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Wednesday 30 November 2016

Helou Kaet & Son n10-(Fanzine-Joukkomurha Products-Finland-199?)

Very cool fanzine edited and distributed by Jupe Luoma,who was into mail art,zines making and running the label Joukkormurha Tapes and  the sublabel JM Tapes.
I posted quite few tapes by this finnish label,you`ll find them here. 
This fanzine has few articles,short stories,some poetries,lots of nice graphix works and comics and more random stuff.
Some writings are in Finnish and  other stuff in English.  
It is a really nice zine and it is a pity I can only read half of it as I am not finnish literate.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 29 November 2016

RETCHER-Demo Cd-(Self Released-UK-2008)

First demo cd by this London based punk band,their myspce is here.
3 tracks of killer fast+powerful HC punk with female vocals.
A good demo.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 27 November 2016

DER PILZ-Chora Szum-(Trummer Kassetten-Germany-c60-1991)

Der Pilz is another project by the very active artist : Lutz Pruditsch.
I wrote about him when I posted the amazing tapes by Tarkatak
Lutz is also the head-master of the astonishing german tape label Trummer Kassetten  covered in this blog quite few time now.  You will find more info about this label here.
In this well crafted tape Lutz offer us 17 nice tracks of drone/noize- ambient,the cover sleeve is a little A5 size booklet with graphix works and few info.
Enjoy it.
A1In Lenzburg 3:46
A2 Die Andere Welt 2:42
A3 Durch Herz Und Seele 7:29
A4 Wer Denkt Daran 2:22
A5 Felsen Zerschmettern 1:12
A6 Höflichkeiten Des Alltags 2:46
A7 Tiefer Atem 3:16
A8 Ich Denke Über Alles Nach 5:07
B1 Untitled (Sinuous Line) 0:21
B2 Du Wirst Schreien Wenn Du Nicht Sprichst 2:07
B3 Hirn Rasen 2:38
B4 Am See 4:56
B5 -----*----- 3:25
B6 Es Bleibt Die Frage 3:33
B7 Das Atom 3:18
B8 Die Zugfahrt Nach Z. 3:26
B9 Im S.F.-Werk+ 5:49



Come in A5-sized cover in a plastic bag.

Friday 25 November 2016

DYSMORFOFOBIA-Which Choice Is Correct-(Self Industry Records-Poland-1999)

Dysmorfofobia comes from Warsaw,they play a personal form of industrial punk with brutal vocals and noises mixed with rock instruments such as guitar ,bass,keyboards and drums.
Self Industry Records seems to be a label associated with this band,a discogs page about them is here yet this tape is not listed there.
It will make happy all the lovers of certain obscure percussive punk noise music.
Enjoy it.


Wednesday 23 November 2016

Greenhouse n2-(Fanzine-DIY-Greece-1994)

Small and very creative fanzine edited and ditrubuted by Yiannis Thomatos in Athens,it was the beginning of  the 90s and this is the second number of his totally diy zine.
It includes amazing collages and graphix mixing political statments with commentary and poetic writings.
Few comincs,great graphix works,some articles...properly done  "diy style",it is very pretty and well done.
Only in greek languange.
Big thanx to Zina for giving me basic info.
Enjoy it,if you are greek literate.
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Tuesday 22 November 2016

Voyage/Tripping Video by EREZIONI ASTRALI-(Cuss/Fetish-Usa-2015)

Here a brand new video by the Ghost Collective E.A.,an old yet still active project covered in this blog many times now.
This track is taken from a new split tape with Entheogen Absconditus  and released on the american tape label Cuss/Fetish during summer 2015.Here a link to read more about this tape-work. 
Enjoy it.

Sunday 20 November 2016

ROTTEN HEADS-Historias Para No Dormir-(Self Released-Spain-1994)

10  tracks in this demo by the spanish Rotten Heads,they were active in the beginning of the 90s.They play a violent form of HC punk mixed with some reggae!This diy cassette comes with a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics,contacts and info.
Up the punks.
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Friday 18 November 2016

v.a.-NO Mc DONALDS-tape 1-(Lethal Chaos Produzioni-Italy-199?)

Long compilation against the corporate burger millionaire Mc Donalds.
It includes lots of grind/crust punk bands,good recordings and few info.
I already posted the tape 2.
A discogs page about this label is here yet this compilation isn`t listed there.
Enjoy the "chaos not music" of this nice sampler.
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Grim Reaper`s Beer-(Mail Art-Global Networking-199?)

A Very nice handmade postcard painted by Wincenty Markowicz from Lodz(Poland)!!Received as gift in the beginning of the 90s.
Long live Mail Art.

