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Friday 31 July 2015

TAM QUAM TABULA RASA-In Absentia-(Biotope Art Organization-Italy-c46-1989)

Another astonishing cassette by the legendary Tam Quam Tabula Rasa, I  wrote about them when I posted the tapes Muleacenani and Lacrymae Rerum.
From the distant echoing bells starting the first track we are transported in a ritual ancient site of exquisite oblivion while traveling to other parallels TQTR  with this tape brings us to new dimensions of fears and pleasures. 
The cover sleeve is an archive picture of the self flagellation Christians in Guardia Sanframondi, a small village close to Benevento,this is a rite happening every 7 years.
The label is the amazing Biotope Art Organization label based in fact in Benevento during the 80s before moving to London.
I am a big fan of this band since long time and I love this tape.
Enjoy it.
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Thursday 30 July 2015

FACTOR X -Radio Dada n2 [Unity In Diversity]-(Self Released-UK-199?) + Return Into Itself Hollow -(Self Released-UK-199?)

Factor X was one of Shaun Robert's pseudonyms/projects/aliases. Factor X was founded by Shaun in 1983 as a conceptual idea.The first output was anti musik and then moved to rough collage.Factor X ended in 1994. 
Shaun Robert (b. 1966, Brixham, Devon, England) started recording and making music since the age of 8 using tape machines by utilizing the pause button, crash editing sounds together.This was not seen as form of art, more of a way to understand and adapt the world around him. Using a catalogue of pseudonyms to do various projects, these creative outings became more and more like imaginary friends, colouring things with a rainbow of the mind’s eye. 
(taken from discogs)
I already posted some music by Factor X, the tapes:"Radio Dada n1" and "Shampoo Boots". You`ll find them here.
Enjoy it.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

v.a.-SENZA TREGUA-(Ribelli Uniti Recs-Italy-1984)

Very long compilation documenting the lively HC Punk Tuscan scene of  the early 80s.Lots of good bands,good recordings and few info.
It was re-released with few mistakes in 2002 as lp by those labels:Enterruption, BC Tapes & Records, Schizophrenic Records (2), Ponk-111.
A must for the lovers of Italian HC Punk.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers Commandos
A2 Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers Terminal Fun
A3 Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers Mad Race
A4 Stato Di Polizia La Croce
A5 Stato Di Polizia Paura
A6 Wardogs The State Of Things
A7 Wardogs Fried Brains
A8 I Refuse It* Agguato
A9 I Refuse It* Noi Vi Odiamo
A10 I Refuse It* Frecce Avvelenate Sul Comitato Disastri
A11 Traumatic (3) Time Is Gone
A12 Traumatic (3) Cold City
A13 Traumatic (3) Last Kid......
A14 Juggernaut (3) Conv. Act
A15 Juggernaut (3) Tomorrow
A16 Juggernaut (3) Ulster 77
B1 Putrid Fever Aikido
B2 Putrid Fever Never Again
B3 Wardogs Wardogs
B4 Wardogs Red-Hot Phones
B5 Stato Di Polizia Uccidi Tuo Fratello
B6 Stato Di Polizia Il Cantico Delle Creature
B7 Juggernaut (3) The Inquisitor
B8 Juggernaut (3) Juggernaut
B9 Juggernaut (3) Land Speed
B10 Juggernaut (3) Inflow Sister
B11 Traumatic (3) I Don't Mind
B12 Traumatic (3) Round'N'Round
B13 Traumatic (3) No Man's Land
B14 Useless Boys Get It High
B15 Useless Boys Devil Child
B16 Useless Boys Suns Seas Wind

Tuesday 28 July 2015

ByPass n5-(Magazine-UK-1996)

Amazing magazine about the world of fanzines with lots of reviews and nice graphic works.As they write in the editorial "ByPass is a review magazine for zine producers,self publishers,small presses,pamphleteers,DIY media creators and outside agitators.Reading it connects you to a whole chunk of the "underground" press.It is a tool to enable you to find out what others are doing and communicate,exchange and network on a direct basis,using the zine for open access to information,entartainment and dissemination.It puts zine-nists in touch with each other and readers without having the dependance or reliance on the profit based on channels of supply via shops and distributors."
Enjoy it.
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Monday 27 July 2015

