy comic:style=splatter hardcore destroy & search cyber hip hop".
It was an A5 16 pages fanzine printed as laser photocopy,which allows us to appreciate his astonishing  drawing`s style.I must make a note about the printing method:laser xerox copies back in the 90s were very expensive therefore it was very rare to have a totally diy fanzine fully printed as laser photocopy.
The story itself is also very funny,unfortunately only in Italian language yet the lovers of certain comics will love his drawings.
Virus died in a car crash in Torino in the end of the 90s.
He was a very nice guy and a  great artist.
This post is dedicated to him.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 28 November 2014

v.a.-BETONWERK II-(Beton Tapes-Germany-c90-1995)

Incredible long compilation of industrial and experimental electronic acts mainly from Germany.
It was released on the amazing Beton Tapes,Hamburg tape label run by Alexander Pohle.
Very good quality of the various recordings and addresses of the artists provided.
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here the tracklist
A1 Mr. Moto (2) Come
A2 Notstandskomitee Einzelschicksal
A3 Substanz T Entlausung
A4 Der Verfall (2) Der Vergewaltigte Engel
A5 Cyber Axis A.I.Y.M.
A6 Schmertz Der Welten Die Heimkehr
A7 Feldenberg Om Geobra Stabil
A8 Konvergenz Moon
A9 Experiment The Deep Sea
A10 Mr. Moto (2) Fear
A11 Mr. Moto (2) Rockford
B1 Mr. Moto (2) Wave Goodbye
B2 Olaf Seider The Voice (From SB)
B3 Substanz T Schönheit
B4 Schmertz Der Welten Das Grössere Problem
B5 Cyber Axis Delirious
B6 Feldenberg Om Shinan Tohiga
B7 Luster A Submerged Expression
B8 I: Wound Audible Frequencies...
B9 Mr. Moto (2) Going With You
B10 Mururoa Radio Wavers Deutsche Welle, Bad Received

Wednesday 26 November 2014

DOC WOR MIRRAN-The Power Of Positive Obscurity-(Old Europa Cafe-Italy-1993)

"The actual name "Doc Wör Mirran" was thought up by Bernard H. Worrick while he and Joseph B. Raimond lived together in San Francisco in 1982. But the real history of DWM begins when Bernard H. Worrick and Joseph B. Raimond both moved to Nürnberg Germany in 1985, where Joseph B. Raimond bought an analog 8-track recording studio and began to record what has since become a huge body of recorded work. The concept of DWM though from the very beginning was to combine music, graphic art, painting, sculpture, poetry and just about every other medium of art into one project. The open-membership policy of DWM is an important part of the DWM philosophy.In the early 1990's, Bernard H. Worrick moved to Florida, taking with him an important part of the group's identity. But DWM has continued onwards without Bernard. Bringing Bernard back to Germany and returning him to the DWM fold has become one of the goals of the group. Although rarely playing live, DWM is not averse to live concerts, although playing live is not one of the priorities of the group. Since the departure of Bernard, DWM has become especially interested in collaborative efforts with other artists, both recorded and live. Recent developments with DWM include the formation of a new label within MT Undertainment devoted exclusively to the recordings, literature and artwork by DWM and its various members"(from Discogs)
They  are still active and this is their official webpage where you can read about all their activities and other releases.
This cassette was released by Old Europa Cafe, Italian label specializing in ambient, noise, industrial, and power electronics since the late  1980s,managed by Rodolfo Protti and still very active,this their official website.
For people into concrete and experimental music. 
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BRANDELLI D`ODIO-Sopravvivo ?-(Double cd-r+Booklet-Self Released-2006-UK)

I passed this one to Radiomolov  and Misterioso Impossivel blogs few years back yet those links are dead now.
I  posted few original video performances by Brandelli D`Odio and therefore I spoke already about them here,here and here.
I haven`t  posted any music by them yet,so this time you`ll find here "2 cds+booklet discography "released in 2006,limited edition of 200 copies,it is sold out and I released as digital format  to let it circulate via the net.
To whom missed the other posts here a brief introduction to this punk collective:
" Brandelli D`Odio was a collective of squatters coming from different towns  and based in the squats in Foggia (Southern Italy),they were active  from 1993  until 1997, acting as a kind of open collective.Their line up changed various time according to how they were planning their shows and the different possibilities of the time-travel circumstances. They used to mix into their live shows music and experimental theatre. During their short life they released 2 tape productions  and 2 seven inches, one of those posthumous.In 2006 a double cd called  "Sopravvivo?" was released, it did include almost all the discography of this band.
A very big thanx to X.One for the digital graphix re-make as pdf file. 
To finish this post I am going to attach here  a slideshow from my Youtube channel,where you`ll see more pics of those old days.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 25 November 2014

