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Thursday 30 November 2017

JASON RAWHEAD-Time.Stopped.Dead-(Play It Again Sam Records-Belgium-1992)

Jason Rawhead was a band from Belgium active on the end of the 80s until 1996.They released 4 albums and a bunch of 7inches, a discogs page about them is here.
In this cd they play a personal form of heavy rock mixing some granitic metal riffs with powerful drums/vocals and great rock passages.Somehow, they remind me lots of bands of the crossover scene from the fabolous 90s.
It seems that they reformed back in 2015 for a one-off show,only. 
Their Fb page here where you can see old flyers and related info,a soundcloud page is here with lots of great tracks to enjoy.
All in all a very good album by an original and very cool band. 
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 28 November 2017

THE SMALLTOWN GROOVERS-Demo Autoprodotto-(Self Released-Italy-1991)

Another mystery tape here:almost no info on the cover sleeve,I do not know where they come from,neither the line up, how long they were active or when this was released,I guess 1991/92.
A small review(no idea from which magazine was taken from) was included in the cover sleeve,apparently this is their second demo.
Well recorded, probably in a professional studio recording,beside the last song, which is recorded live(no idea where).They offer us 5 well played and arranged tracks of acid dance and pop wave. 
Their music is a bit too cheesy for my personal taste but this tape is so obscure that fits in this blog anyway.
If ever somebody out there will be so curious to listen to them!
Some tracks are kind of very catchy too,if you like the genre...
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 25 November 2017

Reason To Believe n2-(Fanzine-Self Released-UK-2001)

Free radical fanzine made in Leeds during the early 2000. In its 62 A4 b/w pages you`ll find lots of good articles about various issues,bands interviews ,music and books reviews,flyers,graphics and more random stuff focused on the european punk scene.

Very good tool to research the lively european punk scene in the early days of this century.

I am going to attach here the introduction for this issue and the table of contents.
Enjoy it.

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Wednesday 22 November 2017

CRACK:WE ARE ROCK-Silent Fantasy-(Tigerbeats6-USA-2002)

From the murky border between the urban jungle and the smoldering forests of Hades comes Crack: We Are Rock. Spawned as a cough syrup-fueled dream somewhere in the Midwest ca. 1995, founder King Riff brought his vision to San Francisco and performed under the Crack:WAR banner with a revolving cast of savants and sociopaths. Eventually teaming up with black metal poseur Obscuratron, the line-up solidified with the addition of L'Erin and Le Kim, sirens with a poetic vision who had fallen off the back of a caravan in a Satanic children's circus. Crack:WAR immersed themselves in their collective obsessions (spectre-infested woods, fiendish horsemen, and New Age warfare) and now unleash a full-length fever dream-journey into a psychedelic future where rainbow-coated simians control the machines and bloodied unicorns sip wine with shrouded reptiles(from LastFM)
Tigerbeat6 is a San Francisco and Berlin based independent and (mostly) electronic record label run by Kid606 (Miguel De Pedro).[1] The label is run as a DIY operation and releases a variety of electronic music styles, including noisecore, intelligent dance music, bedroom pop, folktronica, and electronica-driven hip hop.[2] The name reflects De Pedro's obsession with cats, which also comes to light in the catalogue numbers, all of which start with MEOW. It is also a loose reference to the top-selling teen magazine Tiger Beat. The label's first release was in 2000; it has over two hundred releases in total.[3] A 2001 compilation of the label's output was described as "stripping intelligent dance music of its intelligence[,] often resorting to outright silliness, and sometimes parody."[4] The AV Club described the same compilation as satirizing glitch through "gestures borrowed from punk, indie-rock, and hip-hop."[5]
Tigerbeat6 has four sublabels: Nibbana, Shockout, Tigerbass & Violent Turd.(from wikipedia)


Monday 20 November 2017

v.a.-Pianeti Di Lana-The Invocation-(Technological Feeling-Italy-1985)

