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Saturday 27 February 2021

v.a.-Out Of Nowhere-(Out Of Nowhere-France-c60-1986)

 An eclectic compilation with  many good artists,various music genres :new wave, avant-garde, goth rock, tribal, industrial...

Enjoy it.

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A1Clair ObscurConchita's Dance
A2DazibaoFour Hours
A3WallenbergMemories Damage
A4Leitmotiv (2)Societies On The Skids
A5Die BunkerGewalt
A6Mome RathResurrection
A7VifBaiser Blanc
B1Nox (2)Yohad
B2Rosa CruxSumunt Mali
B3Im Westen Nichts NeuesLe Tertre
B4PtôseRêve De Fievre
B5Achwghâ Ney WodeiBoule (Reprise)
B6The GriefFatrie
B7Le LacBroadway Melody
B8Sam F. UllatrickObstétrique Procession


Thursday 25 February 2021

DISTRABE-Distrabe-(Txumpa Txumpa Recs/Killer Pandereta Recs-Spain-2011)

 Furious D-beat with a raw recording by this Spanish combo active during the last decade.This is the version on Cd-r of their first tape.It was released in a limited edition of 100 copies.

Crust AS Fuck!

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Borracho & Sucio
Why Are We At War?
Corporaciones Asesinas
Policia No
P.T. P.M.
Written-By – H.H.H.*
No Puedo Kallarme
Written-By – Destrucción
Written-By – Crow (3)

Tuesday 23 February 2021

BAND OF PAIN-Reculver-(Dirter Promotions-UK-1999)

 A very interesting cd by Band Of Pain aka Steve Pittis playing a good dose of quiet-noize mixing etheral industrial sounds with some dronish ambient experiments.It was released in 500 copies back in 1999 and it appears to be sold out now.

 Dirter Promotions is Steve Pittis personal label active since the 1980s and still alive and kicking, its amazing webpage offers to us its late producions, news, its long discography and more.

Enjoy it.

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Our Little Secret1:20
You Won't Meet Again4:59
Kooa.Ibb + Iluili.M
Guitar, Percussion – James Machin
Rejected By Resonance5:07
Dr. Tumblety Has Flown4:50
The Vanishing6:05
3445 South La Brea Avenue
Guitar – James Machin
Habanero High
Guitar, Guitar [Mangled] – Stefan Jaworzyn

Sunday 21 February 2021

GEGEN-Autocoma-(Self Released-Italy-1998)

 4 tracks on this self released cassette by this Sicilian band active on the end of the 90s.The play thrash metal sung in Italian.Good recording and lyrics reported on the folded colour sleeve.

Thrash until you drop.

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Friday 19 February 2021



A nice fanzine of  Visual Poetries and Graphic Art made mainly with cut-ups of newspapers and collages created by Fabio Rosso in Genova.All the cut-ups are in italian language. He sent me quite a few nice art-works,as extras(all included here).

Enjoy it. 

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Wednesday 17 February 2021

Flippin Idiots-American Wreck Vol​.​1-(Self Released-Bandcamp-USA-2021)


My 2020 project took longer than I thought, due to many changes in our lives that year. Four takes on points of my year in audio form, this release was a labor of love, fear, depression, and hope for this world and all it's inhabitants. Thanks for joining my journey and my continued Noise pursuits. Be safe, check on each other, and remeber to breathe.
 Flippin Idiots is the noise project of Chris Coker based in Sylva NC, USA. I have releases here and on Smell The Stench,Orko Records, Eerie Noise, and many others. Love any and all noise artists but my biggest influence is Thirteen Fingers. Other influences Merzbow.Navicon Torture Technlogies,Prurient,Clang Quartet,Hivemind,Wilt,Flat Effect, Like Weeds, Boar, and many others

Released February 16, 2021 click me

Monday 15 February 2021

Phoenix Catscratch – Phoenix Catscratch-(Self Released-Greece-2010)

 Mini album self released by this Greek band from Athens.They play goth rock and were active last decade.I have no much info about them,but if you are into old school new wave then you`ll like this one.

Enjoy it.

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Saturday 13 February 2021

v.a.-Colori Incontaminati-(Energeia-Italy-c60-1987)

 Old sampler with obscure acts playing new wave and post-punk released in 1987 by this Italian label already  covered in this blog a few times.

