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Monday 29 April 2024

Bulimia Banquet Poster - (Discarica Squat Productions-Italy-1991)

 The big screen printed poster made by the squatters of the social squatted center Discarica In Foggia for the gig of the American Bulimia Banquet on sunday 5th May 1991. I posted their great live tape in Forte Prenenstino in Rome during the very same tour. Nice big Poster !!


Friday 19 April 2024

v.a. - Downtown Noise Punker - (Not On Label-UK-2010)

 Cdr sampler assembled by Mr Wanky,who designed the cover sleeve,too. A good selection of bands  playing various styles of punk: OI, Noise Punk, Hardcore...! Totally DIY, it is a good compilation. Enjoy it!

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Saturday 13 April 2024

Sist En 343 - J20-00 - (Debila Records-Sovenia-2014)

 15 minutes long track of pure harsh noise in this mini CD by Sist En 343, the label is the legendary Debila Records, covered in this blog a few times. Enjoy the noizzzz...

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Tuesday 9 April 2024

IZU - Going Salamander - (Highpoint Lowlife-USA-2006)

 A fantastic brew of warped yet warm future-melodies discordant breaks & twisted, languid synth action. Effortlessly includes some highly involving & hypnotic structures combined with a playful DIY techno attitude. A highly original, darkly atmospheric & hugely impressive round up from someone with a braindance orientated mind. Honestly, if you wanna hear an inventive & funky album then go no further....(review by beeslovesugarwater published on Discogs)

Highpoint Lowlife records started as an idle daydream atop Potrero Hill. Two bums by the names of Joey Hurt and Thorsten Sideb0ard were running a local dj night in a bar, where they would play a mixture of new and local indie pop, rock and electronica. Inspired by the success of their club night, they decided to push forward with the idea of the record label. The daydream came to fruition with a double disc compilation of local San Francisco bands that summer of 2001. Continuing that dream, Highpoint Lowlife strives to bring you the best in new alternative music. You can check out our website for more information.(from Internet Archive)  click me


Wednesday 3 April 2024

v.a. - Tribute To Rudimentary Peni - (Pumpkin Records-UK-2012)

 Amazing compilation with a bunch of great bands covering the famous British anarcho punk band formed by Lead singer/guitarist Nick Blinko notorious for his witty, macabre lyrics and dark pen-and-ink artwork, prominently featured on all of Rudimentary Peni's albums.

Pumpkin Records  is a British DIY collective formed in 2006 in Manchester that do some not for profit releases, distribute records, run the Pumpkin Records Studio, put on gigs (in the Manchester area with SLit Promotions) and help with tour booking.(Bandcamp Page) Enjoy it.

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1The Restarts*Radio Schizo
2Global ParasiteBile Ball
3AutonomadsCloud Song
4Detritus (5)Flame Of Insanity
5Mischief Brew (2)Drinking Song From The Tomb
6Star Fucking HipstersMedia Person
7Dead SubvertsNothing But A Nightmare
8Lack Of Joe1/4 Dead
9Police BastardA Handful Of Dust
10Godless (6)Love Is Not
12Famous ImpostersThe Gardener
132 Sick MonkeysPoppycock / B-Ward
14Burnt CrossBlissful Myth
15RAM-MAN*Zero Again
16Bus Station Loonies*Dutchmen
17Flowers Of Flesh And BloodSacrifice / Teenage Time Killer
18Deathskulls*Tower Of Strength
19WarcrimeWhen You Are A Martian Church
20Power Is PoisonCosmetic Plague
21Black Light MutantsRotten To The Core
22From The Cradle To The RaveBlasphemy Squad
23Unorthodox ConquerorPsycho Squat