Thursday 17 November 2016

KARCERAL FLESH-A Gorge De Cris-(Self Released-France-1996)

Karceral Flesh is the solo projec of Franck Kervizic mixing   minimal weird electronics,harsh industrial, nasty lyrics with restrained percussive passages of deranged fantasy.
I already posted all the tape-productions by this amazing french project,you`ll find them here. A discogs page about him is here. 
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 16 November 2016

TEMPO ZERO-Barattoli Vuoti-(Self Released-Italy-1992)

Tempo Zero was an Italian hardcore band from Aosta,coming from the same town of Kina ,they released few 7inches on the famous Blu Bus indipendent label owned ,in  fact, by Kina.A discogs page about them is here.
This is their first release,totally diy, recorded at the rehearsal band space in S.Christophe (Aosta) in December 1992.The cover sleeve reports lyrics,info and some interesting thoughts.
5 tracks of pure melodic HC Punk with personal lyrics and a good recording. 
A very nice demo. 
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Tuesday 15 November 2016

SIVULLINEN-Newsletter Summer 1995(Newsletter-Finland-1995)

Sivullinen was a newsletter edited by Jouni Waarakangas in Helsinki(Finland)!!!
Jouni was printing in it everything  that was coming out from the underground  world.
This newsletter had no borders!!!
So we could find in it news about zines,comincs,tape labels,mail art,anarchist newspapers,poetries,short stories,experimental music,adverts for future compilation tapes,flyers of bands and their productions,mail art projects and whatever was related to  all those subjects .
The graphix layout  was messy and at the same time funny  on  2 A6 size folded pages .
It was printed 4 times at year in a printrun of 1000 copies and it was free although a donation in stamps would have been always very appreciated.Jouni was into trading zines and cassette productions!!
I already posted few zines by this same newsletter,you`ll find it all here.
Enjoy it.
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Karta Mail Art Zine n4-(Poland+Global Networking-Mail Art-1993)

Number 4 of this mail art fanzine published by Bartek Nowak,who was also managing a mail art archive in the 90s.
I already posted the number 2 ,number 5 and another one too.This issue it is dedicated to anti-fascism,it includes contributions by different mail artists whom sent 40 copies of their art-works to be assembled in this zine.
Enjoy it.

Monday 14 November 2016

ETSAIAK-...Amen-(Self Released-Spain-1992)

Etsaiak is band from Basque Country formed in 1987 and still alive and kicking,they sing in basque language and play HC Punk,powerful and fast music with some straight to your face lyrics!
This is their 2nd  demo totally diy,it has a folded colour cover reporting info,contacts and lyrics.
A wikipedia page about them is here all written in basque language,their "myspace" page is here,where you can see pics and listen lots of tracks and a discogs page is here.
Enjoy it.
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Sunday 13 November 2016

I VERMI- I Vermi-(Self Released-Italy-2007)

I  Vermi is a band from southern Italy,probably from Lecce in Puglia region,it seems that they disbanded in 2011.
Here some info I have found on youtube:"I Vermi played for 7 years,they recorded two cds I Vermi(demo 2007) and I Erem Ad Reperendum(2011),they took part to different benefit compilations,they played lots of gigs in squats and self managed spaces.In 2008 They were the only italian band taking part to Cable Street Beat Festival in London."
In this well recorded  and totally diy cd they offer us 14 tracks of pure beat garage rock,with all the sounds from the fabulous 60s.The folded cover sleeve includes lyrics , contacts and few info.
This band is not to be confused with another italian band with the same name but active in the 70s.
Enjoy it.

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Saturday 12 November 2016

v.a.-THE UNKNOWN n12-(Rain Tapes-Uk-1991)

Number 12 of this ongoing compilation series edited  and distributed by Julian Smyth who was running this tape label called  Rain Tapes during the 90s in Wales.
I already posted the Unknown 11 ,The Unknown 13 and The Unknown 14 and also another one simply called Rain Tapes International each issue was coming in a different colour and an insert with track list and band addresses.
Also in this issue lots of different bands playing rock,punk,new wave and similar music genres,good recordings and few info too.
Enjoy it.

Friday 11 November 2016

NO SANCTUARY Zine n20-Sept. 1993 + NO SANCTUARY Zine N21 Oct.1993-(Resistance Productions-Switzerland-1993)

No Sanctuary was another fanzine made by the 3 minds behind the label Resistance Productions active in Switzerland during the early 90s. I did post already quite few productions by this small yet very  nice and prolific label,so you just need to search this blog.
In the number 21 of their on-going fanzine you`ll find interviews to MDM,Jouni Of Sivullinen Artcore,articles about raw food and Kaval Diy Space in Greece+tons of fanzines and music reviews,while in the number 20 you can read a very good interview to Teminus 
+articles about shock therapy,animal experiments and thoughts about their own label + more reviews and info.As far as I know Pablo started another label called Strongly Opposed when Resistance Prods ceased to exist.
Very interesting short but great fanzines.
Enjoy it. 