Amazing cassette compilation edited and distributed by the Italian Technological Feeling managed by Mauro Guazzotti in the 80s.
This sampler offers us a good selection of very underground artists playing dark ambient and old school industrial.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Daniele Ciullini Violet
A2 Open Graves Style Open Graves Style
A3 Ba Alzebûb Le Danze Della Pioggia Odiano Il Sole
A4 Daniele Ciullini Lipstick On The Glasses
A5 Maze 1066 Affinitа Irraggiungibili
A6 Giorgio Cantoni Invocazione Dell'Oblio
A7 Officine Schwartz G.R.U.
B1 Lyke Wake Lost In The Psychic Noise
B2 Daniele Ciullini Networking
B3 Open Graves Style Blue Sequence
B4 Giorgio Cantoni Evo-Invo-Cazione Del Dio Pan
B5 Ba Alzebûb Danza Pubica
B6 Officine Schwartz In Fondo

Sunday 19 November 2017

The Goat And Your Body Postcard-(Mail Art-Belgium+Global Networking-1990)

A nice handmade postcard by the mail artist Simon Budhuin from Habay (Belgium).
A contribution to the mail art project "The Goat And Your Body" created by the ghost collective Eiaculazione Amusicale in the year 1990.

Saturday 18 November 2017

v.a.-GIU` LE MANI-(Edizioni Storie Tese-Italy-1989)

Old and good compilation with 4 bands from Northern Italy.
A kind of 4 ways split lp with bands/friends sharing the long playing.
Nice old school  HC Punk.
 Edizione Storie Tese started as tape label with bands from Liguria like Savage Circle, NNN pn, Worms and others. Active with fanzine Insidia and a little Mail order with the first Italian self released HC-punk bands. Run by Roberto De CapitaniVito and Vittorio
Enjoy it.


Side A Samurai
A1 Crime Gang Bang Vita Da Sbirro
A2 Crime Gang Bang Fabbriche Di Morte
A3 Crime Gang Bang Nulla
A4 Ulcera La Follia E' Dietro L'Angolo
A5 Ulcera Cani
A6 Ulcera Trapped Inside
A7 Ulcera The Race

Side B L'Altro Lato
B1 Jesus Went To Jerusalem J.w.t.j.
B2 Jesus Went To Jerusalem Wasteland
B3 Jesus Went To Jerusalem Leave Me Alone
B4 Jesus Went To Jerusalem Only Smell Of Death
B5 102 Truffe Tutto Deve Crollare
B6 102 Truffe Gabbie
B7 102 Truffe Truffati
B8 102 Truffe Precipita E Si Frantuma

Thursday 16 November 2017

KONTEMPT-The End Of The Destructor-(Self Released-Canada-2004)

5 people from Montreal(Canada)playing fast crust punk in this one side cassette.9 great tracks, few info in the b/w cover sleeve. 
Enjoy the fast HC punk ...d-beat if you like to call it...
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Wednesday 15 November 2017

ZAŠTO?-Issue 1-(Fanzine-Yugoslavia-1991)

Small zine created by Miland DuriĆ in Smeredevo (Yugoslavia) during the early 90s.I have already written about him when I have posted the double cassette called Victims.
In this first issue, Milan writes reviews and thoughts + few interviews to: It`s Not For Sale, Gottschee, Extreme Smoke, Motus Vita Est, KBO, Apatridi.
A very good tool to research the punk scene of ex Yugoslavia.
Only in Yugoslavian Language.
Enjoy it, if you can read this.

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Sunday 12 November 2017

ORTOPEDIC QUARTET-Fratture-(Self Released-Italy-2013)

Great cd by this amazing band from Caserta (Southern Italy),  I have already posted their live tape recorded at Tien`A` Ment Squat in Naples on the 8th of June 1996.
They re-formed in 2013 just to re-record some of  their tracks in a proper studio recording.
Therefore in this totally DIY Cd-r,  you `ll find 4 tracks, from that tape, completely  re-recorded and 2 more tracks from the same tape re-elaborated in a studio!
Very good musicians playing a sort of crossover mixing Jazzcore with some personal rock and funky/swing passages.
As far as I know, they have not distributed this cd, there are only a few copies around given away as a gift to close friends.
For all the lovers of creative muzik.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 11 November 2017

v.a.-SPIKED AND UNITED-(Mitsey Distro-UK-199?)

Long compilation on tape by Mitsey Distro, I have already posted two other samplers by this very active distro.It was managed by Evan Griffith, in Sheffield(North England)who was also printing the amazing fanzine Gibbering Madness, which I posted few issues and also He released the cool video compilation Video Ate My Brain.
Unfortunately, I have lost the booklet coming with this tape, 
therefore I have no info about the bands involved.The music is HC Punk, Powerviolence and similar genre.
Enjoy the punk-noiz...