DISUMANA RES-Possession and Trance-(B.A.O.-Italy-c46-1991)+The Gorgon-(B.A.O.-UK-c60-1997)

Disumana Res is the personal project of Guglielmo Lanzilli: owner and founder of the tape label Biotope Art Organization, active in the 90s in Italy and then in UK. 
Here you`ll find 2 tapes of amazing sound sculptures touching the dark ambient and some form of genius no-musical industrial adventures.
I posted already the very first tape by this good project,you find it here.
Enjoy it.
possession and trance
the gorgon

Sunday 26 July 2015


Ataraxia is an Italian neoclassical Goth opera[1] band who combine modern technology with archaic instrumentation over various media. They describe their music as a cross "between sacred and profane, ethereal and neo-classical, contemporary and early music". They make researches into the European legends crossing the Greek and Latin myths. Their lyrics are written in many ancient and contemporary languages. Many of their performances take place in locations the band believes to possess specific spiritual qualities. Since the beginning of the group in the late 1980s, they have released more than 20 original LPs.(from wikipedia)
They are still alive and kicking and their webpage is here.
The first edition of this tape was included in a blue fabric bag, with a 22 pages booklet in black & white.All the scans provided here.
I already posted their very first tape Prophetia.
Energeia was a gothic, experimental, industrial and modern classical label and mail order based in Napoli, Italy.
Founded by Davide Morgera (drummer for Underage, cult hardcore punk band from Naples) and Antonio Escalona. 
I am not sure if this label is still active.
Enjoy it.
Ps-this rip is been updated on 24th Jan. 2016-it is much better than the previous one.
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Saturday 25 July 2015

v.a.-STEEL TRUST-(Nature and Art-Germany-c60-1994)

Amazing compilation released by Nature And Art home label of Book Of Wisdom
You`ll find here a good selection of artists alternating industrial,ambient power-electronics and similar music styles.
The actual webpage of Book Of Wisdom is here.
Enjoy it. 
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A1 Ex Order* M / WW
A2 Book Of Wisdom Soul Extinguished
A3 Endura* Dark Face Of Eve
A4 Inade Coming Of The Black Legions
A5 Book Of Wisdom Lia Ebbi Liberate
A6 Dies* Sonor I / 25
B1 Dies* Crédule
B2 Endura* Colours
B3 Book Of Wisdom Estampie
B4 Endura* Varuna
B5 Dagda Mor Totenborn
B6 Dies* Brave New Hope

Friday 24 July 2015

SISTEMA CRIMINAL-Todo Paso Adelante...Hace Mas Corto El Camino-(W.C. Records-Spain-1998)

Sistema Criminal comes from the Basque Country and they play punk rock with political messages sung in spanish.
The coloured folded cover sleeve lists contacts,info and lyrics too.
A discogs page dedicated to this  Madrid`s label  is here, it is still active  with this name:Working Class Records.
Enjoy the punk...

Thursday 23 July 2015

NUCLEO RECUPERO CADAVERI-Nucleo Recupero Cadaveri-(Self Released-c30-Italy-1993)

Nucleo Recupero Cadaveri was a project formed in Italy (I suppose they were from Pesaro, but I am not 100% sure) I saw them live at the Meeting Anticlericale (Anticlergy meeting/festival) in Fano in 1993. 
They were 3 people on the stage playing a kind of crazy electronics with yelled vocals shouting statements against the ruling society and all it comes with: (prisons/madhouses/taxes/clergy/religions/sexual taboos...).
This is their first tape (as far as I know). It is a C30 coming inside a black carton paper box with a little book containing some weird prose and poetry. It was completely diy and sold in the alternative channel of anarchist distros.
Their name means Unit Of Bodies Recovery!

