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Sunday 28 September 2014

v.a.-MESSFELD-(Hithlahabuth Records,c60-Germany-1992)

Mesmerizing  electronics pieces assembled by InPlot and Swanscombe on this c60 compilation released in 1992 by  Hithlahabuth-Records.
Different artists exchanging sonic absurd manifestations and crystalline sonorous sigils in a slow,dark and dissonant conflagration of ritual atmospheres colliding into an hypnotic,surreal and deranged world.
It was packaged in an 5.5" square booklet sleeve with cut-outs in the cover,all inside a plastic folder closed with a sticker.
A very nice sampler for people into dark ambient and esoteric noises.
I simply, loved it.
Enjoy it!!!
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A1 Hithlahabuth Son Of A Paul
Remix – Swanscombe
A2 Syntagma Messfeld
Remix – Swanscombe
A3 Plastic Indsmen Invalid Information Triggered By System Error (1)
A4 Inplot Rotation
A5 Swanscombe Brutesie
A6 Gyl/Ner Ring Up For Invocation
B1 Order Of Obesity* Robotroph Experience
B2 Testimonium Insidon
B3 Plastic Indsmen Invalid Information Triggered By System Error (2)
B4 Madon & Swanscombe Dreaming Of White Cheescake
Remix – Swanscombe
B5 Plastic Indsmen Invalid Information Triggered By System Error (4)
B6 Terpsichore* Nuns To Ten

Saturday 27 September 2014

v.a.-USE YOUR ANGER-(double tape+booklet-S.O.A. Recs-Italy-1990)

Double cassettes compilation tape benefit for the Animal Liberation Front. This amazing sampler was one of the first productions by S.O.A. Recs,a label which became famous promoting lots of well known HC Punk and Grindcore bands in the following years.Funny enough this compilation is not listed in their official webpage neither on their discogs page.
It came out with a 30 pages booklet with graphix and lyrics+addresses of the bands included(all the scans in the folder).Here the names:Wretched,7 Mon,Atrocity,Filthy Charity,Prophecy of Doom,B.E.S.M.E.T.,No Corruption,Karneficina,Agathocles,Fear of God,Sonic Terrorism,Blood,Cerebral Disfunction,Industrial Suicide,Crawl Noise,Pungent Stench,Cristi Feroci,Patareni,Exit 13,Bestial Vomit,Buka,Total Most Projekt,Dead End,Disharmonic Orchestra,Lords of Putrefaction,Duo
Extrawurst,Chaotic Contrast,Goddpigg,Anal Cunt.
The quality of the recordings changes from band to band but as overall is  pretty good,as for the music you`ll  swallow lots of brutal grindcore,some hc punk and more raw noise bestiary shouts.S.O.A. seems to be still alive although without Paolo Petralia(its founder member),who is now 100% into vegan cooking with his
Enjoy this  amazing and very long compilation.
Only for people into grindcore and the like...
ps-those tapes are not indexed
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Friday 26 September 2014

BODYCHOKE-Mindshaft-(Freek Records-UK-1994)

Bodychoke was an english band formed in 1993 and disbanded in 1999,in those 6 years they released 4 albums and this is their first one.They play an heavy,dark and violent form of noise hypnotic rock.
Here their discogs page.
Freek Recs was an English label producing mostly industrial and noise artists,it was active in the mid 90s. Here their discogs webpage where you can read about their other productions.
This is an excellent cd...play it loud in a dark room.
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Thursday 25 September 2014

AGONYA-Toksyny-(Diabelek Czerwony-Poland-1997)

Agonya was formed in the beginning of the 90s and this tape came out in 1997,from their webpage(only in polish)I kind of understand that they were active `till 2007,or at the least that page is updated untill that year.
Here  their webpage anyway.
Their music is an heavy form of HC punk sometime mixed with some ska passages,all sung in polish, the lyrics  are reported only in their mother language.There is also a cover of the NoMeansNO,very fast yet cool.
Good recording and  cover sleeve professionally printed.
And here the discogs page of this polish label...
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Wednesday 24 September 2014

HEADBUTT-Shower Curtain-(Totem International Records-UK-1996)

Headbutt was a industrial noise rock band  from UK 
active in the beginning of the 90s.