MEANSTREAM-Understand-(Self Released Demo-Bulgaria-1995)

6 tracks on this demo by the Bulgarian Band Meanstream,they play an HC punk reminding me the sounds of few American  straight edge bands.
Good recording and lyrics written in Bulgarian and English.
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Monday 24 November 2014

v.a.-EXPERIMENT YOUR MIND-(1000+1 TiLt -Greece-c60-1994)

Another great compilation by 1000+TiLt Recordings,very active label run by my friend Iason in Athens(Greece).
This is the second release by this amazing label and to complete this little introduction I am going to attach here 2 scans from the cover sleeve-the tracks titles and what Iason wrote,at the time, to introduce it.
For creative super fans of non commercial music.A genuine effort towards mind liberation.
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Sunday 23 November 2014

SIEGMAR FRICKE-Wash And Go-(Anachronismus-Germany-1992-c45)

"Siegmar Fricke started his first musical experiments in 1981 using tape-recorders and shortwave-radio signals to create collages of musique-concrète. After intense activities in the European tape-scene between 1985 and 1993 Siegmar Fricke founded Efficient Refineries and Ambulatorio Segreto in collaboration with Miguel A. Ruiz and Stefano Barban. He also founded Doppelwirkung together with Michael Wurzer. Several collaboration-projects with Italian sound-artists Maurizio Bianchi and Giancarlo Toniutti were realized as well.
Siegmar Fricke also activates under the monikers Bestattungsinstitut and Pharmakustik. 
Frickes approach to music is characterised by organic improvisational studies, free form, highly abstract withouth a trace of conventional. He characterizes his musical works as "Pharmakustik": Pharmakustik might be a new path of sound-innovation in today's technological music that often lacks the approach of profound sound-experimentations by focussing just on preset-sounds, melodies and familiar song-structures. (from essentia mundi)"
I wrote already about him here.He was also involved in the amazing project DSIP.
This tape came out on Anachronismus,tape label run by Axel Ellinger in Ludwigsburg(Germany)from 1992 to 2000.The song titles were on a single little colour copies as shown in this picture.Nice idea.
As for the music:this is amazing minimal electro mixed with some techno,very nice indeed.
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Saturday 22 November 2014

ELETTRO ALGEBRA-Damaged Eyes-(Fanzine-Matching Head-UK-1994)

Another fanzine by the ghost collective E.A., this was released in 1994 on the English label Matching Head,label already covered in this blog quite few times now.The fanzine was made of few poetries and poems surrounded by experimental graphix using mainly xerox art.
The cover was  made with an unique piece of mail art stapled on it,making every copy different.
For people into weird graphix and deranged fairy tales.
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Friday 21 November 2014

DIVISION BY ZERO-May Come As A Smooth Round Stone...-(Self Released-Usa-199?)

Another nice tape by Division By Zero,a band from Blaine(USA).I have very little info about them,their music is a aggressive raw kind of industrial mixed with some punk or metal,few  electronic samples,distorted guitar riffs,angry vocals,some synth textures,all in all very good.
I really like it.
I did post already one of their tape,here that post.Not sure if this tape was released before or after the one already posted.
Anybody out there with more info about this band???I`d love to know more...
Enjoy It.
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Wednesday 19 November 2014

CONSCIENTIA PECCATI-Theogonia-(Art Konkret -Germany-1994)

Conscientia Peccati is the  personal ambient/neofolk project of Martin Steinebach,who is also involved in :Compest, Monoid, StillStand.!
Theogonia is his first release as Conscientia Peccati and it was a limited edition of 300
hand-numbered copies with 
an A5 size booklet in a bag.
The Lyrics were taken from the introduction of the "Hexenhammer" (Malleus Maleficarum), Bible out of the Koran. 
Art Konkret is a  German industrial & noise label run by Markus Kropfreiter of Drape Excrement and this is their official webpage. 

