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Friday 28 November 2014

v.a.-BETONWERK II-(Beton Tapes-Germany-c90-1995)

Incredible long compilation of industrial and experimental electronic acts mainly from Germany.
It was released on the amazing Beton Tapes,Hamburg tape label run by Alexander Pohle.
Very good quality of the various recordings and addresses of the artists provided.
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here the tracklist
A1 Mr. Moto (2) Come
A2 Notstandskomitee Einzelschicksal
A3 Substanz T Entlausung
A4 Der Verfall (2) Der Vergewaltigte Engel
A5 Cyber Axis A.I.Y.M.
A6 Schmertz Der Welten Die Heimkehr
A7 Feldenberg Om Geobra Stabil
A8 Konvergenz Moon
A9 Experiment The Deep Sea
A10 Mr. Moto (2) Fear
A11 Mr. Moto (2) Rockford
B1 Mr. Moto (2) Wave Goodbye
B2 Olaf Seider The Voice (From SB)
B3 Substanz T Schönheit
B4 Schmertz Der Welten Das Grössere Problem
B5 Cyber Axis Delirious
B6 Feldenberg Om Shinan Tohiga
B7 Luster A Submerged Expression
B8 I: Wound Audible Frequencies...
B9 Mr. Moto (2) Going With You
B10 Mururoa Radio Wavers Deutsche Welle, Bad Received