And here a page with all the info about them and their long discography,strange enough this page is in French language.
This album was compiled at The Alien Research Lab, Clerkenwell, London during a hectic November 1995 by Keith Goldhanger and Ashley Davies.
All those info taken from discogs.
1 Steam Engine Fragrance 3:59
2 The Shooting Party 2:12
3 Situation Report 5:34
4 ..To Injury 5:53
5 Prayer III (Chick Pea) 2:39
6 Pohoda Nemoc 3:15
7 Tapet 3:24
8 Evenly Spread Snow Over Glasgow Airport 3:12
9 Nature Lover 4:54
10 Memphis '67 7:17
11 I Fix Shit 4:16
12 Unplugged 3:21
13 Grudge 4:08
14 ...Marooned...Oxygen...Drifting Away... 6:58
15 The Shooting Party III (Love Puff) 2:07
16 Tchaikovsky II 7:29
17 Eyeglass II 2:50

The Mouth n2 + n3 + N14 (fanzine,Mail Art,Italy,90s)

The Mouth was a fanzine assembled by Alberto Rizzi and Alessandro Ceccoto,it was a container for visual poetry,mail art contributions,poetries and short stories in different languages,pictures of performances and more random stuff.
The net is full on info about the ongoing work of Alessandro Ceccoto and Aberto Rizzi.
Here some info and more here.
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Monday 22 September 2014

v.a.-LA BAS at the 121-(Video-Hagshadow Prods-UK-2000-compilation with:Putrifier,Dachise,M.S.B.R.,Sshe Retina Stimulants,Government Alpha,Death Squad,Radiosonde,Costes and many more)[unreleased on the net]

La Bas is a video compilation edited and  distributed by Hagshadow,it reports the first gigs organized by this management in 1998.
All the gigs here were at 121 anarchist centre,a very famous social squatted centre active in Brixton(South London) since a very long time and sadly evicted on august 1999 due to gentrification.
 This video cassette came out in a very special  case,the  VHS pack all spray painted was enveloped in a silver plastic bag,including various  inserts with info about the events and the artists.All the relevant scans are included  here.It was released in a limited edition of 100 copies in 2000.
This is an amazing document about the d.i.y. noise-industrial scene of the late 90s in London-UK.
The video recording is just amazing,especially thinking that this was a VHS,the quality both audio and video is very good and it deliver us the trembling energy of those artists.Amazing performances by Skrol,VO.I.D,M.S.B.R.,Putrifier,Azazel Butech,Radiosonde,the crazy side of the provocative theatre by Costes and Marianne,the razorblades + "the blood ink" by Death Squad,the improvised noise collaboration by Sshe Retina Stimulants+Noise Girl+Government Alpha makes this  video compilation a real pearl for the noise lovers worldwide.
To end this  introduction I must give a big thanx to Hagshadow for donating this amazing compilation to my blog and another big thanx to B.A.O. for the video conversion from VHS to digital format.
Enjoy this great video,for the first time on the net.
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1 Putrefier Untitled
2 Dachise Untitled
3 Sshe Retina Stimulants Untitled
4 M.S.B.R.* Untitled
5 Government Alpha Untitled
6 Sshe Retina Stimulants / Government Alpha / Noise Girl* Untitled
7 Death Squad Untitled
8 Azazel Butech Untitled
9 Skrol Untitled
10 Radiosonde Untitled
11 VO.I.D Untitled
12 Costes & Marianne (5) Untitled

Sunday 21 September 2014

ATRAX MORGUE-LUNUS-Necrophiliac Experience-[Split Tape](Slaughter Productions.-Italy-1994-c60)