Tuesday 18 November 2014

RUTHLESS-Spietati-(Self Released Demo-1999-UK)

Ruthless was an anarcho-punk band formed on the end of the 90s and active for few years in London squat scene.
This is their only demo recorded in Brixton in 1999.
First line up on those recordings
Gianni=drums,Grillo=guitar,Gaya=bass,John=voice,Deo=guitar- from 1998 to 2003! 
They reformed in 2008 until 2010 with Carlos(Nailbiter) on guitar instead of Grillo.
They played only in the UK, mostly in London, their gig outside the 121 @ Centre in Brixton during a day of resistance against the eviction remains memorable!!! Big thanx to Marco for those pictures!
The recording of this demo is very good and it has the lyrics in the cover-sleeve

A great tape for punks and squatters.I am going to attach here also 1 song from my Youtube channel.
Up the punx :)

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v.a.-AREA CONDIZIONATA n1+ ITALIANO INDUSTRIALE Tape-(AC-1983-Fanzine + c60-Italy )

Area Condizionata was an A6 size fanzine + a compilation tape edited and distributed by Vittore Baroni,
I spoke about him already when I posted the tape Trax 185.Here a discogs page where you can further read about him.
This is the number 1 of his fanzine and I gonna attach here what Vittore wrote to introduce it + you will find the trackilst
and few info taken from discogs.
Enjoy it.
ps-this tape is not indexed
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A1 Luke X Panticryptogames 4:50
A2 Laxative Souls Unse'X'Enogamy 5:07
A3 Blu Schizofrenico Vernichtung 4:00
A4 Noise & Kreg Mirror Line 5:00
A5 M.B.* From Das Testament 7:00
B1 Amok (4) In Exitu Israel De Aegypto 3:50
B2 Daniele Ciullini Bloody Machine 4:15
B3 Rat (3) Bands Of Reception 5:17
B4 Metadrive AAAEEEIIIOOOU 3:38
B5 Lt. Murnau* The Final Laugh 9:23

Notes: January 1983, numbered edition of 300 copies. Comes with booklet [20 pages/EN & IT].
All tracks unreleased except that from M. B.

Subliminal Insert, Side A: TRAX 11 - Casual 2

Area Condizionata was compiled and released as a cassette magazine by Vittore Baroni

Monday 17 November 2014

v.a.-The Dream That Could Awake(booklet-Exprel -France-1993)

I did posted already  this great compilation but at the time I didn`t find the booklet,so this is a reminder to all the people whom download it,now in that folder there is the booklet,yes go here to download it again.
Full digital version now.
Thank you all for waiting :)

Sunday 16 November 2014

v.a.-Murderous Hands Off Nature Beauty-(Big Toe Agro Tapes-UK-c90-198?)

This was a long compilation benefit for Hunt Sabouters Association Leeds group.It does include lots of bands some of them became famous in the following years.
Here the names:The Uprising,Autonomy,Chumabawamba,Civilized Society,Tree Of Life,Electro Hippies,Heavy Discipline,Incest Brothers,Crow People,Feed Your Head.
The  various recordings are pretty good and it has different  music styles,making this compilation a very nice one.Enjoy it!!!
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Saturday 15 November 2014

CONCEPT Newsletter-Feb/March/April-1994+CONCEPT Newsletter-May/June/July 1994(France-Zine-Underground Press)

Concept was  a newsletter published and distributed every 3 months by the aristic collective Cartel Experimental,they were also
producing tapes of industrial and noise music with a special interest in the avant-garde and theatre`s soundtracks.
I posted here 
the number I and II of their compilations called Mecanismes .
They had a long catalogue with their productions including bands like: Condominium,Le Manifest De L`Art Discret,G.P.U.,Retrocontrole.
Those are 2  numbers of their newsletter and are packed up with info and reviews about cds and tapes  of the industrial and experimental scene of the early 90s. 
Good tools for people into researching old informations about this scene.
Only in French language.
A redecouvrir.
concept may june...
concept feb march...

