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Sunday 13 November 2016

I VERMI- I Vermi-(Self Released-Italy-2007)

I  Vermi is a band from southern Italy,probably from Lecce in Puglia region,it seems that they disbanded in 2011.
Here some info I have found on youtube:"I Vermi played for 7 years,they recorded two cds I Vermi(demo 2007) and I Erem Ad Reperendum(2011),they took part to different benefit compilations,they played lots of gigs in squats and self managed spaces.In 2008 They were the only italian band taking part to Cable Street Beat Festival in London."
In this well recorded  and totally diy cd they offer us 14 tracks of pure beat garage rock,with all the sounds from the fabulous 60s.The folded cover sleeve includes lyrics , contacts and few info.
This band is not to be confused with another italian band with the same name but active in the 70s.
Enjoy it.

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