Atrax Morgue was Marco Corbelli,here his wabpage where you`ll find all the info and the discography too.
Lunus was Devis Granziera and  Stefano Barban.Both artists involved in many industrial projects and bands.
This tape come out on the incredible  Slaughter Productions  the personal label managed by Marco Corbelli
It was 1994 and the beginning of a legend...all the rest is history now.
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Saturday 20 September 2014

M. NOMIZED-L`Eau De La...(Gurteltiertapes-Switzerland-1995-c60)

Another tape by  M. Nomized, an artist already covered in this blog various times here and here and here and yes probably there is more stuff by him also as the Golozos and as No Unauthorized.
I never spoke instead about this label,Gurteltiertapes was managed by Pille Weibel back in the 90s releasing quite lots of stuff  and funny enough I have just found his webpage, go here to read about all his activities and productions-I cannot understand when his webpage was last updated yet it is a real pity that his email address there is not working, I `d love to get in touch with him again. It means this time I will go to the post office to write to him just like the old days.
This tape came out with a small zine with lyrics and drawings, all the scans included.
Enjoy this and yes if anybody out there wants the real thing then please write to Pille...
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Friday 19 September 2014

THE SLAV GROUP-Breathing-(Riva Sound-Bulgaria-1992)

The Slav Group is a  Bulgarian duo formed by Svetoslav Bitrakov and Lubomir Velev.They play an interesting form of experimental electronic music adding a distinctive touch using cymbals,percussions and a Tunisean whistle.There is some ambient here but more frantic experiments follow discreetly getting somewhere close to a magnificent epilogue.
Professional studio recording and info in English too. 
Here the discogs page about Riva Sound,this tape does not seems to be listed there.
Enjoy it.
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Wednesday 17 September 2014

SPHINX-Absolute Animal II-(c60-audiofile Tapes-USA-1992)

I passed this tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum few years ago...it is not there anymore so I re-post it here,I am re-posting the good review by Crepusculum too,big thanx mate :)
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Some rather interesting esoteric elektronikx here from this South African projekt paying homage to thee recumbent lion with human head: thee Sphinx!! this cassette was released on thee label Audiofile Tapes which was run by Carl Howard who was also a member ov Body Without Organs!!
For thee first side ov thee cassette thee lineup tis listed as: Joe da Silva: guitar, keyboard/ Fynn 23: keyboard, Clem Mudie: organ and vocals, and Jay Scott: keyboard, electronics & mix.. Cannot even figure out how to use thee proper accent mark to search for info behind thee title for thee first track which consists ov an interesting organ progression, ethereal synth drones, psychedelic guitar work, and beatific operatic feminine vocals!! yet again perplexed how to properly utilise thee accent marks for seeking thee info behind thee second piece which consists ov interesting trancing synth work with additional strange elektronikx techniques and feminine vocal incantations!!"Kamarupa, also called Pragjyotisha, was the first historical kingdom in Assam that existed between the 4th to the 12th century CE. Ruled by three dynasties from their capitals in present-day Guwahati and Tezpur, it covered the entire Brahmaputra river valley and, at times, North Bengal and parts of Bangladesh.Though the historical kingdom disappeared by 12th century to be replaced by smaller political entities, the notion of Kamarupa persisted and ancient and medieval chroniclers continued to call this region by this name. Coins of Alauddin Hussain Shah, who invaded the Kamata Kingdom in the late 15th century, called the region Kamru or Kamrud. In the 16th century the Ahom kingdom came into prominence and assumed for itself the political and territorial legacy of the Kamarupa kingdom.The name of this kingdom survives in Kamrup, a present-day district in Assam."sonicly this track consists ov more unique trancing synthesizer workx which last for a duration ov over fifteen minutes!!absolute consists ov more unique analog synthesizer progression with some wierd reversed vocalisations occasionally interspersed throughout..for thee second side ov thee cassette thee lineup tis listed as: Joe da Silva: keyboard/ Paul Roussouw: keyboard, Alan Thwaites: Octopad percussion, and Jay Scott: keyboards, electronics & mix..this side tis one long session which tis semi-reminiscent ov both olde Tangerine Dream and Popul Vuh!! 
Track listing:
b01-detoxified brains II