Friday 14 November 2014

FACTOR 42/TEKNITION-Split Tape-(General Purpose Cassettes-1991-Usa)

Another great tape donated to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum and re-posted here,at the time I had not found this great webpage-the one by Alex Cane,the mastermind of General Purpose Cassettes,so here the link.
If you are into EBM and Electro Industrial then you will love this tape,it is just great...here what is written on his webpage+my old review:
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The general purpose cassette organization was formed to create an outlet for unheard music and unseen art and literature. We are  a no-profit organization existing solely for this purpose. This tape is the 3rd relase from GPC. It contains musical expressions from two bands. One side of this tape contains the current sounds of Factor 42 and the other side provides sonic assault from Tecknition. We encourage everyone that hears this tape to contact the individuals involved with this tape. This is a contact tool. If you are involved in any similar activities please feel free to contact GPC. We are always looking for new artists to expose and trade ideas and releases. (from the  info sheet coming with his tape)

Factor 42 and Teknition are two separate projects hailing from
the States and playing  ebm and electro- industrial music. This tape was coming wrapped  in a small black plastic bag that was held together with  a “kitchen wire metal skin”+ a plastic bag containing 10 info sheets  with info, drawings, song titles etc etc…here I did scan all the info sheets and the tape-container itself. The side of Factor 42 is called “original sin” and the side of Teknition is called m”achine religion”.Not sure  how many copies were printed by GPC back in 1991.Af far as I know it hasn`t been reprinted.Enjoy it.(f@r@w@y)

TEKNITION and FACTOR 42 provide sonic assaults for your enjoyment on this installment of General Purpose Cassettes. Factor 42 is back with more material and Teknition spreads their network of hat with hard electronics. The original cassettes were packaged in black plastic and wire mesh and included a 10-page booklet.
FACTOR 42 Original Sin

Kill or Be Killed
Primitive Worship
Nothing Lasts Forever
Hellish Torture
All songs written, performed, and produced by Richard Viorst. Extra synthesizers, ritualistic drumming, effects, and background growling by Claude Willey. All songs recorded and mixed to R-DAT on March 10, 1991.
GPC #003 TEKNITION Machine Religion

Man is the Animal
Strych9 (Hypno Mix)
Requiem (Funeral for Machines)
All songs written, performed and produced by Teknition. Tim Raffier adds keyboards and tape manipulations to "Strych9". All songs recorded at Red Heat Studios during February 1991 for GPC. Remastered to R-DAT by Claude Willey.
Additional Info: Originally released May 1991. All titles copyright 1991 by the individual artists. Graphics and Design by Dennis Masters. Thanks to: Claude Willey of N.T.S. Records, The members of Teknition and Factor 42, Tim Raffier of 911, Dave Garton, Mike Gunderloy of Factsheet Five, Chase with Cargo Records, Charles Cohen, Apartments 125-B and 128-B.

EHI-NOT BREATHING-Mining The Last Season-(F.D.R. Tapes-Usa-c90-1996)

Very nice cassette released on F.D.R.  prolific
label run by Brian Noring,artist behind the name of the project  EHI.
This tape came out in a limited edition of 100 hand numbered copies.
There is in it a good selection of noise,ambient and electronic experiments touching different areas of sonics and noises.
It was a collaboration via the post box a  bit  like Onco+Culver
or C-drik/Deleted tapes. 
Here the discogs page where you can read all the info about 
this production.
Released  in 1996 I guess this is not available since  long time.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 13 November 2014

JAY T. YAMAMOTO-Lo _Fi-(Noise-Taiwan-c50-1995)

Exactly 2 years ago I passed this tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum,it`s not available there anymore so I re-post it here with the same info: 
Very interesting wall of noise delivered to us from the man who is called the very first noise artist from Hawaii: Jay T. Yamamoto.
On this tape released by the Taiwanese label Noise back in 1995 our Hawaian artist offers us 10 tracks mixed with random noise, field recordings, radio inputs, and more “out of ears” weird electro experiments, all crafted with strange vocals and messages against commercial music and/or anti-art ideas.
This production came out with a nice little booklet including a small but interesting interview with the artist and few cool comics.
Jay was also involved in other musical projects: Valeries`s Cheescake Money and Stuart K.-
He used a mormon tabernacle choir mixed with nasty messages of rape and despair for one track just to offer an example, and the tape keeps going with lots of other shapes of noises/vocals... interesting and provoking this is a must for industrial lovers of the mysterious unknown!
...and yes I did scan the booklet for your “pleasure” reading-
Scary sounds for gloomy meditations??? Maybe! Up to you to try...