Friday 10 November 2017

ZINE WORLD-A Reader`s Guide To The Underground Press n17-(Self Released-Fanzine-USA-2002)

Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press was an independent publication which covers independent and underground media. It was the largest review zine being published in the United States throughout the late 2000s. It reviewed mostly zines, but also books, comics, newsletters, videos and spoken word recordings. The material it covered was generally available directly from the publishers, and each review included ordering information and other specifics (such as whether or not the item is free to prisoners, or the publisher's trade policy). Its news section covered free speech issues, and other topics of interest to the independent publishing community. It also included a word of mouth section, with reports on distros and stores, zine libraries, other review zines, and publishing resources. It published columns by Karl Wenclas, Jeff Somers, Grant Schreiber, Christoph Meyer, Gianni Simone, and other prominent underground writers. It featured illustrations by Alan Lastufka, Sue Clancy, Violet Jones, Cole Johnson, Mike Twohig, and a wide variety of other indie artists.
The zine was launched as Zine World in 1996 by Doug Holland as a more opinionated alternative to Factsheet Five, but has continued publishing since its larger competitor's disappearance in 1998. In 1999, it changed its name to A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press, and began using both names in 2003. It was once widely decried (in its own letters section, on the Usenet group alt.zines, and elsewhere) for running gratuitously negative reviews (particularly from departed contributor Joe Gallo), but is now less controversial. It now publishes roughly three times a year. After Holland stepped down in 2000, Jerianne Thompson became editor/publisher and supervised the all-volunteer staff. The final issue, #31, was published in 2012.
( from ZineWiki)
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Wednesday 8 November 2017

TRIAL OF THE BOW-Rite Of Passage-(Release Entertainment-USA-1997)

Formed in late 1993 by Renato Gallina (percussion/vocals) and Matthew Skarajew (stringed instruments), Trial Of The Bow emerged from the city of Melbourne, Australia's heart and melting pot of all musical forms. While both members live and work in a metropolis, they strive to remove themselves and their listeners from this and transport them all to places exotic with their bared-down Eastern-inspired music.(from Discogs)
  Trial Of The Bow is an Ambient/Neo-Folk/World Music project of two members of Australian Doom/Death act Disembowelment. This has a rare depth and integrity seldom found in most "side-projects", which suggests that this is no mere flirtation with sounds. Influences from various traditions around the world, including Arabic and Celtic, are melded into a whole that strongly recalls Dead Can Dance. Sensual tribal music from Australia, utilizing such instruments as the tamboura, manjira, and e-bow, which not only incorporates the mystical sounds which graced the band's debut, but also offers a further variety of vast musical styles.(from youtube)
1 Father Of The Flower
Cello – Mark Van NootenTabla – Paul Widdicombe
2 Ubar
Bansuri – Phil Carrol
3 The Promise
Cello – Mark Van NootenShenai, Rhaita [Ghaita] – Phil Carrol
4 Serpent
Flute – Phil Carrol
5 The Eyre Of Awakening 7:21
6 Ceilidh For The Sallow Ground
Shenai, Rhaita [Ghaita] – Phil Carrol
7 Muezzin
Bansuri – Phil Carrol
8 The Court Of The Servant
Recorder – Kate NealViola – Biddy Connor
9 As Night Falls 2:54
10 Alizee
Double Bass [Bowed] – Tony Mazziotta

Tuesday 7 November 2017

TWILIGHT MEMORY-Outside Brain Inside My Room-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1997)

TWILIGHT MEMORY is a project conceived and recorded in Piombino, Italy October 1994 August 1996 by MATTI. This project is dedicated to my pisspiss lost EUROPA and his sons, to all people in anxious, restless, unstable state of mind, waiting for the total end of our foolish civilized world. This recording is a sonic mental journey through an ordinary series of days in a lost European industrialized town, symbol of the glory and shame, fascination and death of our times. With thanks to Zairo, Feds and Kassandra Organisation.
(Note printed on the back of this tape)

Slaughter Productions was the label managed by Marco Corbelli aka Atrax Morgue, releasing mostly his own music and few other associated noise artists. 
Enjoy it.