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)

Tuesday 16 September 2014

v.a.-WORLD WILD WANDERERS-(Sound Action-South Africa-1996)

Another great compilation by this South African label, I already posted a few tapes by this good label and if you click here you will find all the useful links.
This long compilation, maybe a c90, was a benefit for the Animal Rescue Organization in South Africa.
It includes those bands: The Gless Club, Battle Of Disarm, Outrage, Brandelli D`odio, Crush, Mexican Power Authority, Active Minds, Peace Of Mind, Battery 9, Egizan, Diminished Return, Blank 77, Fungy  Gone West, Nothing, Stomping Ground, Schleim Keim.
Here The introduction page where you read what they wrote to present this compilation.
HC punk against animal cruelty...
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Monday 15 September 2014

TRAGIC PERFORMANCE-demo( Self Released-Italy,1990,)

3 songs of melodic heavy metal by this band from Naples(Southern Italy)-the recording is ok , a bit too many bass frequencies.No ideas if they released more stuff.
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Sunday 14 September 2014

Decentralized World Wide Networker Congress 1992 Postcard (Mail Art,Global Networking-1992)

A postcard received from the American mail artist FA GA GA GA, printed  for the Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress in 1992.
Here a few lines about it:
"The Decentralized Networker Congress of 1992, Initially conceived by Networker H.R. Fricker,

and coordinated by Peter W. Kaufman eventually involved over 500 artists from 25 countries and over 250 events. 

The original text is as follows :

Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress 1992 (NC92)

Where two or more artists/networkers meet in the course of 1992, a congress

will take place. The Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress will serve

as a meeting point for all kinds of networkers. The meaning of the common

role as networkers should be the focus of the discussion.

As Networking options have expanded since 1992, and with the variety of media available to us now, we seek to expand this concept, and while honoring Mailart and face to face meeting, we are looking for all kinds of manifestations. Along with H.R. Fricker, the Congresses originator, and our Honorary organizer, we look forward to a re-energizing of these concepts, and expanded interactions within the network.

During the days of November 2, 3, and 4, 2012  Exhibitions will take place in 6 locations, in 6 distinctly different time zones. 

Galleries in Cornwall ( UK ), Odzaci ( Serbia ), Ponte Nossa (Italy), and Roanoke ( USA ) will host these exhibitions as well as serve as Downloading sites and Documentation centers, with abilities to Interact with performing Networkers through Skype and Secondlife.  Performances and activities will be  streamed live from all 6 locations using Bambuser and/or Livestream.  Please send Mailart, documentation of Congresses, texts, collages, rants, postcards, poems, add and pass sheets,  mythologies, videos, slogans, photographs, diaries, artifacts, envelopes, address lists, cassettes..."
Info taken from castagna blog


Friday 12 September 2014

INSTITUTE OF SONIC PONDERANCE-Seven Pieces For Finland-(JM tapes-Finland-1997)

This American project is formed by Roberto Cozzolino and Richard Holland and active in Chicago in the mid-90s. There is more info inside the cover-sleeve. They play a kind of concrete-classical music with piano, percussion, violin, guitar and samples.
The Finnish tape label JM Tapes was managed by Jupe Luoma and it is a short name for Joukkomurha-Productions, tape label that I already covered in this blog a couple of times.
Yes, this tape appears to be the release number 60 of this small yet very active label.
Great :>)
ps-this tape is unindexed
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Thursday 11 September 2014

EXTREMA-Reharsal 24-02-89-(W.T.T.T.D. Tapes-Italy-1989)

Extrema is a thrash metal band from Milano(Northern Italy) active since 1985 and still alive and kicking.
This is their first release and here their discogs page where you can read about their other releases.
Thrash `till you drop.
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Tuesday 9 September 2014

v.a.-AMBER DREGS 002(c60-Amber Dregs-Sweden-199?)

