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Wednesday 3 February 2021

Port Of The Sun & Take Down UAV-Cynocephali -(Self Released-USA-2009)


This amazing Cd-r is the live performance by these two American artists: Port Of The Sun and Take Down UAV performing together at the event " Honey From The Dead King" held on the 26/06/2009 in the Hall Of The Wood,Olympia,WA. The cd comes with a folded cover sleeve  reporting a long text. It is sold out now,anyway it was mainly given away to close friends as a gift.

"...Repetitive groans cracking into thousands of inarticulate sounds conveying pain, despair, orgasms mixing more noises while adding visceral electro waves of restrained rhythmic sequencing the resonance with shifting pulsations, sick sonorism of gloomy progressions, distant voices arguing, whispers of love/hate intents, soundtracks vanishing far towards implosions of forgotten melodies shimmering scraped metals and dissonant sonic miasmas..."
You can see some pictures of this event here  while Port Of The Sun has an astonishing webpage.

A big THANX to both artists for giving me permission to post this great cd and my best regards to Crepusculum for sending me this little pearl 10 years ago and passing me links and info to share here. 

For People into Esoteric Electroniks,this is a real jewel.Enjoy it!!

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  1. By 1980, the most creative aspects of local music in Seattle were, with few exceptions, all from Olympia. It was the center of all things interesting.