A1 Outside Brain Inside My Room
A2 Hidden Screams During An Ordinary Summer Day
A3 Nocturnal Mind Explosions
A4 Neuro Glasses Of Lost Memory
A5 Death Outside
B1 Dead Steel Orchestra Of Dead Europe
B2 Terminal Choice

Monday 6 November 2017

DINGO BABY N7-(Fanzine-UK-1992)

A Small yet very nice fanzine created by Anthony P. from Middlesbrough Cleveland(UK) in the early 90s.

Lots of interesting thoughts about the @punk scene and few interviews + reviews. 

Well done with passion and criticism.
I am adding here the editorial.
Enjoy it.
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Friday 3 November 2017

AMADAN-The Black Sow`s Erse-(Horse`s Playboy-Irland-1992)

Amadan was a band from Belfast (Northern Ireland) playing a kind of Irish traditional music sometimes mixed with pop rock.Professional musicians and a good studio recording complete this great tape where the folded professionally printed cover sleeve reports address, lyrics and info.
Unfortunately, the internet doesn`t seem to help me to find more info about this old band, you might be luckier.
In the meantime enjoy their great tunes.
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Wednesday 1 November 2017

KEBABTRAUME-Neural Earthquake + Biography-(Minus Habens Records-Italy-1995 + Biography 2017)

This is a masterpiece by the amazing project from Southern Italy Kebabtraume, a great album of EBM,Techno and somehow hard trance with their very distinct personal touch. 
After swapping various emails with its mastermind Diego Loop we decided to make this post with an up-to-date biography and some nice pictures,therefore  I must give my biggest thanx to Diego for his help and for giving me permission to post this amazing album.You  will find here also a complete biography written by Diego himself for this blog-
Enjoy it.
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                     KEBABTRÄUME Biography

November 1989: KEBABTRÄUME was born in Bari (Apulia, Italy) by an idea of the electronic musician Diego “D. Loop” Loporcaro, the only constant member of the project.
The name, ironically chosen by D. Loop soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, came from the title of one of the most politicised song by the German synth-punk band D.A.F. "Kebab träume in der mauerstadt" (Kebab dreams in the city of the wall): it was a tribute to one of their earliest musical inspirers and a reference to the Turkish blood flowing through Apulian veins, following the Turkish rule of Apulia of the 9th century.
The first incarnation of KT was already active since 1986, changing many times names and music styles (always retaining a strong electronic and wave attitude) until reaching a personal mix of synth-punk and early EBM in late 1989, as proven in the demo-tapes released in winter 1990 and summer 1991.
Vincenzo Dipino (vocals, lyrics), Joe Di Giuseppe (synths, programming, backing vocals, music composition, production), Gianfranco Di Lillo (guitars, tapes, additional programming, additional music composition), Diego Loporcaro (synths, backing vocals, arrangements) and Antonello Rossini (additional synths) started experimenting with sounds in search of the right formula for a new form of sonic attack to the "new world order" of the late ‘80s / early ‘90s.

 On September 11th, 1991, ten years before the disaster in NYC, KT started working on a proper album, recording a more complex, multi-layered and harsher music than one of the previous demos.
Antonello Rossini left soon after, due to musical differences, being replaced by the video-maker Antonello Polito (who later choose the moniker P.An, from the name of a disco in which KT played in early 1993).
Polito, passed away on May 12th 2015, He was an important member of KT, turning a standard band into a real multimedia collective, giving directions and suggestions also during the process of music composition.
At the completion of the first album “Electrifying Times” in late January 1993, also Di Lillo left the collective.
The remaining three musicians and the video-maker played out in mid-February their first “real” audio-visual performance to present the new album: the PAN disco in Adelfia (a small town near Bari) was filled with TV screens and loudspeakers (both of different forms and sizes) in each hall/room (even bathrooms), so it was nearly impossible not to watch the show of the collective for those who were in the disco that night. Gianfranco Ferrulli (from the EBM band Technique Over Line) was on the front-of-house mixing desk.
The promo tape of “Electrifying Times” caught the interest of Wonderecords, one of the many independent labels run by the electronic band from Milan Marika Martyr, which invited KT to participate to the cover-album “Death Is Everywhere – A Tribute To Depeche Mode From Italy”.

