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Wednesday 15 July 2015

ENERGIA ASTRALE-A Waterfall In Your Flight Of Steps-(EE Tapes-Belgium-c60-1998)

"This tape was recorded in August 1997 in the practise room of the Ex-C.I.M. squat in Foggia. Few people took part in the recording of this tape. There were Simona and Stefano on the didgeridoos, Grillo playing guitar, Francesco on percussion, and Mini on drum machine + Raffaele manipulating mixing desk, effects pedals, & microphones: alternating the sound of the various instruments. It was a long jam session that got re-eleborated by Raff a few months after in another southern Italian town with the use of a 4 track-recorder. Eventually Raff worked on the cover sleeve, and then sent all the package to EE Tapes in Belgium. This label released the tape eventually in February 1998 in a limited edition of 69 hand-numbered copies. By many people it is believed to be one of the nicest and most complete tapes by this ghostly collective. For a full info-flyer of the collective E.A.: you`ll find  included in this folder an e-flyer telling almost all the activities developed by this ghost project during the 90s.For this project E.A stands for Energia Astrale,this means Astral Energy"
This is the same review published to  Vita
Ignes Corpus Lignum blog.
I already posted quite few tapes,videos and zines by this ghost collective.
I guess the followers of this blog they know a lot about it by now.
Enjoy it.

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