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Friday, 5 February 2021

BLACK IDEAS-The Field-(Self Released-Greece-2012)


Black Ideals were formed in Athens, Greece in the summer of 1983. The original line-up comprised Pavlos Avouris (voice), Christos Vougas (bass), Petros Magoulas (guitar), Stathis Salvanos (drums). From January 1984 we carried on as a trio (omitting the guitar), until the Spring of 1985, when a second bassist was added (Maria Vassilakis). We played two gigs (Megara, 13/1/85; Patissia Students' Hostel, Athens, 27/4/85) and published two fanzines ('Why', 'Lauvepression'). We self-released a cassette in 1985. Our songs were included in three compilation cassettes ('Instead Of A Magazine', US, 1984; 'S2D - Sous Deux Dictatures', France, 1985; 'Ground Zero', West Germany, 1985). Our last rehearsals took place in the summer of 1985.

(self-released single-sided vinyl LP released on July 4th 2012, 328 copies)

Tracks 1 to 7: practice, 1984-85
Tracks 8, 9: live in Megara, 13-1-85

Contact us at pavlos277@gmail.com


released October 11, 2014

Pavlos Avouris – voice, lyrics
Christos Vougas – bass, paintings
Stathis Salvanos – drums, lyrics, collages, paintings

Track 4: second bass by Panagiotis
Tracks 5, 6: second bass by Maria Vassilakis
Track 7 intro: Michael Ziesing

Mastering & restoration: Stefanos Constantinides
Photography © 1985 Giorgos Tourkovassilis
Graphic Design: Maria Rachmanidou 

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