Soon after that first show, Gianfranco Ferrulli replaced Gianfranco Di Lillo in both studio and live line-up.
With Ferrulli on sampler and computer programming, KT contributed to the Depeche Mode tribute compilation with the cover version of “More Than A Party”, recorded in late February 1993 (and released on CD one year later) and arranged in their typical synth-punk attitude.
In July KT played out a new show, this time in San Francesco’s Park in Bari, playing new tracks and reworks.
In February 1994 KT finished their second album called “Religion vs. Technology – I”, giving up on having the first album officially released (“Electrifying Times” has to be considered de facto a promo tape album).
At the end of recordings, D. Loop and Dipino were forced to leave Bari for the mandatory military service.
The album was self-released on tape in September and distributed through specialized Italian record shops.
Minus Habens, an electronic label from Bari, liked the album and included the track “D.O.C.S.” in the upcoming label compilation “Body Frequencies” (January 1995).
Understanding that the collective could achieve more from the album, if properly recorded and distributed, KT decided to rework it in a more mature and professional way, soon after the release of “D.O.C.S.”.
The small “success” of tape and compilations revealed an increasing interest in KT from both electronic and industrial audience and Italian press: between March and April, the group did their first Italian mini-tour.

The studio work was interrupted by another audio-visual performance in July to try the new reworks into a live environment: at the foot of the Medieval Castiglione Tower, in the countryside of Conversano (Apulia), KT played electronic instruments, metallic percussion, and ancient stones!
The album was finished in early November, mastered in early December and in the meanwhile the packaging of the tapes were ready: before Christmas, the new tape, re-titled “Neural Earthquake”, was out.
In late January 1996 KT signed a contract with Minus Habens (home of Nightmare Lodge, Sigillum S, Teho Teardo, Dive, Clock DVA, Front 242, Front Line Assembly, Pankow, Angelo Badalamenti…) for the release of “Neural Earthquake” on CD, including all the tracks of the tape except “More Than A Party”.
The CD of “Neural Earthquake” (including a new and more guitar-driven remix of the track “Immortal Spirit”) was released on March 6th 1996 and the new KT Digital Studio was inaugurated on March 8th 1996.
The musical intuitions of KT were fully revealed in “Neural Earthquake”, a collection of the best tracks written between 1986 and 1995 in a reworked form, summary of nine years of sonic experimentation.
A TV appearance and two dates in Apulia followed in April: these were good tests before the launch of the “Neural Assault Tour” in the northern part of Italy between October and December.
The show was based on the whole album plus three new songs, recorded and mixed between May and August 1996, among them a radical rework of “More Than A Party”.
The live line-up saw on stage the sole D. Loop and Dipino plus the video-performance by P.An: Di Giuseppe was on the front-of-house mixing desk, while Ferrulli was unavailable for dates outside Apulia.
In 1996 KEBABTRÄUME was credited as one of the best Italian electronic newcomers of the year by music magazines as Vertigo (DE), Side-Line (BE), Industrial Nation (US), Rumore (IT) and others.

