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Wednesday 26 November 2014

BRANDELLI D`ODIO-Sopravvivo ?-(Double cd-r+Booklet-Self Released-2006-UK)

I passed this one to Radiomolov  and Misterioso Impossivel blogs few years back yet those links are dead now.
I  posted few original video performances by Brandelli D`Odio and therefore I spoke already about them here,here and here.
I haven`t  posted any music by them yet,so this time you`ll find here "2 cds+booklet discography "released in 2006,limited edition of 200 copies,it is sold out and I released as digital format  to let it circulate via the net.
To whom missed the other posts here a brief introduction to this punk collective:
" Brandelli D`Odio was a collective of squatters coming from different towns  and based in the squats in Foggia (Southern Italy),they were active  from 1993  until 1997, acting as a kind of open collective.Their line up changed various time according to how they were planning their shows and the different possibilities of the time-travel circumstances. They used to mix into their live shows music and experimental theatre. During their short life they released 2 tape productions  and 2 seven inches, one of those posthumous.In 2006 a double cd called  "Sopravvivo?" was released, it did include almost all the discography of this band.
A very big thanx to X.One for the digital graphix re-make as pdf file. 
To finish this post I am going to attach here  a slideshow from my Youtube channel,where you`ll see more pics of those old days.
Enjoy it.
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