Wednesday 22 July 2015

OH`DEV`s-84/85 Mania-(Limbabwe-Holland-c40-1985)

"According to bandmembers the name comes from a populist 50ties Hollywood movie. The female ‘sexbomb’ drops the line “oh’ dev”.
Oh’Dev basic line up was Ruud – drums, Andre (Meer Staal) – guitar and Dirk – Bas. It could be that Dirk was not always in the band, but he played on the Limbabwe recordings. Vocalist could change. In the downloads below two different vocalists are mentioned: Harry (also guitar) and Hans.
The music is a kind of ‘noise-rock’ strongly influenced by Sonic Youth, Scratch Acid and such. Mostly I like bands in the style a-la Oh’Dev, but somehow I never seem to be able listening through a full release of them. After two songs it starts to bore me and I loose interest. Andre’s guitar playing is based on no skills (he cannot play for real). Although creative in Meer Staal with percussion and vocals, on guitar he seems to be limited and the noise becomes an assembled repeating structure that loses attention after 5 minutes. Funny anecdote to this is that Andre called himself after the guitar he played: ‘King Zolo’. A cheap piece of crap dumped by Sonic Youth.
Both vocalists didn’t manage to capture the listeners either.
Oh’Dev tried to ‘make’ it. They took every gig offered. Manage to do a few shows abroad and released more records on other, lesser underground than Limbabwe, indie labels. Despite what members try to make us believe nowadays, they never achieved a status in fame and creativity like some other Limbabwe bands (Meer Staal, Pandemonium,….). Non of their releases sold for real. The band float(s) well on smooth bizznix talk from the drummer."
This is taken from the official webpage of Limbabwe Records,where you`ll find also their other albums as free downloads and lots of other interesting bands,please go here.
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday 21 July 2015

Karta Mail Art Zine 2-(Poland-Mail Art-Global Networking-199?)

Another issue of Karta Zine, published by Bartek Nowak,who was also managing a mail art archive in the 90s.I posted another one here,in this issue lots of mail art invitations,flyers and few articles in polish and english about Mediterrenean Congresss of Mail Art,against the celebration of the american continet,ecology and the Network Congress of 1992,there is also a contribution by Vittore Baroni.
An excellent fanzine of mail Art and other issues.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 20 July 2015

WHAM-0-Tenderness-(Destroy All Music-UK-c60-199?)

Another production by the mighty Destroy All Music,label already covered in this blog.
Wham-0 is a very good american project fusing bluesy avant-garde guitar with some deep ambient and strange noisy passages.
Enjoy it.

Saturday 18 July 2015

ABRA HAD ABRA-Aura Excrementa-(Spin Box-c46-Italy-1992)

Another astonishing cassette by the genius Devis G.,I wrote about him already  when I posted the cassette by Teatro Satanico,that post is here.
I also already posted some music by Abra Had Abra,here 
the split tape with Nigredo.
I passed this rip to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum 5 years ago,I am going to re-post it here with the nice review by Crepusculum,thanx mate. 
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 [[[notes from ((F@R@W@Y))]]
" -the tape was distributed by SIN ORG a quite famous distro/label of industrial music back in the 90s in Italy, run by Gianfranco Santoro who was also doing a fanzine.
-the a side was recorded live in a social squatted center in Rovereto(northen Italy)-this squat was a very famous anarchist squat back in the 90s.
-the second side appears to be 2 separate tracks although it's listed as only one track-I separated the tracks as there was a very long silence in between, and I titled them part 1 and part 2- I think the only one who knows the truth is the musician: Devis G."
Il Morto [thee dead] - tis brilliant shimmering ambiance with strange eruptions ov analog synthesizer work!! vocoded incantations, minimally clanging drum sequencing, and vibraphone-type synthesis are interspersed in this great live recording in which conversations occasionally appear from those who were witnessing thee spectacle in this appropriated venue..
Da`ath [believe this title tis a play on thee word death] - More great shimmering occult atmospheric sonorism!!
Luna Anale [anal moon] - tis an Italian priest giving a sermon about rock music and satanism, and about other priests finding out about rock records having subliminal satanic messages..
Soundtrack For The Titles Of The Journey Of The Soul From Death To Rebirth
Part 1 - one may think here ov thee coiled serpent ov thee kundalini; as thee astonishing synthesis rises from thee base ov thee spine [Sushumna] to top of the head merging with the sahasrara, or crown chakra.. Thee arousing of kundalini tis said to be thee one and only way towards thee realisation ov gnosis or divine wisdom..
Part 2 - wavering analog synthesis with a slow and elusive melodic line is soon met with excellent tabla accompaniment for what tis assumed here to be thee rapresentaion ov thee rebirth ov thee soul...