In December 1996, while recording new tracks, Di Giuseppe left the collective, being replaced by another Technique Over Line member: Aureliano De Iacovo.
For the first time, De Iacovo joined as a collaborator, adding some tracks to the new songs already recorded and performing as the new front-of-house engineer during the live shows.
The “Neural Assault Tour” was resumed in January 1997 with more dates in the north of Italy: at the end of the second leg of the tour in late April, De Iacovo was officialized and included in a new photo-session.
The new line-up started writing new material and re-arranged old tracks from “Electrifying Times”.
From September 1997 to mid-January 1998 took place the third leg of “Neural Assault Tour” in the center of the Italian peninsula, in which KT played the new tracks plus a selection from “Neural Earthquake”.
These "live actions" contributed to build up the “cult” status of KEBABTRÄUME: the physical interaction between the musicians on stage and the audience, the anger and the energy of the performance, the high-tech sound, and the shocking visuals distinguished KT from the other Italian electronic acts of the period.
In late March 1998 KT performed their final “Neural Assault” show in their hometown, anticipating the upcoming line-up and album (titled “Human Disease”): Gianfranco Ferrulli (back on stage) and Aureliano De Iacovo were at synthesisers, samplers and backing vocals, D. Loop and Dipino shared the stage (for the last time in many years) as lead vocalists and electronic percussion players, the new member Nicola Lonigro (in KT soon after the third leg of the tour) was on front-of-house mixing desk and P.An on visuals.
On the day after that show, Dipino left KT and D. Loop remained the only vocalist and founding member.In April 1998 D. Loop and Lonigro were busy in re-recording almost all the vocals and mixing the new album, leaving in it minimum contributions of former members Dipino and Di Giuseppe.
Between June and September KT played out a completely new show in some Italian open-air festivals with a line-up formed by D. Loop (lead vocals, electronic percussion, analogue synthesiser), Gianfranco Ferrulli (synthesisers, samplers) and Aureliano De Iacovo (synthesisers, samplers, backing vocals, dub effects) plus the new digital videos by Gianluca Mininni, replacing the old performance of  P.An; off stage Fabrizio de Latouliére replaced Lonigro as front-of-house mixing engineer in the dates outside Apulia.
Since October KT sent (directly or through Minus Habens) promo CDRs of the new album around the world.
The right occasion came when Minus Habens joined forces with the German Zoth Ommog in April 1999: at this point KT started re-recording and remixing the album to gain a more competitive and updated sound.
In late summer a new master was ready for a Minus Habens/Zoth Ommog co-production: planning to have the album out in time, KT organised an Italian tour for November, but it started without a new release out.
The line-up of the “Human Disease Tour” was the same of the previous tour, even if KT were helped by two members of the electro-gothic band Vespertilia: Tommaso Danisi became the new sound engineer since September 1999 (replacing Lonigro) and Nick Barah replaced Ferrulli only in the band’s first  European Tour (June 2000), ending with a show at the prestigious German festival Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.
At the financial collapse of Zoth Ommog in July 2000 (“Human Disease” was sold during the concerts on CDR format), Ferrulli and De Iacovo left KT, deciding to re-form Technique Over Line.

D. Loop (the only remained member of the first three line-ups) and Danisi decided to build a new studio equipped with a Pro Tools system to re-record once again “Human Disease”, after having resumed contacts with Minus Habens and Bloodline, the new label of Zoth Ommog’s A&R.
In April 2001 the two musicians (plus Barah on backing vocals and keyboards) toured Italy both as opening act for the German electro-industrial band Das Ich and as headliner, including a gig in Rome at Jungle Club.
At the end of 2001 the financial collapse of also Bloodline abruptly stopped the re-recordings of “Human Disease” and D. Loop remained once again without band members.
In 2002 D. Loop was joined by the sound engineer Antonio Tafaro and the dub-master Francesco Stolfi.
In May KT toured Italy starting as opening act for the electro-gothic band L’Ame Immortelle and continuing as headliner: the live line-up was completed once again by Barah on keyboards and backing vocals.
KT got the offer of a tour in the former Yugoslavian countries from Andrej Sokic, a promoter from Belgrade.
The group accepted the offer and in August toured Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia with a line-up composed by D. Loop (lead vocals), Barah (synthesiser, backing vocals), Tafaro (front-of-house mixing, dub-master), Mariateresa Ciervo (of Vespertilia too, on sampler and synthesiser) and Sokic starting as tour manager and later replacing Barah on analogue synth in the last dates of the tour, after he fell ill.

The continued illness of Barah didn’t let him perform in the last date of the year, a gig in Apulia: for that show D. Loop, Tafaro and Stolfi recruited Vincenzo Dipino, historical co-founder of KT.
With this line-up the band resumed once again the re-recordings of “Human Disease” until early April 2003 when Stolfi left after the breakup of the Pro Tools system, putting de facto an end to KEBABTRÄUME.
The remaining members, after a one-month break to get everything in order, decided to start KTRÄUME, a future pop band with Dipino back on lead vocals and completely new songs, but this is another story.
D. Loop, again with Sokic, Ciervo and Tafaro, played live one last time as KEBABTRÄUME (August 2003) in Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia, before terminating the project forever.
During its fourteen years of activity, KEBABTRÄUME evolved its style from electro-industrial/EBM of the early years to a personal mixture of industrial, EBM, trance and techno, becoming one of the pioneers of the current trend of using trance and techno sounds/rhythms in EBM and electro-industrial music.

PS: In mid-2011 there was a failed attempt to reboot KEBABTRÄUME by D. Loop with Dipino and Ferrulli.