Energeia was a gothic, experimental, industrial and modern classical label and mail order based in Napoli, Italy.
Founded by Davide Morgera (drummer for Underage, cult hardcore punk band from Naples) and Antonio Escalona. 
Enjoy it.
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A1One Hundred Club*The Hive
A2One Hundred Club*All Fools' Day
A3One Hundred Club*Stake
A4One Hundred Club*Siren's Call
A5One Hundred Club*The Slothful Plateau
A6One Hundred Club*My Cerebrus
A7FalsepromesseLo Zelo Della Religione
B1Inside Out (5)Expression
B2Inside Out (5)In The Name Of Love (Remix)
B3Passiflora (2)Y
B4Passiflora (2)Statica
B5Passiflora (2)Vivi Nascosto (Live In Roma 9-6-1986)
B6FalsepromesseSoavità Del Gioco Di Gruppo

Thursday 11 February 2021

WARCHRIST-Warchrist-(Self Released-UK-2008)

 Promo mini cd by this band from England. 3 tracks of furious crust punk. Crust As Fuck.

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Tuesday 9 February 2021

11a Exposição De Arte Postal Século XXI-(Mail Art Documentation-Portugal+Global Networking-1999)

Massive Mail Art documentation released by the City Library of Barreiro in Portugal for their 11th Mail Art exihibition held from the 27th of November to the 18th December 1999.

The documentation is a 148 pages long book printed on glossy paper containing 726 Art Works received for their mail art project/exhibition from 38 different countries.

Very well done and professionally printed,this is a great example of Mail Art networking.Enjoy it.

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Sunday 7 February 2021

Systral -Maximum Entertainment -(Per Koro-Germany-1995)

 GRINDCORE/HARDCORE. "maximum entertainment" is the phantastic 9 song debut which starts together with ACME the whole Bremen-style hype. These are ultra intense, infernal, sick and brutal hardcore-attacks with a death-metal-edge and exceptional soundsamplings. Members included former and current members of CAROL and MÖRSER. A great production and fine coverartwork.(from Per Koro official webpage) click me


A1For What
A2Decide For Yourself
A3Desaster Chronicles
A4Your Words To Be Adored
A5Environment Burns
A6Do You Still Like It
B1Past Mistakes
B2Maximum Entertainment

Friday 5 February 2021

BLACK IDEAS-The Field-(Self Released-Greece-2012)


Black Ideals were formed in Athens, Greece in the summer of 1983. The original line-up comprised Pavlos Avouris (voice), Christos Vougas (bass), Petros Magoulas (guitar), Stathis Salvanos (drums). From January 1984 we carried on as a trio (omitting the guitar), until the Spring of 1985, when a second bassist was added (Maria Vassilakis). We played two gigs (Megara, 13/1/85; Patissia Students' Hostel, Athens, 27/4/85) and published two fanzines ('Why', 'Lauvepression'). We self-released a cassette in 1985. Our songs were included in three compilation cassettes ('Instead Of A Magazine', US, 1984; 'S2D - Sous Deux Dictatures', France, 1985; 'Ground Zero', West Germany, 1985). Our last rehearsals took place in the summer of 1985.

(self-released single-sided vinyl LP released on July 4th 2012, 328 copies)

Tracks 1 to 7: practice, 1984-85
Tracks 8, 9: live in Megara, 13-1-85

Contact us at pavlos277@gmail.com


released October 11, 2014

Pavlos Avouris – voice, lyrics
Christos Vougas – bass, paintings
Stathis Salvanos – drums, lyrics, collages, paintings

Track 4: second bass by Panagiotis
Tracks 5, 6: second bass by Maria Vassilakis
Track 7 intro: Michael Ziesing

Mastering & restoration: Stefanos Constantinides
Photography © 1985 Giorgos Tourkovassilis
Graphic Design: Maria Rachmanidou 

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Port Of The Sun & Take Down UAV-Cynocephali -(Self Released-USA-2009)


This amazing Cd-r is the live performance by these two American artists: Port Of The Sun and Take Down UAV performing together at the event " Honey From The Dead King" held on the 26/06/2009 in the Hall Of The Wood,Olympia,WA. The cd comes with a folded cover sleeve  reporting a long text. It is sold out now,anyway it was mainly given away to close friends as a gift.

"...Repetitive groans cracking into thousands of inarticulate sounds conveying pain, despair, orgasms mixing more noises while adding visceral electro waves of restrained rhythmic sequencing the resonance with shifting pulsations, sick sonorism of gloomy progressions, distant voices arguing, whispers of love/hate intents, soundtracks vanishing far towards implosions of forgotten melodies shimmering scraped metals and dissonant sonic miasmas..."
You can see some pictures of this event here  while Port Of The Sun has an astonishing webpage.

A big THANX to both artists for giving me permission to post this great cd and my best regards to Crepusculum for sending me this little pearl 10 years ago and passing me links and info to share here. 

For People into Esoteric Electroniks,this is a real jewel.Enjoy it!!

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Monday 1 February 2021

A Rough Guide To Reality-(Pamphlet-UK-2010)

 A small pamphlet with "cut and paste" ideas and drawings about revolution,direct action and anti-capitalism.

Enjoy it.

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