Track listing:
A1 Il Morto
A2 Da'ath
A3 Luna Anale
B1 Soundtrack For The Titles Of The Journey Of The Soul From Death To Rebirth

Friday 17 July 2015

FIGUREHEAD-Figurehead-(Cosmic Shit Productions-Holland-1994)

A band which I don`t know much about it and I cannot even remember how and when It ended up in my tape-collection.
A trio playing a kind of hypnotic noise rock with some trumpets and weird vocals,I guess they are Dutch but I am not even sure about this.
Somehow their music remind me some stuff of The Ex and Captain Beefheart!!A nice tape of weird noisy rock,it`s just a pity my tape is a bit ruined in the beginning.
A discogs page about them is here yet there is no info about them or about this Dutch label.
If you know more  about them and you are reading this post please leave a comment to let me  know  more.
Enjoy it.

Thursday 16 July 2015

ZBUA-From 27/Jan/1957-(Sounds For Consciousness Rape-France-c45-199?)

ZBUA is the solo project of Suzuki Shunya of Tsuruoka, Japan. According to the artist, the intention of this abbreviated name is to say "I'm an example of non-personality". Suzuki also published an industrial fanzine by the name of IR, which published at least two issues. His current activities are unknown.
This tape came out as an edition  of 100 hand-numbered  copies  folded into a photographic print with printed transparencies attached. 
The label is the amazing Sounds For Consciousness Rape,defunct French label active in the early '90s in the industrial/noise area and well-known for its limited edition releases. 
Enjoy it.
A1 18-20/Dec/1969 (Xised Hand Of Punishment) 7:30
A2 10-18/June/1960 (Toototsunihajimatte...) 4:55
A3 30/Sept/1968 (A Direktiv Recital) 0:46
A4 20/Mar/1964 (Jicojicojicojicojicojicojico.deedee) 3:08
A5 21/Oct/1969 (In Xaustion) 5:19
A6 17/Dec/1966 (BPR!) 0:35
B1 31/Mar/1970 (Meimoonippon) 1:00
B2 16/Sept/1971 (3rd Aktionik Probität Pt 1) 9:30
B3 8/Oct/1967 (Asa, Yuugatatotta) 4:03
B4 26/Mar/1978 (Pt 2) 4:33
B5 30/Oct/1979 (4th Aktionik Probität Pts4) 3:20

Wednesday 15 July 2015

ENERGIA ASTRALE-A Waterfall In Your Flight Of Steps-(EE Tapes-Belgium-c60-1998)

"This tape was recorded in August 1997 in the practise room of the Ex-C.I.M. squat in Foggia. Few people took part in the recording of this tape. There were Simona and Stefano on the didgeridoos, Grillo playing guitar, Francesco on percussion, and Mini on drum machine + Raffaele manipulating mixing desk, effects pedals, & microphones: alternating the sound of the various instruments. It was a long jam session that got re-eleborated by Raff a few months after in another southern Italian town with the use of a 4 track-recorder. Eventually Raff worked on the cover sleeve, and then sent all the package to EE Tapes in Belgium. This label released the tape eventually in February 1998 in a limited edition of 69 hand-numbered copies. By many people it is believed to be one of the nicest and most complete tapes by this ghostly collective. For a full info-flyer of the collective E.A.: you`ll find  included in this folder an e-flyer telling almost all the activities developed by this ghost project during the 90s.For this project E.A stands for Energia Astrale,this means Astral Energy"
This is the same review published to  Vita
Ignes Corpus Lignum blog.
I already posted quite few tapes,videos and zines by this ghost collective.
I guess the followers of this blog they know a lot about it by now.
Enjoy it.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

INFEZIONE-Oppressione Quotidiana-(Self Released-c30-Italy-1987)