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Track listing:

A1 A Dirty Fish
A2 Steelworker
A3 Kurt Cobain In Hell Pt. 1
A4 The Happiness Of Things (Nov. 18, 1978)
A5 Stockhaus End
B1 The Doors
B2 Back To The Extinction

B3 Saw A Dog
B4 11-17
B5 Force The Hand Of Fat

Wednesday 12 November 2014

v.a.-TITS-(Joukkomurha Prods-Finland-c90-199?)

This tape is a documentation of a Mail Art project.Artists included:Etat Des Stocks,Okaniwa Fuhimiro,Welcome,Sockeye,Hex Minora,DAs Kombinat,Danielle Black,M.Nomized,J.Upton,Target Shoppers VS Tea Kulture,Boy in Love,Sportcreme,Sound Inhaler.
I posted already few productions by this Finnish label,I did find now some info on a discogs page and I guess this was written by Jupe Luoma,the founder and headmaster of this label and mail art project:
"From the west coast of Finland - the city of Vaasa, to be more precise - rose a small but relentless and heavily networking cassette-only label originally known as Joukkomurha [Engl. Mass Murder or Massacre] Products or Tapes. The title of the label was later watered down to a more neutral-sounding (maybe even a wee bit more) JM-Tapes. The label was originally started just for fun, as a continuation to the creative stream of small press activity. The label was active producing the plethora of cassette-only albums (or alblums, as John Bartles would put it!) and compilations of folk / punk / electronic / aggressive / art music(k) and odd bits of sound all the way from Ohio to Okinawa. The label was in action between 1989 and 1998. In total, there were more than 70 releases during that time of angst, madness and creativity. The label was run by J Luoma, who was acknowledged on the "thanks" list of Reverend Bizarre's debut LP as the "witch of the west"!"

Sublabel JM-Tapes
Contact Info: jyri.luoma@gmail.com
Enjoy it.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

DELIRIO-Another Life-(Self Released-demo-1993-Italy)

Delirio was a metal band coming from Salerno(Southern Italy) active in the benginning of the 90s,they play a doomish heavy metal singed in english and they are masters of this genre.
The tape is  very well played and recorded,few info listed on the cover-sleeve.
It will make happy some kind of metal heads...some thrash and some doom involved.
Get it if you like the guitar solos and the brutal voice.


Monday 10 November 2014

LOUD PIPES/M.O.I.-Split Tape-(Ripping Thrash-MUT-UK-1995)

Split tape of raging and screaming HC Punk from those two bands-Ministry of  Ignorance from Japan and Loud Pipes from Sweden.
It came out from a collaboration between the fanzine Ripping Thrash and the tape label MU.
I guess  the same people were involved in both projects.
All the tapes by this label were partly benefit for Hunt Sabouters Association.
Very good recording and basic info on the cover sleeve.
Released in 1995 I think it is long gone now.
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Saturday 8 November 2014

A.I.M.(Mail Art Project Documentation-Zine-90s-Global Networking)

A.I.M. stands for Aids International Mail Art and it was a project managed by C.W Poste in USA.
This is the documentation to this project and I gonna attach here the introduction to it,I did find it very interesting and I can only suggest you all to read it.
Enjoy it!!

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Thursday 6 November 2014

DSIP-Falling LightHouse-(Cat Killer-Germany-c60-1993)

Another nice cassette by this amazing  duo,I wrote already about them when I posted Subliminal Sculptures,The Grim Scenario and Time Zone Eyes.
Dsip is Dieter Mauson+Siegmar Fricke  researching on sleep & dreams states, ambient hypnotic sounds in great German electronic tradition. 
This project was founded in 1989 and active until summer 1994.
After almost 20 years of hiatus they re-formed in 2013,this is their actual blog and soundcloud page.
There are still available other 11 of their tapes ripped by me and donated to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog,get them here.
I also spoke already quite few times about Cat Killer,German label managed by Carsten Vollmer,who seems to be still active as noise musician. 
A small yet great treasure from the past!
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