Cassette c60 compiled and distributed by Anders Bjork in Sweden in the beginning of the 90s.
Bands included: The Neolithic, Bandiera dell`Odio, Eiaculazione Amusicale, S.D.T., Joyfat, Turmoil, Putrid Abscess, Concrete Idea, Skinflick, Vaffan Coulo, Resist, Sians Of Doubt.
A bit of punk and grind and some electronic experiments.
Enjoy it.
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Monday 8 September 2014

Open Your Eyes...Think...and Act(flyer-graphix,vegetarian propaganda-90s)

A leaflet that was circulating in the mail network of fanzines and diy productions during the 90s.
I do not know who made it,I am quite sure I saw it also screen-printed on  t-shirt.
A  strong yet short and"straight to the point" statement pro-vegetarianism.

Sunday 7 September 2014

STICK BOY-Bunch Of Arse-(Matching Head-c15-UK-199?)

Experimental electronic mixed with some guitar noises and passages,some delay and echoes,pulling strings out of few strange fantasies "drunkenly improvised on a 4tracks recorder" by this English project/artist.
It all sounds pretty nice and fluid,somehow.A very good and short tape of improvised creations. Released on the Scottish  label Matching Head.
Give it a try,I loved it :)
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Friday 5 September 2014

LUCIFER`S SACRED DRUG-Permanet Brain Damage-(Sound Of Subverse-199?)

I do not know much about this band,not even from where they come from...there are no info in the cover sleeve and I have never heard of this label neither...
Their music is a funny example of lo-fi punk mixed with weird cut ups ,distant crazy voices,electronic no senses and more weird goings
It will suit the fans of Butthole Surfers,Helios Creed and similar bands.
All yours to check...

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Thursday 4 September 2014

SON-First Son-(Self Released Demo-Italy-c46-1991)

Son was a band from Rome(Italy)playing a harsh form of industrial rock recalling somehow bands such as Big Black and Jesus Lizard but also some twisted art rock.This is their first demo.
I am not sure if they released anything else and how long they were together.The cover depicts a picture taken from the very famous film Eraserhead by David Lynch.
This demo was dedicated to the Forte Prenestino, a  massive squat of Rome still alive and kicking nowadays.
Very good recording and very good fantasy, a great demo.
ps-this tape is unindexed
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Tuesday 2 September 2014

HETERODOX-Fungus & Tongue,Factor X,A m k,+P,Er-(Sublimited tapes-UK-c45-1993)

A collaboration cassette this one edited and released on Sublimited Cassette in 1993.It appears  to be a full collaboration happened mostly via mail between all those artists.All English beside A M K who is American.
The cover-sleeve has all the additional info about who`s playing where and the addresses too + few nice pics...
For all you lovers of experimental sick music of the past...this is a very good one.
ps-this tape is unindexed

Monday 1 September 2014

TELEPHERIQUE-Alltag-(c60-Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-1991)

The project Telepherique began in 1989 with the intention to explore processes and working with people of different cultures. They started with mail-art projects, co-operations, and communication with people all over the world. Basically, Telepherique is Klaus, Danijela, and Rene Jochim, from Würzburg, Germany, but there were others that became members of Telepherique, because of the massive collaborations and projects: Ulf Harr, Echart Seilacher, Harry Lüftl, Stefan Au, Stefan Alt and Karin... The name Telepherique is the French word for the funicular railway. This name was chosen because of the intention of gaining a view from a higher level. 
(info from Discogs)
The label is Red Neon Tapes which is been covered in this blog many times,enjoy it. 
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