This demo is a piece of Italian HC Punk  history.Infezione were an anarcopunk trio in the very beginning and on this demo!
They play a very violent and fast HC Punk with "straight in your face" political lyrics.It came out with a booklet and a sticker,all the scans here included.it was re-released as lp by Agipunk  in 2003.
With 17 tracks of aggressive punk Infezione deliver their messages using fast guitar riffs,powerful drums and angry vocals.
If you like bands such as Negazione and Wretched you`ll love this one. 
A masterpiece,simply.
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Monday 13 July 2015

Screams From Inside n5-(Fanzine -Usa-1996)

Number 5 of this amazing small yet great fanzine,I posted the number 6 already,herethat post.
This was the fanzine made with love and passion  by Carissa,who was interested in punk,communication and politics.
In this number you`ll find few nice personal 
articles about her experiences in the punk scene,lots of fanzines  and  music reviews + an interview to Ebullution Records.
Enjoy it.

Sunday 12 July 2015

URD BARBARIAN-Urd In Bondage-(Major Ego Produkt-Norway-1998)

Urd Barbarian is a duo created by the Lars Skoglund(also involved in (Laakso, Moon Ray Quintet, The)
and Nils Kr. Valle,a bunch of other musicians take part playing different instruments in various songs.
A very detailed review of this album is on Luna Kafe zine, where you can read all the info and related matters. 
The artwork is amazing with a big colour  folded cover-sleeve in which you`ll find some cards and a nice booklet listing the lyrics,all the contributors and friends involved in this album and more artworks.If you like avant-garde,post rock and some kind of Zappa`s music mixed with The Residents and Pere Ubu you should love this one.
A discogs page about Major Ego Produkt is here.
Enjoy it.
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Saturday 11 July 2015

v.a.-NOISENET -Vol.1- (Noise-2 x c60-Taiwan-1995)

Amazing  compilation tape released by Noize label in Taiwan in 1995 as a double cassette C60 and a nice booklet,all coming in special folder made of silver hardpaper. Lots of bands took part in this project: Hex Minora, Bastard Noise, Synapscape, Cock ESP ,Herb Mullin, Stigma and many more. This compilation covers the sound area of abstract -ambient ,noise, and experimental electronic music of the mid 90s.
It is a very fine production coming with a booklet filled with graphix/pictures and info about the bands involved .
 I have no idea how many copies were printed by this label.
 It does not seem to be an easy production to find now.
Enjoy it.

Side One
A1 Poo Poo Bomb Bel-Phegor [Live At Fuzzyland] 3:40
A2 Taint Stuff Her Full Of Razorblades 4:07
A3 Thirdorgan Yagamania Part 5 6:31
A4 Hex Minora Remorseless 4:27
A5 Herb Mullin Weak & Wild 5:54
A6 Hassni Let Me Be Your Colon 5:48

Side Two
B1 Futile Existence Disclosure Of Torment 0:18
B2 Futile Existence Ad Libitum 1:22
B3 Futile Existence Religious Chastity 0:38
B4 Synapscape Get Smiled 3:32
B5 Bastard Noise Terror In The Sky 4:16
B6 Bastard Noise K-9 Cosmonaut 1:18
B7 Cock E.S.P. Danny's Ass 3:59
B8 I.666 [Japanese Text] 4:06
B9 Bizarre Uproar Untitled 4:14
B10 Estro Assente Sonic Disorder 5:57

Side Three
C1 Cathedra Servulus 6:25
C2 Noit* Guezarnimen 2 5:36
C3 Cathedra Lex Mon Scripta 4:27
C4 E.C.I. Machinery The Carrie Fisher Song 4:11
C5 dROME Innoculate 8:16

Side Four
D1 Hypersexual Nymphomaniacs, The* By Opening The Petals You Have The Explosion 5:38
D2 XCR The Fight 3:49
D3 Hypersexual Nymphomaniacs, The* Joyful Promise To The Beast 666 3:53
D4 Heat Entelekia 5:12
D5 X4U Simulation 1 4:20
D6 Stigma Long-Term Effect 2:22