DJ STEF-Space Tekno Space Mix-(Pekor Produkt-France-1997)

2 long mix (1 each side) of space teckno by this artist simply called DJ Stef who seems to be somehow associated with the french tribe of L.T.S.
It is a bit too cheesy for me but that`s only my viewpoint.I spoke already about this french indipendent label when I posted the  tapes by Long Term Survivors.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 9 November 2016

DEATH SQUAD-Isolation As Intent-(Spastik Kommunikations+Neural Operations-Usa-2011)

Death Squad ended in 2000 then evolved into the current project MK9.It is a project of video+body performance while using strong powerelectronics messages.This cd was released on the american Spastik Komminukations in 2000 and then re-released on the same label+its sublabel  Neural Operations in 2011 as limited edition of 100 cd-r copies.
I spoke already about this non-compromising artist when I posted the amazing video compilation:La Bas at 121 and the compilation cd Prosthetics.
MK9 is still active and you can check his nice webpage here and also his online catalogue Neural Operations where this cd  appears to be sold out. 
For all the lovers of noise industrial,this is a shining pearl.
Enjoy it.

Tuesday 8 November 2016

SABOT-Pam Kray-(Nur Sch. Rec!-Austria-1991)

Sabot is an american duo, comprised of Christopher Rankin (bass guitar) and Hilary Binder (drums). Formed in 1988 in San Francisco, California, formerly the rhythm section of Forethought. Resident in Tábor, Czech Republic, since the early 1990s.It seems that they  splitted up not long ago,all the news and more info+links of new and old projects on their official webpage.
Pam Kray is their second release,in its cover sleeve the musicians wrote"feel free to duplicate this tape and distribute it to your friends".
They play a personal form of alternative jazzcore with powerful drums and intricate bass riffs.
A great album for the lovers of original and non-conventional music.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 5 November 2016

YOPS! N6-(Fanzine-Italy-March 1996)

Number 6 of this pictures fanzine printed by Adrea Fornaca during the 90s,I already posted the number 1, the Number 5  and the Number 7- 
Andrea also was managing  Pervert Zine. 
In this issue 124 A5 pages in xerox copies of pictures:punk bands,punk gigs,some cool graphix,few art-random pictures and few articles too.
Very  good photo zine,this number is bigger then the previous ones and it can be used a good tool to re-search the vibrant punk scene of the 90s.
Here I am posting also the introduction that Andrea wrote for this issue.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 3 November 2016

BOURBONESE QUALK-Unpop-(Total-Uk-1991)

Started in Southport (UK) in 1979. First performance in 1980 with an odd non-musical appearance before (mainly vandalism). Steven Tanza (Percussion, Vocals), Simon Crabb (Guitar, Bass, Violin, Vocals, Electronics)[from discogs]
"Bourbonese qualk archive is the official archive of the work of the group bourbonese qualk. the site documents their work from the beginnings in 1980 until the end in 2002. following the death of guitarist miles miles in october 2002 the remaining members decided to disband the group and release no new material. the archive is regularly maintained by former members of the group. this site does not sell anything and we do not distribute any products. we intend to make all published material freely available. please feel free to contact us with suggestions or additions to the archive." [from their official webpage]
For all the latest news you can also visit their FB page.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 1 November 2016

SKINFLICK PRODUCTIONS & HEX MINORA-Flowers Of Perditions-[Split Tape]-(BV Tapes-SFPD-UK-1993)

Skinflick Productions formed in 1991 in North Wales, Skinflick still continues to this day as a single one man industrial unit.
Influenced by industrial, punk and metal they started experimenting and fusing the styles together. The band set out gigging extensively around the UK and releasing numerous tape releases. In 1992 the band temporarily changed there name to Skinflick Productions, releasing two 7" records 'Pretty Dead Girl' and 'Pig Sick' plus further tape and cd releases.A discogs page with lots of info about them is here, I posted a video by the same project using the name Skinflick Corporation,you`ll find it here ,this project is still active and  this is their official webpage.

Hex Minora is a female noise artist who also ran BV Tapes,She delivers some great dark occult psycho/sexual elektronikx.I posted a couple of good tapes by this very good label. 
This tape was already on Vita Ignes Corpus LIgnum yet this is my rip and I have included in this folder a very nice art-work received by Hex Minora,art-work not part of this tape.
Enjoy it.
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